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Sexy Dreams - Japan Hentai Style Part 1

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Sexy Dreams - Japan Hentai Style Part 1
« on: February 07, 2021, 12:09:58 PM »
So folks....this is new land for me. Please have a look at the pics below first. So you might get an impression about my motivation to write a story about tiny Kaito, a Japanese boy surrounded by his buxom step sisters, who is having the dream of his life. But will it stay a dream?


Kaito was sitting at the breakfast table along with his step sisters. He could barely focus on eating, because as usual his hormones were driving him crazy. The tiny 18 year old was ogling at their massive tits which were running is his step dad’s family. Under the table he was hard as usual.
When his mom and he joined the family one year ago and moved into his step dad`s house in the prefecture of Kyoto, the sweet trouble had started for him. Akira, Mei and Suki were the most desirable girls in whole Japan. All three of them were in their early 20s and were sporting boobs, that were out of this world.
The blonde Akira and the brunette Mei were sporting JJ-Cups while the oldest, the black haired Suki was an M-Cup. And all of them were true amazons: Nearly 6 feet tall and model like features - or maybe even with the looks of porn stars.
Kaito had often sneaked into their rooms and searched their drawers for their thongs and bras because he simply had to find out their size.
His sisters were nice to him and took care of the tiny boy as much as they could, which didn`t make it any better. There was simply no attire which could hide their gorgeous figures and the lack of clothing on their way to the bathroom or their bedrooms, left his mind racing and wanking half of the day.
Akira was sitting opposite of him in a kimono, that was partly open and failed to cover her massive set of tits. “Are you ok love?” She leaned over the table caressing his face with one hand. Kaito`s eyes opened in surprise as the fabric slipped slightly and revealed parts of her big light brown areola. It seemed the fabric was only held by her big erect nipple that was acting like a hook.
“Ehm…yes. Thank you I am fine. Just thinking about my test at school today.” Mei and Suki were chuckling, knowing very well why their brother was so distracted by Akira. Although their breasts were stretching the fabric of their T-shirts to the breaking point, they were at least fully clothed.
Akira blushed a bit and pulled the girdle of her skimpy outfit tighter.
Kaito continued to eat his eggs with Furikake. He felt his cock pulsing and forced his eyes down into his bowl instead of the bulging cleavage in front of him. Besides his limited height of 5”2 and weight of 115lbs, his cock had full  10 inches and was as misplaced as his sister`s sets of tits.
All of them had office jobs and he was relieved when they finally left for work. He had some home schooling today and would have the house for himself until early evening.

As soon as all of his family had left he hurried into his room. One screen was showing his teacher and other class-members while the second screen showed pictures from a family vacation to the beach. His sister`s chests were doing the best to shred their bikini tops and he had to suppress a moan not to disturb the class. His favorite pic was the one showing all of them lined up on their bellies tanning their bare backs. Numerous kilos of tit meat were bulging to the sides under the weight of their bodies.
Kaito`s pants was causing an uncomfortable pressure since his massive cock wanted to escape but couldn`t. He rubbed along the fabric which only made it worse.
“Kaito? Kaito? Can you hear me?”
“Sorry Sensei. Can you repeat please? The internet was slow.”
“Slow? It seems your thoughts are anywhere but here. Maybe some extra tasks will help you to focus. I will send them later Kaito.”
“Thank you Sensei.”

It took Kaito three hours to solve those extra tasks of mathematics and all the time he had reserved for jerking off was gone. He was tired as hell and fell onto his bed, falling into a restless sleep….

Kaito found himself feeling up his step sister Suki in the corner of the ring. She was leaning forward, hands on the top ropes and legs spread. Her muscled ass was pushing against his lap, clad only in a tiny leather panty. His hands searched her body for hidden weapons prior the upcoming fight.
As he reached around her upper body checking her leather top that was ready to burst from her massive M-Cup tits, his cock had fully grown. She knew very well how to tease him and get him on her side – he was the ref.
Kaito was clad in a black and white striped shirt and when he finished checking out her backside, Suki turned and pushed her udders out to the max. Her thick nipples were denting her leather top and her whole body was shining under a light layer of sweat. She was the total sex overdose.
Suki flexed in front of him and in this dream her biceps was way bigger than in reality. While his fingers were running over her swollen muscles she opened the zipper of his pants and was running her fingers over the massive bulge in his shorts. “Hmmmm...little brother. You like what you see?”
“Yes Suki. You are perfect as ever. You are the hottest wrestler....”
“Ehem!” He was interrupted by his other sister Mei. She was in the opposing corner and waiting to be checked for weapons as well. While Suki was wearing a bikers outfit made of leather and metal studs with matching black leather boots, the brunette Mei had chosen a white and pink bikini set that was struggling with her curves. White boots, elbow and knee pads were completing her outfit.
Kaito walked over to her and ordered her to stretch out her arms. And that she did. In his dream he was the ref, he had the full authority  to make them do what he wanted. Nobody else was there: Behind the ropes was just darkness and fog. And it was hot in the ring, unbelievably hot.
His hands caressed her sexy curves and those JJ-Cup tits pointed at him. Her felt them up, fondled them, felt her density and weight. “Are you sure there is nothing in my bikini top besides my boobs? Have a closer look Kaito -San.” Mei had a smirk on her face, pulling his head between her udders. The heavy tit meat was engulfing his head completely and he smelled her scent: A mixture of sexy sweat and vanilla. His hands reached for her ass cheeks and then moved into her bikini bottoms. Her wet cxnt lips spread and his fingers entered her sopping wet pussy.
“AAAAAAHHHH......YES........YES REF......” Mei pushed her hips towards his invading fingers but he pulled them out suddenly, licking thick cxnt juice off his fingers. He shuddered with lust and moaned when Mei pulled his massive 10 inches out of his pants and started to stroke it lightly.
“Hey sis! Let him go! He is mine after I smashed you through the ring floor!”
“Forget that Suki! He is all mine. I am sure he wants a really sweet girl and not a leather dominatrix like you.”
Ding! The bell sounded from out of nowhere and Kaito moved to the side, allowing his two step sisters to circle each other. Their eyes narrowed, their guard went up and they were like cats ready to go at each other. Both were so incredibly sexy – out of this world. Suddenly they locked up and both started to moan. Their glistening muscles swelled when they pushed each other through the ring. Suki was clearly the stronger fighter, powering her sister into a corner and opening the painful part of the match with three rapid knees into her belly.
SMATT....SMATTT..SMATTTTT.....OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHNN! Mei bent over which was basically the best invitation for a follow up breast kick. SMATTTTTT....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Her massive udders swelled around the invading knee and bounced on her chest with their heavy weight.
“Hmmm...Mei little sister. I so love to work your tits over”, Suki purred.
Only second later her arm CHOPPED across her bulging tits, causing a loud SMACK followed by a scream and the wobble of those mountainous tits. Mei coughed, but had no time to recover or fight back since Suki grabbed her arm and sent her into the opposing ropes. Her chest bounced and smacked nearly her face and then back to her belly.
As she bounced in the ropes and returned to her opponent, Suki was leaping into the air and hit her head and tits with a massive drop-kick. WHAMMMMMM! Mei`s body was floored and impacted hard, both her JJ monsters leaving the bikini top and hitting her own face. “OOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHH!” Suki had landed a bit more comfortable, nonetheless the fall of her curvaceous body was still sexily jiggling upon her fall.
Mei rolled to her side, holding her aching jaw and tits which had been hit hard. Kaito`s huge cock pulsed and bounced as if it had its own life. To see those big globes of Mei naked, her big pink nipples erect and surrounded by a reddish big areolas that screamed: “Suck me!”
While she was moaning she was being picked up by her hair harshly and  Suki put her across her shoulders. Her spine was bent while Suki secured her with a strong grip across her throat. Her tits had dropped a bit to the side but were firm enough besides their sheer size to mostly point at the ceiling.
“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Mei moaned in discomfort as stress was put on her strong back. Suki`s other hand was on her sister`s pussy, pushing the fabric of her bikini bottoms between her labia. The patch fabric between her legs was soaked. “AAAAAAAAAWWWWWW...poor Mei. You were always the one being turned on by fighting. You are sooooo wet.”
Kaito came closer and neared Mei`s massive tits. He pushed them together in his hands and latched his mouth onto her areola. Sucking in the nipples caused moans of pleasure that mixed with the ones of pain. His big cock brushed her cheeks and a scream of surprise echoed through the ring when he noticed, that Mei had sucked it into her mouth. “AAAAAWW YESSSSSSSSSS!” His eyes closed when Mei sucked it harder and her tongue hit his glans like a butterfly.
Even while being worked over she had the ability to take care of him. Suki was kneeling with her buxom sister draped across her shoulder and it was the perfect height to inflict the sweetest pleasure for the ref. Mei moaned herself while her pussy was worked over by Suki`s fingers flicking her engorged clit. Slurping sounds echoed through the ring: Caused by the blow job as well as the fingers gliding in and out out Mei`s wet twat.
Suki moaned from exhaustionand rivulets of sweat were running down her skin, having 160lbs of Mei`s strong curvy body across her shoulders, the other two from sexual pleasure. Kaito sucked those nipples harder and pulled his head back, taking the areola and tit with him. “AAAAAAAAAA ….. yeaaaas ref.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh cuuuummmmmmmminnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg!” Mei`s pussy clenched around Suki`s fingers and squirted torrents of pussy juiced over her hand while Kaito`s cock erupted with cum in her mouth. Kaito moaned and screamed, his fingers sinking into Mei`s globes crushing them while climaxing. Even if Kaito was producing a lot of sperm in real life, the dream was even more crazy: He came with more than twenty spurts of jizz filling up her mouth until she had to swallow it all. It was dribbling out of her mouth because it was to much to swallow, when she was suddenly dropped backwards and impacted in her own juices as well as Kaito`s.
“My little slutty sister. Hahaha! Look at this pathetic piece that calls herself a fighter!”
“Well but her blow jobs a superb”, Kaito interfered.
“However. Time to finish her off!” Suki was about to put her sister into the next hard move besides she was still moaning and breathing hard from exhaustion.
She picked one of her legs, spread it to the side and started to stomp down on her inner thighs. Wet SMACKS were an indication of the force Suki put into those kicks, trying to destroy Mei`s leg muscles and ligaments to a point, where she couldn't stand yet wrestle properly. Her combat boot crashed into her meat and caused it to jiggle, but suddenly Mei`s body tensed up and she delivered a snap kick with her free leg from her lying position which connected to the side of Suki`s head.
Her black haired opponent was dazed and stumbled into the ropes. Mei stood up and re-arranged her dislocated bikini to cover her mounds. “Now this will be fun!” She smirked and although she hobbled, she was able to land a straight kick into Suki`s navel. WHAM! Suki was holding onto the ropes to stay upright, which only led to a follow up kick from Mei. Her shin connected with a massive uppercut kick from below to both of her vast leather clad tits. SMACK!
Kaito moaned and he was close enough, stroking his never limping manhood by hand, to witness three rapid shots exactly executed in the same way. Kilos of titmeat lifted, only to drop back into shape and tear at the chest-wall. “UUUUUHHHHHHHH........AAAAAAAHHHH........UUUOOOFFFFF.....FFUUUCCCCK!” Suki grimaced in pain as her tits were worked over and her top got dislocated a bit showing parts of her areolas. Her sweaty udders were simply so huge and perfect, but also a big weakness and major target.
Suki was cradling her hurting tits while her sister and opponent was taking her into a side headlock and while falling backwards threw  the bigger Suki in a massive Suplex. WHAM! What an impact! Suki was sucking in air, her huge globes tearing at her chest and smacking her face. Kaito was on her in a second, straddling her belly and shoving his big cock between her mountains. The sweat caused his big cock enough grease to use the valley of her orbs as a perfect tit fucking cave.

SMATT...SMATT...SMATT... he build up a nice rhythm, his lap connected to her tits while he squeezed them from the sides. Kaito moaned and freed her boobs completely from the confines of the leather top now. Her nipples were even bigger than Mei`s and her areolae a shade darker. Mei came closer to him, pushed her big bust to his arm while gripping through her step-brother`s legs from behind grabbing his big balls. She massaged them forcefully in her hands and purred: “Fuck this looser slut. That`s the only thing she is good for. Fuck her...hmmmm....yea....fuck Suki slut! You want me to open up her crotch for you?”
Kaito moaned and nodded and only seconds later Mei had put her bigger sister into a painful C-shape. She grabbed her left thigh and knee bending it backwards while putting her right boot into the cheek, pinning her head brutally to the canvas. Suki screamed but was helpless when Kaito opened up the lace of her leather panty and her cxnt became fully visible. Her cxnt hair was trimmed and black and sweaty.
“OHHHHHHH MY GOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDD!” Suki moaned when Mei added more pressure and bent her further so her pussy lips opened up. Kaito simply had to align his fuck tool to her wet pussy and RAM it into her with the full 10 inches. His glans his her cervix forcefully and he started to fuck her furiously. Shockwaves from his thrusts were running through her body causing her tits to bounce as well as her slight belly and thighs. She grunted from pain – she grunted from lust.
Kaito pumped into her, reaching around her stretched leg for stability. He felt her powerful sweaty leg while fucking her like a champ. “Yes....ahh....fuck...ahh....” Suki wimpered and sighed when she was suddenly dropped. Kaito`s cock left her cage, but her eyes were still glassy. She was turned by her opponent who pulled her up and leaned her over the middle rope. Mei pressed her right knee into her upper back pushing her udders onto the middle rope. Her nipples were first forced against the rubber, then inwards. Her whole tit ballooned and was split while she felt Kaito enter her cxnt from behind.
He, the ref, started to fuck her doggy while she frantically tried to relief some pressure from her boobs by pushing herself up with her strong biceps. However Mei' s weight was more than she could handle right now. “You whore! My tits! AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Wait until I get you in my hands!”
“Hahaha! Who is the whore? Who is being fucked by the ref?”
SMATTTT...SMATTTT...SMATTTT...Kaito screamed as his lap smacked against that naked big a muscles ass and felt his second climax was cumming. Suki was in too much pain to enjoy the forced sex but shuddered when she felt his hot seed erupt on her ass and lower back.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO!” Kaito came hard and the second orgasm was even more intense the the first. More than twenty spurts of cum totally drenched his step sisters ass and back in sticky cum, that was running down her cheeks and legs slowly. Suki sucked in air when she sank to her knees inspecting her chest for the damage. Big red welt were running horizontally across her tits caused by the ring rope. She was furious and charged into Mei by tackling her shoulder into her midsection. Both crashed into the ring floor with authority in a heap of muscle a tit meat. The rolled across the hard floor in a catball tearing at each other`s hair until they reached a corner.
Mei got the upper hand and had her sister in a tight grip in front of her. Her arms were choking around her throat while her legs had her a a tight scissor, squeezing her strong midsection. Suki groaned and tensed her core muscle not to have all air squashed out of herself. Kaito started to count as Suki`s face got redder and redder: “One....two...three....let go!”
Suki was dropped and coughed, but not for long. Mei was on her back and lcutched her hands under her chin. Bending her spine back, earning a long moan of pain, she had the bigger biker chick in a perfect Camel Clutch. Suki`s massive tits were dangling down under her chest and Kaito got in position.
He was still hard and horny and while Mei rubbed her ass and pussy over Suki`s lower cum drenched back, sliding back and forward, Kait aligned his cock between the heavy M-Cup orbs once more. He pushed the sweaty meat together fucking his sister`s tits while she suffered in a spine crushing hold.
“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH......HMMMMMMMMMMMM........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Suki complained but Kaito was horny and nothing would stop him from continuing the tit fuck. His hard fuck rod, still lubricated by sweat, cum and cxnt juice slid through her breast meat that was fondled and crushed by him to a firm valley.
Suki`s face was full of pain while Mei encouraged him to fuck her tits harder. Kaito pumped his cock between them fast and faster, sweat building on his ow face until he climaxed for the third time, plastering Suki`s tits with enormous amount of cum again. The jizz erupted from his pipe drenching every single square inch of her breasts until it run down and slowly dripped to the ring floor. Mei suddenly let go and WHAM!
Her opponent`s body smashed tits first into the puddle of sperm with a wet noise.
Suki balled her fists and bashed them into the floor groaning. WHAM! “AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Mei had landed on her spine again with a mighty ass bomb, driving 160lbs of fighter into her. Suki clutched her back and rolled to the side when Mei had raised, only to earn several stomps to her naked tits and belly. Her sweaty muscular body was beaten and kicked and Kaito would do nothing to stop that. Mei picked her sister up whose head was rolling weakly from one side to the other.
She got behind her and reached around her hips, tightening her muscles and catapulting her backwards over her shoulder. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMM! The force of the hard landing caused Suki`s head to connect hard with the ring floor, tits bouncing like crazy and the momentum made her slide four more feet across the cum and sweat stained floor. She lay there breathing hard, naked chest rising and falling. She was dazed and hurt and suddenly Mei hooked her leg and pulled her into a pin attempt.
Kaito got down on the canvas, slamming his flat hand to the floor with every count: “One....two....” Suki raised a leg over the lowest ring rope and was saved.
Mei balled her fist in frustration, but climbed the corner of the ring. From below her tits looked even bigger with one of them having escape her bikini top again. She opened it and discarded it, remaining topless like her sister now. “I know you love my look Kaito-San.” Kaito nodded and drooled over his step sisters battling the shit out of each other. Suki still had her leg on the rope slowly realizing what was coming. Mei jumped into the air and landed and leg drop across the leg of her opponent causing the ring to shake and Suki howl in pain!
The stinging pain contorted her face: It was sharp and it felt like her knee joint had been seriously hurt. “GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!”
“Do you give?” She shook her head. No. No yet. A woman has to take it or leave the ring.
Mei picked her up once more and took her into a side headlock. She started running forward with bouncing JJ-Cup tits tearing at her chest-wall, about to Bulldog her sister into the ground. But the sweat worked in favor of Suki who got her head free just in time and sent Mei into the ropes. Mei`s tits hit the top rope and only a second later Suki body splashed into her back adding further pain to her magnificent orbs. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
But not only that: Suki, although needing a break and hobbling on one leg, took Mei over her shoulders. She failed to put weight on her badly injured knee and tilted to the side where her knee was giving away.
WHAM! Mei slipped off her shoulder and her shoulders and neck hit the ring floor from five feet high!
Her half naked body rebounded and her head kinked to the side in an unhealthy angle. Mei didn`t move! She did not even scream! Kaito was with her in just a second while Suki collapsed on her hooking her leg.
“One...two....three!!!” DING DING DING!
Kaito`s heart was racing as she checked on her but her eyes slowly opened and she forced a smile.

“Kaito! Kaito! Wake up!” Kaito didn`t know where he was when he opened his eyes and saw Mei´s angelic face. She bent over him clad only in a small panty and a grey top whose buttons were straining to hold her massive tits in place. “Are you ok? I have been trying to wake you for five minutes.”
Kaito smiled. “Mei I am....what the fuck....” His eyes wandered to his crotch where also his sister`s were unfortunately resting. His pants were stained and wet. Kaito blushed, noticed he must have cum while sleeping several times. Mei chuckled but forced herself to stay serious, walking over to the door of his room.
After locking it up she returned to him with a smile on her face. Without asking for permission she opened the button of his pants. “No...Mei...please...” His eyes were wide with shock. But she put a finger on his lips. “Shhhhhhhh....” She pulled down his pants together with his boxers and his huge limp cum stained cock was freed. His pubic hair was full with masses of cum.
Mei leaned over for a box of tissues, carefully lifting his manhood with her fingers while cleaning his groin up. Her hands felt so good. Never before a woman had touched him there. Her huge tits pressed against his naked thigh....and he could nothing do about the blood rushing into his cock again....



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Re: Sexy Dreams - Japan Hentai Style Part 1
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2021, 08:25:01 PM »
Thanks !!! I enjoy read it, and have hope see more in a future :)
I love fem vs fem, muscle mixed, stories, movies, manga.


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Re: Sexy Dreams - Japan Hentai Style Part 1
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2021, 03:54:24 PM »
Oh wow!  ;D :-* This is sizzling hot action ... very kinky & erotic!  :D ;)
Proudly butch and living as a 'man'. In this catfight fantasy there are no losers, and in the end all should be winners!


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Re: Sexy Dreams - Japan Hentai Style Part 1
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2022, 09:33:01 AM »
This is the most erotic work I've read in a while. I remember a funny story when I bought an interesting book in a bookstore that described the romantic relationship between the main characters. As it turned out, it was an adult novel in the style of hentai manga.


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Re: Sexy Dreams - Japan Hentai Style Part 1
« Reply #4 on: December 26, 2022, 09:28:26 AM »
This is the most erotic work I've read in a while. I remember a funny story when I bought an interesting book in a bookstore that described the romantic relationship between the main characters. As it turned out, it was an adult novel in the style of hentai manga. It was crazy for me to read it and I had the idea to watch 3D Porn in my VR glasses. I knew about porn games on Steam that could be played in VR, but I was never interested in them. This novel prompted me to take action and I don't regret it, it was cool!


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Re: Sexy Dreams - Japan Hentai Style Part 1
« Reply #5 on: January 25, 2023, 02:01:54 AM »
this is good stuff. I hope part 2 comes out soon :)