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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 95

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 95
« on: February 21, 2021, 03:42:01 PM »
Our opening match is Kristina who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a white tank top with green panties. Her opponent is Sara who weighs in at 145 and is wearing a black and grey two piece. It would be a tall order for the newcomer Sara. As she would have to face the tough veteran Kristina. To Sara’s credit she would hang tough for nearly five minutes. Then at the 8 minute mark it even looked like she would shock the world when she would give Kristina a DDT. Sara would go for the cover but would only get a two count when Kristina would place her foot on the bottom rope. Then Sara would get up and attempt another DDT but Kristina would reverse it and hit Sara with side suplex. From there Kristina would quickly apply the STF to Sara. The rookie would scream out in pain and struggle to get free. But eventually Kristina would crank up on the hold so much that Sara couldn’t take the pain anymore and tapped out. Kristina would release the hold and lean against the rope as Sara had clearly pushed her way more than she had expected. While Sara would lay on her back with her hands on her knee. Your winner of the match is Kristina.

Before our main event we were able to catch up with Heaven backstage. When asked about her actions in last week. Heaven responded by telling everybody that was simply payback for Hailey costing Heaven her match against Gretchen a few weeks ago. She would go on to say that Hailey has always been jealous of her because Heaven is the only girl in LPW who is undefeated against Hailey. Wrapping up the interview Heaven stated that we will see a new and improved Heaven and that she feels sorry what’s about to happen in the next match.

Our main event is Laura who weighs in 170 and is wearing a floral one piece. Her opponent is Heaven who weighs in 140 and is wearing a blue two piece. The new Heaven would just have her way the Laura from the beginning. As she would just brutalize Laura for five minutes. First she would deliver multiple kicks to Laura’s head and stomach. Then as Laura was on her knees Heaven would yank at Laura’s hair and throw her to the mat. Heaven would then dance around the ring and laugh at Laura. From there Heaven would scream at Laura to get up. Eventually Laura would get back to her knees and Heaven would meet her with a brutal rear view. Then to add insult to injury Heaven would place her ass on Laura’s face as the referee counted to three. Heaven would then demand the microphone as she still sat on Laura’s unconscious body. She would then tell the crowd that she really hopes Hailey is watching and that if she feels up to it then Hailey should show up at LPW 100 in a few weeks so Heaven can put Hailey down for good. Your winner of the match is Heaven.

On the next episode of LPW we will see Stephanie take on Allie in the main event. Plus we will see Dena in action