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W.S.E.W Chicago Part-1

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W.S.E.W Chicago Part-1
« on: February 20, 2021, 05:24:43 PM »
“She has to pay.”  Lana said, arms crossed and one finger tapping against her elbow.  “She interfered with the main event, and cost Gan the title shot.”  She spun around and looked at Paul with more demanding than pleading eyes.  Paul had never seen Lana so worked up before, and to add to the uncomfortableness, she brought Gan along who also wore an expression of silent rage that was uncommon for the friendly giantess.   

“I understand how you both feel about it, but might I remind you that it was Gan here who knocked out the referee and caused the situation to unfold the way it did.”

“Oh, come on, that was an accident and you know it!”  Lana replied.  “If you want to talk about assaulting a referee, why not when Nicole threw him to the ground and pushed him out of the arena to continue assaulting Gan who was utterly helpless.”

“I haven’t forgotten that part.”  Paul said, opening up his case of cigars and stuffing the end of one into his mouth before lighting it.  “It’s for that very same reason, as well as a few others, that I have suspended Nicole for the time being.  Until a proper punishment is determined.”

Lana raised her hands in the air.  “That’s it?   A simple slap on a wrist?  Paul, she interfered where she didn’t belong, all for some petty vendetta.”

“Something you seem to becoming a bit of an expert at, right?”  Paul said taking a puff of his cigar.

Lana glared at him. “Just what are you saying?”

“I’m saying, we’ve seen this happen at least ten times over by now, but you’ve never came storming into my office and demand something radical be done about it.  Maybe you’re not so much mad that Nicole interfered than you are that Carmen won.”

Lana stepped back.  It looked for a minute like she was going to strike him, but at the last moment, Gan walked over and slammed her hands onto the desk so hard that both Lana and Paul heard it cracking somewhere.

“I. Want.  Nicole!”  Gan growled.  Paul had never been this terrified of Gan before.  He was put off a bit by her stature, true, but he knew that belied her friendly nature.  This Gan on the other hand, was clearly out for revenge, and Paul knew he’d be stupid to tell her no.

“Okay, okay!”  Paul finally said, waving his hands to try and assuage Gan.  “You want her?  You got her.  In two weeks at Devastation.”

“That’s not good enough.”  Lana chimed in apparently not afraid of Gans rage.  “She’s too tricky and will try to find a way to cheat again.”  Lana tapped her chin with a finger for a second before smiling wickedly.  “This needs to be a special match.  One that she can’t run away from.”

“And what kind of match is that?”  Paul asked.  Lana came over and whispered into his ear.  A smile slowly creeped onto Paul's face as well.  “Oh...oh yes.  I like that!”

“Then we’re in agreement?”  Lana said.

“Indeed.”  Replied Paul turning to Gan.  “You will get your match with her at the PPV event, and she will not be able to run away from you.  And most importantly, the crowd will clearly eat it up!”

Gan nodded and then stormed out of the room.  It was a good thing she didn’t have a match tonight, or else her opponent would probably not make it out alive...

“Now that that’s all settled with, I have to go get Carmen's second match ready.”

“Don’t want her to have a fighting chance huh?”  Paul said, taking a few more puffs of his cigar and blowing it into the air.   

“I have no idea what you mean...”  Lana said coldly before leaving the office.  Paul thought about stopping her, but decided against it the last minute.  Whatever she had planned would no doubt bring the spectators.  So long as she didn’t go too far, there was no reason to intervene.



The crowd for W.S.E.W was once again packed with ornery fans who wanted to see some good fights and fuckings.  Coming live at the United Center in Chicago, IL, the air was thick with anticipation for the first match of the night.  Normally this would be a non-pro match to get the crowed fired up, but tonight was going to be a little different.  Tonight, was going to be the start of someone's career.

The announcer took his position at the center of the arena and began to speak “Ladies and gentlemen.  Tonight, for the first time, we will have a semi-pro match debuting two new fighters.”  The audience was a roar with applause.  New meat always meant someone was going to get fucked stupid.   

“Making her way to the ring, weighing at 132 lbs. and a 30C bustline, the shooting star, Stephanie!”. A pop rock song played as the busty blonde entered the stage.  Wearing a silky pink bra and thong, she raised her arms and waived at the crowds like any professional would.   

Two weeks ago, she had a match with her now ex-husband's lover, Sharon.  Sharon had won the match, took her husband, and humiliated her both mentally and sexually.  They took her home and used her as a toy all night long before throwing her out to the curb.   Worse, Sharon uploaded the video of the fight to Stephs business site and all her clients saw.  She lost everything and would have nothing left if Lana didn’t approach her with an offer to be a fighter in the league.

Now, after two weeks of training, she was ready for her first official match.  Steph climbed the steps and bent between the two ropes and gave a V-shape sign with her arms to the cheering crowds before settling into her corner.

“Making her way to the ring, weighing in at 125 lbs. with a 30B bustline.  The dark-haired demon, Cloe!” A goth metal soundtrack plays as Cloe limps into the arena.  It had only been a week since her epic loss to her long-hated rival Zadie.  The match had taken its toll on her both physically and mentally.

As she limped down the ramp, the audience could see that she hasn’t recovered completely from the match.  Her face was bruised in several spots and a bandage was wrapped around her forehead to hide the stitches.  She was clearly in no condition to fight, so why did she agree so soon?  The answer was the same as Steph’s reasons: revenge.

Both women were told that whoever won the match would get a change to face their respected rival at devastation, the PPV event in just two weeks.  It would be a no holds bar match, so they can dish out (or receive) as much punishment as possible.  Both women were eager for payback, and agreed.   

After a slow ascension on the steps, Cloe gingerly entered between the ropes and just stood there staring at Steph.  The older woman stared right back.  Not with hate, but determination.  Cloe was just an obstacle in her way, and like it or not, she had to knock her down.   

The two women squared off in the center as the ref went over the rules.  “I'll try and make this quick.” Steph said with a smirk. “No reason to torture a beaten dog.”

“Ha! That’s rich, coming from the woman who was led out of this ring on a collar like a bitch!”  Cloe snapped back.  The two women stared daggers into each other.  It had now become personal.  The ref, seeing the tension growing between the two, called for the bell and the match began.

Both women circled each other for a while before administering a textbook grapple of strength.  Cloes injuries soon became apparent as Steph quickly overwhelmed her and got her to one knee.  Smiling, Steph brought her own knee up and struck Cloes gut.  The dark-haired woman collapsed onto her hands and knees chocking and gasping for air.  “Like I said, a beaten dog!”  Steph said before kicking Cloe in the ribs and knocking her onto her back.   

Cloe clutched her stomach and whimpered from the pain.  But Steph didn’t let up.  She zeroed in on Cloes injuries and brought her foot down again and again at her chest and still burned tits.  Cloe screamed with each blow and tried hard to cover her spots.  But every time she did, she left herself open in another area.   

Steph got tired of kicking her in the gut and decided to go for a more personal target.  She strutted to Cloes’ feet and grabbed a hold of both of her legs, lifting them up in a V-shape.  “Let’s see how much this dirty cxnt of yours has healed!”  Steph drove her foot hard into Cloes crotch and the goth girl screamed bloody murder.  Her pussy was utterly destroyed during her fight with Zadie, and wasn’t even close to healed.  What would be an already painful experience was magnified by tenfold.  Steph knew this, and she smiled wickedly as she ground the heel of her foot into Cloes’ crotch, enjoying the cacophony of screams that came from the smaller woman.

Cloe was helpless.  She struggled against Steph’s grip fruitlessly as the top of her body spasmed from the pain.  Eventually she collapsed and remained motionless.  Steph released her grip and let Cloes’ legs drop to the floor.  “Hmph! That was too easy.”  Steph said as she went for the pin.  The referee came in and began the count.  To everyone's surprise though, Cloe kicked out on the second slap!   

Weather it was instinct or skill, Cloe managed to stay conscious enough to fight back.  Steph did not like this.  With a snarl she grabbed the goth girl by her short raven hair and pulled her to her feet.  She began to walk her towards the turnbuckle, but at the last minute, Cloe sends an elbow directly into the blonde's gut, doubling her over. 

Cloe takes advantage of the moment and grabs the blonde by the hair and tosses her into the ring post.  The blonde dangles from the turnbuckle and is unable to stop Cloe from delivering a destructive body press from behind.  Steph's body bounces off the turnbuckle and collides with the floor.  Cloe clutches her sides; the move hurt her just as much, but it was worth it.   

Steph was now on the mat and in a daze.  Cloe snarled and with a sneer, grabbed Steph's legs and delivered her own blows to the blonde's crotch.  “Paybacks a bitch, ain’t it?!”  She growled at the now screaming Steph.  She delivered several more blows to the blonde's pussy, smashing her foot as hard as she could all the while ignoring Steph’s pleads for mercy.

Cloe finishes the torture up by placing one foot between Steph’s legs and spinning her around into a sharpshooter leg lock.  Now Steph is on her stomach, screaming like a banshee and clawing at the mat.  Cloe grins evilly and applies more pressure to the hold.

For a while it looked as though Steph would tap out, but despite the pain running through her body, she remained clear enough to slowly crawl to the ropes.   By luck, she was able to get her hands around it, and the ref demanded that Cloe break the hold.  Scowling, Cloe did just that, but not before (while keeping a hold on Steph’s legs) she tugged at the blondes' legs. The force caused Steph to lose her grip on the rope and drop to the floor with a hard splat.  She curled up into a ball and clutched her legs and stomach while sobbing.  Cloe wasn’t done though.

Grabbing her by the hair, Cloe forced her up on all fours and, in a show of humiliation, dragged her around the ring like a dog on a leash.  “Now this must feel comfortable for you, bitch!”  Steph couldn’t answer, she was too focused on keeping pace and not having the goth girl rip her hair out by the roots.  Finally, Cloe tired of this and picked Steph up by the hair.  She delivered a kick to the blonde's gut that doubled her over and then administered a belly-to-belly side Supplex with a facebuster.

Steph collided with the mat and was knocked out cold.  Cloe got up and raised her hands to the roar of the crowd.  She could finish it now, but instead wanted to do more.  She had a weeks' worth of frustration pent up inside her, and Steph just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bending down, Cloe quickly stripped Steph leaving her naked on the mat.  She threw the garments into the crowd so some lucky fan could have a ‘souvenir’.  She then went to work lifting Steph up and dragging her to the nearest ring post.  She tossed her onto the post and once that once again left her hanging like a limp doll.  Cloe lifted the blondes' legs onto each side of the bottom rope so she was spread-eagled, and then took several steps back before running full force and driving her knee into the blondes exposed and wounded pussy.

The impact brought Steph back around as she howled and screamed from the pain.  With a sinister grin and a wicked laugh, Cloe repeated this process two more times.  Each blow led to more screaming and eventually crying from the blonde.  Cloe grabbed Steph's head by the hair and lifted it up so she could see the evil grin on her face.  “What’s the matter?  I bet this is the most attention your used up cxnt has gotten since your husband ditched you for a better woman!”  Steph could say nothing.  She merely sobbed as the wicked goth girl continued to mock her.   

Cloe then took her foot and stomped a mudhole into Steph's gut.  Each impact brought a grunt of pain from the blonde's mouth as the wind was repeatedly kicked out of her.  Cloe stopped occasionally to slap Steph across the face to keep her awake and to taunt her more about her failure as a wife and as a woman.  The blonde was slowly crumbling before everyone's eyes.

Cloe eventually got tired of the waterworks and lifted Steph up to the top rope.  She climbed up herself and grabbed the helpless blonde by the hair.  In an impressive feat, Cloe jumped off the ring post and drove Steph’s head into the mat with a bulldog.  Steph remained motionless on the mat as Cloe got up and laughed.   Her body was hurting, but the adrenaline was keeping her from feeling any of the pain. 

Again though, she decided she wanted to make the blonde woman suffer more.  She scooped up and tucked her head between her legs.  With a small grunt, Cloe lifted Steph, tucked her head between her legs, and slammed her into the mat with a devastating powerbomb.  To everyone's surprise (and enjoyment) she lifted the blonde up and repeated this process three more times.  When she finally let go, Steph was twitching on the ground and drifting in and out of consciousness from the pain.

Cloe decided it was time to end this.  But she wouldn’t go for a pin.  That was too simple and too painless for her.  Kneeling down onto one of Stephs legs, she lifted the other leg with her arm.  She raised the other arm for everyone in the crowd to see, and with an almost monstrous roar, rammed it right into Steph’s pussy until her whole hand was inside her.

Steph shot up from the pain and screamed loudly.  She writhed and howled as Cloe laughed evilly and shoved her hand deeper and deeper into her womanhood.  Chloe continued to push her arm deep into her opponent's pussy, getting it almost up to the elbow.  Once inside as far as she could go, she flexed and moved her hand around, clawing and doing whatever damage she could from within.  Steph desperately tried to escape, but Chloe had a firm grip on her leg and pressed all her weight on the other.   All the blonde could do was writhe and scream.

“That’s it, bitch.  Scream!”  Cloe said pulling her hand out just enough to stretch out Stephs pussy-lips and add even more pain.  “Show me the tears of a pathetic woman!  This is why your husband left you, this is why he screwed that other woman behind your back!  You’re nothing but a loser!”   

“Oh god no! Please stop! Please!”  Steph howled and begged, but this only brought more satisfaction to Cloe.  She continued to rake and mangle the woman's innards, and even went down and bit her exposed clit.

The pain was excruciating and it wasn’t going to stop.  Every time she felt like she was going to pass out, Cloe did something to shock her back to reality.  It was pure torture and she couldn’t take it.  “Oh god!  Stop! No more!  I give up! I give up!!!!!” She howled her submission while frantically slapping her hand on the mat.

The ref heard and saw the submission and called for the bell.  The match was over, but Cloe was still going at Stephs pussy, wrecking it as much as she could.  Steph’s mind couldn’t take it anymore and she finally succumbed to the pain and passed out.  Cloe continued to maul at her crotch, but nothing she did roused the blonde up.  Slightly disappointed, Cloe removed her hand and raised it into the air to the cheers of the crowd.  She had earned her rematch with Zadie.  But before that, she planned on sending the woman a message.

Bending over, she slapped Steph across the face several times until she finally came around.  The first sight she saw was the evil smile of Cloes’ and she felt scared for her life.  She tried to back away, but Cloe grabbed her by the neck and squeezed tight.  “Oh, no you don’t.  You wanted to call me a ‘beaten dog’ remember?  Well now it’s time to show you who the real loser bitch is!”

Holding firm on her neck, Cloe lifted Steph up and forced her to walk on her tippy toes towards the ropes.  once there, Cloe showed off her freakish strength by lifting Steph up and bending her over the top rope so that her head was dangling and her ass was high in the air.   Once again, she raised her hand for everyone to see.  The crowd hooted and hollered thinking they knew what was coming next, but instead of going for Stephs damaged pussy, Cloe shoved her hand up her exposed ass.

The whole stadium could hear the shriek that came from Steph as her entire body convulsed from the pain.  Cloe took sadistic satisfaction from her suffering and shoved her hand deeper.  While doing this, she also continued to twist and pinch Stephs already exposed clit with her free hand, laughing as her beaten foe bawled in pain.   

Once she thought she was prepped up enough, Cloe removed her hand and let Steph fall back onto the mat.  The blonde lay helpless, shaking from the pain running through the lower half of her body.   

Cloe takes off her own panties and then straddles Steph and then begins to work on her tits.  She slaps them around, mauls them with her nails and even bites them a few times.  Steph lets out more screams which bring a wicked smile to Cloes’ lips

Finally, Cloe sends a harsh slap to the screaming blondes face, silencing her.  “You’re mine now, bitch!”  She said with a sneer.   “You do everything I tell you to, and maybe you get to go back to whatever dump you call a home rather than a hospital.  You got me?”  Steph quickly nodded, terrified of the goth girls wrath.

Cloe inched her way up to Stephs head and places her own pussy just inches from her face.  “Kiss it!”  She barked.   Steph hesitated for a moment, but obeyed the command.  Cloe smirked with satisfaction.  “Lick it.”  she ordered, and Steph obeyed.   

Cloe began to rub her pussy back and forth across Stephs face, moaning with satisfaction.  “Mmm, I see your ex and his woman put you to good work before they tossed your worthless ass out!”  She grabs a fistful of Stephs hair. “But that’s not good enough for me.  Work that pussy like a real whore!”  She then shoves Steph right into her crotch almost shoving her nose into her glistening pussy.   

Barely able to breath, Steph continues to lap and lick Cloe’s crotch, bringing more sounds of satisfaction from the evil goth.  As she is being eaten out, Cloe tells the ref to bring her the largest strap-on he can find.   Tears start streaming down Steph’s face again as she can only imagine the suffering in store for her.

The ref returns with a strap on that’s almost as thick as an arm.  Cloe sighs in disappointment.  It wasn’t what she was hoping for, but it would have to do.  Pushing herself off of Steph, she commands the older woman to flip over and bring her ass in the air.   Steph is hesitant, looking at the giant strap-on with growing fear.   This angers Cloe who sends two kicks to Stephs exposed gut.   

The blonde has no choice but to roll over to protect her midsection.  Once she is, Cloe sends one hard kick to her already sore pussy, Steph howls in pain as her hands go for her bruised privates.  “Now, either get that fat ass of yours up in the air, or you will leave this ring on a stretcher!”  Meekly, Steph complies, raising her shaking ass as high as she could.   

Cloe takes the strap on and ties it to her waist.  She walks between Stephs legs and gives both cheeks a good slap before stretching them out.   Stephs eyes go wide with realization of what comes next.  She tries to plead with Cloe, but before she could utter a single word, the goth sends the fake cock drilling hard into Steph’s asshole.

Stephs mouth hangs open from the pain, but it hurts too much for her to let out even a whimper.  Her eyes glaze over as Cloe assaults her still sore asshole with the giant dildo, ramming it harder and harder with each thrust.  Taking no fun in a silent victim, Cloe reaches around and claws at Stephs swollen clit.  This brings the blonde back around as she shrieks in pain, much to the sadistic goths delight.  Crying, Steph begs for Cloe to stop, but this just arouses Cloe even more.  She takes her other hand and begins to play with her own tits, enjoying the feeling of tearing the blonde's hole into pieces.

“Really?  Going to pieces over a little ass-banging?”  Cloe says mockingly.  “Well, maybe if you gave your ass up a little more, your husband would have kept you around!”  Steph was full on crying from both the physical and emotional assault she was receiving.  Sharon was cruel, but Cloe was downright sadistic.  She never thought she would miss the harsh treatment she got from her hated enemy until now.

Cloe grabbed Stephs neck and forced her onto her knees.  She then ordered Steph to bounce on her fake cock.  Steph tried to, but the pain was too much.  So, Cloe grabbed her and forced her down, the full girth of the dildo piercing her insides.   

Stephs eyes almost bulged out of her head as she could swear, she felt the dildo all the way into her throat.  Cloe pulled her off and then dropped her down again.  As she did this, she made her own thrusts so the impact would be more painful, all the while continuing to taunt Steph on her own weakness and failed marriage.

Steph was helpless.  Her arms dangling from the side like a rag doll as the dark-haired goth fucked her mercilessly.  Cloe fucked her harder and faster, feeling the climax building up inside her.   In the last moments, she pushed the defeated blonde off, undid the strap on, and spread her legs, cumming hard all over Steph.  Steph just laid there, unable to move and bareley able to stay awake.   

Realizing she broke her toy, Cloe put her panties back on, and strode out of the ring.  She walked to the nearest cameraman and shouted into his camera.  “I hope you were watching Zadie, because you’re next!  And what I did to her is nothing compared to what I have planned for you!  You will beg by the time I’m done bitch!”  With that, Cloe strode into the back, ignoring the medical team as they rushed to check on Steph.