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Our Female Fight Flix Streaming Site is NOT Closing

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Our Female Fight Flix Streaming Site is NOT Closing
« on: March 03, 2021, 09:24:02 PM »


I have some great news,  due to a virtually 11th hour agreement with our streaming provider we will not have to shut down our sister streaming site
Before today it appeared to be that we would have to close down the site today due to a contract dispute,  but our streaming provider blinked at the last moment and not only will the site remain active with 1600 videos  that can be streamed on demand,  but we were able to obtain enough extra bandwidth to add up to another 500 videos to our streaming site during 2021.   We'll likely start adding those in April or May 2021.

 You can visit our streaming site by clicking on the graphic above.or visit us as

 Please keep in mind our streaming site only accepts PayPal.  Do not use the credit card option as our credit card portal is down for the count and your card will decline if you try to make a pament via credit card.