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The Amazon and the Valkyrie (VI-VII)

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The Amazon and the Valkyrie (VI-VII)
« on: February 20, 2021, 05:34:53 PM »

Melike woke up with a soft grunt, finding herself on top of Maddy’s body, nudity over nudity. For a few confusing seconds, with the mist of sleep still owned her head, the Turk wondered what the hell was going on there, what the hell she was doing in bed with her friend. However, the memory of everything that had happened during the last few hours didn’t take long to strike her mind: the work in the pub, the unexpected arrival of Erika, the crazy dancing in the nightclub, the fight that almost broke out with her blonde rival and, above all, the competitive sex marathon that had ended up draining her so much that she was unable to bring to mind what had happened during her last minutes of consciousness.

“Shit…” she cursed, separating her sticky body from Maddy. Her friend was sleeping deeply, but she still gave out a slight whimper as she felt the young girls’ wet skins peel off like two stickers torn off from each other. “Have I lost?” the brunette asked herself, getting out of bed and picking up her clothes. “That blonde bitch has outlasted me?”

Slowly, the amber-eyed beauty was getting dressed up, all the while thinking about how she would face Erika once she left the room. If she hates me as much as I hate her, and I’m sure she does, she’ll be waiting for me to rub her victory in my face, she thought angrily. I would do the same… Covered again by her dark skirt and white top, Melike grabbed her heels and, barefoot, went out quietly. No one was waiting for her in the living room. Is she gone already?

Then the door of Emma’s bedroom opened and, to the surprise of Melike, her Swedish rival emerged from the room, dressed in her own latex skirt and lycra top, and also holding both heels in her hands. The brunette swallowed as her body tightened in anticipation of what she knew would be a new confrontation. It could not be otherwise, because she would not let the blonde brag without consequences. However, Erika didn’t boast of any victory, she didn’t boast of sexual endurance or love skills: she simply faced her brunette rival with a doubtful, expectant look.

Melike took a few seconds to realize it and, from what she saw in Erika’s blue eyes, her foe came to the same conclusion, at the same time: no one was claiming anything, because no one knew if they could do it. The night had been long, just like the early hours of the morning; so long that both beauties had ended up so exhausted that they had lost consciousness at some point. Knowing who had fallen unconscious first was simply impossible.

Instinctively, the women began to walk in circles, one around the other, as their hypersensitive skins bristled. Silence fell on them, isolating the good-looking opponents from the noise coming from the street, from the breaths of their sleeping friends, the blonde and the burnette didn’t even hear the heels fall on the carpet when they both threw them aside.

“I would ask you if you had a good time, Melike,” the Swede started, with an arrogant smile on her pretty face. “But from the way you were yelling, I think I know the answer.”

“You didn’t hear a single yell of mine, Erika.” The Turk’s reply was also accompanied by a smug smile. “All you heard were Maddy’s howls of pleasure…which, I have to say, fit very well with yours.”

“The only one you heard screaming was Emma. And we can’t blame her, because she’s had the best fuck of her life.”

“I don’t think it was that good, girl.”

“Better than you could ever do.”

After the mutual provocations, both beauties lowered their sights to the other body, analyzing it as they had so many times done, but this time under a different prism. The voluptuousness of the other tits, the strength of the other hips, the silkiness of the other legs—each woman wondered what it would feel like to experience such qualities, what reactions these virtues would arouse in their own sensitive flesh. The memory of the ass war on the dance floor flooded Melike’s and Erika’s thoughts, with the energy shown by the other derriere making them both wonder how much sexual power their rival was able to unleash.

“If you really think you fuck better than me, you better wake up Maddy and ask her,” the Turk said.

“You wake up Emma and ask her how a real woman fucks,” the Swede replied. “Or are you afraid of the answer?”

“She wouldn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.” Melike licked her lips, and Erika found herself instinctively doing the same.

“That I’m better than you?”

“No, that she had the wrong sex partner.”

“Fuck you, Melike,” the blonde spat.

“Fuck you, Erika,” the brunette exhaled.

The eyes of the foreigner hotties then took the floor, with the Swede’s sapphires competing with the Turk’s ambers. The latest threats were opening up an unknown path before them, a path opened slash after slash in a jungle where neither of the two beauties thought she would ever be. During the discussion, the two coeds had approached each other unconsciously, with their bare feet stopping just one and a half meter from the antagonist. One step, just one step of any of them would be considered an act of war, with all the consequences.

Erika’s tongue licked her lips again, this time in nervous slowness. On the other side, Melike’s tongue did the same, languidly and anxiously. With their dilated pupils descending on the other fleshy lips, a transcendental doubt ran through the girls’ heads: yes, they were one step away from initiating hostilities, but…what kind of hostilities?

The muscles tightened in unison, calling out to the weapons and ordering the curvaceous bodies to move. Hands began to rise, ready for any eventuality. The mouths opened, ready to growl their eternal hatred…

…and they intertwined in a hot, hungry, jealous kiss. Hands sank into the other mane and pulled hard in search of control as Princeton’s sexiest bodies clashed together, with an aggressiveness contained for too many hours, too many days and weeks. Erika felt Melike’s chest pressed firmly against hers as the brunette’s teeth bit into her thick lower lip, and she responded with the same intensity, pushing her plump boobs against the Turk’s pair, nailing her teeth into her voluminous rival’s mouth, feeling the woman she hated most in the world against her like there was no tomorrow.

Staggering in the center of the room, the females unleashed everything they had been accumulating for two weeks, throwing resentment, jealousy and enmity into a form of confrontation that none expected. Every night, blonde and brunette had fantasized about slapping her nemesis’ beautiful face, pulling her silky hair and beating her belly until she was out of breath. However, when they finally had the chance to make such dreams come true, they were kissing each other. Certainly, there was no love between their mouths, as their snow-white teeth marked the territory with fierce bites, as their full lips rubbed together with intensity and animosity. But there was something else there, something that had been growing inside the two young women since their eyes met in class for the first time, something that had been watered in abundance during the last night.

Lust! Erika shouted inside her head, giving a name to the sensation. A burst of guilty pleasure ran through her body from top to bottom, forcing her to leave Melike’s hair to hug her archenemy and bring their feminine curves even closer together. The brunette gasped hotly against the blonde’s mouth, her arms wrapping around the Swedish woman’s torso in response as the tongues of the two beauties came into action with mutual soft licks.

“I hate you,” Melike whispered in the middle of the kiss.

“I hate you,” she replied, chewing on the delicious fleshiness of the other girls’ lips. For some strange reason, Erika was excited by Melike’s words of animosity.

“You’re a fucking shitty dyke.” The insult of the Turk came with a lascivious bite that made Erika moan.

“The only dyke here is you.” The sexy mouths massaged together before the teeth resumed their vicious attacks. “You’ve wanted this ever since your gaze first rested on my body.”

“You’ve wanted to taste this brown body ever since you saw me walk into class, and you know it.”

Melike felt her own lips burning, and felt the heat emanating from Erika’s lips. Powerful flames had exploded between the mouths in struggle, spreading through bodies increasingly sweaty and flushed. What the hell are we doing? she wondered, biting and being bitten, their tongues locked together now. However, the brunette knew that, despite her mixed feelings, she was on the right track. After two weeks of suffering Erika boasting of curves, face and sensuality, the blonde’s latest offense against her ability to fuck had been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Destroying her enemy’s body with fists and kicks could wait, because she first wanted to humiliate her with her hot kisses, in a forbidden and secret struggle that only now, when she let herself be carried away by her animal instinct, she was able to understand.

With both beautiful women more and more acclimated to the opponent’s burning lips and slippery tongues, they began to be aware of the suffocating pressure on their breasts. Melike felt Erika’s fat boobs agglutinated against hers with a firmness that she didn’t expect, so she couldn’t help but respond by pushing her big tits against the rival pair to see how long the blonde’s chest could stay hard. Erika gasped, her wet breath overwhelming Melike’s hungry mouth. Immediately, the Turk noticed the dirty payback of her enemy’s bosoms, with the blonde’s weapons pushing against her pair.

“Your tits are shit,” the Swede snarled.

“Yours are small and weak,” the brunette scorned.

“Fuck you, slut.” Erika bit Melike’s lips more vigorously than before. “I have the biggest and strongest tits in this room.”

“Only if I got out of here, you whore.” The Turk’s teeth answered with a raging bite.

Still fighting mouth to mouth, the girls looked down to examine the exciting pile of firm flesh between their fighting breasts. Swelling up over their necklines, their erogenous glands seemed to be about to escape from their imprisonment, but the pressure each woman applied on the antagonist’s tits was enough, for now, to keep the flesh under the tight white tops. From the heights, brunette and blonde watched their boobs fighting for the position, adapting to each other in sensual fluctuations of flesh.

Trading one last bite, the girls finally left the other mouth to focus on the tension that had burst between their breasts.

“Look at your boobies, bitch,” Melike said. “Crushed by superior tits.”

“Do you need glasses, tramp?” Erika grumbled. “Your little ones don’t stop retreating against the tits of a real woman.”

“When I finish with your ugly tits, there will be nothing on your chest.”

“For that, first you would have to have fatter and harder tits, and you don’t have them.”

“Mine are fatter and harder than yours, that’s all I need.”

“Keep dreaming, loser.”

Crushing Melike’s torso between her arms with greater and greater fury and eagerness, Erika brought her beautiful face against the brunette’s attractive face, searching in her amber eyes for any weakness gesture, no matter how small it was. However, Melike’s pupils vibrated before her with a determination and a competitiveness that the blonde knew well, since she was feeling a tenacious and defiant spirit filling her own body with enthusiastic energy.

While their eyes were fighting each other in a duel of stubborn wills, the tenacious erosion war between their boobs intensified as the Turk responded with a tighter hug. Erika couldn’t help groaning in pain but, as soon as she also increased the pressure on the rival torso, Melike joined her suffering with an anguished groan that echoed on the walls of the room. The girls’ seductive breasts squeezed each other like never before, sliding together in a desperate attempt to surpass the firmness of contending flesh, but no chest yielded, which just increased the hatred that each woman felt for the other boobs.

“You’re very proud of your tits, sow,’ the Swede grunted between clenched teeth. “But you had to run home to wear a push-up bra ‘cause you couldn’t compete with mine.”

“Look who’s talking!” the brunette replied with a snort of effort. “As soon as you saw my girls outshining yours, you looked for your own push-up bra to try to be at my level. Something you obviously failed to do!”

Several drips of sweat ran down the faces and bodies of the females as the pain took over their bosoms. Melike could feel Erika’s heavy heartbeat invade her dense flesh through their connected boobs; her own heart answered with feverish beats that jumped to the blonde’s bust, defiantly running through her firm curves. However, Erika’s palpitations weren’t the only thing that penetrated the Turk’s tits as she felt, through the body-hugging tops, something hard, extremely hard, piercing her round, sexy assets.

“Slut!” The insult sounded bitter, with brunette’s face twisting in an angry gesture as she discovered that those stiff things that were stabbing her tits were her rival’s nipples. In response, Melike repositioned her torso to penetrate Erika’s breasts with her own nipples, her spears throbbing with a stiffness that the Turkish woman had never felt before.

“Bitch!” Erika gasped as she felt stabbed. The female bodies shuddered against each other, raped in unison by the other beauty’s hard shafts. Neither the blonde nor the brunette had ever experienced anything so humiliating, never before had they felt so violated as at that time. For several seconds, they moved their shoulders in rage, looking to make as many stabs as possible in the rival bust through the fabric of the tops…

…until, accidentally, their four nipples collided together.

“Fuck!” they shouted at the same time, shoving each other abruptly and separating for the first time since the hostilities had begun in the room. The two girls grabbed their breasts quickly, massaging them as they felt a kind of electric energy pulsing in their nipples. Watching each other a few steps away, Melike and Erika blinked to wipe away the tears that began to flood their eyes.

“You…” Both opened their mouths, but the sound of a door opening stopped them. Rubbing her eyes, yawning, Maddy came out of the bedroom.

“What happened?” she asked, still dazed from being awakened abruptly. “I heard you two complaining about something…”

“Oh…” Erika said, thinking fast. “Melike was still a little asleep, and…”

“And so was Erika,” the brunette grunted, looking at her rival. “When we were going into the bathroom, she bumped into me…”

“Well, more like bumped into me,” Erika stated, looking back at the other girl. “That’s why you’ve heard her whining…”

“You heard more of her whining than mine…”

“Is something wrong?” Maddy wondered, looking at her friends with suspicious eyes. “You’re acting really weird.”

Before they could say anything, Emma showed up, awakened by the conversation. “How much noise,” the owner of the house grumbled. However, a tired smile shone on her face. Approaching Erika, Emma gently kissed her mouth. The blonde moaned softly, feeling a slight burst of pain running down her bitten lips.

“Oh, sorry, did I hurt you?”

“No, it’s nothing.” Erika stared at her Turkish rival again, furious with herself for revealing that Melike’s teeth had harmed her.

“I also want my reward.” Smiling, Maddy stepped in front of Melike and, without wasting a second, kissed her softly. Like Erika, the brunette breathed a slight gasp of pain, exposing to her nemesis that she had also suffered from the exchange of bites.

“I’m fine,” Melike replied to Maddy’s worried look, before throwing a defiant stare at Erika. “It’s nothing I can’t stand.”

“Well, am I the only one who’s starving?” Emma said. “Maddy, honey, help me make the pancakes.”

Unaware of what was really going on there, the redheads started making breakfast but, to the misfortune of rival beauties, that didn’t mean going back to being alone. Emma’s house had an open-plan kitchen, so their unexpected lovers started cooking in the same room they were in, just a few steps away. So Melike and Erika had to settle for their umpteenth duel of glances, the challenge that flooded the brunette’s amber eyes meeting the provocative glow of the blonde’s blue eyes. The test of dilated pupils dragged on for a few minutes, with Emma and Maddy unaware of the battle of wills going on behind their backs.

I should kiss her right now, crush her tits with mine in front of our friends, Melike thought hotly, the defiant presence of her blonde nemesis burning the blood in her veins.

If I seduced her in front of the redheads with my lips and boobs, then there will be no more doubts, Erika desired, her erogenous zones hardening at the thought.

For the eternity it took Maddy and Emma to make breakfast, the two alpha females on campus wondered why they weren’t continuing their confrontation in front of their friends. They had both released their unknown but latent lesbian side in front of them, so why not show them the true relationship of hatred and envy that united them? But the brunette said nothing, and neither did the blonde: somehow, they felt that the problem they had with the other woman was a private and personal matter. No one had the right to get into it, except the two involved beauties.

“Are you going to the costume party tonight at Alisha’s house?” Emma asked when she and Maddy finally brought the pancakes and juices to the table. “I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

“And we’re not working at the pub tonight, Melike, so theres no excuse,” the other redhead added.

The brunette and the blonde exchanged a quick glance. The more chances they had to compare to each other, to compete against each other, the better.

“Will you go, Erika?” Melike said, her voice trying to sound casual.

“It’s quite possible,” the Swede answered. “What about you?”

“I think so, yes.”

“Fantastic!” Maddy smiled. “And after the party, we could come back here and…”

“I can’t,” Erika and Melike said in unison, with a surprising timing.

“Why?” Emma’s disappointment was obvious.

“I won’t be at the party all night,” Melike explained, her eyes locked again with the look of her antagonist in a provocative gesture. “I have an unavoidable matter to deal with.”

“I also have something to solve as soon as possible,” Erika said, keeping the challenge just below her words. “And I have to do it tonight.”

“Well, maybe another time,” Maddy said, as disappointed as Emma.

For the next few minutes, the four girls ate at the table, satisfying a hunger that only a good sex session could awaken. There were no words: Maddy and Emma felt that their lovers were ignoring them, once their lower instincts had been satisfied. Melike and Erika, for their part, were so focused on keeping an eye on their rival that they had lost interest in any conversation. Both had indirectly challenged each other to meet tonight after the party, alone, and that made their bodies burn.

After breakfast, Maddy called a taxi as silence still surrounded the four young women. The manifest discomfort between them quietly dominating Emma’s home until the girls heard the taxi horn almost ten minutes later, just when the situation had reached the climax of tension.

“Shall we share a cab?” Maddy asked after saying goodbye to Emma with a hug. After the umpteenth exchanged look, Erika and Melike nodded.


The city passed beyond the taxi windows like a ghost without a definite form, an entity alien to the alternative reality that dominated Erika’s thoughts. Sitting behind the cab driver, the Swede was licking her full lips, slowly dragging her tongue to feel every bite that Melike’s white teeth had taken on her mouth. Although fortunately there were no visible wounds, the blonde noticed the burning of the bites under her tongue.

Turning her face, the Swede saw Melike next to her, sitting by the opposite window of the car. Like her, the brunette was using her tongue to check the damage that her lips had suffered under the biting assault of her enemy. Excited by what she saw, Erika wished that the mouth of the Turk felt as sore and sensitive as her own.

Inevitably, the college students’ eyes ended up meeting, and the last few lickings were different: slower, hotter, infinitely more challenging. The crotches throbbed again under that tension that was no longer unknown, as the dilated pupils of the girls fell on the other breasts; the tempting glands peeked out of their necklines as a scorching reminder of what had happened at the end of the fight in Emma’s living room. Immediately, their excited nipples hardened, emphasizing themselves through the white low-cut tops with stiffness and length.

“We’ve arrived at your house, Melike.”

Maddy’s voice brought the couple out of the burning, tense moment. Licking her sore fleshy lips one last time, the brunette opened the taxi door and looked at her blonde foe. Melike’s half-closed amber eyes challenged Erika to get out of the taxi right there, challenged the Swede not to wait for the night and resolve her differences at the brunette’s home at that very moment, if she dared. Looking back defiantly, the Swede grabbed the handle of her door, ready to fulfill the wishes of both beauties.

But, just at that decisive moment, something inside women made them back down. Perhaps they didn’t feel ready to cross any more lines after such a frenzied and reckless night, or perhaps the memory of what had happened between them at Emma’s house, now that things had cooled down, misplaced them to the point where they both needed to rearrange their thoughts before taking the next step.

Melike stepped out of the taxi, forcing herself to smile victoriously over her shoulder in a desperate attempt to stay above her antagonist. Erika also smiled arrogantly and falsely, wanting to show Melike that the brunette was the one running away. A powerful but unwanted sense of relief ran through their female bodies as they saw that the rival was not changing her mind by the last smiling challenge but, at the same time, part of them longed for a gesture or a word from the other female to convince them to resolve their many differences without further delay.

“I hope we can finish our last conversation, Melike.” Pushed by her ego, the Swede couldn’t help but spit out a challenge to the other girl. “The topic was quite interesting…”

“You can count on it, Erika.” From outside the taxi, the brunette leaned towards the blonde to launch the last attack in that secret battle of insinuations. “I don’t like to leave things unfinished…”

Erika looked at Melike’s suggestive cleavage, her bosoms hanging from her torso. Instinctively, the blonde leaned her body forward, flaunting her cleavage and boobs as much as her nemesis. Jealousy flooded both girls’ trembling pupils.

“See you girls at Alisha’s tonight,” Melike finally said, before closing the door, leaving Erika with her dark thoughts in a taxi that kept her away from her greatest longing.


Just half an hour later, with the sun trying to peek beyond the curtains of their bedrooms, Melike and Erika were in front of their full-body mirrors, watching the reflection of their figures. Their bodies were still covered by the top and skirt that had had the honor of being their first battle attire at the start of the long-awaited physical hostilities between the two alpha females; physical hostilities that had been insufficient, frustrating, and had ended in the most unexpected way possible. They could still feel it in their accelerated hearts, see it in their swollen curves, taste it on the tips of their tongues, which still retained the rival’s sweetness: both were still connected to the other woman, even now that they were hundreds and hundreds of meters away.

That connection manifested in an almost supernatural way during the following minutes, with the thoughts and actions of the girls paired up. First, Erika and Melike tried to undress in front of the mirror, their bodies crying out for freedom from the close-fitting cloths. But it wasn’t easy: their shaky, clumsy fingers struggled against tops and skirts, the clothes intensely clung to skins soaked in sweat and agitation. It wasn’t until a minute later that they both got rid of the tops; their boobs, squeezed under their push-up bras, appeared before their eyes as reminders of the first psychological battle of the last night, when they had both gone home to rearm themselves against the rival. “Fucking bitch,” they whispered in unison, evoking how the other tits had looked, true spheres of power over the torso of the other beauty.

With hatred flooding their sweaty bodies, the females twisted their plump lips as they decided to free their bosoms from the pressure of the suffocating push-up bras. But the fingers still didn’t respond to their desires, so they both fought with the bra clasps until, filled with rage, they ended up tearing it. Lost in a sea of frustration, Melike and Erika threw the shattered bras on the floor as their mouths opened to scream in despair…but something stopped them.

“Fuck…” they murmured, amber and blue eyes wide open at what their mirrors were reflecting: unrecognizably long and thick nipples, so excited that they practically hurt. Brunette and blonde had always been proud of their nips, their thick erections always being the most envied in communal showers and beach topless days, but what they were watching now went far, far beyond what they knew.

Swallowing hard, the two beautiful coeds slowly brought their nervous hands on their extended nipples. To the surprise of them, the mere touch of their fingertips was almost enough to cause an orgasm to explode between their legs. Taking their hands off their breasts for fear of the outbreak, Erika and Melike remembered the climactic moment of their confrontation at Emma’s house, when all four nipples had stabbed each other. It had been intense, hot—electrically unbearable. They both regretted not having been able to resist the nipple-to-nipple clash and, for a few seconds, they wanted to do it again, with the ambition of watching the other girl melt against their tough pair.

However, the evocation of the nipple collision didn’t come alone: lips locked in a hateful kiss, breasts crowded in a struggle for space, hot sweat and passionate gasps. With their hearts running wild under tits more swollen than usual, the women recalled the feverish duel in Emma’s living room, boasting of every moment of weakness in the other beauty, lamenting every moment that the nemesis had overtaken them.

“Who the fuck you think you are?” they exclaimed in unison. Without realizing what they were doing, their right hands fell on their pussies; with a soft feminine whine, both kneaded their cxnts delicately, feeling the warm moisture that their panties accumulated under them. The sexual excitement went far beyond what they had never felt before, as no man had ever been able to awaken their bodies in such a way. Not even when they masturbated in the solitude of their bedrooms had reached a similar level of ecstasy. Both women found themselves sinking their fingers under their panties, cursing the other young woman’s skills.

“Fuck you, bitch,” they moaned, penetrating themselves slowly. For a moment, both visualized their nemesis, right there in their room, coming out of the mirror with arrogant, determined steps. In their minds, the girls’ fingers were inside the other beauty, surrounded by a humid heat. The rival groaned, a humiliating climax approaching…

A real orgasm erupted between Melike’s and Erika’s legs. Both breathed out a short, high-pitched scream that arose from the depths of their fantasies. Weakened by too many sensations, they fell to the floor on their knees, where they kept trembling from the orgasmic earthquake that should have suffered their enemy.

“If we had entered one of the bedrooms together…” they whispered to their antagonist through the reflection, unsatisfied with the destructive orgasm they had just survived. With a voracity that no one could control, the exalted girls pinched their nipples, squeezed their tits and kept jerking off their cxnts under their juice-soaked panties. Looking at themselves in their mirrors, they got horny at the sight of their sensual reflections, their feminine curves moving with pleasure at the onanist act. But everything went much, much further, because the similarities between the bodies of the rivals made it easy for them to imagine that the reflection they saw in the mirror could be the body of the woman who had turned their world upside down.

For five, ten minutes, Erika and Melike kept giving themselves pleasure, always thinking about the other alpha female. Their fingers pinched nipples so hard that it seemed they would never soften up again, touched a pussy so wet that it seemed it could never be dried. With their sexual defenses completely broken, one, two, three orgasms exploded in their cxnts, turning sexually powerful women like them into pathetic horny girls.

“No!” they shouted as another climax was about to dominate their beautiful topless figures. Pulling their fingers away from their bodies as if they were electrified, the coeds stood up. With their eyes flashing with rage, they grabbed the white sheet from their beds to cover the mirrors. The spell that had been affecting them seemed to dissipate.

I’m not gonna give you any more of my orgasms, you lesbian bitch, they complained in silence, as if the mirror could hear them talking about their fears. Tonight I’ll break you, and you won’t be able to affect me like this anymore. Then, taking a long breath, they decided it was time for a nice, cold shower.


The water fell on Melike’s naked body. After the desperate, wild masturbation of minutes earlier, the Turkish beauty felt that the cold kiss of the shower was rebalancing her emotional balance, bringing body, mind and soul back together in one place. That’s what I need, she told herself. If I want to beat that bitch tonight, and I plan on doing it, I need to be in control of my emotions and my entire body.

What was going to happen that night during and after the costume party was still a mystery to Melike, but everything that had happened on Friday night and that same Saturday morning had made it clear to the amber-eyed brunette that it was all going to go far beyond a simple catfight. Of course, Melike wasn’t afraid to pull her rival’s blond hair, slap her beautiful face and even beat her flat belly with her fists until submission, but the ease with which they brought their best feminine attributes together in competition could only mean one thing: that the deep rivalry between them would only be truly resolved body-to-body, in a colossal battle so close and tight that only the most toned and sexual woman could win it.

Of course, it will be sexual, Melike thought fiercely, her long nipples hardening under the water. It couldn’t be any other way. The girl felt a certain vertigo as she saw how naturally she accepted the carnal nature of their rivalry, but at the same time she couldn’t help but see the logic of it all. We’ve been competing for two weeks to decide which of us is the sexiest woman. What better way to prove to that Swedish cxnt that I’m that woman than forcing her body to surrender to mine with raw pleasure?

There were still plenty of ways of beating someone, and Melike certainly planned to release adrenaline by violently punching her nemesis, but she knew perfectly well that the reality of their confrontation would follow the path opened by their asses rubbing on the dance floor and by their tongues and breasts battling in Emma’s living room. Much remained to be clarified about the rules of the final showdown—if any rules were needed. Where it would take place? What weapons would be used? What would decide who the winner was? There were a lot of questions in the air, but at least the central issue was incontestable.

As the water ran down Melike’s youthful brown skin, a slight sting burst into her thighs and ass, where Erika’s terrible fingernails had worked during the fiery dance in the nightclub. Whistling with rage, the Turk knew that, whatever happened that night, it would start with another dance with the blonde. A public dance…and then another in private, she thought. I owe her that.


Erika came out of her bathroom with a towel wrapped around her curvaceous body, her fair skin glowing seductively with a few shiny drops of water. Entering her bedroom, and ignoring the covered mirror in front of which she had jerked off aggressively minutes earlier, she threw the towel over her bed, revealing an excited, but now under control, body.

I really needed that shower, she thought, feeling stable and focused. I need all my senses to the fullest if I’m gonna beat that brunette whore tonight. During the shower, the blonde had realized what a dangerous but satisfying road she would have to follow that night to crown herself the undisputed alpha female of Princeton, a descent into hell through a path of lust and curves. She started it all with her ass, her tongue and her hard-nippled tits, she pondered hypocritically, as all that had happened between them had been mutual. But I’ll be the one to finish this…with my own weapons.

Then, she opened her closet. Before Erika got home, she had already decided what costume she would wear at Alisha’s party. “It couldn’t be anything but this one,” she said quietly, her tongue licking her fat lips with pleasure. “I can’t wait to see Melike’s jealous eyes on me…”

Erika’s crotch throbbed intensely at the thought, but the mind of the pink-lipped blonde went further, visualizing her brunette rival moving from resentful glances to action. Closing her eyes, the Swede saw the other beauty jumping over her, her young, firm bodies clashing chest to chest, pelvis to pelvis. Her pussy began to moisten as she thought of the close, tight, suffocating struggle between untamed curves, the sexual side of the rivalry that had erupted between them on the dance floor and, later, at Emma’s house forcing them into the ultimate female duel.

So be it, her sexuality against mine, Erika accepted, although she felt it was her cxnt that was thinking for her. There’s no other way to settle what started two weeks ago when that bitch walked into class like she owned the place. Looking at the costume she would wear that night, the blonde licked her lips in anticipation. She will admit that I’m the best woman, that I’m hotter than she’ll ever be.

Taking a breath of air, she tried to calm her sex with the promise that, in several hours, it would be satisfied with the female domination that it was longing for. One way or another, my dear, we’ll finish her off. Feeling the reddish marks that Melike had left on her white skin, on her ass and her thighs hours earlier, Erika twisted the gesture with lust. And it will all start with a dance, just like last night. I owe her that.


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Re: The Amazon and the Valkyrie (VI-VII)
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This part is extremely exciting and succesful. Thanks for your writing!
MvM and MvF cyber matches are my favorites. We can talk the details :)