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CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker

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CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker
« on: November 10, 2021, 07:52:21 PM »
CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker


When this match was booked it was instantly billed as one of the most hyped matches the Celebrity Wrestling Federation had ever seen, up there with the titanic Kate Upton vs Alexandra Daddario fights as the world famous rivalry, fought across numerous federations, including a recent title bout in the CFWA in which Brooklyn emerged victorious. Despite that recent win, as always, everyone predicted this fight would be close and could go either way. This match was full of twists which made it an even more electric environment. One, the match was in a cage that, after the fighters had entered, could not be unlocked until a fighter defeated their opponent and the only way to win was via a valid 10-count pin. Two, this was an "anything goes" match. Three, this was a "skin-to-win" match which meant no valid pin could be recorded unless the pinned fighter was stripped completely.

Those predictions turned out to be true for the first 20 minutes of a brutal back and forth battle between the two elite fighters as they dueled for the win. Brooklyn took a slight early lead after stripping Kate of her top 15 minutes into the fight and 5 minutes later had Kate exactly where she wanted her after Brooklyn's brutal power bomb left her rival laid out on the mat.

Unfortunately for Brooklyn, things took a turn for the worse after a missed moonsault turned into a brutal assault by Kate in response. Taking advantage of Brooklyn's mistake, Kate quickly climbed back up to her feet as adrenaline rushed through her, rejuvenating her tired body as she delivered multiple quick stomps to Brooklyn's belly before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up into a bent over standing position.

"Get ready to say hello to the canvas again, bitch!" Kate snarled as she displayed her incredible strength, lifting Brooklyn up perpendicular to the ground in a perfect position to deliver a tombstone piledriver. Kate dropped to knees, spiking Brooklyn's head into the mat ferociously as her hatred for her blonde rival consumed her. Brooklyn's body fell to the canvas lifelessly as she laid there spread-eagled.


As she climbed onto Brooklyn's prone form, Kate grinned venomously as she slapped Brooklyn's face back and forth until she got more and more responsive. Once satisfied, Kate laughed and said, "bet you regret stripping my top off now," as she lowered famous 34DD chest onto Brooklyn's still mostly dazed face while locking on a grapevine. "Wha--MMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHH!" Just as Brooklyn was about to speak her voice was muffled by Kate's breast smother, which only prompted more trash talk from the current CWF Champion. "Bet you regret issuing that open challenge to me now don't you?" Kate asked with a laugh full of malice. All Kate heard was "MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHH! MMMMMMPPPPHHHHHH! MMMMMPPPHHH!!!!" as Brooklyn tried to reply while trapped in Kate's impressive cleavage.

"You want to be trapped deeper in my cleavage? Is that what I heard? No problem, Brooklyn, I can do that for sure!" Kate replied in a mocking sing-song voice as she pulled Brooklyn deeper into her terrifying smother. With her mouth and nose pressed against Kate's sternum, the rest of her facial features engulfed by Kate's bosom, and her air supply and strength being rapidly drained, Brooklyn knew she was in deep trouble. Struggle as she might, in her weakened state she couldn't break her head free of Kate's grip on her head and after multiple attempts tapped on Kate's biceps to signal her submission as she gave up her struggles and admitted defeat.

And then she tapped again. And again. And then multiple rapid taps in a row. Her lungs were on fire as her mind entered a state of delirium from oxygen deprivation as the breast smother sent her into true sensory overload. Brooklyn's confusion turned into panic as Kate laughed and said condescendingly, "oh, Brooklyn...don't you remember this match only ends via pin...and while you are pinned to the mat right still have your clothes on and this is a "skin-to-win" match." Her mouth curled into a cheshire grin, "and our fun is just getting started." And as the panic consumed Brooklyn, fear of Kate Upton's tits conquered her every thought. And then a few moments later her mind went blank, knocked out for the first of what was sure to be many times that night in front of the raucous CWF crowd...

Right now I have it left to the reader's imagination how Kate Upton tortures Brooklyn Decker before actually stripping her and pinning her for the win. If you want, I can actually write out more short stories for additional knockouts. If that is something you're interested in, or if you just liked the post, make sure to drop a like. If this story gets 15 likes, I'll write a follow up that will be posted in this thread in which Kate knocks out Brooklyn again. For every 2 likes after 15, I'll write another (i.e. if this hits 25 likes, I will end up writing 6 additional KOs for Brooklyn Decker at Kate Upton's hand). If by some miracle this hits 30 likes I'll write the grandest knockout yet and describe Kate stripping Brooklyn and pinning her for the win.

As always I highly recommend checking out the rest of the CWF story line, all of which can be found in the polls section.
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Re: CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2021, 12:00:40 AM »
great story between 2 hotties!

Re: CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2021, 05:45:34 PM »
As promised here is part 2. Part 3 will come on Tuesday as we already hit the like count for it


While Brooklyn laid spread-eagled in the center of the ring, Kate walked over to her corner and reached into her bag of miscellaneous items and pulled out one of her ten vials of smelling salts and walked back over to her prone enemy. "Wakey, wakey, Brooklyn! I am not done with you!" Kate cheerfully said in a sing-song voice. As Brooklyn slowly stirred, coughing and gasping from Kate's world famous breast smother, Kate proceeded to yell at her, punctuating each word with a slap to Brooklyn's face, "YOU! TALKED! SO! MUCH! SHIT! NOW! YOU! PAY! FOR! CHALLENGING! ME!"

Kate grabbed the barely conscious Brooklyn by her golden locks and dragged her to the ropes. "You're going to loooooove this one, bitch," Kate said with a malicious grin as she tied her opponent's hair to the cage. The crowd got to their feet in an uproar, with fans of Kate cheering wildly knowing that Brooklyn was in deep trouble, while fans of Brooklyn booed the dirty style of Kate loudly. The boos of Brooklyn's fans only served to amplify Kate's drive to punish Brooklyn given that this was an "anything goes" match and began to use her opponent's belly as a punching bag to train her striking ability.

"GUH! MMPPPHHHH!! UGGGGHHH!!!" Brooklyn moaned and groaned, the sound ever so slightly different with each slam of Kate's fists into her belly, but all sharing the same general tune, one of utter defeat and endless agony. Kate was a machine, firing punch after punch into Brooklyn's taut belly while showing little sign of fatigue, the adrenaline from this domination session running the show. If not for her hair being tied as high as it could be to the cage, Brooklyn would likely be slumped forward on the mat. Instead, the beating continued as her abs got what had to be the bruising of a century, as Kate pounded it repeatedly.

Satisfied with the damage done to Brooklyn's belly with those punches, Kate decided to change target. "Well, time to do some work on the speedbags," Kate taunted with a Cheshire grin. Brooklyn's face blanched with fear, knowing exactly what was going to happen. "Wait, Kate, I give, I'm sorry for disrespecting you, please, just make it stop!!!" Brooklyn pleaded. Kate laughed as she repeated what Brooklyn said back to her in a mocking tone before countering, "should have thought about that before you made the challenge. Right now? We're just getting started." Punch after punch sent Brooklyn's tits going one way before another shot sent it the other way, while Brooklyn cried in agony, desperate to be free.

After a couple minutes working her opponent's tits, Kate climbed onto the bottom rope and lowered her massive breasts right back onto Brooklyn's face. Brooklyn's muffled mewls filled Kate's heart with delight as she knew just how much she was making her suffer. Brooklyn's head was bent backwards uncomfortably by the pressure of Kate leaning on her from above as Kate pressed her tits into Brooklyn's face and made even worse by the hair being pulled hard due to it being tied to the cage still. Brooklyn started to scream into Kate's chest as pain in her scalp got worse and worse, while Kate's jugs proceeded to sap her of every ounce of air and strength she had remaining. As Brooklyn passed out for the second time, Kate hopped off her victim and let the photographers take a picture of a most amazing sight: Brooklyn, limp, and very obviously KOed, yet still standing, suspended by her hair, while Kate stood beside her, triumphant, cupping her uncovered chest.

Re: CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2021, 04:45:09 AM »
As promised here is Part 3. Part 4 will come as soon as possible but with Thanksgiving coming up soon timelines will be spotty.


While Brooklyn remained unconscious, Kate got to work untying her opponent's hair from the cage, seeking to free Brooklyn up for her next devilish plan. Her fans watched with glee while this happened, all shouting in a cacophonous roar their ideas on how Kate should crush Brooklyn next. "There we go!" Kate exclaimed, as finally undid the last knot tying her rag doll of an opponent to the cage. Kate laughed, as did her fans, as immediately after releasing the last knot, Brooklyn fell lifelessly forward face-first into Kate's tits. Kate cackled as she said, "oh wow! Looks like I've trained Brooklyn well! She's learned rather than fighting me that her place is nuzzling her face into my tits!" This only drew more ferocious laughter from the audience as the humiliation session continued on.

After letting Brooklyn rest unconscious between her tits for five seconds, Kate grabbed hold of her opponent's hair to keep her in place and slapped her back and forth with her tits for about thirty seconds to really drive home the point before pulling out of her chest completely and letting go of her hapless opponent. Brooklyn collapsed immediately to Kate's feet, prompting Kate to kick her over so her stomach faced upward. Kate bent over, grabbed her own bikini that Brooklyn had stripped from her earlier, and then stepped onto Brooklyn's belly, Kate asked the few remaining Brooklyn fans in the crowd, "so you thought she could beat me? Well, what do you think now?" Brooklyn's remaining fans averted their gaze, terrified of what was to come next.

As she stepped off onto the other side, she kicked Brooklyn so she rest on her stomach with her back now facing up. Kate stepped onto Brooklyn's upper back, driving her unconscious rival's tits hard into the map as they mushroomed out wide before kicking her legs out to deliver a crushing banzai drop, sandwiching Brooklyn's tits between the mat and the crushing force from above. Brooklyn finally started to stir from this slam, but all that meant is she was now awake to the pain and suffering inflicted on her and the new pain yet to come. As Kate cooed, welcome back, Sleeping Beauty," she wrapped her hands around Brooklyn's chin and leaned back as far as she could, locking in a dreadfully effective camel clutch.

Brooklyn slowly began to return from the haze, but unfortunately for her, that also meant her ability to perceive pain was coming back. In addition to a dull throbbing in her head from brutal breast smothers and the pulling on her scalp from bring tied to the cage, Brooklyn found herself being bent almost into a 'C' shape as Kate Upton displayed her incredible strength and power. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Brooklyn wailed in agony as the pain in her back overwhelmed her. "Kate--please--stop--you made--your point, you win--I--give--you're better--than me," Brooklyn croaked, barely able to speak through the camel clutch.

Kate simply laughed, "you dumb bitch, you're done here when I say you're done here. You don't get to submit, you don't get to run, and you don't get a hero to save you. It is you and me, locked in this ring until I say you're done. And just because you asked for mercy I think I'll make it even worse for you." Kate unfurled the bikini and wrapped it around Brooklyn's neck and turned it into a makeshift garrote before leaning back even further. Brooklyn couldn't even scream out her pain anymore as the combination choke/camel clutch cut off her ability to speak. But the white hot pain she felt was very much real as her back was bent in ways no back should ever bend.

Brooklyn tried to tap out on Kate's thighs, but all those taps did was make Kate let loose increasingly derisive laughs as she cemented her domination of Brooklyn for all to see. As Brooklyn's mind went into shock from the pain, the last thought she had before losing consciousness was about how humiliating the photos and video of this match would be for her, forever...while Kate looked into the camera and smiled thinking just how great these photos would be to look back on and remind would-be challengers like Brooklyn who the real queen is. Once Brooklyn slipped into unconsciousness, Kate loosened took hold of the makeshift garrote with one hand and used her now free hand to grope and need Brooklyn's chest while keeping the camel clutch locked on to add even more humiliating photos to what was sure to be an insanely popular upcoming issue of the CWF magazine. As Kate savored the moment, she thought to herself, "3 KOs down, 7 to go...Brooklyn will be scared of the mere sight of me by the time we're done here..."
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Re: CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2022, 06:29:19 AM »
Sorry for the terrible delay. I had severe writer's block and the tepid reception to the last post caused me to focus less on this as time went on. That being said, my personal interest in this has been revived and I'd like to see it seen to the end. What I would like to see and what would make it easier to write is increased engagement! Drop likes if you like them, but more importantly, drop comments about what you like, don't like, and any holds you want to see Kate subject Brooklyn to! Hope to post the episode on Sunday night or Monday afternoon


Kate cracked another vial of smelling salts under the nose of her thoroughly broken opponent, eager to continue the beatdown and humiliate her blonde rival in front of her CWF fans. Brooklyn coughed as she slowly came to, barely there after the devastation Kate had subjected her to. The coughs became whimpers and mewls as Brooklyn realized once again the hell she had awoken to. "Kate...please s-s-stop. I can't t-take anymore," Brooklyn begged, choking out words through whimpers and sobs as tears began to form in her eyes.

Kate laughed as she taunted her opponent to the awestruck crowd, "so this is your former flyweight champion, huh? Well let's see how the former star likes the world from up here!" Kate quickly grabbed Brooklyn by her blonde locks and then hoisted her opponent up so that Brooklyn's body stretched across her shoulders parallel to the ground. "You know what's coming, don't you, Brooklyn? Get ready to be my scream queen," Kate said with a knowing wink, enjoying every second of this domination session as she wrapped one hand around Brooklyn's neck and used the other to pull down on Brooklyn's legs.

The crowd roared in approval as they watched their favorite crush the challenger in her famous torture rack with ease as she bent Brooklyn's back in ways no back should bend. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!" Brooklyn screamed in agony as she felt her body being bent into an upside down 'U' as Kate smiled in sadistic bliss. "How far do you think I can bend you before you break, Brooklyn?" Kate asked as she increased the pressure. As Brooklyn's spine began to curve more and more the cries of anguish got louder and louder, the searing pain too much to bear under normal circumstances and especially immediately after being subjected to a camel clutch!

Brooklyn began to tap furiously on Kate's back, but that only made her pull harder, saying, "didn't you hear me before? You get no mercy, Brooklyn. I am going to show everyone why no one should ever want to get in the ring with me ever again. After over a minute in the torture rack, Brooklyn's once-blood curdling screams have been reduced to whimpers, and Kate realizing the end is near, decided to send her straight to dreamland, as she deftly spun her hapless opponent off her back before slamming her forward, face-first into the mat, leaving her completely unmoving, KOed yet again.

Hope you enjoyed it! As always if you liked the story, please give any individual post you liked and the overall story a like. Further, if you have any ideas or suggestions you want to have in the story or for a future story, let me know in the comments! I love new ideas that I wouldn't have come up with myself! And if you love breast smothers, have no worry, Brooklyn has not seen the last of Kate Upton's famed rack!

Re: CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker
« Reply #5 on: October 05, 2022, 01:25:16 AM »

Kate went back to her bag and pulled out yet another vial of smelling salts, eager to prepare her poor opponent for yet another round of brutal smothering and devastation. Having built up quite a bit of sweat from carrying Brooklyn around and showing the world who was boss, Kate smiled as she looked down at the beautiful sheen covering her famous rack. As Brooklyn started to stir following Kate's cracking of the smelling salts, Kate lowered her rack towards Brooklyn's face, stopping a couple inches short.

"Hope you enjoyed my attack on your back, Brooklyn. But I think it's time again for you to get reintroduced to my favorite twin terrors, don't you?" Kate asked with no attempts to hide the malevolent sadism in her voice.

"Puh-puh-please stop, you've won, y-y-you've made your point. I can't take going back in there. Please just let me go, I'll never challenge you again!" Brooklyn begs as tears start to form in her eyes.

"You never learn, do you, Brooklyn? I literally told you last time that begging only makes it worse! I think I am going to have to teach you a lesson, so you actually remember!" Kate snarls as she grabs Brooklyn by the hair and pulls her up to her knees before lowering her tits onto Brooklyn's waiting face.

"MMMMMPPPPPHHHHH MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHH!!!" Brooklyn screamed into Kate's chest, but with the size of Kate's twin orbs, every word was muffled as expected. Even worse, it left her mouth open, a fact that Kate exploited as she smeared her tit sweat against the lips and tongue of her thoroughly dominated opponent. "How do you like the taste of my sweat, Brooklyn?" Kate asked as she heard Brooklyn gag repeatedly every second she was forced to taste Kate's sweat.

"MMMMMPPPPHHHHH MMMPPPPPPPPHHHH!!!" Brooklyn protested, as Kate kept up the relentless assault until she finally lifted her tits up and taunted, "Oops! Couldn't hear you down there, what did you say?"

Brooklyn coughs and sputters before saying, "it is nasty, you--MMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHH!" Brooklyn's words were unsurprisingly cut off once more as Kate's tits swallow her face whole yet again. "Oh, Brooklyn, what were you saying? It seems you're having some trouble speaking clearly! No matter, I didn't really care what you had to say anyways!" Kate taunted as she used her tight grip on her opponents hair to pull her back into her rack before falling forward, driving the back of Brooklyn's head into the unforgiving mat, knocking loose what few brain cells she hadn't smothered out already.

Brooklyn's pathetic struggles become amusements and not problems for Kate as she switches her grip, wrapping her arms around the back of Brooklyn's head, pulling her ever deeper into her sweaty breast smother, trapping her opponent in what must feel like an airless sauna as she drains her poor opponent in this lethal embrace. After another thirty seconds in their, Brooklyn's body was completely limo, a familiar state. Unlike before, Kate refused to get up, savoring the moment before boldly declaring that this was Brooklyn's punishment for asking for mercy without permission. After another thirty seconds following the KO, Kate finally pulled her sweaty tits off of Brooklyn's pale face with a pop as the tight, sweaty seal was finally broken. "5 down, 5 to go!" Kate said with a cheer as she walked back to her bag, savoring every second she had with Brooklyn in this cage match.

Hope you enjoyed it! As always if you liked the story, please give any individual post you liked and the overall story a like. Further, if you have any ideas or suggestions you want to have in the story or for a future story, let me know in the comments! I love new ideas that I wouldn't have come up with myself! As promised, Brooklyn was returned to Kate Upton's perfect rack. If you want her to spend more time in there, post below and let me know! If you want more time spent with Brooklyn in other holds applied by Kate, also let me know!
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Re: CWF 48: Kate Upton vs Brooklyn Decker
« Reply #6 on: October 05, 2022, 11:38:43 AM »
Always enjoy reading about Brooklyn Decker getting destroyed.

Would you consider A flashback to 2011 when Kate was a rookie at SI and has to beat Christy Teigen to get in the magazine.

She destroys Teigen in front of all the cameras.