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story writing technique

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story writing technique
« on: September 26, 2010, 08:11:11 AM »
There is a few different techniques to help write fight stories which can help beginners a lot & even seasoned story writers as well. It puts almost a science to writing the story & it works on the premise of starting with an outline & you plan backwards from the end. so your first decision would be

1-which woman is going to win the fight
2- how easy or difficult will it be for her to win. This can be in a % basis.
    A fight that is very one sided and you don't think the loser will have a chance to successfully attack the winner the rating might be winner-100%-loser-0%
    A fight that is very evenly matched until the end when one girl finally wins the ratings might be winner-55%-loser-45%
3-this first benchmark would be the outline of the fight from the beginning until the point in the fight where the woman that is losing the fight can no longer effectively fight back.
   This would be more of a physical accounting. I differentiate because mentally the loser might not yet realize that she has already lost the fight, or because she is still very angry and isn't ready
   to admit defeat. &/or is very dominant and refuses to give in or give up. So these choices is far from the end of the fight, but once you have made these decisions, it will be a lot easier to write the

In order to add another dimension to the process you give the reasons positive & negative for why the winner will win & the loser will lose.
The loser is too fat & out of shape & will get tired very quickly.
The winner is much too big & strong for the loser.
The winner is just too fast and has too much ability.
The winner is just too crazy & even if the other woman gets an advantage, she will bite, kick, scratch & take it to another level

So in the case of 100%-0% you look at the main reasons such as
The loser is much too fat & out of shape and will get tired very quickly & the winner is too fast and has too much ability-you know the winner will dance around the winner & fist fight, attacking & moving away & the loser might throw some punches & miss or keep trying to grab a hold of the winner & not be able to

In the case of the 55%-45 the two woman might be quite equal and the fight might go back & forth until the loser who is a little more out of shape might just get tired faster.

So once you have the outline, it makes it a little easier to decide the events of the fight that lead up to the outcome & then you have to go from that point until the end.

Many times asking questions will help you make some of the decisions, although I find that most people don't like to know which woman is going to win the fight until they get there, so try not to ask "who do you want to win."

Asking the person you are writing a story for to show you a story or two that they think is really good is usually very helpful. You get to see the type of action that turns them on and usually you can use very similar action or change the action just a little to make the story what they want.

One more hint is reading into whatever information you can get from the person. ask them for the scenario, why the fight will happen, where it will happen, & as much about the fighting experience & ability of each woman.