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Smash them hard baby!

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Smash them hard baby!
« on: May 20, 2021, 07:32:10 PM »
For pics of this naughty little family see bottom of this post. Enjoy!

„Smash them hard baby!“, I yelled to my wife.
I felt the power of my wife`s punches vibrating in Anna`s body with every cruel straight that pancaked her meanwhile big naked tits.
My boner was tingling with excitement and brushing my daughter`s big juicy white ass cheeks.
We stumbled into this situation, although we were an almost average family. But maybe I should start at the beginning.
My name is Brad and I am married for almost twenty years now to my 42 year old wife Lorene. She is a blonde stunner with a magnificently slim body sporting rather big 34DDDs. She still has a killer body and I fell in love with her more than twenty years ago in a run-down bar where she was the foxy boxing and wrestling champ of the club.
One night, customers were able to fight her for money and I took the chance. Her beauty was fogging my mind and I ended up on the canvas after five rounds of boxing her, Lorene leaning over me with her big tits dangling down.
“Can I help you up handsome?” I remember this cute smile as if it was yesterday.
These days we can look back to raising a beautiful son and two daughters, aged 21, 19 and 18.

And Anna, our youngest, became a problem.
Since they had all moved out, the house had become quiet and Lorene decided to re-life her fighting hobby and offer sexy fights for some extra money. Via onlyfans she could be booked and already 5 men and women had taken the chance to step into the ring with her.
I had erected a small ring in our basement and we offered those taped sessions to the customer as well. The fights were always on the sexy side with my beautiful blonde wifey fighting in a bikini or even topless.
Lorene`s new business started to run well and she wasn`t very surprised when she was booked by a young girl, barely 18, that wanted to box her and help her to get back into shape since she had gained a few extra pounds over the pandemic.
She agreed to an appointment and only some days later our jaws dropped when Anna suddenly appeared instead of the expected foreigner.

“Hey mom and daddy. Ready to knock my tits off?”
Her sexy little dimples were showing on her cheeks when she was obviously referring to the advertising text we had published on my wife`s homepage.
It made absolutely no sense to us to hide our erotic hobby any longer since my wife had opened the door already clad in nothing more than a tiny red thong and matching triangle bikini top, barely covering the fronts of her big round titties.
But our youngest daughter Anna had definitely the genes of her mother: Standing in a pair of tight denim Daisy Dukes and a crop top that was struggling to hold her massive chest in place, her little chubby tummy bulging outside and clearly showing the reason she wanted to work out more.
She brushed us out of the way, heading directly into the basement.
“Are you coming now of what? I booked you and we have a valid contract!” She turned and stepped down the stairs leaving us look as if we had seen Aliens.
“Honey you can`t box our daughter like this!” I pointed at her skimpy outfit.
“Why not? She asked for it. And she will get it. I will knock her young boobies around a bit like she deserves it.”
I got instantly hard although it felt wrong.

But only minutes later we found out that Anna had prepared herself well. She waited for us in the ring, clad in a mixture between a black bathing suit and a leotard fetish outfit decorated with some rivets. Her big boobs were ballooning in their cups, almost popping out.
She bashed her black boxing gloves together causing her big tits to jiggle: “I am waiting for you old woman! Scared?”
“How dare you!” Lorene had a smirk on her face while climbing the ring and bending over, I watched her trained physique and bronzed skin that was shiny under the lights. Her firm buttocks were almost bare, her thong barely covering her cleanly shaved pubic mound.
Also my daughter looked mouth-watering, although she had about 40 lbs on my wife with pretty fair skin. Her big ass and tits were quite contrasting the slim state my wife was in.
I blushed when Anna looked at me, now at ringside, and noticed my erection.
“Seems you enjoy it daddy…”
“Ehm…yea…well. I mean with two sexy ladies in a ring…sorry darling.”
“You don`t have to apologize daddy.” She leaned over the top rope on full purpose, resting her big rack directly in front of me while brushing her glove over my manhood. I was only clad in a pair of tight speedos at felt the pressure adding to my arousal instantly.
“Enough little brat! Come here and get what you deserve!”
As soon as my daughter had faced her mother, she was greeted by flying fists. Lorene was aiming her face and the first stinging straights brought Anna directly into trouble. It took some moments for her to raise her guard and as soon as this had happened, her midsection was open for a devastating right to her navel.
The leather sunk into her belly with a THUDDD, and she bent over surprised by the power of her mother.
“What did you think? That I am only eye candy for horny customers?”
Lorene did not let her answer since a haymaker connected to my daughter`s chin and spun her head left.
The next shot was coming in already but this time Anna ducked low and answered with a hard right to her mom`s lower belly.
THUDDDDD….”AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Lorene grimaced in pain since Anna had almost hit her pubic area. “You little cheeky….”
THUDDDD…THUDDDDD…THUDDDDDD…..”GOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSH!” My wife tensed her abs to resist the invading gloves. I could only admire my daughter`s jiggling juicy ass while she was powering lefts and rights into my wife`s flat belly. Lorene big tits were jiggling with each impact providing an inviting target. Anna aimed for her left tit with a massive uppercut, sending it flying almost hitting her mother`s face.
SMATTTTTTTTT…that titty rocked upwards and flopped back into shape. My wife had the best set of tits ever! They were incredibly firm and dense, with erogenous thick nipples surrounded by cappuccino colored areolae. Being on full display since the punch had removed the fabric, I saw it hardening instantly.
Lorene`s face was full of pain, not for the first time. During her early career and also during her last matches she had been punched and attacked in the breast-department numerous times. She always said: When you are not able to take some shots to your tits, you should stay away from the ring.
I think it is unnecessary to mention how aroused I was to see my lovely daughter go for mommies tits.
But my wife stopped her by bringing up her guard and good footwork. She was faster and fitter than her daughter, surprisingly countering her next aggressive attack with rapid jabs to her face.
Anna grunted, shook her head in disbelief and WHAMMMMMMM was sent backwards several feet by a devastating right to her left big tit.
The breast was bigger than my wife`s glove, but still compressed totally by the brutal punch.
Anna screamed in pain clutching her tit, only to be hammered into her soft belly.
She fell into the ropes, holding onto the top one.

“Hold her for me bear!”
I grabbed her biceps and my wife went to town on her vulnerable wide open front.

She freed both of her big 38DDDs with swingers, sending both tits flying out of their cups easily. For the first time in years I saw my daughter`s big naturals. Would her chest ever stop growing?
She looked defiantly into her mom`s eyes, waiting for more impacts.
And they came within seconds!

Her big white thong ass connected with my pulsing cock every time Lorene pounded her belly and tits.
Anna grunted with each impact to her rapidly reddening bosom.
“What`s up love? You wanted to fight mommy? Anything wrong?”
My wife taunted our daughter, celebrating her superiority.
Anna sucked air into her lungs: “Not only you…..CLOPPPPPPP….ahhhhhhhhhhh…also daddy.”
My wife stopped for a second and I could see the question marks in her sexy blue eyes.
“You want to fight your dad?”
Anna nodded, and blushed when her mom noticed the wet spot on the front patch of her thong.
SMATTTTTTTT…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….a horrible uppercut was driven into her fatty pussy. She kept the pressure while I was holding our daughter in place, rubbing the thumb of the glove between her cxnt lips. She leaned in, close to her ear: “You naughty little slut. Seems your desires are similar to mine.”
As I let go my daughter slumped to her knees, holding her aching twat. Meanwhile I was tagging with my wife, putting on my set of gloves.
I was not as experienced as my lovely busty wife, but I had a fair share of erotic fights myself.
I waited for Anna to rise and we touched gloves.

WHAMPPPP……GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD….in one swift motion my daughter drove her right into my bulging pants hammering the erect glans hidden in my speedos. I cradled my cock and earned several hard shots to my face which were driving me into the corner far away from my wife. I tried to focus, but Anna went to town on my face, belly and ribs as if there was no tomorrow.
Unlike my wife I hesitated to punch back which was a huge mistake.
Anna worked me over for almost a minute and kept my guard busy, until she suddenly took a step back and just as I was carefully peeking through my guard, she was low driving a wicked straight into my balls.
“HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” I closed my eyes and went down, while my wife playfully started to count me out.
“One…two…..” I watched her rubbing her big erect nipples with the leather of her gloves, obviously enjoying my torment. The blow had freed the top of my thick 8 inch cock, and my daughter noticed as well.
“OOOPS daddy. So sorry for that.”
She hooked my arm and helped me up, just to drive her free left into my cock again. SMATTTTTT…..AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I howled in pain, still hard, and stumbled into the ropes. Anna closed in continuing to work on my belly. I was a big tough guy with strong abs, but the shots were anything but harmless.
Her big reddened tits flopped across her chest-wall while my sexy little daughter pummeled my midsection until it was bright red.
I grunted and finally decided to punch back. My daughter was wife wide since she did not expect a counter, so my right to the bulge of her belly nearly split her body.
Anna leaned over, her big chest dangling down like punching balls.
I took a second to breathe and then, while holding her upright in a side headlock with my left arm, I started to pound the outer side of her huge soft DDD udder over and over.
SMATTTTT….SMACK…..SMATTTTTTTT……CLOPPPPPP….CLOPPPPPPP… biceps bulged when I sunk my fist into her tit, using it as a punching bag. My daughter grunted in my tight grip, releasing a torrent of air from her lungs every time I rammed my fist into her boob.
It felt so strange yet arousing to fight my own daughter, but she had decided for it.
SMACKKK….SMATTTT….CLOPPPPPP….her breast meat folded around the invading glove and sweat was sent flying.
We had both worked up a good sweat, making the whole scene look even hotter.
“Work that titty bear! Pay her back for what she did to you!”
My belly, ribs and cock were still hurting so I really enjoyed giving her pain as well.
As I let go of her she slumped into the ropes, hooking the top rope with her right armpit while cradling her sore tit with the other arm.
“Fuck daddy! My poor breast!”

“Pah! My poor cock!” I had not taken care to put it back into my speedos and nearly half of my manhood, thick as a cucumber, was pointing erect towards my belly button. I noticed Anna looking at it, licking her lips. I brushed it with my sweaty glove.
“Is that what you want? To see my erect cock?” She nodded, came one step towards me and brushed my speedos down inch for inch while her little erect nipples, which did not match the size of her big tits, brushed mine.

“Are you serious Anna? Unpacking daddy’s cock? That`s mine!” The expression in Lorene`s face was a mix of lust and jealousy.
My wife smirked at her, aroused herself by the whole setting. Suddenly my cock and balls were totally free and my daughter closed her leather gloves around my manhood and started to rub my shaft from bottom to top.
I was close to exploding watching into her eyes that literally begged for sexual attention. Pre cum was oozing from the hole and I leaned back into the ropes enjoying the sensations my daughter was giving me.
“OH MY GOSH ANNA!” I closed my eyes as she gave me a hand-job with her boxing gloves and kneeled down in front of me.
“Don`t you dare to take daddy`s cock in your mouth little slut!” Now my wife was fuming but Anna simply smiled and engulfed the tip of my thick rod with her lips.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Her tongue hit the sensitive bottom side of my glans and I was done. My knees got weak as I exploded into her mouth.
My wife`s mouth stood open in shock as she entered the ring, topless now. Her big firm knockers were bouncing on her chest as she approached her daughter.
She had not even swallowed my cum as the first punch hit her lower back.
WHAM! Anna threw her head back in agony and howled. Slowly getting back to her feet, her mom boxed heavy crosses to her jaw that made her collapse into my arms.
SMATTTT….SMATTTT….her head jerked heavily to the sides and she was stunned.
“Hold her honey-bear!”
I hooked her arms and my wife bashed her tits with all she had.
Anna grunted as the fists of her mom made her reddened and swelling tit meat fold around the invading gloves which hammered the whole breast across her chest with the aim to knock them off her ribcage.
Massive dark bruises formed on the outer curves now and my daughter dropped to her knees, clutching her aching tits.
Lorene hugged and kissed me while I fondled her big perfect DDDs with my gloves. I massaged them, grinding her thick nipples back into her tits. She moaned into my mouth while we kissed. She was as horny as me, and suddenly a loud scream erupted from her sexy red lips.
“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Anna had gotten back to her feet and hammered her kidneys twice.
I let go of my wife who crashed to her knees.
“Not so fast mommy. Not done yet! I want my share of daddy`s cock!”
Although she was coated in sweat and her tits were swollen and bruised, she was eager to continue the fight. I left the ring as my wife slowly go back to her feet, a bit of anger in her face.
CLOPPPP….CLOPPPPP…CLOPPPPP….SMATTTT….a war of tit and belly punches erupted out of nothing and both dished out all they had to their opponent.
Tits were demolished, abs pulverized with the invading leather. The grunts from both made me hard again!
Anna suddenly changed tactics when she noticed, the punches to mom`s solid abs and firm tits were not having the expected outcome. Every punch was answered twice as hard and the exhausted condition she was already in after the double teaming, did not make it any better.
So a rapid, uppercut to my wife`s jaw hammered her head backwards. She fell into the ropes and held the top one, when our daughter started to connect with hard jabs to her nose.
Lorene shrieked, dazed by the impacting fists.
CLOPPPPPPPPPPP……a massive haymaker nearly tore the left breast from her socket.
Lorene face went ashen but Anna ordered me to hold mommy in place. AS I did I earned protest from her, but the struggle was rather weak since she had to cope with the pain radiating through her boob.
SMACK! SMACK! Two rapid uppercuts to her pussy made my wife`s legs turn to rubber and she went down.
WHAM! The whole ring was shaking when she first dropped to her knees, then collapsed to her side.
Anna instead, had a huge grin on her face. She came towards me and ordered me back in the ring:
“Come daddy! Eat some more leather and then I am gonna eat you alive!”
I did not understand where her sexual desire for me came from, but my raging hard cock showed her I felt the same.
I checked out my wife and asked her if she was ok, but she did not answer. She simply groaned, eyes shut.
I faced Anna and bashed my gloves together. “You will pay for those low blows to your mom! What if her pussy is damaged and we can`t have sex for some time?”
All she answered was: “That was my plan. Take me instead.”
I was torn between the love to my wife and the sexual desire I felt for my busty youngest.
But enough was enough. I raised my gloves and closed in. Her fists aimed for my head but simply hit my guard. Without too much thinking I powered my right towards her head, split her guard with ease and smashed her nose!
SMACK….ANNNNGHHHHHHH! The pain fogged her mind and she reeled backwards with flailing arms. I avoided any contact, waited for the moment and it came.
I feinted another shot to her face and instead hit her sexy little belly pouch. My fist buried into her inner organs, leaving not air at all for her to breath. Anna was about to collapse but I kept her on her toes, connecting with more crisp rights to her naked sweaty orbs and belly.
CLOPPPPPP….SMATTTTT…more and more shots drained the energy from her body until I guided her into the corner.
Arms over top rope, I lifted first her right juicy thigh, then her left and placed her spread eagle.
Meanwhile my wife had gotten up and was standing next to me.
“She is mine now! Her pussy is mine now!”
She limped a bit since Anna`s glove had really crushed her clit and pussy lips, but there was definitely fear in her eyes.
SMATTTTTTT….SMATTTTTT….SMATTTTT…the force of the blows crushed my daughter`s juicy young pussy, lifting her body partly and making her tense up.
All her curves, tit-belly-thighs, jiggled with the hardcore impacts that made her grunt and scream in pain. “AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!”
Her head pitched forward, her eyes closed. Anna gritted her teeth, still resisting the slaughter dished out by her mom.
SMATTTTT…SMATTTTT…SMATTTTT…meanwhile many unanswered blows had made her cxnt highly sensitive. The fabric was deeply buried into sweet young cxnt.
Anna shook her head, still resisting.
“She is a tough cookie!” I admired her abilities to take the pain, but my wife was fuming:
“Say goodbye to your big saggy tits Anna!”
CLOPPPPPPPPP….CLOPPPPPP….CLOPPPPPP…I joined in to break her completely. My wife was destroying the left breast while I was aiming the right. Anna was still trapped in the corner, taking each brutal tit-crushing straight, uppercut or swinger.
SMATTTT….CLOPPPP…SMATTTTT…..GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! She suddenly collapsed forward, her arms not supporting her anymore. Her heavenly curved sweat soaked body impacted to the canvas, those soft bruised big tits spilling out to the sides.
I tapped my wife`s glove and we kissed.
“That it babe! She is done!”

We watched down at her beaten frame but were more than horny after all what had happened so far. My daughter turned to her back moaning. Her pummeled tits rolled on her chest when she was spreading her legs. She had pulled off her gloves and now pulled the fabric out of her swollen labia:
“Fuck….ahh… daddy….!”
I couldn`t believe my ears and was trapped. What she we do? I looked down at her and even in defeat her juicy glistening body made me nearly explode.
Lorene stood over her beaten daughter and suddenly lowered her ass over her face. He soaking wet mature pussy was less than an inch over Anna`s nose.
“You know what`s your job darling…” Saying that, the gap was closed and her perfect pussy lips engulfed our daughter`s nose and mouth.
Slurping sounds could be heard and I knew where Anna`s tongue was.
I kneeled between her wide spread legs. My eight inch cock, thick as a cucumber and veiny already leaked when I finally shoved it into my daughter`s sopping wet twat.