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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 89

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 89
« on: January 20, 2021, 01:06:59 PM »
Our opening match is Jessica who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a purple and pink two piece. Her opponent is Mitzi who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a yellow and black one piece. This was a matchup between two girls who aren’t afraid to bend the rules. And for nearly ten minutes both would take turns pulling at each other’s hair. At point Jessica thought she had won the match when she rolled Mitzi up and grabbed a handful of her bathing suit. But Mitzi was somehow able to kick out. Jessica would then argue with the ref about a slow count. That would give Mitzi a chance to regroup and when Jessica turned around she was met with a swift neck breaker. Mitzi would then quickly apply the Spike. Jessica immediately began to violently shake and tapping Mitzi hip. The ref would step in and get Mitzi to release the hold. Mitzi would then laugh as Jessica’s body shaked while she laid on the mat. Your winner of the match is Mitzi.

Before our next match we hear from Stephanie. She tells the crowd that she isn’t still 100% from her match with Whitney a few weeks ago. But she will be in action next week because she needs to let off steam on whoever gets in her way.

Our next match is Dena who weighs in at 210 and is wearing a white one piece with black trim. Her opponent is Laura who weighs in 170 and is wearing a floral one piece. Laura would surprise Dena from the start. First she would trap her in headlock that Dena just couldn’t get out of for a few minutes. Then Laura would place Dena in the corner and unload with three big forearms to the chest. Unfortunately for Laura she would eventually get cut off when she would attempt a splash but Dena would move out of the way. Laura would then turn and Dena would scoop her up and give her a bodyslam. Knowing that she had to finish quickly Dena would go to the second rope and nail Laura with an elbow squarely to her chest. Dena would then hook the legs as the ref would count to three. After the match Dena would demand that the ref raise her hand while she showed the signs of being in a battle. While Laura would lay on the mat with her hands on her chest. Your winner of the match is Dena.

Before our main event we see an interview from Gretchen. We see Gretchen sitting topless in a hot tub. First she tells everybody that Hailey is a very tough girl. But obviously she isn’t the toughest because not only did Gretchen make her quit but she also made her climax in front of everybody. And if Hailey is smart then she’ll move on to other opponents from now on. Then Gretchen would let Heaven know that if she thinks that she can handle her then she will see her in the ring in two weeks. And she would gladly put Heaven through some hell.

Our main event is Kelsi who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a snake skinned two piece. Her opponent is Marilee who weighs in at 165 and is wearing a multi colored one piece. Kelsi would come out like a house of fire. She would throw Marilee off by constantly reversing everything that she would try. The frustration for Marilee would finally boil over when Kelsi had her in a wrist lock. Marilee would reach up and grab a handful of hair and snapmare her over. Then with Kelsi sitting on the mat Marilee would repeatedly drive her knee into Kelsi’s back. Marilee would then throw Kelsi into the corner and drive her shoulder into Kelsi’s midsection. Then she would take Kelsi to the middle of the ring and attempt a suplex. But Kelsi would reverse it and nail Marilee with the suplex instead. With her opponent down Kelsi would seize the opportunity and apply the arm breaker. Marilee would kick her legs around to get close to the ropes. But once Kelsi was able to bend the elbow Marilee was left with no choice but to tap out. Kelsi would get to her feet and celebrate with the crowd. While Marilee would roll out of the ring as she would nurse her elbow. Your winner of the match is Kelsi.

On the next episode of LPW we will see Stephanie in action. Plus in the main event we will see Katie take on Rachel