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The Clarks - Birthday Box

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The Clarks - Birthday Box
« on: October 19, 2021, 04:39:22 PM »
The Clarks – Birthday Box
As Benny entered the living room on the morning of his 18th birthday, he found it all empty.
“Mom? Dad? Sis? Anybody home?”
But there was only silence. Still half asleep he walked into the kitchen, opened the fridge and got himself a glass of orange juice. On the counter was a small note:
“Happy Birthday Benny! We are waiting for you in the basement.”
It was his mom`s handwriting and he wondered about the meaning.
He shrugged and after finishing his drink, he walked down the stairs into their basement.
“TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” He nearly got a heart attack from the surprise his family had prepared!
Down in their basement was their private gym and boxing ring and everything was decorated with helium balloons and presents.
There were his parents and sister, all clad in red kimonos which was a bit ridiculous to say the least. But since Benny was just in his boxers and his morning wood had just disappeared, he didn`t care too much.
“Happy Birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear Benny……happy birthday to youuuuuuuuu!”
He applauded for the somehow strange but cute surprise and they all hugged. Mom was first:
“My baby boy is finally 18! I am so proud!”
He could feel her big tits under the kimono press against his chest while she hugged him firmly. Monica was nearly one head taller than him and his face ended up in the valley between her big tits.
“MMMMMPFFF…MOM!” He slapped her hips playfully to get free but couldn`t help to get hard.
Once free it was his sister hugging him in the same intimate way. Susy, 19 years old, was still two inches taller than Benny, but not as big as his mother towering full 6 feet.
Also in the chest department she was “only” a DD, but her toned perfect body hugged him tightly and for sure his erection now was pressing against her belly.
Benny was stunned when she kissed him full on the lips. She cupped his cheek and he tasted her warm lips, causing him to get even more aroused.
“Happy birthday little brother….” Her voice was so soft and different from the days before. Susy usually was the one dominating in their relationship and often mocked him about his size of 5”6.
“Yea….ehm…nice. Thanks sis!” Benny blushed and turned sideways to hide his boner.
“Not so fast champ!” Benny winced as his dad`s big hand slammed down on his shoulder an turned him. It got even more embarrassing when Kent hugged him too and his erect cock brushed against his father`s.
But since he didn`t say anything and just pointed towards the big present in front of the ring.
“That`s for you son. Open it!”

Benny grabbed the present and opened it with sparkling eyes and blushing cheeks.
“Gloves?” He smiled when he noticed the pair of black Everlast 12 oz gloves.
The whole family had been sport addicts and since 4 years Benny had been training together with them and even competed in junior bouts at amateur level. But his size and reach was simply too small to reach the higher ranks.
But his parents, aged both 42, still competed often in various circles and leagues, returning with presents like swollen eyes or burst lips.
Monica came closer with a beaming smile. “There is another present….”
His mom Monica had still stunning looks. Her face was more than pretty and her big bust caused the kimono to open slightly in the front. He tried to ignore it while opening the package, but he saw a glimpse of what was underneath:
A big red leather bra straining to hold her G-Cups, a matching red leather thong and a garter belt holding a sexy pair of net stockings. He gulped and his erection pulsed more than ever.
Inside the package was a pair of black high boxing boots matching the new gloves and a tight pair of speedos.
“Wow. Thanks mom. What do you have planned on me?” Benny raised his right eye brow like he always did when his family planned something special without telling him.

“Oh well…ehm…since you are 18 by today it is time to involve you in a special way of fighting that has a little tradition in our family. How to say….”
Now it was his mom struggling to find the correct words and his dad took over.
“Well to be honest since your mother and I got to know each other we always had also erotic matches. We were fighting each other and also other families. Your sister Susy joined a year ago.”
Benny`s jaw dropped basically down to the floor.
Right in that moment, his mom opened the gown and put her sexy mature body on full display. Her arms and shoulders were strong her blonde hair semi long just reaching them.
Her big natural tits were resting in that amazing and expensive leather bra giving her the support she needed to box with boobs that size.
Next was his dad, dropping the gown and showing off his fit 6”2 body. His was all hairy from his chest down to his sixpack. The bulge in his tiny pants was more than evident.
Latest was his lovely sister Susy. She was wearing a tight PVS bustier to hold her DDs in place and a tiny matching panty.
Benny moaned with lust when he noticed their sexy bodies all ligned up in front of his.
“Try your new items!” His dad encouraged him. Benny was significantly smaller than all of them but still a fit young boy.
But he was fighting his embarrassment to show off naked. “Now?”
His sister came closer, brushed her big left tit against his upper arm and grabbed the hard-on in his boxers. “Yes please… I wanna see that cock of yours! I know it must feel strange. At least it did last year when I was introduced….”
“What the hell…..” Benny shook his head and dropped his boxers, causing his 7 inch cock to jump out.
Susy licked her lips and touched it with the tip of her finger, being barely able to bent it down so stiff it was.
“Not bad Benny. But why are you so hard? We haven`t even started yet?”
She knew the answer very well. She and her mom were doing their best to arouse little Benny.
His mom couldn`t take her eyes off him either. There was lust in her sexy blue eyes and he could see her nipples stiffen even through the leather of her bra.
And then it was his dad bringing him back to reality.
“Get ready son. Let`s trade some leather!” His dad climbed between the ropes while Benny put on the tiny black briefs and the matching shoes. His mom helped him with the gloves while his eyes rested on her large bosom.
“Be careful. Dad is fast and not showing any mercy….”
Benny nodded, his heart racing - and then he climbed into the ring.
His Sister introduced her dad first:
“In the corner to my right we have Kent Clark, 42 years young, lean 200lbs with while standing 6”2 and equipped with a 9 inch tool in his briefs.”
His dad raised his right glove showing off his impressive biceps. Benny blushed again when he noticed his sister knew about the exact size of his cock.
Meanwhile his mom had taken the position in his corner, massaging his shoulder muscles after Benny was warming up and shadow boxing.
“And here we have Benjamin James Clark. Standing 5”6, weighing 140lbs and having just turned 18. And only a few moments ago we had the chance to see his lovely 7 inch penis.”
“Mom!” Benny turned and complained playfully while his mom shrugged her shoulder.
“Sorry dear. This is how it is done in this circle. You should get used to it.”
Susy hit the ring bell and the first round started. Benny had often sparred with his dad, but never his sis and mom had been present in such erotic clothing. At least his boner got a bit limp now he had to focus on the fight.
His dad charged at him throwing quite hard jabs. His guard was good, but still they had quite some power behind it. BAP…BAPP….he danced back, his dad followed and he dodged the next right peppering a solid right into his abs.
“OUUFFFF…” His dad chuckled and stepped back. “That one stung boy!”
They raised gloves again and traded many jabs, slowly warming up and getting used to trade some solid shots.
Close to the end of the round his sister suddenly shouted: “Give him a low blow daddy!”
Benny still didn`t know if he heard right when his father connected with a strong left to his forehead, easily avoided the counter keeping Benny on distance and then bombing his right glove with an uppercut into his balls.
“WHAM! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” The force of the blow lifted the youngster to his tip toes before he fell to his knees massaging his genitals.
“Fuck! DAD!”
“What?” His dad simply smirked, bending the ropes for Susy to enter. “The next round will be her`s.”
While Benny limped over to his stool, Susy warmed up and while doing some shadow boxing, her juicy big boobs jumped in the confines of her PVS bustier.
Monica leaned over the ropes, resting her big tits on his shoulder while giving him some water.
“Are you alright? That was a wicked blow.”
“Thanks mom. Guess I`m ok.”
“Oh I bet you are!” His mom smirked when she noticed Benny was getting hard again once in contact with her tits.
“Give it to your sister! Pound her boobs a bit. She can take it.” When mommy was biting his ear lobe sexily, Benny moaned and was fully hard. His erection was barely held by his briefs.
“And his second opponent is Suzy Clark, 19 years young, 135lbs while standing 5”8, equipped with 36DDs.”
The bell sounded for the second round in total, but the first against his sexy sister Susy. Her big naturals were bouncing in her bustier with every step she made toward him.
She attacked him straight away, throwing her powerful fists towards his head.
Benny lifted his guard and took many of her shots. Susy was bigger than him with a good reach and sexily muscled arms and belly.
“OUFFFFF….!” Benny groaned when his belly was hit hard, driving the air out of his lungs. Susy was fast and dangerous and up to now, he had not even tried to counter.
“OUFFFF….SMATTTT….OUFGGHHHHHH!” Another two shots to his oblique’s made him lean to the left in pain. SMACK! What a right to his face! His head jerked back and he fell into the ropes.
His world was full of pain and in his slightly dazed state he saw stars.
Suzy got closer, cupped the back of his head with her glove while her left stroked over the bulge in his pants.
She kissed him seductively with her luscious lips, then leaned forward and latched them over his left nipple starting to suck gently. “WOOOOAHHHHHHH……” Benny nearly came in his pants when Suzy whispered: “Can`t wait to have two cocks at the same time….”
He knew she meant Dad and him.
While Suzy wasted time to tease him, he saw his chance. SMACKKKKKKK! An uppercut was sent into her left tit, smashing it against her ribs painfully. Suzy screamed and nearly bite into his nipple.
“You little asshole…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Another shot sunk into her sexy naked navel, burying the leather deep in her belly and causing her to double over even more.
Her guard was not existing, so he shoved her backwards to gain a little space and bombed two hooks to the side of her face. Connecting with her chin, her head flew sideways and Susy stumbled backwards.
Benny was not the strongest, but still he was fit and she could feel his punches. He aimed now for her big tits, smashing them full force with straights. Suzy groaned sexily and lowered her guard, only to be chased by his punches now connecting to her forehead and eyes.
She countered with a sudden right, connecting to his nose.
That one stung! Luckily the round had ended and both were happy to take a small rest.

“You did so well baby!” Mommy rewarded him with a kiss. Not a motherly kiss, but pressing her seductive red lips on his and forcing her exploring wet tongue deep into his mouth.
His cock was pulsing with excitement!
Finally releasing him, Benny found himself in a weird state of arousal and pain. This birthday present was for sure nothing he expected.
On the other corner dad opened the clasp of Susy`s bra and dropped it to the floor. Her big DDs popped free and settled high on her chest, slightly reddened from his blows.
Suzy complained: “Hey what are you doing dad! My tits!”
“Shut up! Seeing your young big tits bouncing naked will distract him. You can knock him out easily!”
Benny`s dad reached over the ropes and grabbed his sister`s big boobs, massaging them carefully to ease the pain from his straights. What a sight! Benny saw how stiff her nipples got. Suzy purred like a cat….
“This cheeky bastard! Dad is a tit and ass man and the young ripe orbs of your sister make him so hard every time…”
Benny shook his head. The incestuous thoughts made him crazy. Luckily the third round for him started. His young body was already covered in a light sheen of sweat.
Suzy attacked straight away, with her now bare big boobs swaying with each step and punch she threw at him. Benny dodged her right hook, countered with a left to her solar plexus and a rapid uppercut to her left tit. SMATTTT…..SMATTTT…he sent it flying and Suzy moaned in pain.
Her tit was heavy! Never before he had punched a naked breast and Benny was oozing pre cum in his panty!
WHAMMMMM! A right countered and hit his temple, smashing his head left.
He fell into the rope totally stunned, hooking it under his armpit. And then Suzy closed in!
She held his left arm and trapped it, while her left connected over and over with his tummy. BAPP…BAPPPP….BAPPPPP….Benny tensed his abs as good as possible but still felt the power of his sister taking him apart slowly. His eyes were glued to her naked breasts that swayed heavily while she punched every bit of air out of his lungs.
“MAAAH…OUFFFF…..AHHHH….” Benny`s belly was her punching bag.
He had to get out of this!
Benny suddenly twisted to the right, chafed with his flank across the ropes but was free. He only had one shot to surprise his sister. Suzy turned back to find him prepared. He drove a horrible right into her ovary, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”
Suzy clinched not to go down and her big tits mashed against his chest. Both young bodies hugged and breathed heavily. Their sweat mixed and she could clearly feel his erection brush against her belly.
He felt her hard nipples and firm young tits he had lusted for years. Since they had started growing he knew she came after her mom in terms of tit size.
It was an intimate moment and neither could really focus on boxing.
Benny had to win! He shoved her away, aiming her big tits once again. Wild lefts and rights connected to her sensitive thick nipples and drove them hard back into her tit-meat.
Her DDs were the size of his gloves and were deformed with each brutal blow. She groaned after each strike that made her heavy boobs bounce and shake and Benny got a good rhythm working her assets over.
“SMASH THEM TIDDIES!” His mom yelled over and Benny forced his sister into his own corner. Mom suddenly grabbed her sweaty biceps and fixed her, so she was wide open for more blows from Benny.
SMASHHHHHHHHHH! A double tit uppercut lifted both of her heavy udders at the same time, crushing them together before the smacked back to her ribs.
And then there was her sexy trained belly that literally begged for more punches. She had worked his solar plexus over with numerous shots, and now she would have to take her own medicine!
SMATTTT…SMATTTT….SMATTTTT….his leather kissed her surprisingly strong abs and caused them to redden more with each blow. Susy did not complain about the illegal trap from her mom, but took everything Benny had to dish out.
UNNNGHH…UNGHHHH…UNGHHH…she had her eyes closed and her abs stayed strong taking every blow with pride. Her tits jiggled with each impact sexily, until the round was finally over and Benny exhausted from all the punching.
“Fuck me!” Those two words nearly blew his mind!
Susy turned and bent forward and he simply had to pull down her skimpy PVS panty that had already been trapped between her ass cheeks exposing most of her buttocks.
BAPP…BAPPPP…he could not hold back to give each of her sweaty ass cheeks a light punch, before he pulled her pants down. Her vulva was on full display between her buttocks when she bent forward, taking the middle rope as a support.
“Fuck her baby!” His mom encouraged him and stepped into the ring. She pulled his pants down and freed his fully erect manhood. She took it in her hands….
“Oh my gosh mommy….” His mom`s fingers closed around his shaft and guided it between Suzy`s cxnt lips. She was dripping wet. He simply had to push forward and….
Her dripping wet pussy welcomed his throbbing cock and he pushed all the way in. Suzy was as horny as him and he started to take her doggy, putting his gloves on her sexy buttocks.
SMATTT…SMATTTT…SMATTTT…he build up a nice rhythm and wondered, that he did not blow his load into her with the first push.
His mom kneed next to him, watching his cock enter his sister only inches away. Her eyes were full of lust and got glassy when she reached in her own thong, starting to finger herself.
Dad also entered, got his big fat cock free and mom was more than willing to join the fun. She bent over next to her daughter, allowing her hubby to ram his tool into her from behind as well.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH GAAAAAAAAAAAWWDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Now mom and daughter moaned in unison, enjoying the first double fuck in their lives.
Benny pumped into his sister, daddy into mommy right next to him. All were moaning and close to their climaxes.
Benny was still not sure this was a dream, but his sister felt more than real.
“HARDER CHAMP! FUCK ME HAAAARDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR…..GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Suzy`s young cxnt milked him while she came and Benny came hard too. His fluids shot deep into her womb, filling her up with crazy amounts of sperm.
Monica could not hold back when both her children were shaking under massive orgasms, encouraging Kent to fuck her hard.
SMACKKK….SMACKKKK….SMACKKKK….the whole ring was shaking under his thrusts, her big G-Cups held by her red leather bra.
Benny was still cumming, maybe the twelfth or fifteenth shot of semen, when also daddy and mommy climaxed hard.
Monica threw her hair back in lust, her ripe cxnt getting filled while clenching around the shaft inside her.
“YESSSS…YESSS…hight pitched shrieks filled the ring. Shrieks, that Benny knew too well. He had heard them so often when his parent`s made love, and his mother`s screams were quite unique.

All of them sat down on the ring floor and Suzy spread her legs wide, watching unreal amounts of cum flowing out of her cxnt.
“Oh my god Benny! You have flooded me! It feels like a whole baseball team had filled me up!”
Benny laughed when a big puddle of his cum formed in front of the wide spread legs.
“Yep. Thanks sis! I produce more than you can handle….”
Everybody laughed until mom interfered: “Can you still go a few rounds with your old mom? I want to fight you!”
There was lust in her eyes and when Benny saw her sweaty body in front of him, clad in red leather bra and thong, topped with garter belt and mesh stockings, it did not take him long to get hard again.
“Sure mom. I would love to get my fists on your big tits.”
Monica turned towards Kent: “Open my bra honey. Benny deserves a good view on my weapons while we fight.”
His dad chuckled and first helped Monica up, then opened her bra and Benny gulped when those huge ripe G-Cups, topped with large bumpy areola and fingertip sized nipples bounced free.
Benny noticed some little scars around his mom`s areola on her left breast and a little “valley”, running on her right breast from the edge of her areola, all the way down to the base of the tit.
Those battle marks made her battle hardened tits even more desirable.
“Mommy how did this happen?”
Benny pointed at the scars and his dad reached around his mom, and lifted both heavy 38 G-Cups.
“Your mom had a nice share of really hard fights against other families. Her tits have been busted three times and needed stitching.”
His mom added: “Don`t blame it all on other women you cheeky bastard! The burst milk ducts and glands were caused by you!” She pointed at the little deformation at the bottom of her right breast.
Benny moaned with lust and his cock jumped.
“I bet he would like some of the old stories.” Suzy chuckled and ran her glove over the cum drenched hard cock of her brother.
The erotic tension increased and Monica moaned with lust: “Fight me! NOW! We can tell you some stories later.”
Dad and sis left the ring and Benny got up as well. Both raised their gloves and while Monica was fresh, Benny had already three rounds behind him. His arms were heavy and he could barely focus seeing his half naked mom in front of him. Her red gloves flew at him and he had to dance to the left, dodge and counter.
BAPPP…he hit her belly, but she was anything but impressed.
SMATTT…BAPPPP….her gloves impacted on his nose, simply parting his guard.
Benny moaned in pain and stumbled backwards, while his mother followed, feinted high but punched low smashing his erect cock hard against his belly.
“UNNNGHHH…” Benny stayed hard.
Monica knew very well how to punch cocks. More of 20 years in-ring experienced payed out.
She aimed his cock and glans but not his balls. While Benny was hanging in the corner basically, arms draped above the top rope, his mom boxed his hard cock against his belly over and over with precise uppercuts.
BAPPP…BAPPP….BAPPPP…it felt so good! He grit his teeth to cope with the pain.
“Oh my little sunshine stays hard! Adorable!”
Monica punched his cock again and again, getting carried away  and not focusing anymore on her guard.
SMACK!!!! Benny put all he had into the overhand right, that crashed into mommies left eye. She was dazed, her moan filling their basement.
Benny stood compact again after getting free from the ropes, waiting for a counter from his mom.
SMACK! Just as she threw a jab, he found the opening and peppered her ribs.
She pulled her elbows closer, but Benny was mean and fast: he aimed very low, bombing a left-right combo just above her pubic mound. His glove smashed her front thong patch, pounding her sweaty and cum leaking vulva behind the leather.
Her face went ashen and Benny grinned: “Some rights for everyone right? You boxed my cock, I will soften up your pussy!”
BAPPPPP….SMAKKKK….AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! While mommy was guarding her pussy, her arms crossed, her big tits made a perfect target. Benny punched them full force compressing her glands and hurting her nipples to the max.
His Amazonian mom took the blows to her tits, dancing out of reach now. Although she was tough, she had to be careful.
Finally a rest. Both got to their corners and hubby took care of his mom while Suzy massaged his shoulders and got him reading for a fifth round. “You were hard all the time. Not even dad can manage that.”
Benny blushed but felt honored.
His young body was now soaked with sweat and also his mother was covered and her sexy half naked body glistened in the lights. One round of fucking and boxing had done a nice job.
Her left eye got a bit puffy after the strong blow of Benny, but still she was is a fit shape.
The bell sounded for the next round and both got ready to trade leather again.
Monica came out focused this time, aiming fast rights all over his body. She feinted high, then connected hard to his ribs and belly turning it slowly to jello. Suzy had already worked it over quite a bit, but now he had to eat another 20 shots or so.
SMATTTT…SMATTT….Benny`s body was beaten like a punching bag and he barely stayed on his feet. He moaned and grunted, going down to one leg after the barrage of blows. The sex of his goddess like mother was directly in front of him. He could smell it. Her cxnt lips were visible at the edge of the leather patch which had partly disappeared between them, allowing sticky blonde pussy hair to overflow.
Right from below he uppercutted her pussy hard: “WHAMMMMM!. FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK!” Mom Monica`s legs got weak and trembled as she leaned forward. Her big boobs were dangling sexily right in front of him and Benny couldn`t help but use them as punching bags.
SMATTTTTTTT….SMATTTTT….giving a torturous blow to each G-Cup udder, slamming them against her ribs, causing more moans, he almost felt sorry for her.
“Go for her tits son! She is used to it!”
Benny slowly stood up and while doing so he SMASHED his right knee into that dangling left tit and lifted his mother from her feet. Her whole body shot upwards and she sailed back into the ropes.
BAPPPPPP…SMATTTTT….he connected hard to her chin, his sweat dripping onto the floor.
Monica`s face was a grimace of agony! A big bruise was forming on her breast. The tit that had fed him, withstood more than twenty years of foxy boxing, was now swelling from the hard knee kick.
Benny took aim on her left breast now, pounding it with lefts and rights across her chest.
Her boob was much heavier than her daughter`s DDs and Benny got exhausted working over his mom`s left tit that slowly turned fully red.
The bell saved her and she simply had to step left to drop her sexy mature ass on the stool.
Monica leaned back with a pain wrecked face, clutching her tit with her left arm and rubbing over her pussy with the right glove.
Suzy proudly slapped Benny`s shoulder: “Well done champ. She has turned my tits to purple punching bags at least a dozen times during the last year. She deserves it!”
Benny eyed his opponent and was not so sure. His Amazonian mom looked clearly wounded after only two rounds.
The bell sounded for the third and Benny rushed out of his corner to knock her out. She was slow, or maybe only pretended to be. Once he sent a fast right to her face, she leaned to the right and powered a crisp left into his belly. “OUFFFFFFFFF…..” Benny moaned leaned over and WHAM! His mom had kicked her knee all the way up into his nuts.
Benny collapsed there and then, first to his knees, then onto his chest. He was not able to power after the powerful low blow.
His dad counted: 8….9…..10! Ding! It was over! His mother planted her combat boot into his back and posed for the camera Kent had taken to make sure the moment was captured.
Monica’s biceps bulged when she flexed and her remarkable tits when glistening under the lights.
“Get up baby!” Monice took her gloves up and hooked Benny under the armpits. She hugged him, wincing when pressing her big chest against his body. His face was almost at the height of her boobs, so she cradled his head and it disappeared in that sweaty valley.
Benny was in heaven…
“And now the winner claims the price right?”
Mommy pushed Benny back on the stool in the corner, got to her knees in front of him and re-lived his cock. She sucked it hard into her mouths and only seconds later the blood flow returned and pumped it back into shape. His balls were still churning, but otherwise Benny moaned in pure lust.
Mom`s tongue ran over his glans and Kent took pictures as well to make proof of his first blowjob her received by his mom.
Monica watched the full 7 inch standing hard and ready to bring joy. She pulled her thong down, remaining just in her mesh stockings. She aligned her sexy mature pussy with her wet and trimmed blonde pubic hair to his manhood.
And then she dropped her sweaty butt on top of his lap. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” They moaned in unison as his cock entered her sopping wet pussy. She was in reverse cowgirl and held her aching tits to prevent them from swinging too much when she started to fuck her son.
“Oh….ahmmmm…give it to mommy! Yes….so gooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddd…..aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Monica came in less than a minute. Her vulva was swollen from the low blows, but she had been horny as fuck. It hard started weeks ago when she knew Benny`s birthday was coming closer.
She grinded her wet sex on her son, coming again! “YEAH….YEAH…..!” High pitched shrieks filled the basement when Benny grabbed her ass cheeks and guided the fucking movements.
SMATTT…SAMTTTT…SMATTT…she bounced on his lap, her big fat tits now bouncing freely.
Benny also got more self-conscious yelling: “Give me your hot cxnt! AHHHH….I have dreamed years about fucking you……”
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!” Benny exploded inside her with another dozen jets of cum, sending them all deep into the womb that had given birth to him…


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Re: The Clarks - Birthday Box
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2021, 02:38:49 PM »
Would be interesting to have a new match where Benny and his dad have a cockfight so his sister can decide who's the best man to fuck her. They could even have first to cum match in front of the women of the family.


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Re: The Clarks - Birthday Box
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2021, 12:06:30 AM »
Amazing story. Would like to see more of the family fights from the past.  Or how about Suzie's birthday.