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Meeting after a blind invitation

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Meeting after a blind invitation
« on: January 14, 2022, 03:42:04 PM »

I received an email in answer to an anonymous enquiry. I'm excited that somebody has agreed to a wrestle at my house.
At least I didn't buy that elaborate mat and wrestling decoration for nothing. I only know that this person is about the right size for me.
We agreed that the date is today and the time is now. I am wearing my new shiny blue speedo waiting for my unknown opponent to arrive.

I am very nervous, today I am going to fight against a sexy man and I am really curious if I can beat him.
I now stand at his door and ring the bell.

Well! I hear the doorbell. A thrill goes through me. This is the start of an adventure. You never know where it will go.
In a few hours I'll either be strutting and proud or defeated and humiliated, maybe stripped who knows.
I go to the door and open it...well it can't be my opponent. It's a girl! "Yes miss how can I help you."
I can see you looking at my speedo--not a common sight when you knock at a door.   
Who are you madam? I was expecting my wrestling opponent! I look you up and down before it occurs to me.
Oh my gawdddd--the words pass through my brain. The idea of a person in a skirt as an opponent.
I nearly faint at the prospect. "Gulp! yes of course come in. My name is Don, nice to met you."
I offer my   hand"--forgetting that a gentlemen never does that. I don't know how to perceive you as just an equal.

When you open the door and I see you standing, I immediately see the bump in your speedo.
I am very nervous because for the first time I am going to fight a man. May I come in, I ask and where can I change my clothes?

I'm awe struck. Yes please. I escort you in. I'm still quivering from the touch of your hand--it portends so much.
I'll show you the bathroom. The mat is downstairs. What a strange thing to say to a woman!
I can't believe it! I'm blushing a little bit as I examine your legs.

I'm in the shower, thinking about the moment we're going to fight. When I'm done and wiped myself, I'll call you and ask
if you have any objection to fighting naked. It is too hot for me to fight with clothes. I see that you are impressed by my body and smile at you.

When I hear that I get lost in an emotional gush. I ...ahh I..ahhh. I nod. "I guess." It's obvious something is happening in my shorts.
I'm glad no one is going to watch this. I go back and sit down in the living room waiting for you to emerge.
I strip my speedo and my jock strap. What is this gonna be like? My face goes red, flushed, panicked.

I walk into the living room and see you standing there nervously. Smiling, I tighten my buttock muscles and say to you;
are you ready for our fight Don, or don't you dare anymore, afraid to struggle against a woman.

I look into your eyes and I realize how your teasing worked its way right into my loins.
The risks jolted my balls and hardened m cock--I know you could see it. My body is so frank and open and dumb.
I'll show you the way--the mat is downstairs in my man cave. I wanted to reach for your hand like your boy friend,
but I realize you were not my girl but my opponent in a fight. I'm suppose to hate not love you.
I lead you downstairs to my man's place filled with macho symbols.

Let's go to your fight room. Don, I'll follow you. Like you, I am very excited, but I will not it show it.
In the meantime my nipples have become hard and my pussy wet. But I will show him that we women are strong and can fight.

It was like a warrior shyly escorting a woman into the secret male longhouse where she will see the sacred totem.
It's an unbreakable taboo about to fall. My knees wobble as I escort you down the stairs and round the corner into my man cave.
Everything here is dedicated to what it is to be the dominant gender, violent, victorious.
And here she comes, ooh gawdd, my opponent. "Here it is." I say, and go to stand on the corner of my new wrestling mat--
cock slowly rising as I watch you respond.

What is this, it looks like I'm walking into an S&M cellar. I have to get used to it but I find it exciting.
When I look at you I have to smile when I see your dick grow. Slowly I walk towards you and keep looking at you.

This is disconcerting--she comes toward me with that invitation in her face and body--
I hunch over and raise my arms ready to grab you somewhere. Even your hands will suffice--
I have to demonstrate my strength before she begins to get the idea that she has a chance.

I want to put my arms around your body, but suddenly we grab each other's hands and our fingers are entangled.
I try to shake my hands free because I think you have more power in your hands.

With a violent shake you gain the freedom of your hands--now I stand in front of you for a   
second or two with no grip on you. I look a little confused--then I grab for your lower thigh to try to trip you.

I am almost off balance on one foot, so I jump forward and wrapped my legs around your waist,
getting my arms forward for an hold around your head while you are still standing firm.

My moment of hesitation turned out to be costly. Here she comes, I'm thinking. Your full weight is now my burden.
Your pressure on my head is strangling. I'm getting dizzy from it. The heat from your breasts and those thighs gripping my hips.
I can feel the heat and wetness of your crotch against my lower belly, just above my crotch.
My knees get wobbbly as I give up my misdirected attempt to trip you.
I start to sink to my knees—oh gawd. Onto my knees on th emat. She clings to me, weighting me down.

I lock my thighs harder on your ribs, and get your head under my right hand, moving my left hand to catch my right wrist
and lock hard around your neck, pushing your head down as much as I can, and strengthen the scissors around your ribs,
asking loudly - can you breathe, Don? Then i push you on your back.       Yt

The woman's weight and the pressure she put on me is overpowering. She overwhelms my strength advantage as I gasp for air.
Aggh, those legs around my ribs stress my body. My knees go loose. The feeling of yielding knees is what men hate.
Girls can bend them but men have to keep them stiff. Your power to make me bend my knees presents portends something that makes me blush.
I sink to my knees and totter over onto my back. yt

I increase my pressure on your neck, turn my body aside, and push you to my right side, and lock my muscular thighs with full pressure on your ribs,
I slowly turn my weight to increase the pressure as I feel your body is weakening, yt

What I hate most is what she must be thinking....aggh...I try to push those thighs fate is a red mask of manhood...
I look like a man as my manliness is slowly oozing away. She has me, I'm thinking, and I have to pretend this is just a joke.
Aggghhh. I try to elbow you in the ribs. I try out my arms against yours and feel the defeat.
My legs are just propelling me around in a circle as you ride me. I repeatedly try to weaken you with my elbow in your ribs and on your legs.

I catch your hand by the wrist, and slowly use my now superior strength to push your hand away, and pin it to the mat,
while I am slowly turning my body to leverage its weight over your athletic body. Slowly your body is underneath and
I sit on your stomach, keeping my knees on your shoulders, looking down at your face, which is now right in-between my strong thighs.
I feel the sweat on my back, and I see the sweat slowly dropping on your face, that is crumpled in an ultimate effort,

I feel you taking away my freedom and my hope. There are only a few options left. I can bend my knee as you move over me and restrict my arms.
The man's bent knee behind the girl's body is the final expression of his control of his limbs.
I can't look at your face. Mine has reddened even more deeply with shame and embarrassment.
I try to buck and lift my body but I am nearing exhaustion and hope is waning. Dear gawd. Forbidden,
taboo thoughts of submission are passing through my mind....

I realize you are strong and a determined fighter, as I feel your body just managed to pick me up like 20 cm from the mat,
I keep my balance, and lean just a bit forward to press you down. When your shoulders are now touching back the mat,
I slowly move forward and increase the leverage on your neck and shoulders, and get my thighs closer to your head,
to apply more pressure, as my bikini bottom is placed on your chin, to secure it so it will be much tougher to bridge, yt

The girl is clearly on top. I can't do anything. She presses me down. She negates all my effort   
even though my big muscles swell up against her soft flesh and her gently curved arms.
I'm pinned by her, by you--close up, body to body, real. I feel your thighs--the flesh pressing my face.
I can't bridge. I can't do anything and your eyes are looking down into my face evaluating my defeat.
Ok Ok I submit. I whisper it hoping you won't hear.

I slide just a bit further till my pussy is now right on your mouth touching - not touching your nose,
make it tougher for you to breath freely. I look down to your red face and into your eyes.
I press my vagina harder forward, and push my thighs closer together a little bit more, and I feel
your nose deep into my pussy, looking down at your half closed eyes,   
and ask loudly -I couldn't hear you! Do you submit to me?

I have fallen into a pit. It has gone beyond embarrassment and shame.
My legs kick a little just to finally express the notion of freedom.
I cum in my shorts like a man being hung. The pleasure mixes with the fear and the excitement.
What will she say to me when she rises as the conqueror. I want to say something. I feel your hot, smooth,
indescribable thighs around my head. I am cushioned in defeat, in defeat at the woman's hands.
Surrounded by your womanhood. The ideas swirl, I am overloaded. My mind turns off and my eyes close and I drop into a deep faint.

I release my hold on you and get up. Grabbing your right hand and pulling you up on your feet to let you up …

  I let you drag me up. I'd almost rather be asleep. I collapse on the nearby sofa. I look at you. Oh gawdd.
She beat me--my female guest beat me. It's a bad dream. I avoid your glance. I have nothing much to say.
Mature man of 45. Love to cyber wrestle and role play. I love to wrestle girls and show them who is boss. Sometimes, men as well--especially jockstrap matches.

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