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Indian Catfight: Fighting her friend's mother

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Indian Catfight: Fighting her friend's mother
« on: April 21, 2021, 10:25:48 PM »
Part 1

Sruti was a 21 year old Indian girl doing her BA at a college in Delhi. She loved boxing, grappling, riding bikes, and building her body. In short, she was a tomboy. Her hair was extremely short; to defy gender norms, she didn't shave her armpits, didn't put on perfume, and wore mostly sleeveless clothes to flaunt off her muscular biceps n tattoos. What many people didn't know about her was that she was a lesbian.

Ruchi was Sruti's junior. She was 18 and a member of the boxing team too. She was not as masculine as Sruti; rather quite feminine. She got into boxing because of her alpha mother, Sunita, who insisted that she learn some form of self defense. Sunita was 42; she was divorced soon after she became a mother at the age of 24 and brought up her daughter singlehandedly. In her youth, she was a national swimming champion and played basketball as well. After 35, she got into bodybuilding and took up combat sports. Sunita was a famous figure in women's fitness in Delhi. She ran her own gym in Gurgaon and had over 20k followers on Instagram who loved her regular posts and rills of flexing biceps, armwrestling with the male members of gym, sparring, etc. Although she was a tomboy, Sunita, unlike Stuti, was classy; shaved her armpits and maintained herself.

As Ruchi was admitted to college, she was introduced to Sruti. When Sruti found out that Ruchi was Sunita's daughter, she was very excited. She followed Sunita on Instagram and looked up to her as an idol. She also had lesbian fantasies about Sunita. Sruti asked Ruchi if she could come over to their house and meet Sunita in person. After consulting with her mother, Ruchi invited Sruti for tea on an afternoon,
"Mumma is excited to meet you too Sruti didi".

Before we progress, it must be noted than Sunita was a Jatni. People familiar with North India would know that Jats take pride in their strength and aggression. They can also be rude, which they pass off as attitude. Sruti, on the other hand, a UP girl. She was a Brahmin, born and raised in Varanasi. Wrestling is a popular sport in Varanasi and a part of the city's heritage.

On a Saturday afternoon at 4, Sruti rode over to Sunita's house in Gurgaon on her Royal Enfield bike. She was wearing shorts (showing off her thunder thighs), a red tight tank top (caging her 36D boobs), and a shirt over it. Sunita owned a farm house at the outskirts of Gurgaon. The house had a backyard fenced on all sides, giving the space some privacy.

When Sruti reached their place, Ruchi greeted her. "Andar aiye didi (come inside), Mumma is working out." Sunita was in a blue sports bra and activewear shorts, barefeet, doing push ups in the backyard. She was sweating vigorously as she would in the Delhi heat and her arms were bulging. Sruti was mesmerized at Sunita's strength. Although she was 42, regular exercise and self-care didn't make her look older than 30. When she noticed Sruti's arrival, she stopped her push ups, picked up a towel, started wiping off the sweat and approached her.

Sruti- "Namaste aunty! I'm Sruti, Ruchi's senior in college
Sunita snapped back jokingly, yet aggressively, typical of a Jatni, "Oye, who are you calling aunty? Do I look like an aunty?"
Sruti- Sorry madam, you look very strong.
Although Sruti was on the defensive, she was a bit miffed. No one dares to talk to her like that. But she was in awe of Sunita and didn't want to reply
Sunita continued being dominating- I just don't look strong, I AM strong. I AM STRONGER THAN GIRLS OF MY DAUGHTER'S AGE. HAHA

Ruchi stepped in, "Mumma, Sruti didi is also strong. She is the strongest girl in our college. I told you na? She is in the boxing team too, won gold at last year's championship.
Sunita- "Accha? Good. Yeah, Ruchi told me about you. Let's see how strong you are. Show your biceps.
Sruti grabbed this opportunity instantly. She was eager to prove Sunita that she was not anything less than her.
Sruti took off her shirt. She was in red tank top, one could see bra straps beneath it. After a long bike ride in the sun, she was sweating too. She was stinking a bit as well. As she lifted her arms and flexed her biceps, a glimpse of her hairy armpits was exposed.
Sunita inspected those biceps, "Hmm, not bad. But nothing compared to mine.
Sruti replied, "I agree, but having better toned biceps doesn't make you stronger. You're a bodybuilder, you're supposed to have better biceps".
Sunita- "Who said I'm just a bodybuilder? I do kickboxing as well and I practice with girls n boys of your age."
Ruchi intervened, "Mumma, Sruti... How about you two pose together? Let me click some pics.
Sunita- sure, take my IPHONE. You can click better quality pics.
The women posed flexing biceps, showing off her sweaty, fit, muscular bodies. Several snaps were clicked from several angles. They also clicked a pic in Charlie's Angels pose. Their backs n shoulders touched; Sruti felt a sexual sensation run through her. She was with Sunita; the woman she fantasized several nights when she fingered. Wow
When they were looking at the pics, Sruti said, I love the pics. We look equally strong n tough.
Sunita replied, In truth you aren't, kid. With short hair n hairy armpits, you're a feminist show off. I'm strong. Physically and mentally. I brought up a girlchild alone.
This was bullying. Sruti was pissed off. This time she addressed Sunita by her name treating her as if she's her equal, "Sunita, why don't we find out who's really strong among us?"
Ruchi said, I agree. Mumma, Sruti didi defeats all other girls of our college in armwrestling. Why don't you two do some panja ladai (arm wrestling) and find out?
Sunita- Armwrestling is for kids. Grown ups wrestle. But I am game. Come Sruti, let's do panja.
Sruti- Yes, let's do it.
The women moved over to a table, pulled up chairs and sat opposite to each other. They made eye contact. As a lesbian, she detected something predatory in Sunita's gaze.
Sunita told Ruchi, "Ru, since you're clicking pics, click some pics of the armwrestling match as well"

Sruti and Sunita placed themselves on the table, gripped each other's right hands, their eye contact was getting intense. None of them wanted to give in to another. Ruchi inaugurated the fight, "3...2..1...go!" She was also doing the photography. Different frames from different angles.

It was a match between equals. No one got an advantage. The battle went on for minutes. The women were sweating and grunting; none of them were going to give up. After 5 minutes of intense struggle, Ruchi said, why don't we call it a draw?
Sunita and Sruti agreed to a draw, shaked hands, and hugged. As their sweaty pumped bodies made contact during the hug, one could guess that both of them were aroused. The hug was long.
Sunita- you are strong, Sruti.
Sruti- you too.
Sunita- It was a draw today. We should do a timebreaker sometime.

After the meeting, as Sruti was riding back home, she was intensely turned on by the encounter. She was desperate to go back home, relive every bit of the confrontation in her mind, finger herself till she orgasmed, and sleep. After she reached, she took out her phone and checked Instagram. She found Sunita had uploaded quite a few pictures of that evening, their content ranging from flexing together to arm wrestling.
The caption read, "This kid challenged me to a test of strength. Defeated her in armwrestling and showed her who's the boss" followed by several hashtags.
Sruti was infuriated. She instantly messaged Sunita, "Bloody bitch. Liar. You didn't win today."
Sunita's reply arrived within a second, "Did I hurt your ego kid? I would have pushed your arm down if you didn't give up."
"You are a bully. As well as a fraud. I would have won. I agreed to a draw because I didn't wanna humiliate you in front of your daughter"
"haha, I thought you didn't wanna be embarrassed in front of your junior. I heard that you bully other girls in college. Lol"
"I wish I could smash your face and kick your ass right now, Sunita, you slut"
"Oye, mind your language. You wanna fight? I'll give you a fight."
"Yes, let's settle this. Woman to woman. You're right. Real women wrestle. Dare to wrestle with me Sunita?"
"Anytime. And let's leave Ruchi out of it. Come over on Monday when she will be in college. There will be nobody else around. Just you and me. We can wrestle and settle this out."
"I'm game. Let's do it. What are the rules?"
"How about we begin with fingerlock test of strength, do bear hugs, freestyle wrestling, and see where it goes? I'm open to everything, including barefist boxing."
"Deal. I'll defeat you in each of those feats; pin you down, sit on top of you, punch your face, and make you bleed."
"You don't know what you're signing up for, kid. Oh, what will be the dress code?"
"We'll wrestle. So how about we strip down to sports bras and panties, take off our shoes, and fight barefeet?"
"Fine with me. By the way, shave you armpits before you come. You stink more than my maid."
"I'm gonna rub your nose in my sweaty stinking armpits and humiliate you, Sunita slut, just you wait"
"Monday at 11 am. We'll wrestle on the grass in the backyard."

to be continued

Tell me if you like it guys. I'll post the second part. Actual wrestling and catfight on the way.



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Re: Indian Catfight: Fighting her friend's mother
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2021, 02:44:15 PM »
I like the age difference in the fighters.


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Re: Indian Catfight: Fighting her friend's mother
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Loved the build up! I hope the next bit is coming soon.
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