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SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family

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SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family
« on: February 19, 2021, 05:15:40 PM »
„Hi Ms. Juggs! “ I turned my head welcoming my sister with a warm smile. My sister Kathy approached from behind, and reached under my hoody grabbing my own big tits. “Stop calling me Juggs Lucy!” I felt her huge tits pressing into my back and started to laugh when she found my nipples and made them hard circling her nails around them.
I purred like a cat and turned. I hadn`t seen my sister for 6 month and grinned at her, pointing at her chest. “Damn Kathy you got even bigger! What size are you now?”
Kathy blushed a bit, wearing a blouse than was so tight around her chesticles, that she feared the buttons might pop open. “I am a 40JJ right now.”
I was clad in my thong only and a black hoody because I was about to head into the shower before dinner. Everything was prepared for a beautiful “big girls night” with my 22 year old sister and my 48 year old mom. We hadn`t seen each other for half a year and this night would be the re-unification of the “big girls”. We were always fooling around and were pretty close and being 30 myself and the older sister, I taught Kathy early not to be ashamed of her body but use it as a weapon to attract nearly all men. Cause MEN LIKE CURVES.
But I watched in awe how she had grown. She dwarfed my 38G tits easily and also her bum was bigger than mine now.
“Hey you two! Guess who is there!” Our mom Erica stormed into the kitchen with her big chest bouncing like jello.  Mom and Kathy clashed like Sumo Wrestlers, their big chests colliding with a CLOPPPP sound. They hugged each other and mom had tears in her eyes. “You look beautiful Kathy. All thick and healthy. Mom smiled widely.
“Other`s call it fat…..” I whispered loud enough for them to hear. “OOWWWWW…..” Kathy had hit me with her elbow in my breast and I had to clutch it to rub away the stinging pain.
“Don`t call your sister fat. You have some extra pounds as well. It runs in the family.” Our mother threw a determined grin at me, pushing her fists into her curvy hips not allowing any contradiction.
I took the word: “Well I need to shower first and will join you in a bit. Can you maybe prepare the table mom? The food is already in the oven.”
She nodded: “Yea get upstairs and hurry. We can eat in 15 minutes.”
Kathy joined me and we both went upstairs.

I was in front of my sister and my thong ass jiggled in front of her with every step I took. I knew very well where her eyes were and grinned to myself. We entered the bathroom and I hurried to be in the shower first. I simply lifted my black hoody, pulled my thong down and got the water running.
Kathy`s eyes soaked in my naked body and suddenly she noticed the bruises I was sporting on my tits and belly. They were nearly healed, but a light discoloration of green and yellow was still visible.
Kathy opened her blouse and her massive tits spilled out, barely held in place by a bra that was two cup sizes too small.
“Yeah?” The water was already running and cascading down my curves. Kathy joined me in the big shower and her mammoth tits brushed over mine. No way that this was only by accident.
“How does it come you look so bruised?”
I took her left breast and tried to lift it. “Woooow….damn heavy…and so firm and dense….”
Kathy giggled.
“You could be a star with those and earn a lot of money.”
“Lucy? I asked you something. Where are the bruises from?”
I gulped. “I told you I lost my job due to the crisis?” My sister nodded while the water was running down our naked bodies.
“I had to accept an offer. A special offer. From a video company. They were looking for women to fight each other while getting filmed.”
“Wow. I would have never thought you did such things.”
“Me neither. But at the end it turned out to be fun. We shot several sequences in a row and hell yes I was sore after that.”
Kathy bit her lip and pinched her right nipple. She seemed to be turned on by my telling.
“I did a catfight, a face-sitting sequence and some boxing.”
“Seriously? You got those tit punched?” She grabbed my boobs and jiggled them, my nipples stiffening in her palms.
“Yes. A bit when my cover was not good. And sometimes the director wanted to see some extra breast punches and I had to arrange that.”
“I bet it hurt….” Kathy`s voice was husky now and I got turned on as well when I remembered the fight.
“Quite a bit. But it was worth it. I got 2000$ plus the percentage of sold copies online.”

“Kathy? Lucy? Come down for dinner!”
“Yea mom.” We both laughed being reminded about the times when we still lived all together. I got a bit cheeky, taking the shower gel and pouring it all over those curves of my sister`s body. Without asking for permission I run my hand over and under her tits, belly and ass making sure she is clean. She leaned to the wall with her hands, moaning when I touched the more delicate places.
“Kathy those extra pounds are so hot.” I reached between her ass cheeks with my fingers running through her labia.
She pushed her ass back and leaned down further to allow better access. What the hell was I doing? Fingering my own little sister?
The answer was yes. I pushed three fingers at once into her wet tunnel earning a sexy grunt. “HMMMM….Lucy…..” I started to pump my fingers into her while the knuckle of my bent thumb hit her clit every few seconds. I couldn`t believe it, but she came within a minute! “AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YYYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She arched her back, thrust her head back with clothed eyes. Her body trembled with excitement, bit tits swaying and even slapping together.
I was wet myself…but we didn`t say a word. She turned and kissed me with a big grin on her face. We left the shower, toweling off and got ready for dinner.

We slipped into something casual and had a beautiful dinner. Mom, Kathy and I were simply wearing tank tops sporting our tits with big cleavages. What to say? Big boobs run in our family and it was a delicious view to see three massively bulging pairs of G-Cups up to JJ-cups.
The wine added to a relaxed atmosphere and then Kathy suddenly mentioned my fighting pointing at my still slightly bruised breasts. Mom`s yaw dropped: “You did what?”
“I have to earn money for my living. I signed a contract for a catfight company.”
“That means I can see my daughter naked online now?”
“No naked mom. I was topless but always wearing a thong.”
“AHHHH….yes! That makes it much better!” The sarcasm of my mom was nothing she could hide.
“Cool down mom. I think it`s hot what Lucy did”, my little sister intervened.
“Fighting almost naked for the fun of men watching those videos and wanking their ugly cocks is fun?”
My mom was fuming. I blushed but admitted: “It is. It makes me feel desired. And it`s also the competition. Competing females, feeling the other`s skin and power. Dishing out pain as well as receiving.”
Mom got silent and thought about it.
“What if we give it a try? I mean not catfighting but maybe something less painful.” Kathy grinned at us waiting for a reply.
Mom suddenly burst out laughing. “Yes sure. Let`s have a titfight……hahaha…..”

“Oh come on. That`s bullshit. Let`s get in the garden and try some Sumo Wrestling!” Both were looking at me like I was joking but then thought about it, sipping more wine.
“Now or never!” Kathy stood up, squatted down and slapped her thick thighs like a sumo wrestler. Her big tits were jiggling in her tank top and mom surprisingly agreed. “Count me in girls. I will teach you a lesson!”
Mom took her jeans of, remaining in her sexy black lace panty. Next was her top: her big pierced tits bounced free and slapped on her belly, once she lifted it. She was a curvy woman, and her belly and ass were matching her G-Cup tits. She was still attractive and looked younger than she was.
She copied Kathy and squatted herself, crouching slightly….ready to attack. “220 lbs are ready to floor you!”
That was so damn sexy. Kathy followed her mom, remaining only in a thong. Only that her tits were even more massive and stood out more from her chest. They were bigger than her head and while mom had pierced nipples surrounded big light brown large areolas, her`s were a shade darker and a little smaller. But her nipples stood stiff. “Try to bring these 230lbs down and you will fail!” Kathy slapped her big JJ tits causing them to jump and bounce back into their firm dense shape.
Then both eyes were on me. I followed my mom and sister and revealed my own pair. My assets were meaty and broad based, but I had the smallest areola of us. “I may have only 180 pounds, but I will both teach you a lesson. You will have no chance losers!”
We all laughed and went almost naked into the garden. The stars were shining above us and the only light we had came through the windows of my house. It was a hot sticky night and this would get sweaty I was sure. I walked over to a small cabin where I stored all my garden equipment and came back with a water hose.
“Lucy you didn`t tell us this will be in the mud….” My mom took another sip of wine and looked at me questionably.
“Nah mom! This is our ring!” I made a big circle out of the hose that would act as our fighting circle and now they understood. “Whoever gets pushed out of this line or lands on her back loses the round.”
“Who wants to fight me first?” I smirked and looked first at my mom and then at my busty sister. Kathy came at me with confidence in her eyes. She was a bit tipsy as well and unsecure on her legs. She flexed her thick arms and shook her massive breasts at me, before going into the fighting stance. She crouched and was ready to attack. I copied her stance and got ready as well. I looked at mom: “Will you be giving the start signal?”
“One…two…go!” Kathy and me rushed at each other and met frontal with a mighty SMACK! Our tits and bellies collided, sending shockwaves through our bodies. We grunted, badly hurt but not stunned. We were both going for each other`s thong, tits rubbing together and fighting for dominance. And damn she had a set! They were bigger and firmer than mine and she spread my bust across my chest, pancaking it. Our breathing was heavy and we pulled harshly at each other`s thong, trying to lever out the other.
The fabric was ripping into my pussy harshly but Kathy had the same problem. Our biceps swelled and I really struggled, but lifted her a tiny bit. Enough to make her lose her secure stand. She stumbled backwards and I kept pushing. She lost the grip of my thong, I let go of her`s and shoved both hands full force into her tits to make her crash onto her ass. WHAM! She impacted ass and back first and the first score was mine.
“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Fuck!” Kathy frowned and boxed the grass. Mom applauded and I rubbed away the pain from my tits. The whole sequence was about 15 seconds, but we both got an impression how hard this fighting style could be. I offered her my hand and she accepted.
As she was back to her feet she leaned closer and said in a husky voice: “Where were your tits? I couldn`t feel them?” This made me a bit angry. I mean she had lost. How could she mock me about my breasts? They are size G and everything but small. I slapped her ass and it quivered heavily for seconds. “Shut your big mouth!”
Next was my mom Erica. Her big pierced teats were glistening slightly with sweat and I could see she was clearly nervous. I had pulled back the fabric of my thong between my cxnt lips and was ready for more.
We both crouched, fists on the ground. Our eyes met and there was unspoken competition.
“One….two…..go bitches!” Kathy giggled and we were already pistoning forward. Mom`s right shoulder and tit smacked together with my right side. Our tits smashed together and she rotated right, adding momentum to my upper back by pushing me. I almost left the marked area and lost the round, but could stop in the very last second. Mom tackled her shoulder into my back and a sharp pain erupted: SMACK! I flew forwards and crashed chest first into the ground. “AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!” I grunted and rolled to the side. Mom towered over me and her big tits were rising and falling under a heavy breathing. She looked intimidating and smiled.
“Damn that was impressive mom!” She helped me up and patted my shoulder. I slowly felt a bit sore. First my tits and pussy, and now my back was in severe pain.
“I think it`s Kathy and you now.”
Mom was hyped now and mocked my sister: “Come here Miss big tits and show me what you got!”
Kathy grinned: “Jealous?” She lifted her massive bust and wiggled them at her mom.
I counted to three and both did not rush at each other. I was surprised when both started to circle with the sexy curves shaking. I pinched my right nipple and felt my cxnt getting wet. Damn what is wrong with me? It`s my family!
“What are you waiting for? Are you afraid?”
They kept on circling  and feinted an Kathy attack, but mom was prepared, twisted left and got behind her. Her arms snaked around her midsection and her tits pressed against my sister`s back.
Kathy wanted to escape, but it was easier said than done. She grunted, quite some air rushing out of her lungs. She was in mom`s iron grip and failed to loosen it. Instead mom clutched her even tighter, crouched a bit and with a massive effort lifted Kathy. 230lbs left the ground and mom fell backwards, sending Kathy over her shoulder in a kind of suplex. WHAM! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kathy got nearly knocked out when her Juggs hit her face and bounced on her chest.
But worse: She was stunned and in shock. The impact had been very hard and her upper back took all the impact. My mouth stood open in awe for mom.
“Fucking hell! What was that?” Mom and I both had to help up my sister and lean her against and tree. She was breathing heavily but seemed to be ok.
“I`m alright. No worries. You will pay for that mom!”
Then it was me and mom While Kathy was still recovering, we got into the circle of pain. What had been planned as a friendly struggle turned out to be a real competition between us.
Mom was ready and Kathy, still leaning on the tree, gave the signal: “one….two….Clash!”
I was fast this time and Mom had no time to avoid my full frontal attack. 180lbs and her 220lbs clashed heavily, pancaking our tits. I could feel her piercings, but the impact was breathtaking. SMATTTTTTTTTT!!! Our fingers locked, our arms quivered with effort. We shoved each other through the pit tit to tit. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH………..AAAAHHH”. We were both grunting and sweating heavily now.
Our cheeks brushed each other, we felt our opponent`s heavy breath on our naked shoulders. Mom suddenly grabbed the sides of my thong and maneuvered me left. Damn she was strong! I felt my stinging pussy, the fabric digging between my pussy lips in a text book wedgie. My clit was pulsing with excitement and pain at the same time.
Our sweaty skin was rubbing over the other`s, tits having their own battle. I tried to get a good hold on her thong, but she shifted her legs in a smart way to avoid that. So my hands pushed her off me: Hard open hand impacts met her tits, flattening them and pushing her back. She suddenly dodged, I met nothing but air and she grabbed my strong right thigh. My mom was about to lever me out and grunted with the lifting attempt. All I could do is grab the thong between her ass cheeks and pull with all I had. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!” She howled in pain when I lifted her off the ground by the hardcore wedgie. I was happy her thong stayed in one piece.
Her legs were trying to get a hold, but only seconds later she landed belly first into the grass.
She whimpered and pulled it out of her mature hairy pussy. “You bitch.” But by saying that she smiled at me. I helped her up and next it was Kathy and me again. My sister was out for revenge since she hadn`t won any round yet.
I was breathing heavily while she had recovered. Our curvy bodies were shiny by now, the lights from the moon and from inside the house reflecting. “Come little sisters. Show me what you got!”
Kathy stormed forward when my mom yelled for us to start. SMACK! The collision of tits and bellies was epic and we screamed out our pain. Our naturals were flattened and red by now and we stumbled backwards. SMATTTTT…we clashed a second time with the same result. We both applied a bearhug and tried to shove each other through the ring. Her 230lbs were more than I could handle and she pushed me back. My bare feet slipped through the grass, I felt those mammoth tits flattening mine. My G-Cups stood no chance like the first time: My glands got crushed and pancaked cruelly. She added momentum and my sexy 180 pounds were flipped sideways.
WHAM! I landed on my side, grunting. Beaten.
“Get up bitch! I have more in store for you!” I raised slowly and this time we wouldn`t swop opponents. It would be sister versus sister. G vs JJ-Cup.
We clashed again and again, taking turns in ramming the other`s body down several times. My tits were bright red and hurting big time, but I didn`t want to admit it. Kathy was all sweaty but once she had warmed up, she beat me most of the times. The fifth round she sent me down with a clothesline across my sweaty chest. SMATTTT…WHAM! I landed….coughing….moaning.
She was like a super sexy bulldozer. My muscles hurt as well as my bones but I forced myself up. But she was lunging for me again. She impacted so hard, that he body splashed mine and I was buried under her weight. Her mighty ass was on my belly and I could barely breathe. She pinned my arms over my head and lowered her tits onto my face.
Those heavy globes settled at each side of my face and she was smothering me playfully. “You like the view?” I nodded. I had no trouble to admit, that my little sis turned me on. I licked the sweat from her bumpy areola and sucked her nipple gently. Kathy closed her eyes and moaned, but suddenly putt all her weight in a smother.
Those JJ udder ballooned over my face. She did not even use both tits, one was enough. I struggled and powered my biceps to force her arms away, arched my back to throw her off, and it worked.
Her plump curvy body fell to the left and I hurried to get back to my feet. “You will pay for that Kathy!”
She grinned at me. Now we were both soaked in sweat and grass was matted to our wet skin everywhere. Suddenly mom came closer: “Have you forgotten about me?”
We were so lost in our own battle, that we did not care about her for 10 minutes. “Mom? Where is your thong?” She was completely naked by now and her pussy was all wet. Her pussy hair was matted to her vulva with thick remains of cxnt juice. Kathy and I looked at each other, recognizing she must have fingered herself.
Mom suddenly rushed at me and connected hard. Tits crushing, belly slapping together and sweat flying. She ripped at my thong but I bullied her backwards, trapping her right leg and sending us both down in a heap of tits and ass. My body impacted on her`s landing quite cushioned. But the air was driven out of her lungs and she need a bit to recover. My tits were sliding across her massive set, and I forced her arms down. She grunted and tried to get free, but Kathy joined me from the other side.
I sat on mom`s belly and bounced my big firm ass on her big sexy belly, while Kathy forced her wrists into the grass and lowered her big tits.
SMATTTTTT…..SMATTTTTT….SMATTTTTT….she smacked her heavy right tit forcefully onto mom`s face. Those punches must have been similar to a boxing gloves when I imagined Kathy`s firmness. Mom grunted and her legs kicked, but she got weaker and weaker. Kathy lifted her tit and she sucked in air, only to find herself under Kathy`s big ass. Her face was crushed between those massive thighs and Kathy lowered her wet pussy on mom`s face.
WE all moaned driven from lust and when Kathy brushed the fabric on her thong to the side, mom`s nose and mouth were engulfed by her daughter`s meaty cxnt lips. Kathy was horny as fuck and while we were both straddling our mom, we leaned into each other. Our tits met and we French kissed.
I gyrated my hips on mom`s lap, reached behind me and my fingers entered her sopping wet vagina. She moaned into Kathy`s pussy, bucking against my fingers. Kathy`s fingers slipped now also into my thong and worked my clit and so we were all taking care of each other. Our big tits battles, mashing the opposing pair. Our mom had to carry nearly 400 pounds of fuckmeat, but she was turned on like us.
Our sweaty bodies worked in the heat of the night, I felt my pussy tingle. Kathy fucked mom`s face and was being licked while she was fingering my pussy harder and faster now. I pumped more and more fingers into mom until I could get my whole hand into her cxnt.
She moaned and her body tensed….he hot breath hitting Kathy`s love tunnel.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mom screamed out her orgasm and Kathy and I kissed and rubbed our tits harder and harder. I could barely stand the pressure but was turned on beyond every experience I had ever made.
We both came in unison and screamed out our climaxed, both squirting our juices down onto mom.
“FFFFFFFFFFFFFCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I saw colors from the intensity…my mind exploded….until a sudden exhaustion set in and I dropped into the grass next to mom and my sister with a satisfied grin on my face….



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Re: SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2021, 05:41:28 PM »
Another exciting battle!!
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Re: SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2021, 07:12:16 AM »
A thoroughly enjoyable story thank you


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Re: SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2021, 07:49:34 PM »
a really amazing story ^^
a sexy clash in a busty family... so the question is

does the sister or the mom join Lucy in her next catfight video ?
it could be fun, but I doubt that Lucy could survive ^^
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Re: SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2021, 03:52:25 PM »
That would indeed be interesting. Maybe  a double teaming scenario? Or they have own opponents...who knows. Suggestions always welcome.


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Re: SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family
« Reply #5 on: February 24, 2021, 01:19:31 AM »
Tag team sounds yummy, loved what you wrote
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages