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SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family 2.0

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SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family 2.0
« on: March 02, 2021, 05:24:52 PM »
The second part of this story is written from the perspective of Kathy…
“You know what we want is something authentic. We want real moves, real pain. Real women with curves and extra pounds.” I was looking at the producer who could not take his eyes off my chest. I was feeling fucking nervous, sitting here in his office clad in a skirt and blouse that could barely contain my massive JJ-Cup knockers.
“Kathy it`s awesome that you decided to join the fun. And the money is not bad either.”
“So what kind of fight will it be?”
“Hm…let me think. We have never done a SUMO fight before and what you told me about your private….ehm….experience got me hooked. I am willing to give it a try. I think we have to maybe adapt the style a bit to generate a certain length of the fight.
I nodded still being quite shy.

“Do you have any problems with nudity?” My eyes went wide.
“No…ehm…not at all.”
“You know those videos will be online and soon on many streaming platforms.”
“Well Sir, maybe I could wear a mask?”
The producer went over to a shelf, a big smile on his lips. “Of course dear. When it makes you more comfortable.
He opened a drawer and took out several Mexican wrestling masks. My cxnt started to tingle when I felt the smooth leather. I took a red and black one and put it on. I suddenly felt so powerful while John, the owner of the studio, continued to explain:
“What I have in mind is a mixed SUMO/WRESTLING match. Maybe even a double teaming scenario. Well, we can keep the idea of a circle. Whoever gets out of the circle will lose the round…but I want to have more moves like in traditional SUMO.”
“What will I earn if I agree?”
“A thousand cash and a certain percentage from online sales.”
Kathy stood up and pushed her chest out. Several buttons of her blouse popped open and those mountainous tits were half on display. She brushed her hand over the bulge in his pants and put his free hand on her cleavage.
“What did you say how much?”
He grinned. “Well, let`s say 2000$ plus extras….”
Kathy went down to her knees and opened the zipper of his pants, being rewarded by his hardness.
“How much?” Her breath touched the glans of his cock.
“AHHHHH…..3000$.....oh my gosh….”
A satisfied grin was on her face when his fuck rod entered her mouth.

One week later I entered an office that would be my make-shift locker. I dropped my gym bag and got rid of my clothes. There was a staple on the table consisting of a towel, thong and my mask. My pussy tingled again and I thought about my sister Lucy who had also worked for this company before. I wondered who my opponents would be for tonight. I did not tell anybody about my planned fight experience here.
I put on the thong and mask and creamed my whole body and big tits to make sure the light sheen of oil that followed would look sexy. When I left the office and made my way over to the hall that was equipped with a ring, an area covered with mats and an oil wrestling pit.
Two men were still busy with preparing the mat area by installing a long rope forming a circle, a third one was checking the set-up of cameras surrounding the “ring”. I turned heads although I was still clad in a kimono.
The producer welcomed me with a big envelope. “Kathy! How are you?”
“Thanks I am fine. And excited as fuck.”
He laughed. “I found two perfect opponents for you. Both big breasted. And the most special: It is a mother-daughter team.”
He handed over the envelope with the money and he hugged me, making sure to run a hand under my kimono and fondle my big tit with the hardening nipple. I moaned, brushing over the bulge in his pants. I was in horny mode again leaning over to him, whispering into his ear: “After this I need a cock….”
It took endless minutes for them to finish the set-up and I was waiting nervously for the instructions. The adrenaline was rushing it already making me feel sick. My hands tingled, my heart raced.

“Ok Kathy. I want you to walk into the ring, introduce yourself shortly and take your gown off sexily. Show them your tits!”
I gulped, took a sip of water and everything went quit. The production team was on its position, lights were illuminating the fighting area and the cameras had started recording.
I opened my kimono – “I am Kathy, 22 years old weighing 230lbs with a 40JJ bust.” My huge globes pointed directly into the camera, I lifted my left boob and licked sexily over my areola and nipple. I tasted the oil I had applied and that gave my body a shiny look.
Then some kind of rock song set in and in came two people I knew very well. I froze in shock when I detected my sister and mother hand in hand. They were already topless, both wearing white wrestler masks. Both looked intimidating with their G-Cups swaying with each step.
I took my position slightly outside of the fighting circle, listening to their introduction. It seemed they had not recognized me up to now under my full mask.
They introduced themselves as “Erica the Eraser” and “Lucifer Lucy” both jiggling their assets into the camera. My heart was making somersaults and I felt my insecurity getting less -  one thing that I would regret in just a few minutes.
We both took our positions on opposite sides of the ring and Lucy was the first one to face me. Her tanned strong and thick body was glistening in the lights and now that we faced each other she finally recognized me and supposedly also mom.
I rushed at her and before she knew what hit her, our bodies smashed together- SMATTTTTTT- tits and bellies colliding heavily. She grunted and my momentum pushed her lighter body backwards causing her to land on her sexy behind.
She was down and I smirked to myself, turned to get back to my starting position when suddenly I was somehow tackled by my mom. Although being 48 years old her heavy frame crashed into me, driving all air out of my lungs. She snaked her arms around my waist, lifted me over her shoulder and basically suplexed my body into the ground.
WHAM! What an impact! The cameras zoomed into my bouncing massive tits that hit my face. I grunted. It seemed that the producer had informed the two team members about the rules, but not me. The score board showed 1:1 now. After flooring my sister my mom had directly scored for her team.
I was still down, looking at my towering mom. I started to rise on all 4s, when Lucy and mom interlocked their hands and once I stood, nailed me down with a following clothesline across both of my fat tits. SMACK! I went down for the second time heavily. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I clutched my boobs when the score showed 1:2 for them.
“Holy shit!” I said loud enough for them to hear. They both played their roll quite convincingly replying: “Get up monster titty! This will be a day to remember!” I was rising and getting into position while mom was my next opponent. We both bent forward like sumo wrestlers do at the start, our fists touching the ground. Our big udders were dangling down, mine twice the size of mom`s G-cups.
At the signal she came storming at me and I rapidly side stepped her, lifting my knee and ramming it with authority into her fat belly. SMATTTTT…..she grunted and was lifted to her toes. I twisted and shoved her with hard thrusts out of the circle. She stood there, coughing, while the counter signaled 2:2. I had not even time to turn as my sister came from behind, kicked into my back of my knee and send me down to my left knee. She aimed for my tits with a kick of her shin, connected hard compressing my big jugs and sending me to my back.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I was down when she simply added one more move to the round by hitting with a wicked knee drop into my right globe. She crushed my glands horribly making me wince and scream. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
“Fucking Bitch!”
“What was that?” SMATTTTTT! She dropped again and pancaked my udder a second time.
“Seem you need to learn some manners!”
She picked me up by my hair, and let go just a second before mom hit me like a steam train. Our chests and bellies connected, while she grabbed me, lifted me partly and carried me holding my thong. The fabric tore into my pussy like the last time we tried SUMO at home. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I was out of the ring and they scored another time now leading 4:2.
“Kathy? Please come closer to the camera. We need a close up of that camel-toe!”
I shook my head in anger, my thong still trapped between my cxnt lips.
“Look how wet she is!” Mom said that over my shoulder into the cam and the worst thing was, that she was right. The thong was soaked with my juices.
The next round was about to start and I had to face my sister Lucy. Her big glistening tits swayed as she crouched down and we circled. We tried to apply a hold and lock up, our tits mashed together but we slipped of each other`s arms. I suddenly pushed forward, keeping her arms busy. My momentum carried me and I was able to hook her right leg, trap her and make her fall.
She fell onto her ass and I had the score, but decided to make her pay for her earlier double-teaming: I jumped into the air and made my 230 pounds SLAMMMM into her body, my JJ-Twins hitting her head.  SMATTTTTT! What an impact! I hurt myself with this move but not as much as my opponent. All air was driven out of her and I adjusted my tit-smother, engulfing her head with my huge tits.
“Yeah babe! That`s what people want to see!” A man with a photo camera walked around us, taking additional shots of my big tits at work. Lucy tried to push me off, then smacked my big ass causing it to jiggle leaving red hand imprints.
“MMMMMPPPPPFFFFF!” She could barely breathe but I made sure to engulf not only her nose, but her whole head with my massive breasts. I finally lifted, leaving her red-faced and gasping for air.
I stood up, proud of my assets, jiggling them into the camera with a wide grin on my face. The score was 4:3 to their favor still, but I was catching up.
I was ready for mom, who looked a bit intimidated. The mask was only partly hiding her face, but I could see she was more careful after the heavy belly attack and the smothering I had done to her tag-team partner.
“Come on old cow! Get me!” I waved my hands in her direction when she approached me.
SMATTTTT! We collided heavily, the impacted pancaking our tits and spreading them to the side. We took hold of each other`s thong and tried to maneuver us to the edge of the circle. The wedgies we caused were hurting big time! Mom`s hairy cxnt was more or less of full display with the fabric biting into her clit. My thong was close to ripping and I could hear the fabric was on its limits.
Not only our clits took damage while we stumbled through the ring, also our tits fought their own battle. I could feel Erica`s piercings scratching my areola and nipples, but my pair was much more dense and heavier than mom`s. I flattened her big tits easily as we both grunted and battled in the fighting circle. Mom suddenly let go of me, made way for my sister who tackled me from the side. Her shoulder buried in my belly, destroyed my abs with brute force so my big tits collided with her upper back when I was folded forward. “UUUUNNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!” I grunted holding my belly. Mom grabbed my hair and secured me, while they suddenly hammered knee lifts into my chest.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH”……….”UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!” I grunted with each brutal kick, they deformed my big globes alternating left and right. Each opponent had “taken care” of one of my tits, the tenth blow finally so heavy, that I was catapulted backwards and out of the ring.
WHAM! The cameras zoomed into the areas who had taken the most damage and the score board showed a 5:3 lead now. They high fived each other, looking satisfied with the damage they had done.
I was coughing and breathing heavily, holding my damaged boobs. My opponents had kicked them full force showing no mercy at all. Thank god for that family! But I had to get up fast.
It took me half a minute to recover, the cameras zooming into my pain wrecked face.
Mom was next to face me and I tried to surprise her. I stormed forward but she simply avoided the impact, side stepping me and while I passed her, my upper back got hammered by her interlocked fists sending me down tits first. WHAM! My udders took the full force of the impact and my jiggling curves would be a highlight in the video when shown in slow-motion. Their lead was 6:3 now and it took me longer and longer to get up.
I was sweating profusely now, having to face Lucy. We both clashed hard, tits mashing together. She put her right arm underneath mine and first I thought a bearhug might follow. But she twisted left and flung my body sideways. I impacted on the mats partly on my back, partly on my hips. My breasts flopped around wildly tearing at my chest-wall. The momentum made roll several more meters over the rope.
This time I stayed down. It was the 7:3 lead now for them. Mom came over, helping me into a sitting position. Then Lucy joined and both took each of my tits, pulling me back to my feet. I stumbled a bit on my way to the center of the ring and now they humiliated me. Lucy took my into a headlock, while mom ripped my thong harder into my ass crack, slapping my big ass cheeks making them wobble until x-mas. “Look at that ass!”
Next my mom Erica took a position at me side, aligned herself for a perfect kick to my dangling breasts. But I saw what was coming, pulled back and mom kicked Lucy instead.
“AAAAAAWWWWWWWW fuck you!” Her thigh had been hit and she let go of me. I stormed forward, tackled my shoulder into her unprepared belly, and lifted her flipping her over my back. WHAM!
The score was now 7:4 and before my shocked mom could react I did the same to her. My shoulder impacted into her ribs, my arms slung around her waist and I lifted her over my shoulder. Mom was much heavier than Lucy and I nearly failed.
WHAM! Her heavy curves landed on top of Lucy. The producer was fire and flam with the fight performance, silently smiling. I was exhausted but I had to continue and even the score more which was now 7:5 for the take downs.
I took moms ankles and pulled her off Lucy. She was on her belly when I dragged her big deformed G-Cups over the mats, her udders and pierced nipples abrading over the rough rubber mats. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW! The finale was the rough rope on the floor forming the outer barrier of the pit. “FFUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I grinned about the payback. My lovely family deserved this.
But Lucy was back! She attacked from behind, slinging her arms around my waist. She lifted me, all my 230lbs, over her shoulder and I impacted in a hard suplex. WHAM! This was no SUMO anymore. She sat down on my belly, trapping my arms to my sides by her legs. Her knees were paced on my biceps, causing a burning pain with half of her weight on my muscles. My big globes were in front of her, resting on my chest. They showed quite some bruises by now, reddening rapidly.
Mom took her position on my face, her big ass coming closer and closer until my whole face was engulfed. I could smell her cxnt, her sweat...
I just heard the voice of the producer who yelled at them to go on and don`t care about any rules.
I moaned, trapped under the combined weight, struggling to get free. And then both started to pound my tits. They took turns ramming their fists into my dense globes.
Bare knuckles crashed from above into my areolas, partly invading my glands before my udders bounced back into shape. Left…right….left….right….I screamed into mom’s cxnt with every hit. The air leaving my lungs seemed to turn her on when she started to moan.
They punched the shit out of my bust landing twenty….thirty…forty blows in a row. They used my boobs as big punching bags, crushing my glands and nipples with all they had.
SMATTTT……SMATTTT……WHAPPPP……”AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The face sit did not leave any air for me to breath and I panicked, thought about biting the pussy on my face….but only seconds later I faded into unconsciousness.
The two kept boxing my udders with swingers, axe handle blows and slaps until they were raw and red. I had stopped moaning and screaming because I was knocked out. Mom noticed it first, lifting her big ass. She wanted to re-life me, but the producer wanted a winners pose first. Lucy and mom stood up and placed their feet on my tits, crushing them both while flexing their arms for the camera.

Next thing I noticed that I was leaning against the wall and someone slapped me lightly: “Are you ok love?” They had removed my mask for a better check of my breathing. I nodded weakly and stared into my sister`s face.
She tapped my right tit. “You did well LITTLE sister.” They both helped me up bringing me over into the shower…”We had no idea we would have to fight you. Sorry Kathy.”
“Sorry? You knocked me out and nearly killed me!”
“Bullshit. You are a tough cookie. Wanna join me as a tag partner in the next shooting?” Lucy looked at me expectantly.
I smirked….



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Re: SUMO 3 way - Busty Clash in the family 2.0
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2021, 03:07:15 AM »
Love the 2 on 1 with mask, the surprise element was awesome
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages