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Neighborhood Sister vs Neighborhood sister and the winner takes on N. H. Mom.

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Neighborhood Sister vs Neighborhood sister and the winner takes on Neighborhood  mom in a aggressive sexfight.
Lisa had moved into the neighborhood many years ago and met two girls that had become so close as friends that they called each other “sister”.  They had adopted her as their Neighborhood Mom as both of their mothers where very busy with work and she spent lot of time with them. She also had a swimming pool that she let them use. She loved how competitive they were with each other, like two real sisters and  always enjoyed watching her “daughters” rough house.  The fights usually started out friendly and soon took on a more aggressive nature. Only 3 months apart in age Kira had just come home from college and her older “sister” Page where on winter break from her freshmen year in college.  In reality “Mom” was only 11 years older than them, but she was so wise in the way of the world to the two younger women. The two had gotten more rough and tumble as the years went on and Lisa was known to have enjoyed watching as the two tussled to best each other and please her.

“Just don’t interfere, Mom” both girls begged their  adopted neighborhood mom.  Lisa smiled “ have I ever interfered with you two playing?”   It had been months since the two where together . “ I’ve really missed watching you two entertain me”. It brought back memories of her and her own sister from long ago.
Lisa had on her pink shorts and had started the match by jumping on Page’s back. “I know I can take you, now.” She giggled as the two went tumbling to the floor. Several minutes of back and forth rolling on the floor, they taunted each other as to who was their “mothers” favorite. They finally broke apart,  got up and faced each other.
Page took off her jewlery and Mom cheered “ Oh, now it’s on. She is taking off her bling.”
“Not this time” Page said as she stuck out her tongue at Lisa. “ I’m not losing this sweatshirt.”
She proceeded to take off her sweatshirt exposing her bra. “Your little sister is the same size as you now, dear. I’d be careful.” Lisa goateed her daughters on. Page began to take off her shirt exposing her bra. “I’m not scared.” Page taunted and kicked off her sweat pants exposing her little black panties. Soon the challenge was answered and both where in bra and panties. 
The two circled and came crashing together in a tangle of bare legs as they both landed on the floor. Hands in each other’s hair  they rolled back and forth.  Lisa noticed the giggling started to fade and more grunting and hard breathing fallowed.
She knew what that meant, the girls where now getting serious. Page ended up mounting her ‘sister’ and Lisa used the same old dirty tactic of pulling on her sisters bra. Page slapped her hands away yelling “ stop, you always friggin’ do that!”  . “ You ruin another bra and I’m stealing one of yours.”
Kira grunted under her sisters weight “ you couldn’t fit into my bra. I’m bigger than you are up there.”
Page let loose with a volley of slaps at her sisters head. Most where wild but Kira had enough and grabbed for her sisters bra and pulled. Instantly one her breasts popped out.

They both paused for a moment almost waiting to see what their Neighbor hood mother would say. She just smiled and said “ go on, if you want to. Your both grown women, now.”
They went right back to the fight.
Page contining her volley of slaps “ you think that will stop me? I’ll kick your butt bare breasted.”  She reached her hands down and managed to unlatch Kira’s bra and in a few moments they where playing tug of war with Kira’s bra.
Page won and tossed it to Mom.
Lisa purred and said “ this is new.”
Lisa smiled. The day each turned 18 she had taken them to dinner and one of the stories she told was of her and her own neighborhood sister playing special game once they became women.

Page goated:  “ I’m more women that you are.”
Kira said “ but I’m kicking your butt, again.”
Page glared back “ it’s not about brute strength.  I am more of a women then you are.”  She reached her pretty and up and grabbed her sisters breast and squeezed causing Kira to scream.  She tried to bat her sisters hand away from her  Neighborhood Sisters breasts but eventually had to roll off of her to get her to let go.
Both got up and just before charging looked at their mother again. She showed no sighs of stopping them and spoke “ your both grown women, now. If you want to go down this road, I won’t stop you. I told you about the battles I had with my Neighborhood sister, when I was your age many years ago.”
Bras where gone and soon panties and shorts where thrown on the floor. Both sisters now stood naked staring at each other. They circled for a minute each sizing the other up before they came clashing together.
This was more than a physical battle, it was sexual. Each wanted to show she was MORE women. Not just stronger but dominant.  This battle was going to include using more than hand and foot and attacking more than punching, slapping and pulling of hair.
The feel of the others bare skin against theirs was repulsive but also exciting. Hands went to breasts as each began to maul the others tits.
This was the first time they had actually seen the other naked and the first time they had touched one another.
Soon Page managed to push Kira back against the couch and their bare stomachs pressed together just before they both crashed to the floor in a tangle of legs and arms. Hands went back to hair pulling, a tactic both had mastered from young.
Page ended up on top of her younger “sister”, again and soon they were joined in a mutual tit sqeezing battle. Both showing how painful it was to the other.  The feel of the other womens soft breast tissue in their hands was new and they had reached an unspoken rule in this fight. “The harder you attack one of my prized assets as a women, the harder I will attack yours.”
Each was going for pain and tried to make the other submit. Each attacked one of the primary weapons women use to get men.
Page got rocked off balance and soon the two were battling side by side until Kira slid a thigh between her sisters and brought her crotch up to brush page’s .
Page paused for a moment having never felt another females pubic hair against her own.
They locked eyes for a moment and decided it was time to battle using their most intimate of body parts.  Breasts might get a man, but this body part was what made a women a women.  They prepared to expose their most intimate of body parts and pit it against the other women’s.
They lay side by side and exposed themselves to the other and made contact. Clits rose and touched.  Lips opened and kissed. They felt the others wetness and made contact. Gentle but firm and soon Kira aggressively pushed her hips forward smashing her sensitive womenhood into her rival.
Lisa smelled the womenhood of her  neighborhood daughters and noticed how their butt cheeks tensed with each thrust. She watched them lock eyes as each knew they were battling not just for physical dominance but to determine who was the alpha women. 
The thrusts got harder until both pushed in unison bringing their crotches up off the floor as they pushed their bodies fully together at the hips. Pelvic bone pressed against pelvic bone. Soft lady flesh dripped with juices as each grunted in pain and exertion.  Slowly Page began to push her younger sister back and Kira lost her balance first and crashed her hips to the ground.
Page continued to push her “sister” backward adding a rug burn to her list of pains being endured. Soon Kira cried out “I give!”
Page smiled and slowly retreated, rolling over on her back. Out of breath. She smiled to herself and said “ I guess that makes me the Alpha.”
“Mom “spoke up “ not yet, it doesn’t.”
Both daughters looked up to see Lisa now naked with her legs spread. “ If you want that title, you’ll have to fight me for it.”

Part 2?


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mmmmmm. Young vs mature. Experience vs youthful vigor. cxnt to cxnt. Post part 2 soon!