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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 94

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 94
« on: February 17, 2021, 03:08:35 AM »
Our opening match is Brittany who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a blue and green two piece. Her opponent is Rachel who weighs in at 150 is wearing a orange two piece. Both girls would have a clean match for nearly ten minutes. At one point it even looked like Brittany would score the upset when she was able to hit Rachel with a spinning elbow. But somehow Rachel would was able to kick out. Brittany would then pick Rachel up and throw her into the corner. Then she would get a head of steam and try to deliver a clothesline. Rachel however would move out of the way. She would then quickly wrap her arm around Brittany’s neck and connect with the bulldog. At that it was academic as Rachel would hook both legs as the ref counted to three. Rachel would then stand on the second rope and pose for the crowd. While Brittany would roll out the ring with the assistance from the ref as she had the wind knocked out of her. Your winner of the match is Rachel.

The next match is our main event. If Hailey loses Gretchen will give her five lashes to her bare ass with a leather strap.

First we have Gretchen who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a yellow two piece. Her opponent is Hailey who weighs in at 175 and is wearing a pink two piece. The fists were flying from the sound of the bell. Finally after a few minutes Hailey would send Gretchen flying into the corner and immediately she would throw kicks to Gretchen’s stomach. Hailey then unloaded with several chops and after the third one Gretchen went straight to her knees and struggling to breathe. Then Hailey would grab Gretchen and sling her into the ropes for a backdrop. But Gretchen would have a different idea when she raised her leg up and nailed Hailey directly in the chest. With her opponent down Gretchen would go to work as began to work over Hailey’s legs with a series of kicks. Gretchen would then strut around the ring and mock Hailey who was struggling to get back up. But once she did she would make Gretchen pay. As she would land a big punch to Gretchen’s head. Then she would deliver a suplex which left Gretchen crying and favoring her back. Hailey would then signal to the crowd that it was time for the piledriver. She would then get Gretchen in position but Gretchen would repeatedly block it by grabbing at Hailey’s bottoms. Finally Hailey would drop Gretchen and complain to the referee about Gretchen’s cheating. While that was going on Gretchen would get up and drive her knee into Hailey who into drove the ref right into the turnbuckles and knocking him out. Gretchen would then try to hit her own piledriver but Hailey would reverse it and backdrop Gretchen. Then Hailey would grab Gretchen by the hair and put her into position for the piledriver. But in a shocking moment just as Hailey was about pick Gretchen up. Heaven would run into the ring and from Hailey’s blindside and nail her with the rear view. Heaven would then grab Gretchen and throw her on top of Hailey. The referee would then slowly come to and make the count and give Gretchen the victory. After the match Gretchen was finally able to come to and be told that she had won the match. Then with sadistic grin on her face Gretchen tell the referee to wake Hailey up. The ref would reluctantly give into the demand. Then Gretchen would grab the belt that was laying in the corner of the ring. She would then also slide out of the ring and grab a roll of tape which was laying underneath it. Next she would grab Hailey bye the hair and place her face first in the corner. Gretchen would then tape Hailey’s wrists around the corner posts. She would then tell Hailey that she was going to savor every moment of this as she slowly peeled Hailey’s bikini bottoms off and exposing her bare ass. Hailey would stand there and brace for the impact as Gretchen viscously delivered the five lashes which left her bottom almost blood red. Gretchen would try for a sixth lash but the ref would quickly step in and take the belt away from her. He would then tell Gretchen to get away from the ring. Begrudgingly Gretchen would do as told not before she took a few moments to strut around the ring and laugh at Hailey. While the referee was finally able to get Hailey free from the corner. Hailey would immediately drop to her knees and try to sooth the pain away from her ass. Finally the referee and another official were able to help her to her feet and escort her to the back. Your winner of the match is Gretchen.

Next time on LPW we will see Heaven in action and hopefully she will explain herself. Plus we will see Kristina in action.