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My wife is a titfighter !!! part 01

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My wife is a titfighter !!! part 01
« on: February 17, 2021, 10:36:52 PM »
First story. Sorry if it's far from being perfect... I'm not really smart and I'm having some trouble to write properly. This story is my way to thanks all the authors of amazing stories. So thank you and enjoy. ;)
Hi, I'm Alex, I'm 25, almost 26.I'm feeling like the luckiest man on earth as I'm the young father of a beautiful little lilly and I'm in love with the most sexy, sweet and kind girl on earth, and her name is louise.
I met my wife (yeah I married her, I told you I'm lucky) when I was 9 years old in school. Louise was a shy, timid blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes...She looked like a princess, and almost all girls are jealous of her. So most of the time other girls are bullying her and I'm the only person who always comes to protect her. Since this time we're good friends, but, we grow up, and our feelings change. When she was 13, her tits started to grow up a lot, and more girls are jealous... And when she was 15 her tits were already bigger than any girls in town. She could feel ashamed of her big tits. But Louise changed her mind too, and this time she was strong enough to fight the bullies. She does not care what people think about her, but she always protects people around her and makes bullies regret their behavior.. She learned wrestling in high school, she also made a lot of sport to strengthen her back so she always has a good shape, looking strong and sexy. But what I'm really proud of her is how she managed to make her dream come true. She worked a lot to become a school teacher, she decided when she was young to take care of all children, and always protect them from harassment. I'm so proud of her and she is my love.

But tonight, there's something wrong. I receive a call from her school at 7 pm and she asks me to bring her the most sexy and expensive bra she had, a red one which always puts me on fire, and come at her school. I just call the babysitter, and ask her to keep lilly for some hours and I take the car in order to obey the weird command of my wife.
The elementary school is closed of course.. no pupils, no teacher, No one... except my lovely louise. I finally find her class, and immediately realise that she closes all the shutters and pushes the kid's tables against a wall, letting a big space in the center of the class, like some ring. I'm about to scream at louise where she is, and what is the meaning of all of this, when a big woman is appearing on my back

« Hmmm <3... pretty sexy, you have good taste Ms Louise, I'm impressed, but I'm not sure that you're woman enough for him. »

The girl is one head smaller than me, which means that she is probably about 1,60 meter... with a cute semi long pink hair and a beautiful smile. All her body has epic proportions, I don't know how to explain, but despite her weight, she is sexy and gorgeous. She is clearly what you can call a BBW. And she is looking at me like if I'm her new toy...
So... embarrassed, I look around, and try to find my wife, and finally she appears behind the big girl, both of them enter the classroom.

« Ms : Emilie... »
« Oh please call me Mimi, we're about to be really intimate soon »
« Ok... Mimi... stop bothering my husband, he is just here to bring my bra. Plus I doubt that you could satisfy him. »
« fufufu <3... so much confidence, maybe he could stay here and see our match ? »
« And watch me kicking your fat ass around the class to teach you respect ? »
« oh I'm sure it will be pretty fun <3... »

This sounds so unreal... I gently took the shoulder of Louise and tried to bring her closer.
« uh... my dear, who is this lady ? Why are you asking me for your bra ? Why are you talking about a match ? Are you planning to fight her in the class ? »

Louise looked at me with an embarrassed face. Just like when she just makes a big mistake, but she refuses to recognize it.
« Listen Alex, this woman is the mother of Jack, a boy in my class... He spend his free time punching everyone in the class, so I ask her to come this night to speak about her son... But she quickly become aggressive and yell that I'm the only one to blame... that her poor son is a victim... But she is wrong. We speak a lot and start to contest each other version and out of nowhere, she say that I'm tormenting her son because I'm jealous of her, and her perfect body. »
« That sounds so crazy... and what you decide then... »
« to settle this in a fight... she really pisses me off and I think that she needs a lesson... she promised me that if I manage to beat her, she will speak with her son. »
« and if you lose ? »
« she keep my favorite bra »
« Don't tell me that you will wrestle this big lady here ? She will squash you under her big belly !!! »
« are you forgetting all the wrestling matches we do my love ? Even the special one with you <3 ? I'm strong and I will beat her... Plus this will not be a wrestling match but a titfight match. »
« A titfight ?? »
« Yeah... the best way to prove who is the best woman here... so don't worry and let me beat her <3 »

« So louise, I'm tired of waiting.. Are you explaining to your man how you can't wait to be crushed by my superior tits ? Or are you begging him to protect you from me ? »
Louise looks at Mimi with a smile, she kisses me gently and asks me to stay outside the ring... and look at the match.
Both girls take a chair and place them on a corner of their improvised ring. And slowly they start to remove their clothes... and I gulp.
I see Louise naked a countless number of times, but I never had enough of her sexy body... long legs, sexy hips, sweet belly, and huge huge breasts... all of this with an angelic face and her long blond hair flying in the air... She sees how I look at her sexy strip tease, and she smile even more... She always enjoys the ways I lovingly look at her.
But she is not the only girl here, and Mimi is making the show too... and I probably blush too much.
Her meaty thighs are big, but her skin seems to be soft, her plump belly looks like a huge pink marshmallow, and I just realized, her tits are big as the one of louise. No, maybe a little smaller, but they still look like huge wrecking balls, just like louise's.
Both girls stay with sexy thongs, as they finally remove their bra, and titflesh almost explode as they're finally free. Four big, heavy, and firm tits are on the « ring » ready for battle.
I'm not really an expert, but for me, it seems that my wife has a clear advantage. Her tits are bigger than Mimi's, they also look firmer, and I know that they're full of tasty milk as she continues breastfeeding our lovely Lilly. Louise seems to be really excited by this battle as her cute pink nipples are already stiff, plus as Louise is taller than her opponent, she will have a clear advantage in direct contact...this will be maybe an hard match as Mimi is also a busty girl, but I'm sure that my louise will crush her in the end.

« So Louise, let me remind you of the rules... the fight continues until one of us submits, and that her opponent decides to accept this surrender by smothering her. Are you ok with that ? »
« Sure... I can't wait to teach you a lesson... be ready mimi »

Both women just walk in the center of the class with their hands on their hips... they look at each other, and they slowly start to press their tits together... wanting to see who will have the upper hand. Quickly a girl grunt as she felt her big tits being pushed by superior tits and it was not my wife.
« Fufufu <3... that's what I believe Mimi. My tits are better, but don't worry I don't plan to hurt you too much.”
The sexy bbw seems to be upset and can't accept that her big tits can't compete with my wife's. She presses more and more her tits on louise’s pair, but always with the same effect.
« hmmm <3 »
My wife smiles as she feels her firmer tits staying in place, while the big one of Mimi is forced to be distorted. I think that I have never seen Louise so dominant before. The other girl sensually grunt with effort and tries to make her tits win the battle, but it's useless... louise has clearly the firmer tits.
After some long moment where Mimi finally recognizes that she can't win this way, the big girl step back. She is a little sweaty, but she raises her arms in the air, wanting to continue.
Louise grabs the hands of mimi, and once their fingers are locked... serious things start.
there is a first thud as the two beauties slam violently against each other. I was a little afraid for Louise as it was the first time I see her doing things like this... But my wife is doing great. She is the one in control. They stay like this in the middle of the ring for some minutes. But slowly, Mimi starts yelling in pain and as they continue to press their tits against each other, she grunt as she can't have the upper hand... Louise sensually pushes her back to the corner with her better tits and forces Mimi to sit on her chair. Letting her gasp a lot !
« You better give up Mimi... there is no way you can beat me. »
« you fucking blonde... I will crush you !!! »

When mimi stand up, they meet one more time on the center of the ring and locked their finger, but this time, the lesson is a little harder
The class is full of the sexy sound of huge tits battering brutally, and my lovely louise makes the most damage. She smashes her big tits again and again on the pair of Mimi and the poor bbw girl is forced to see her huge tits take a beating in this frontal clash. Her boobs are flattened each time, and even if she manages to resist at first.. she slowly starts to step back. She seems to suffer a lot, and I can't help but feel so happy to see my Louise dominating a woman in such a sexy way. Soon the girls return to a more classic grinding, and Louise took her time to crush her opponent, letting Mimi enjoy how her superior tits beat her.
Mimi closes her eyes and tries to fight back. Just like I guess, the taller girl has a clear advantage, as her tits can use the gravity to crush the opponent. But despite this, Mimi never gives up, she manages to stop Louise pushing, but only at a few steps of her corner. The bbw grit her teeth refusing to be forced to sit again, but then my wife make a final smash
and Mimi is violently pushed to her chair, she sits brutally and seems to look shocked by louise power... While her own tits start to be red and more soft, the glorious breast of my louise seems to be perfectly fine.
The sexy blonde look down at the beaten girl on the chair, with a smile she tease her
« last chance for you Mimi, give up now, and I will not crush your tits more than they already are. »
« fu... fuck you Louise, it's only the beginning ! »
« yeah sure... get your beaten tits on the center of the class if you want me to continue the lesson. »

So while Mimi holds her bruised tits for now, Louise returns to her own chair with pleasure. I see her smiling ear to ear, for sure she is fighting, but she has a lot of fun, and she feels that Mimi just can't beat her. When she return on her side she goes toward me and kiss me softly
« so Alex, how is your night ? You love the show ? »
« ye... yeah I love the show a lot... you're really sexy louise »
« thank you my love <3... hihihi... that's so good to fight her like this, it reminds me when I was crushing bullies. »
« yes, it's good, but don't become overconfident, the match is not over »
« my love, the fight is over... you see how my tits crush her big pair each time ? I have better tits, she can't win... I will punish her some more until she gives up, and then she will teach her son to not fight in class. »
« You're the best, just show her who is the dominant woman here. »

Louise is so beautiful, I want to stay with her, but the match is not over. Mimi returned to the center of the class for the third time, more sweaty, but also more determined. Both women lock their fingers, and the fight continues. Just as the previous round, Louise has the advantage. Quickly my wife smashed her big tits on Mimi again and this time, it was too much for the bbw, Mimi dropped to one knee after that, panting a lot, but she continued to hold the hands of Louise, not giving up yet.
« Already over Mimi ? Aren't you supposed to kick my ass and crush me ? »
Louise really start to be too much confident, she turn her head and wink at me, and I try to warn her
« Louise, what are you doing ? This is not over !»
And sadly I'm right.
there is another thud in the class, but this time it wasn't my wife smashing her tits on Mimi. When she stands up, the sexy bbw almost jumps on her feet, and so her big tits uppercut the pair of my wife... They rise up, before bouncing back on her chest.. At first I don't understand how louise manage to resist to such blow, and then I see the face of my wife... twisted by the pain, her mouth open wide, too shocked to scream for now.
Louise's body does not respond after that massive uppercut, so Mimi has a free way to punish my wife. I look with horror, how the sexy bbw finally get her revenge. The beating is really hot, she basically uses her big tits as boxing gloves to punch, the big jugs of louise.
she continues to uppercut the heavy tits of louise who start to yelp in pain now.
« aah, bitch.. »
« time for revenge blondie... I will crush you as promise »
But after some good uppercuts, Louise finally reacts... she pulls Mimi closer and tries to press her bigger tits on the bbw's one. The tension is up now... each girl tries to push each other on the chair. Louise firmer breasts are about to win when Mimi decides to change... this time she does not use only her big tits but all her sexy body to push my wife. The predictable result is that Louise can't resist such heavyweight girl.
« I will flatten you pipsqueak !!! »
I gasp at seeing how mimi push louise so violently that she is pinned on the door of the class. The big girl just missed the chair... But she got my wife in an even worse position. Louise is unable to move as her big opponent is still on her now, she is crushed by the tits, and the plump belly of her opponent. Louise slowly starts to change color, and become more sweaty... She really struggled with the bbw, and finally she put a foot on the doors and pushed brutally in order to have some impulse, and avoid being squashed by the big mom against the door.
Louise pants a lot, but she is still on the match. Mimi seems to be better now that she started to beat her rival in the titfight.
I cheer my wife as they both start again to smash their tits against each other, and this time, Louise manages to do some good damage to the bbw... I see her panting a lot but I'm sure that if Louise continues like that she will make her beg to stop. The result appears as soon, I see some tears filling the eyes of Mimi... I'm pretty sure that she is on her limit, and she just proved me that I'm wrong.
Mimi steps back quickly and avoids the last smash of louise. My sexy wife is a little unbalanced after this missing attack, and so Mimi use it to deliver a powerful counter attack... she twist her torso and
this time, it was not an uppercut but a brutal hook as Mimi used her boobs to crush the side of Louise's tits.
« AAAHHHH <3 »
the attack must be really heavy, cause I see the left boob of louise starting to lose milk... After that Louise tries to protect her beaten tit, but Mimi just continues on the other side giving more and more brutal swings on the defenseless tits of louise, and quickly her big tits fly side to side. I blush at seeing how Mimi is dominating my lovely louise now... she uses her tits like wrecking balls, and the tits of louise are totally unable to stop them now.
« Uuuuhhhh... »
Louise finally can't take more, she drops to her knees in front of Mimi, starting to cry as both of her tits seem to lactate now, she tries to protect her tits, but Mimi has other plans. With a nasty grin, the bbw mom just holds the hand of louise and forces her to move her arms apart... letting her huge tits all defendless.
« So Louise are you giving up ? »
« no... no ! I can continue.. »
« hihihi... too Bad <3... »

I can't believe what I see after the defiant words of louise. Mimi uses that my wife is on her knees to show her some crushing superiority... She uses her better position, and shakes her shoulder, sending her tits down and hammering the poor tits of louise.
After such a massive and heavy tits drop, my poor Louise falls on her side, holding her bruised tits, and trying to prevent her milk from oozing, but no matter of how she resists the pain, her tits seem to be beaten now...
I believe that it's enough, I don't want to see Louise take more beating, but the match continues until one of the girls gives up. So Mimi just helps Louise by pulling her hair and bringing her back to her chair, according her a little time to rest… probably a way to make things more funny for her... she look at me with a smile and tease me
« Finally it's a good thing that you stay here and see the match... you could help her to crawl toward her house after I defeat her and her fat tits. »

Ignoring this sexy bitch, I take care of Louise and try to cheer her up as she decides to continue. I do my best and it seems that I find the good words, because Louise despite the previous beating almost jumps out of her chair and quickly meets Mimi in the center.
I scream for Louise as she seems to go offensive this time. She does not try to hold the hands of Mimi this time. I see my wife moving her torso and shaking her shoulders like never before, and she sends a flurry of swings into her opponent's tits. This time it was the turn of mimi to have her eyes wide open and quickly filled with tears.
Louise could be a newbie in this kind of match,but she learns fast. She sees how Mimi uses her tits as wrecking balls and totally crush her poor tits with nasty attack. She can't believe that her opponent manages to give her strong hooks and uppercuts with her boobs, but if Mimi manages to do it... Louise could do it too.

For some moments the fight continued like this, each girl trying to boob boxing the other pair. Mimi strikes harder, but her tits start to be really covered by bruises. On the opposite side, the poor tits of Louise are already sore, but she continues with new vigor, she attacks faster, not letting Mimi the time to defend... and soon she manages to take back the upperhand, slowly pushing Mimi to her chair.
with a last impressive boob uppercut, Louise managed to send her opponent sitting on the chair.
« Aaah... Aaah... so... so Mimi... do you give up ? »
« Aah... no... not even in your dreams... »
Mimi continues to be defiant, but I see how she is beaten now, she is clearly on her limits, but then I look at Louise and realize that she is also on her limit.
With her tits suffering so much since the beginning, she is panting a lot and I see that she is covered by sweat and milk... She is so sexy like this, but I worry about how much punishment she can take.

The two busty girls meet another time in the center of the class. But I have the feeling that it will be the last time... they start pressing tits to tits, and Louise is shocked to see that she has no clear advantage anymore. She blush and pant even more, but she keeps grinding her tits on Mimi. The fighting spirit of Louise is really up, and despite the pain, she manages to take the upper hand inch by inch. The bbw tries to fight back, but her own beaten tits can't do anything to stop Louise now. Things are going to get worse when the bbw sees how Louise moves her upper body and gives a brutal hammering on her.
Mimi look in horror how the blonde teacher is about to crush her again, when she finally decide to put an end to the titfight
« You make me waste too much time louise, let's finish this and give you a lesson ! »
she put her fat but strong arms around the waist of my wife. And she immediately starts to squeeze her in a vicious bearhug.
Louise threw her head back and screamed in pure agony in the classroom. She immediately starts to cry as she can't resist to so much pressure.

« Fuck you Mimi, you're cheating ! »

But of course, the big girl is not really cheating, she simply uses both her tits and her plump belly to crush her rival, and it works. Louise is taller, but as she is caught on that bearhug, the erect nipples of her opponent stab her right under her boobs and continue to milk her dry. My poor wife just can't stop her now. So after a slow and sexy breast torture, Mimi ask her
« So blonde bitch ! Do you give up ? »
« Aaaah <3... n... noooo... fuck you »
I feel so sad to hear the voice of louise so twisted by the pain. The tired Mimi seems to be furious that Louise continue to resist, so without pity
she slam louise on the cold ground of the classroom, and fall on her. Keeping my wife pinned under her sexy fat body. And here she starts to demolish totally the tits of louise, grinding them without pity and letting the gravity do most of the job.
Louise can't run away, she can't escape and she spends some long minutes, gasping, crying and screaming under her opponent... Finally Mimi can ram her big tits on Louise, but no more milk ooze... this bitch just milk her dry.

So after a long and humiliating punishment... Mimi ask her again
« Last chance bitch... Do you give up ? »
« Aaah <3.. ; st... stop... yeah... I give... »
« Say it again Louise !!! »
« Aaah ple... please, stop it... I give up. »

Satisfied by her victory, the bbw mom finally got up and let my poor beaten louise on the ground, totally humiliated and beaten... or at least it was what I believe, but mimi had other plans. She pulls the hair of my wife and forces her to follow her to her chair, and then she makes her sit.
At seeing so much abuse, after my wife surrender, I scream and try to stop Mimi
« Hey what are you doing fucking bitch, she give up, let her go »
« you better watch your mouth man, remember the rules ? She gave up, but now I had to accept her surrender, and before this, I had a little lesson for her. »

I clench my fist, feeling so furious to be forced to stay here and look at this bitch punishing louise.
Mimi sees how furious I am and she loves to see me like that. She manages to beat the busty blonde in front of her man, and now, he is forced to look at the final humiliation. She stays just in front of my tired and beaten Louise now... for some long moment, she starts fingering herself in front of Louise, moaning loudly at doing this, and when her nipples are hard as rock, when her big tits are firmer with pleasure... she delicately took the head of louise between her hands and tease her
« hihihi... that was fun Louise, but I beat your fat bags, and now you will see what real tits can do, so be ready girl, here is your punishment for being a naughty teacher <3... DING DING DING... »

No ! I can't believe it, but it was true... I'm speechless as for the first time of my life I see my wife, the busty louise, being punched silly... BY TITS !!!
The sound of the punishment is just awful, I barely can imagine how this beating is heavy. Mimi is shaking her tits like crazy, and she sends powerful boobs slap (or better say boobs hooks) to the face of louise. I see the head of my wife turning violently side to side... her whole body shaking with each blow... Mimi ends this beating just before Louise passes out, and then she presses her beaten face deep into her tits, smothering her for good.

When the arms of Louise finally drop to her side, Mimi knows that she totally KO my poor wife. So she let her on the chair, and quickly started to take her clothes back. Before leaving she came closer to me and took the red bra of my wife and gave a teasing kiss on my cheek.
« hihihi... that was really fun Alex, just say to your wife, when she comes back to her <3... that I can't wait to meet her again at the next parent teacher meeting... bye »
she left the class, and let me with my defeated louise... Really this night was not like others.
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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 01
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2021, 10:40:21 PM »
if you read this... I hope you enjoy the match.
if the result is not the one you hope, don't be afraid... the beaten woman will come back for revenge soon.

it's supposed to be the first story of few. Just let me know if you like it and I'm gonna post them later.
take care of you
I'll see you on ring ;)


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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 01
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2021, 02:09:03 PM »
Honestly read this and thought it was an amazing story. Well done hun looking forward to reading the next chapter


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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 01
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2021, 03:43:33 PM »
Good work!


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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 01
« Reply #4 on: February 18, 2021, 06:51:52 PM »
really happy that  you like the first story.
I'm gonna do my best for the second one ^^
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Re: My wife is a titfighter !!! part 01
« Reply #5 on: February 18, 2021, 07:32:39 PM »
A fantastic read as I'm stuck in the dark thanks to the east coast ice storm.  Looking forward to reading about Louise's future fights.  :)
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