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Peggy the traveler

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Peggy the traveler
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Chapter 1 The Ghost of her Past

Hi All, Guess who? it is Amber, yes Peggy’s daughter, well i don’t know what to say here, I was sure after Peggy beat Martha and earned the reputation as well as added to the one she already had, her days of being challenged for her towns were over.

Sure younger women wanted to topple the biggest and baddest they here about but unless you physically could match Peggy fight for over n hour or knew how t ouse your breasts the way she did , you stood no chance against her, many who just bumped head on into her walked away admitting ‘she would be like fighting rocks”.

I mean less face it Peggy forgot more about fighting than most will ever learn and her reputation by those who saw her fight , fought her , would openly attest to that to any who inquired.

Anyway as i was saying i thought mom was through, her story was printed , the club was doing well, and she beat the one of the most well known fighters and Queens next to herself and enough saw it that word spread far and wide, even her bitter rivals Beverly, June and Debra heard about it and they all agreed that challenging Peggy for what she took already was not worth the pain she caused them already.

Peggy still worked out often she referred to it as her (just in case) method, her creams were still a daily routine and well at 60 now Peggy was still able to pass for late 40’s and her body was as dangerous as ever.

Don’t get me wrong there were women who no matter the warnings came looking for Peggy but they had little to offer as far what Peggy typically put on the line, towns and such, but as you know Peggy was never one to refuse a fight, so after Martha Peggy put many a wandering woman in her place, but over all there weren’t many that wanted to risk losing all they earned against the one woman that was known to win more than she ever lost.

But like anyone Peggy had a past that always had the fear or maybe doubt would coming looking for her to get revenge or just beat the busty champ in her house , and at the very least get their name on the tongues of other Queens and fighters as the one to make Peggy get milked.

Peggy was in control however, the club she owned (well was bought for her for winning) was running itself, she still went to the other club that Trevor owned to dance and keep herself as the head liner, and she kept up with the those towns she gave away to women younger but were good fighters , everything was just going along great, but like any Queen or fighter Peggy had her past and a few of them never got over how they had Peggy on the brink of defeat only to be destroyed.

Many for years after thought  the following, “did i slip up? should i have pressed my move? did i take her seriously? and was i as fit and ready as she was for a fight” it is the one thing many who faced Peggy over the years never took seriously enough, Peggy’s regime and dedication to being fit firm and ready at all times, made her bigger threat then her round firm heavy 36G’s, and even despite not the best at a nipple duel, she even made her rivals sorry they fought her that way.

Mom often confided in me that as much as she enjoyed her reputation keeping potential threats away, she so missed the days of a knock on the door, a guest at the pool or yes even my Dad setting her up, she just loved to fight for more than anything life offered her with her money and reputation, was she wealthy? no, but she was living very comfortable .

I think deep down inside her, she just knew somewhere in the world, as well as in her life’s past that one woman who matched her so perfectly ,she would have to fight not just her best fight but dig so deep and still struggle to win it drove her both nuts and aroused her beyond anything she experienced already.

Peggy was going about her daily routine one Monday, strutting about the house in a thong and robe only, her robe and its sash nearly useless from trying to hold her heavy firm large weighted round breasts tight, so they would easily push the top part of the robe wide and her big breasts barely stayed in, she didn’t give it much thought, and she wasn’t shy who saw her proud breasts , i mean i can tell you first as could any she fought they were very impressive.

Peggy had enough confidence in herself and her breasts she took pride in others seeing them and marveling, it had been a long time since any woman came looking for her to fight for whatever the reason, so as Peggy grabbed herself a cup of coffee she was a bit taken when the door bell rang suddenly.

Peggy set her coffee down and with just her thong slipper heels and a robe that no matter how snug she tried with in three steps loosened against her heavy breasts barely jostled, she gets to her door she opens it, instantly her hip cocks as he right thigh extends, she sees the defined profile of a busty woman looking to the street , then Peggy eyes tracing the figure purrs, “can i help you?”, unaware who is here who she is or why.

The woman shorter black and grey hair but a slight wild style to it turns her head , they lock eyes as Peggy inhales slowly, the woman also takes a breath in  then her voice a catty hiss tone, “Well it has been a while”, Peggy for a second wasn’t sure who she was till their eyes locked then it hit her and her body tenses, “well if isn’t the Whore, what are you doing in my town this time?”, Gina yes the same rival that Peggy went to war with over her man, and at their last meeting Peggy bit so deep and hard Gina lost most of her nipple as a result, years since Peggy had put the wild cat in her rearview mirror certain their last fight was the last of Gina .

Peggy slowly rolls her body upright as her near bare breasts seem to swell outward snugging to the robe her nipples stiffen and tent , Peggy smirks as they do as she looks to Gina’s and see one tent and a stubby version of the other barely make a dent, Peggy’s sly smirk is all the insult she needed, as Gina cleared her throat and felt a bit broke still.

“What are you doing here Whore?”, Gina breathes in, “i was hoping you and I could have a few minutes”, Peggy rolls her eyes, “if it is about my husband , i mean my ex  your wasting your time”, Gina tilts her chin up, “no after you and i settled that matter i could careless where he is”, Peggy a bit intrigued opens her door fully, “well then come on in , love to hear this”.

Gina steps in and their hips bump, Peggy locks the door then she follows Gina in to the only room mom ever entertained any woman coming to her door, the den which looked into the sun room she always fought in, Gina pauses as Peggy struts in and sits her long legs cross as she sips the coffee she had, “you have 5 minutes “ Peggy hisses, Gina sucks in a breath, “oh that should be fine, i wanted to tell you that despite your man setting us on each other, it wasn’t all him, i saw a few pictures on his phone of you and well straight up i was drooling to fight you tit to tit”, Peggy smirks and we did and as i recall i beat your tits 3 times”, Gina inhales a fake grin, “well not three straight times , if i recall our fight tit fight right in this room i milked you till your man tore me off you”.

Peggy a bored stare, “well you might also recall, you had to cheat and started a hair pull fight and you got me on all 4’s by my hair not by your tits, so if you need that so called win to sleep at night go ahead and claim it, but you and i know your tits while firm round full and heavy were being dragged about your pathetic chest”.

Gina huffs as her cheeks get flush she will never admit it but she did exactly that and well in their world of fights it was a loss for Gina, Peggy swelling in pride her point hit home raises a finger from her head “that it?”, Gina a nervous feel in her tummy, “one last thing before i go, but first i need to use your bathroom”, Peggy tells her down the hall last door on the left, Gina walks out, Peggy hears the bathroom door shut, as Gina is gone Peggy takes her cell out and positions it on the end table on its stand then she hears the door open and the heels of Gina slowly stalking back to the den.

Peggy is no fool she knows better than any one Gina’s being here isn’t to clear her mind, slowly the heels and long legs of Gina turn the corner and she is in a white robe , thong and her dress rolled up in the purse she enters the den and drops her bag on the floor then steps in front of Peggy, her hands on her hips she stares at Peggy, “this was the other thing Bitch”, Peggy taps the record button on her cell then stands up, Peggy’s hair was a bit longer now enough to put up but she kept it loose, she and Gina glare now, busts swell up and down, “Are you seriously here to challenge me to a titfight Gina?”.

Gina breaths in she feels a fear knowing Peggy’s reputation and dealing with her first hand, “you did more than beat my tits Bitch you disfigured my tits when you bit my nipple, i think it only fair i be allowed payback”, Peggy smirks as she never was so brutal but Gina was biting as well and Peggy’s breasts still wear the imprint scars of her teeth imprint, “As i recall Bitch you were the one biting first, whats wrong is you get beat at your own game and now it bothers you?”, Peggy inhales proudly as her breasts stand out ready her nipples stiff , her hands caress up over her bust under the robe then hands go on hair as she strikes a pose as Gina takes in her still fit firm body Peggy gives a slow sexy shimmy and shows her breasts are still the best around.

Peggy a proud smile, “well you have enough left to face the best ? or you looking to do this another way?”, Gina inhales as her hands caress up on to her hair her breasts stand out in her robe still round and firm, she shimmies slow at Peggy, “oh i still have plenty but i came here to flatten your tits and after i am taking at least one if not both of your weak nipples cow”.

Peggy fought Gina enough to know like herself if a threats made she will do anything to see it through, the two Amazon fighters stand glaring then Peggy pulls her sash free and the robe falls open , she peels it off and drops it then walks toward Gina at the last second she turns to the sun room and her breasts brush Gina’s, Peggy makes a point to look at the torn nipple now a folded stitch and scarred nub still stiff but less than half of Gina’s other nipple, Peggy makes sure to sneer at the damage she caused Gina then enters the sun room , she swaggers her body to far corner looks out at Gina flexes her breasts then says, “well?”.

Gina sucks in slowly her ability to flex isn’t as defined as Peggy’s she turns on her heels and drops her robe and struts in, she shuts the door containing them both in, the glares they have for each other are as venomous as the first time pure hate , pure jealousy.

Both women raise hands on hair as they start toward the other Peggy moans, “nmm are we doing this tit to tit or we going to wing it bitch?”, Gina breaths in a slight smirk as she finally is face to face with the woman who ruined her, “i am willing to start tit to tit, but no matter who wins it after i am going to bite your nipples and tear your tits apart with claws, if not here any where you like , but know this Bitch you and i? are going to fight ‘.

Peggy while keeping a straight face swallows deeply she knows if Gina starts to beat her she will go after her breasts and try to ruin them as much as she can, Peggy arches up her body,  breasts lift and broaden outward, “nmm well lets see who gets milked and after we can find a place to have  it out”, Gina smiles, “perfect” then she gently bumps side to side against Peggy’s round broad breasts both can feel instantly like a flash back to that first day , neither of their breasts has lost an ounce of firmness, it becomes clear to Peggy in that opening feeling Gina has been working her bust for this day.

The sun room is silent as they stare and breath slow, a sudden skip to their heart beats as they feel the round full heavy firmness of the other, as Gina lightly bumps side to side Peggy slowly bumps outward at Gina’s  globes, in all her fights Peggy has been in between other women's at the start but this time out with such a personal hate and rivalry between them , she breaths in a bit deeper as her bumps at the inner walls seem as if Gina doesn’t feel it.

Gina arches as she feels her monster bust take the slow bumps and there is no give, but she also feels her rivals don’t shift an inch, softly as they bump slow and and rub barely, both feel the arousal of it , Gina softly gets closer and the light bumps become more a push bump, “uummmm ohh yess i been waiting for the day i destroy you Bitch”, Peggy bumps but instead of matching Gina she presses to Gina’s bust and rolls her own breasts in and around, Gina bites her lower lip a bit as Peggy sees a slight recoil in her rivals breast meat, she purrs, “nmmm feel me already ? you were firmer last time we did this”, as she rolls along Gina’s breasts Gina wants to pull away but she swallows a breath and starts to bully her own the opposite direction.

At first it is a struggle for Gina , Peggy smirks at the effort it takes her, but slowly that smirk gets taken away as Gina now starts to roll, and now both Amazons are rolling their large mass and the criss crossing pattern causes major bulging in both, Peggy lets her eyes drift between them and she sees Gina’s mass bulge and push and swell, then she sees her own being forced to, as he does the distinct hiss of Gina is heard as she looks down as well, “uuhhnnnn mmm feel me now as well, sure your title hasn’t made you soft ?”.

Peggy a little blushed in her cheeks stares at Gina, “oh i wasn’t expecting you would come here not ready Bitch, but glad you are now”, they increase the speed they are rolling and the flesh has a soft gentle clop as they criss cross breasts as they roll against the others,  they stand thighs stiff heels planted and stances average, their hands in own hair the glares are clear to read they want to stab their claws in others face , but Gina needs to break Peggy even once, their breathing starts to grow and the clops are like a switch as first Peggy then Gina as they roll and smear their big breasts spear their set of G’s into the others and the clops get louder and firmer.

The silent room now awake as the flesh CLOPs Firmer to the others and each parts her lips as they glare , “uuhh uhh uhh “, “uumff umff umf cmon “, the duel starts to get heated between them, as it does the flash backs of each fight till Gina was torn apart runs through their minds, each remembers every move, every weak spot and every way the other fights, but as it is the 4th titfight and Peggy won each Gina has to find another way , a way to break Peggy, get her hurt and get her down and really use her own tits on Peggy’s to stop her.

But Peggy is also recalling how Gina fights and she admits to herself this woman was one of if not her hardest to date, and she knows full well if Gina gets lands a good move she will exploit it and be able to fully hurt Peggy and beat her, Peggy can now feel Gina’s chest is firm as Gina tightens and drives her tits head on into Peggy’s. the move was well placed Gina just missed getting under Peggy’s breasts, and Peggy felt just how close it was, her face shows it as her eyes widen , Gina presses in , “nmmm i am gonna hurt your tits Bitch”, Peggy couldn’t help rolling her shoulders and forced to pump left then right to gain the inch of separation, as she does Gina steps at her and her breasts lift and just graze the heaviest roundest  area of Peggy’s.

Gina has that familiar hungry come fight face, “ohh running so soon?”, Peggy huffs , “ohhh cmon bitch i am right here fight my tits”,  Gina licks her lips, “nmmm so am i bitch , maybe after i crush those tits you and i can step out side and finish the rest of this hmm?”, Peggy a curled lip, “ohhh you Stupid cow you wanna fight me after we are done i will love to take you on after”, Gina snarls, “lets get this over with then cxnt”.

Both tense their bodies but Gina as much as she tries can no longer flex her breasts and Peggy well hers lift as she grins, “cmon cxnt my tits are ready as ever”, they lunge into each other and the SMACK of their breasts head on is sharp then as they stagger from the body collision they star to really drag, roll, smear , and push their breasts at the others rougher and rougher the flesh CLOPPING fuller and more dense as they drive directly into others bust.

Each woman steps forward then back then side to side and circle never giving the other an inch of space between them, and feeling of a miss or a push that was less than all they had caused anger and they pumped or shoved harder to make up for it, both grunting as the fight gets more intense and well after 30 minutes these two warrior goddesses are dead locked and like the first time i saw them countering each others every move and breath.

Their heels are clicking about and their heavy breathing becoming huffs and panting a lot faster than either can remember in their younger years, Gina is determined to hurt Peggy, she is becoming the aggressor , bring the fight to Peggy , making her back step, turn and refusing Peggy to set her heels and really come back, ‘uuhh uhh uhh bitch stop running, Fight”, Peggy is breathing heavy not hard, but she can feel Gina’s weighted firm round G’s are still strong and working her as much as her own on her rivals, “stand and fight then bitch cmon tit to tit cow lets go”, both women are going into 45 minutes and all either has to show for it , how red their big breasts are from the duel, to limit the shifting about Peggy feints left then steps right , she gets to plant her heels and as Gina falls for the fake she turns and sees Peggy stance a bit wider and her mighty breasts up and out and at the ready, Gina squares to her.

She swallows a large breath and slowly her muscled thighs cross over the other as she starts toward her rival, “well got you stand still”, Peggy smirks, “oh i wanted to all long just yourG’s against mine”, Gina raises a brow, inward she is a bit weary of going head to head to head with the champion the Queen, and she has great reason to be concerned, she sets her stance facing Peggy they breath heavy but not like women who already dueled for 45 minutes, other than a pink hue in cheeks and red breasts no one would know they were already going at it, as Gina lines up to Peggy their nipples rub and Peggy smirks as she feels the significant lack of nipple on Gina’s left breast, Peggy dabs her nipples in, then alternates her left and right at Gina’s right stiff nipple, “uwww i apologize i forget your left is lacking the ability to go nipple on nipple”.

Gina feels her blood boil she wants to pounce on Peggy and rip anything off her to even that score, instead she breathes in, and in a hiss with pure venom replies, “well its the risk of war and i wear that scar proudly Bitch, and after i break your tits  and we go outside, i’l tear both your nipples off now put those tits up and lets titfight, my claws are itching to get at you”.

Peggy knows the remark stung but more she knows everyday for the rest of her life Gina will look in the mirror or put on a bra and she will have to see Peggy sitting on top of her spiting her severed nipple in her face, Peggy does the sexy slow shimmy , “nmm bring those tits on bitch”.

Once again as it started Gina sets her stance and steps into Peggy their large round breasts meet and both women presses in and as their breasts swell up together Peggy starts to jam hers into Gina’s left then right and repeats it and then again, Gina takes the first few but as much as she tries to deny the effect she still purses her lips ,the power , the weight and the firmness Peggy had years ago is every bit still there, as Peggy continues Gina can’t help but react, “Uhhh Uhh mmf mmf mff Bitch’, Peggy smirks a bit and makes the driving jams a bit harder, and the fleshy collision again CLOPS ring out, Peggy closer to Gina now, “Give now Bitch you know you can’t beat my tits even when you cheat’, Gina shakes her head no,’ Fuck you cow shut up and fight my tits”.

The duel starts up again and it doesn’t take long for them to start to perspire, their round globes veiny and tanned glisten as they are pressing, jamming and pumping tits the fight is still even and Peggy is slowly like the first time they met now again is starting to feel just how even a fight Gina was and is now,  Peggy feels her smirk turn into a snarl as her attack is taken and returned now by her rival, it is Gina’s turn to remind Peggy  she can fight tit to tit like she did then, “mmff mff yess cmon bittch i am gonna hurt you”, Peggy tilts her head up, “uughh hughh ughh mmff mff Bitch ohhh”.

The jamming slows as they feel others firm breasts and Peggy shoves her tits head on at Gina’s who shimmies her heavy G’s and they manage to collide to the sides of Peggy’s breasts causing her own to collide together, Peggy feels the little motion and Gina does as well, she drags partially up Peggy’s breasts pushing them, Peggy arches into it, then Gina drops her own dips low and as Peggy breathes in and her breasts lift Gina thrusts up fast and hard the room explodes with a SMACK!!!, Peggy feels her mouth drop as her knees buckle and she falls on knees, Gina a wide smile, “ohhhh my my that hurt Bitch hmm?”, Peggy breathing hard “you cxnt my tits”, Gina paces in front “get up and fight Bitch”, Peggy is a bit hurt but more stunned  she catches her breath as she can feel Gina’s upper cut had a solid effect, slow to get up Gina steps beyond her and sets her ass on the saddle of Peggy’s lower back then smiling she presses her warm breasts in Peggy’s back as her hands come around and cup her rivals big tits , “nmmm i am gonna milk you like the first time we fought here Bitch,” .

Peggy looks up as she feels the deadly claw and grip of Gina fill up with her breast meat, she arches up and her own hands grab Gina’s , “get your hands off my tits cxnt, i am not done fighting your tits”, Gina a sadistic smile and glare squeezes Peggy’s breasts then drops them, she hisses in her ear, ‘nmmm get up or i’ll carve your tits up”, Gina eases up and of then takes a stance ready to go on, slowly Peggy gets up now, Gina sets hands to her hair a smile of confidence as she hurt her rival and fairly, she shimmies, “put em up and fight bitch”.

Peggy takes a breath in she isn’t shocked that Gina put her down early but she is mad at it, she stands and hands go back on her hair as she shimmies back still firm as Gina, “my girls are ready cmon then Bitch”, Gina smirks still but the reality hits her Peggy felt it but by no means will it end her especially just one solid hit, Gina wonders was it just luck that landed that move and downed her hated rival, if it was or wasn’t one thing was clear, Peggy was even madder now and wanted more.

The two busty amazons inhale then lunge together , another solid firm CLOP and instantly they both start to drag , roll and smear, chins tilt up as they crush into other, breasts mass swells, bulges and mushrooms from between their driving torsos, each grunts, and pants out as they now hate looking in others eyes so heads turn and they drive firmer harder and grind tits between them ,”uuh huhh cxnt fight”, “uuugggg ohhh you Whore cmon get it on cmon”.

Again they stagger about the room swirling as they change direction but neither easing from the stalemate, after the short break and not counting it these two have been fighting into an hour and it is starting to wear on them physically as well as emotionally, both are the best and like back then it stands true now in the moment , one is going to all fours to be milked and plea for it to stop,  from where the duel took a pause to the 5 minutes into restarting it both women are sweating again and as they drag and pull and press the skin becomes tacky and the dragging gets an added feel as skin is stretched instead of sliding,  Gina hurt Peggy not deep but it hurt and as a result Gina knew to drag up and down and she starts to a bit slower then current action but none the less pressure on Peggy’s breasts.

Peggy pulls her lips in tight and her cheeks expand as she holds her breath , Gina is dragging and pumping up and down and making Peggy feel her tits, “umfff umffff yess feel my tits cmon bitch , uughhh nnmff fight my tits cmon or give you fake queen bitch, your no Queen just lucky , my tits are destroying yours say it”,  Peggy refuses to admit to her hated rival her dragging is having the desired effect and though her undersides aren’t exploited  the upward rolling drag like a rolling pin is catching part of her undersides and she feels it, and she knows given enough time Gina will finish her in this move, Peggy releases her lips , “UUUGHHHHH BITH MY TITS OHHHH “.

Gina hears, sees and feels what she is doing to peggy she hisses at her face, “ohhhhh thats it yesss nmmm my tits are better they are devouring your pathetic tits cxnt, cmon nmmm more fight mine more yess feel me”, Peggy tries to hold her ground but gina is driving her , Peggy knows to stay off a wall or a corner with Gina attacking it would destroy her proud tits as she has the upper hand.

Peggy is dragging back into Gina but the side to side action isn’t landing the effect Gina’s up and down is getting , Peggy is growing desperate as Gina seems reenergized and is regaining control, “UUUhhh \mmff mffff cxnt my tits oh you cow mmff mfff get off my tits “, Gina rolls her shoulders and now at hearing she has the big champ near beat , presses the advantage and widens her thighs and dares Peggy to stand firm and fight to the last , “cmon bitch center room bring it my tits and yours feel mine cmon your all but finished Cow, say it give to the best tits”.

Peggy drops her hands from her hair as does, she and Gina  both know this fight is near over and about to get as bitter as a titfight can between them, both need a single heavy move to either turn this around or finished it now and they know it is finding and landing that move that will hurt her rival into total submission, Peggy is sweating more, her face contorting from the swelling and soreness of the long fight and Gina’s equal breasts fighting her own, “uuughhhh Bitchh i hate you Cmon”, but she and Gina know it is her fight to lose as she pumps into Peggy, “uuggg ugggg Bitch Give i have you, i beat you Give uuhhh uhhhh mmffff cxnt say it”!.

Peggy arches and Gina grins, she thinks to herself Peggy just made the biggest mistake in a titfight , she just opened her breasts up and outward to a rivals, Gina can see it in her head , she is going to roll up and grind across then dip and deliver the devastating upper cut to her hated rivals undersides, she can taste it, her lis widen in to  smile, as the thought of what she plans is playing out in her mind, she steps into Peggy, her hands grab at Peggy’s upper arms, Peggy is not the type to make mistakes though, ninety percent of of what her rivals deem mistakes are more often a feint to a move she is lining up , Peggy tried to be 2-3 moves ahead of any fight she was in, she watches Gina’s face get that I am going to end you look.

Peggy swallows to hide a smirk of her own, she feels Gina slide ehr hands up onto her biceps, they both drag their breasts on the others to get nipples lined up to set the other up, sweat dripping , as muscles flex but shake a bit, they glare at the others eyes then Peggy widens her stance as does Gina, Gina feeling her breasts start to shift Peggy’s moans ,”nmmm yess i am going to hurt you Bitch”, then Peggy snakes her arms under Gina’s and her hands ease up her rivals back and her hands hook on to Gina’s shoulders, Gina feels it but in the moment doesn’t realize the set up her rival has her in, they press breasts tighter and rolling pin style grind and rub together softening each other up more, both are ready to drop well past an hour they are red and bruising up and gasping through panting breaths, g\Gina breaths in, ‘Nmm i are you ready to cry Bitch?”, just then Peggy taunts back, ‘Are you?’.

Gina scoffs and as Peggy hooks on to her shoulders she feels her breasts ride up on Peggy’s as Peggy suddenly dips Gina’s eyes go wide her mouth drops open, but before she can stop it or defend it, her large G’s swell up over Peggy’s and Peggy thrusts up and SMACK!!!!!! rings out Gina feels her breath escape but no sound as her eyes close, then SMACK!!!!, her body shutters and her eyes drop open a wide as pain will force them, her lips and mouth drop open as her head shakes no then it comes, SMACK!!!, Peggy thrust a third final time up into Gina’s undersides, the last thrust resulted in Gina’s breasts bouncing up and hitting her own chin, her head flies back as her knees buckle, and the scream ,”AWWWWW BITCH MY TITS!!!!!”, Peggy hurting purses her lips, “ohhhhh uwwww feel my tits now hmm cmon puut em cxnt fight my tits , cmon Beat me you Cow”.

Gina grabs hold of Peggy’s shoulders to stay up, but she feels the round firm mass of Peggy’s breasts still under her own , she tries to drag atop to continue wearing peggy down but both know she is really hurt right now, Peggy is swollen and sore as well and every bit hurt and tired but after three solid uppercuts to the raw undersides Peggy has turned the fight around, but knows Gina isn’t the type to give easily if she can get back in this fight she will, Peggy does her next known move she pulls Gina in and starts her upwarrd thrusting pumping in at Gina, the denser almost muffled sounding clops are causing Gina’s breasts to jostle more freely, her lips purse now as they spit at others face, but Gina can’t hide the grunts as her breasts are being jabbed by Peggy’s from under, Gina stutter steps at Peggy, “i am still fighting Bitch cmon put your tits up lets get to it”, Peggy shakes her head she now understands how women she fought felt so close to a win then failed, “uuuhhh Bitch Give your done”.

Gina not realizing her only reason to be on her feet is Peggy’s grip on her and her own arms draped on Peggy’s shoulders, as they glare in others eyes Gina is slowly forcing her breasts back to Peggy’s so they are again head on to her rivals, Gina groans, “uughhh you Bittch my tits are as good as yours , you might hurt them but i am not done fighting your tits till you gi...uuughhh ohhh you Bitch owwww ughhh you Bitch my tits “, Peggy made Gina forcer her own breast between them again then delivers the move she did more then once to Gina , Peggy felt her rivals breasts weren’t straight the flesh as she pulled to go head on to Peggy’s twisted some, Peggy felt it and firmly drags a figure eight style design the firm pulling and dragging slowly caused Gina’s breasts to over lap and pinch and slowly caused a deep pain Gina couldn’t recover, “uuughhh ohhhh my tits you bitch aaaghhhh god damn your tits”.

Peggy easily could have thrust Gina bakwardd to the wall and hurried the painful grind, but instead she hoisted Gina up in her arms and now with new determination continued the brutal slow dragging design , her breasts though red and swollen were standing out correctly as Gina’s were now over lapped and pinched to themselves and each drag her rival pulled made Gina’s become heavier, weaker and stretched out, Peggy was hurting that familiar deep ache but she knew if Gina finally won a tittfight with her she would be torn apart by Gina as she was milked, Peggy hisses at her face, “wanna titfight hmm cmon Cow titfight me then hmm? cmon lets get going Bitch my tits want more”, Peggy now starts to press and drag and adds speed to it , Gina’s red mass is bulging from any open area as her chest is loosing and her breasts are becoming softened up as the muscle , ligaments and tendons  are stretched every way they can be.

Gina finally exhales heavy her head shakes no as he looks up at the ceiling, every drag by her rivals breasts to her own hurts now deeply, she drops her chin on Peggy’s shoulder and Peggy a smirk pumps as the tighter stance makes the design drag a bit tougher the pumping so close causes a wet Clopping ring from between them, and Gina finally stops fighting , she can only take it till her mouth says the words Peggy needs to hear , Gina starts wince now the pain is becoming heavy and to much her breasts are being loosened by the second now finally as her knees start to give she closes her ryes and gulps deeply then yells it, “OK OK ENOUGH YOU FUCKING BITCH , MY TITS OHHHH GOD DAMN YOU I GIVE I GIVE STOP”, Peggy a sigh of relief adds a few extra grinding pumps then pulls her arms from under Gina’s, like  puppet who strings were cut Gina drops on her knees, gulping for a breath as every inhale makes her wince she cradles her red breasts as she props a hand to the floor to stay on her knees, ‘you Bitch my tits ohh i am gonna hurt you “.

Peggy inhales looking down over her red breasts then a sexy smirk struts to the rear of Gina , she sits on the lower back of Gina and eases her face aside Gina’s then her hands stab on to her sore breasts and Gina winces, Peggy starts the humiliating process of kneading, twisting squeezing as she purrs at Gina’s ear, “give it to me all of it “ and she milks on her rivals breasts yet again, Gina hangs her head as her breasts are yet again beaten by her arch rivals, the pain causes flashes backs to every time she and Peggy went tit to tit, her first encounter she cheated and both women know it, it just adds to Gina’s self confidence loss as she feels her breasts mangled and ready to burst at the hands of the only woman she couldn’t beat in a titfight.

Peggy has a winners confident smile as she sits on her rivals bare back and tries to hurt her breasts deeper than she already is feeling, her hands pulsing as they twist, pull, stretch , squeeze at fgina’s breasts slowly peggy feels the supply Gina has build and swell then she grabs at the top and stretches downward as she squeezes and Gina lifts her head and shakes it as her supply is brought to her nipples and bursts free, milk sprays under her and Peggy moans, “nmmm that a girl never  disappoint bitch a cow to the end “, Gina has tears streaming as she endures the process then Peggy satisfied with her win stands , she takes Gina by her hair and pulls her to the front door like a dog on a leash, she opens the door and yanks Gina out , topless just a thong and heels and purrs in her deep catty tone, “i’ll be ready for you Bitch but know this, you come back again and i’ll rip your other nipple off and scratch your eyes out”, she shuts the door and goes up to her bedroom, grabs a shower and then smiling and humming dries her hair then after a glass of bourbon goes to bed.


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Re: Peggy the traveler
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The beginning of a wonderful new Peggy stotyline.


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Re: Peggy the traveler
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What a start and well worth the wait
Brilliant to have another story from you Dotti


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Re: Peggy the traveler
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Boy I missed you!  Wow! Fan-tastic!