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He Has It All. BikinI Catfight.. Angelica vs Lolita

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He Has It All. BikinI Catfight.. Angelica vs Lolita
« on: February 28, 2021, 04:28:44 PM »
He's a millionaire.  A big yacht, Million dollar seafront home and numerous cars but he has two women wanting him.

He's tried to keep thing quiet but nothing stay secret for long.

His phone hasn't stopped ringing from both women and he's had enough.

Secretly, he has a fetish and that is women catfighting. So when they called he suggested that they meet at the marina with their bikinis and he will take them out to sea and let them fight it out. So both women call him and he said '' that he's had enough but suggested they fight each other on his yacht,.'' and too his delight they both agreed.

So the time and date was set and the yacht set sail far away from everyone.

Here we see both women before the fight.

So who is going to win ? Click the image for a larger view.
Left, Angelica.
Right.  Lolita.
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Re: He Has It All. BikinI Catfight.. Angelica vs Lolita
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2021, 11:38:47 PM »
Great setting by the way, hot blondes get mean when they fight and even meaner if it's for their man, after a sweat soaked war on the deck, I think lolita will be the blonde left standing.