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Who’s daughter is the toughest: They meet again!

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Who’s daughter is the toughest: They meet again!
« on: January 20, 2022, 06:06:20 AM »
I am glad everyone like the first four parts. This is part five. I thinking making six or more parts. That depends on if you the readers like these. I like to have feed back on these so tell me what you like or don’t.

A couple months has passed since their fight. Kandace although had put up a great fight lost and had plead in front her mom. The thought of it makes her mad. ‘That bitch Natalie I am not done with her yet!’ She thinks too herself. They have talked on the computer few times, but not face to face since the last fight. Today is different a week ago Kerry her mom came home. She been in a fight with Donna Natalie’s mom although she never told Kandy who won, she could tell it been a rough one. Her mom standing in the doorway “you ready to go over there?”  “Yea mom let’s go! That bitch got it coming!” Kandy says wearing a grey hoodie and matching sweatpants. They get in car and drive over.

Natalie is in her bedroom, she stares at the wall. Thinking not about the last fight, the one coming tonight. ‘I beat that fucking bitch once I’ll do it again!’ Her and Kandy are pretty much at war with each other not only for and with their moms, but who the best teen! They both are equal neither really has a advantage over the other. Her mom been in a fight with Kandy’s a week before it was just them. Donna her mom never said who won Natalie could tell must been a hell of a fight! Donna walks to her door “Natalie they here the living is ready! Are you?” Natalie turns I smile on her face, “ya mom being that bitch on!”

Donna goes to the door she opens it Kerry standing there.”Hello Donna, glad you can host this time!” She says this as she steps in the house the living been prepared for the fight she notices. “This looks like it did last week!” Donna let’s her in the door they glare but look at the room. “No problem it’s only fair we host this time! Yes you move it much as I have you get the ideal of things placed so they won be in the way.” She points to a sofa across the room as she walks the opposite side couch.

At that time Kandy comes in the house she kicks her flip flops off shutting the door. She turns seeing Natalie standing there hands on her sides she wearing a blue hoodie and black sweatpants. Both stare for few seconds not saying anything. Both girls strip hoodies and sweat pants go flying. Both glare hate. Kandy in her peach colored seethru G string that shows off her mound and ass her tits firm nipples hard as they ever been. Natalie in her white G string in also seethru in shows her mounds and ass off her tits firm and nipples hard as they ever been. Both been wanting to fight each so bad they never have wanted fight a girl  like they had with each other.

“Bitch you ready for your ass to get beat!” Kandy says as she walks to center of the living room her hands on her hips. “Bitch I been waiting to kick your ass glad you wanted fight again!” She walks and meets Kandy her hands on her hips. She ready for a fight! Both girls get in each other’s faces bodies press tit meet both are 5’5 133-135lbs 36-34D both 19 yo their long brown hair lose neither flinches they cuss each other, talking trash. They tell how they going to beat the other. In a fury both grab hair they sigh in both girls let out a grunt as they dig deep into the others scalp. They circle tit slap and hit their ass firm and flex as they try push the other. Then both erupt in a hail of slaps and punches the face, tits, bellies asses, all get hit from open hands or closed fist.   Natalie grabs Kandy’s hair. And jerks they crash together onto the floor both roll the other over their G strings bump and grind they shake each other by the hair clumps of hair from both girls in the floor! They separate both girls red and bruises forming neither really had a advantage. They circle fist raised breathing heavy anger showing they go at each other. Kandy swings her right fist she trying hit Natalie’s left tit but misses she hit three times with open handed slaps and hard ones from Natalie her head snaps left, right, left. That’s hardest she ever been hit then feels Natalie body hits hers. Then her back hits the wall! Owwwwwwww…. She screams out then Natalie starts choking her Kandy gasp she feels like she fading with a last ditch effort she slaps Natalie’s ears who let’s go. Kandy takes her right foot and shoves Natalie who hits the floor. With hard thud.she rolls over and in to her back …. Kandy hisses “Bitch!” Natalie wanted to choke Kandy out she almost did she felt it then her ears rings then feeling the foot and seeing the ceiling and floor to the ceiling again she in her back. She never felt pain like that and knows this bitch can fight both been hurting the other she hears “BITCH!” She sees Kandy coming at her she keeps cos her legs as Kandy coming down to mount her and catches Kandy in a perfect head scissors she squeezes right and grabs two hand fills of hair Kandy whimpers. Natalie squeezes harder. “Bitch I’m going pop your fucking head off!” Kandy desperate  slaps Natalie’s legs her head hurts she is in so much pain… uses last her strength gets to her feet feeling her hair ripped she scream out “owwwwwwww” she actually got Natalie off the floor she swings Natalie and a thud is felt.
Natalie who was hold on pulls hard rips a left hand full Kandy’s hair out she cells her rivals swing and feels with side of her head the sofa that Kerry sitting on! She screams out I whimper and a owwwwwww she lands hand in the floor. Dazed her head ringing! Tears I. Her eyes. Kandy shaken just catches Natalie on the floor her head laying on edge of the sofa trying to get up! Her own head ringing she desperately rushes pinning her G string to Natalie face her weight pushing down Natalie desperation kicking in trig to kick and bridge but can’t Kandy full weight in her neck …”YOU GIVE BITCH?” Natalie trying to do something  but can’t ufhhhhhhhhhh…..”BITCH I GIVE!”  Kandy gets up but falls on her ass crying. She is in pain! Kerry jumps for joy her daughter did it! Donna can’t believe it! Both girls crying gasping for air sweaty and bodies red this fight was roughed then the first encounter. Both moms go check on their fighters telling them it’s on and they proud Kerry gets Kandy up who able walk “how’s it feel lose in your own house bitch!” Natalie who is standing now her mom beside her “bitch this is far from over!” Kandy flips Natalie off as her mom helping f her out the door she leans into her crying now as they leave. Natalie sobs harder as her door shuts she leans into her mom.

The end(for now!)


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Re: Who’s daughter is the toughest: They meet again!
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2022, 11:42:22 PM »
Really good story.  :D They could call other girl friends to join them into new fights  ;D