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Danielle vs. Yumi at KO Korner

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Danielle vs. Yumi at KO Korner
« on: February 19, 2022, 11:32:11 AM »
(This story has some drawings that go along with it but it is mostly text so I am posting it here instead of in the art section.  If you want to  see the drawings, please feel free to visit my blog here:

Danielle vs. Yumi

When I wake up in the morning I am alone in bed.  Before long a sweaty panting Danielle walks through  the door.  She has been out for a long morning run.  This girl spends her whole day staying in shape so she can fight.  She bursts into the bedroom, more stimulated than tired out from her morning workout, and dives on top of me.   If it wasn’t for the “vitamins” I am constantly on, I would never be able to keep up with these women.

When we have finished we take a shower together.   

“I need another fight!  Let’s go back to the Death Cage!”

“Don’t you want to check out any of the other fighting venues in Harbor City?”

“Ugh!.  The Death Cage is the only one that has death matches.  I want to work on my collection!  With this she gestures towards a small pillowcase laying on the floor of the bedchamber  It is her trophy collection.  The panties of all the kills she has made during  her 8 years of professional fighting.  With the 3 she took last night she is now up to 52 pairs, which is a respectable number for a fighting woman of 27 years of age.  (The number announced at the beginning of her fights is slightly lower, as many of her kills have been in non-registered venues.)

“But I LOVE to fight to the death!  I only want death matches from now on!  NOBODY can defeat me!”

“Do it for me?  I want to check these places out.  Think of it as easy money!  We’ll make a game of it!  You can win a fight at every one of the venues on The Strip!”

“UGH!  The STRIP?  That’s for TOURISTS!  I want REAL fighting venues!  The Death Cage is the only one in this pathetic city.

“We’ll be in Green Tower City soon enough and then you can fight in death matches to your heart’s content.  I want to go check out the Strip.  Come with me or not.”

“I guess I could just think of this as a workout day.”  Danielle finally admits and we sit down to breakfast.

A few hours later we step out onto The Strip.  It is indeed a gawdy place, reminiscent of the brightly lit Las Vegas of ancient times.  We walk into the first so called “Fighting Venue” and in the middle of a large arena see a big pit of mud with some girls in bikinis rolling around in it, slapping each other…and GIGGLING. 

“No.”  Danielle says and we head out the door and into the next venue, where, once again in the middle of a large arena, there is a big gray mat and two girls in just their panties are rolling around on it, lightly slapping each other, and moaning with pleasure rather than pain.  It’s one of these so called “Sex Fight” venues.

“No.”  Danielle says and we walk back out the door.  We check out a couple more of the so called “Fight Venues” on the Strip and it doesn’t take long before I find myself agreeing with Danielle.   

“This is a waste of time.”  Danielle sneers.  “Let’s head to the Death Cage.”

“I have a suggestion.”  Doctor Green suddenly pipes in.

“You could have led with that.”  I say chuckling.  Doctor Green does seem to have a peculiar sense of humor.

“I figured you had to see for yourself what “The Strip” is really like.”

“It’s not great.”  I say and we all laugh.

“A couple blocks off the strip is a small club called KO Korner.  It’s not a death venue, but they are on the  Pro registry and the fights there appear to be legitimate.  I could register Danielle into open challenge right now.

“DO it!  I want to FIGHT!”  Danielle says.

“Done.” Doctor Green pipes in immediately.  It truly is a wonder how he gets things done so quickly.  “You will have a fight lined up in approximately 90 minutes and the management will be ready for our arrival.

“Plenty of time for a burger!”  I say and we head into the nearest greasy spoon for some food.  While we dine, Doctor Green fills us in on the protocol of KO Korner.

“The fights take place on a small wooden platform in the middle of a hardwood floor. Spectators pay 50 credits to get in to watch the fights from behind a fenced in area.  If they pay 200, they get to spend the day watching it on the inside of the fence, and may have opportunities to take part in the bouts to a certain degree.”

“Audience participation in fights?”  I interject.  So far in my short time in this strange new world, this has been one thing that seems to be strictly forbidden.

“Only if a fighter is thrown off the platform.  Then the girls inside the fenced in area can attack the fighter.  If she is rendered unconscious (which ALWAYS happens once a girl gets thrown onto the floor) the fight is over and the winner gets her victory but no credits.”

“So to get paid I have to knock out my opponent on the platform.”  Danielle asks.

“Correct, and if you do so you will receive 500 credits.”

“Hmph.  I got 6000 yesterday at the Death Cage.”

‘Come on, Danielle.  We can go there again soon.  I want to see this place.”

“All right.  I will do it for you, baby.”  Danielle says and kisses me.  We are soon done with lunch and on our way to the venue. 

As soon as we are off The Strip we find ourselves walking through a densely packed residential area with a small scattering of shops here and there.  After another block of this we come to a more dilapidated looking area, with smaller houses and an abandoned looking “Karate School.”  Behind that is KO Korner.  It’s a small box shaped building.  We are escorted in by our ever present entourage and as usual I am given a comfortable isolated space near the action. 

We are treated to quite a scene when we walk in.  A black haired girl in green panties is locked up with a red head in turquoise panties and socks.  They are bloody, bruised and exhausted.  They are grappling on a small 10 by 10 foot platform in the middle of a well let hard wood floor.  There is a chain link fence surrounding the area about 20 feet out, and most of the spectators are behind it, but there are a number of women lining the inside of the fence.  None of them are topless, which indicates they are not pro fighters, but they are all dressed relatively sexy. 

Everyone is cheering wildly for one girl or the other.

Suddenly the entangled fighters tumble to the platform with the black haired girl on top. She punches her opponent in the face and some more blood splatters appear on the little stage.

“YEAH!  FUCK HER UP MONIQUE!”  SO the black haired girl’s name is Monique.  She is cute.  She cocks her fist for another blow, but takes a punch to the gut before she can deliver it.

“UNGH!”  She falls backward and nearly falls off the edge of the stage, which gets a loud murmur of excitement from the women standing around the perimeter of the fenced in area, but the red head grabs her foe by the waistband of her panties and pulls her forward, into another punch.  Monique then slaps her in the face.


“BITCH!”  The red head shrieks and swings her arm back to return the slap, but Monique is fast, she darts forward and gives the red head an uppercut that nearly takes her head off. 


The pig tailed ginger flies backward and bounces off the edge of the platform.  Within seconds all the women inside the cage are around her, stomping the shit out of her while she jerks and twitches.

“FUCK!!!”  Monique shouts, standing up in the middle of the platform while her opponent is stomped into a bloody pulp.  The beating only goes on for a few seconds before the warning bell is frantically rung….


The unconscious fighter takes a couple more nasty stomps to the ribs and face and then the women clear away from her. 


Monique seems to be not happy at all about her victory and simply stomps out of the cage in disgust. A couple nurses rush in and stabilize the convulsing loser of the fight, then a couple mat girls run in to drag her out of the fighting cage,  A couple minutes later the mat girls return with some buckets and mops.  They quickly mop up all the blood off the platform, then towel it dry.   It isn’t until then that I realize Danielle has disappeared.


My sexy blonde warrior woman strides confidently down the aisle and into the fighting cage.  She steps up onto the platform.


Danielle gets a healthy cheer from the women surrounding the fighting area.  Though she is a newcomer, she made quite an impression with her triple kill last night, and the women of Harbor City are excited to see her in action again.


Down the aisle walks a cute young Asian girl, and she is getting a decent round of cheers and applause herself.  She sees me sitting by the fighting cage and runs over, hops into my lap and begins to make out with me.  Danielle howls with rage and the fans go wild. 

“BITCH I WILL KILL YOU!”  Danielle screams at the young girl sitting in my lap dry humping me.

“YOU WLL BE THE ONE WHO IS DEFEATED!”  Yumi calls back to her and then dismounts me.

“I will be back in a few minutes, keep this hard for me!”  Yumi giggles as she runs her hand down my hardened penis, almost making me cum into my pants.  She strolls into the cage and Danielle looks ready to pounce on her, but two City Moderators make a move towards her and she returns to her corner.  It is never wise to violate Fighting Protocol when City Mods are present.


A few distinct voices call out encouragement to the young Asian fighter; her resident fan base it seems. 


Now the crowd settles into a steady murmur of excitement as we all wait for the bell to ring.  Several minutes pass….

And the fight is on!  With no hesitation the two women step straight into the center of the platform and engage in a SAVAGE round of punches.


The crowd goes wild as they pummel each other and fresh blood begins to speckle the freshly cleaned fighting platform. 

THUD!  Yumi gives Danielle a knee to the gut and the blonde doubles over. 

“COME ON WHITE BITCH!  I CAME HER TO FIGHT!”  Yumi screams and grabs Danielle’s ponytail, forcing her to stand back up straight.

THUD!  Danielle surprises the Asian with a SAVAGE uppercut.  She drops to her butt and scoots away as the blonde comes after her.

“YEAH!  GET HER DANIELLE!”  Someone yells out of the crowd. The women inside the cage step forward, following the action on the platform intently. 

Danielle is almost on her prey, but suddenly Yumi manages to shoot a foot up and into the blonde’s crotch.


Danielle winces and drops onto her butt.  Yumi rears up, ready to pounce, but Danielle is quick to recover and suddenly the two girls lock up in a desperate bearhug on their knees in the middle of the platform.

“FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”  The crowd begins to chant rhythmically, providing a steady pulse for the fighters.

“OOOOhhhhhh…” One of the girls lets out a low moan of desperation but it is hard to tell which of them is in more trouble.  Yumi suddenly hooks her fingers into the waistband of Danielle’s panties and gives them a little tug.

“GLURK!”  Danielle spits some blood up into the lights and returns the panty tug.

“OH GOD OHHHHhhhhhh…” Yumi moans. They press tighter into each other now, both girls panting heavily.  The crowd is bursting with excitement. This is a good fight!

THUD!! They topple over onto heir sides.  Yumi snaps her legs around Danielle.  She has POWERFUL legs.  Danielle’s face turns crimson and she lets out a yelp of agony as her ribs are compressed between the 19 year old fighter’s legs.


Yumi screeches in agony!  Danielle has managed to get her hand down onside the front of Yumi’s panties and is RAVAGING her vagina!   Yumi immediately topples off her opponent and nearly off the platform, but Danielle grabs her foot and pulls her into the center of the stage.

“Uh Uh bitch.  You’re MINE.”  And then she mounts her.

“Noooo please….you win you win….” Yumi moans, but it is no use.  Danielle is ready to finish her off.


Yumi’s legs twitch and jerk as Danielle mercilessly pounds her face.  Blood splatters the platform.  The crowd goes wild.  They begin to chant Danielle’s name.



Danielle gives her victim a couple more punches while the Warning Bell peels out over the crowd, then finally she sits back, sucking in large gaps of air as she regards the frenzied audience around the outside of the cage.  The women on the inside of the cage are all visibly disappointed they didn’t get to dispatch another fighter, but the women on the outside of the cage seem to have found a new favorite and cheer wildly for my blonde warrior woman.


Finally Danielle stands up, grabs one of Yumi’s feet, and drags the bloody unconscious girl around the perimeter or the stage, taunting the women inside the cage with her, making it look like she might just toss the hapless girl off the stage for them to destroy, but once she has made a full circuit around the perimeter of the platform, leaving a trail of blood behind her the whole way, she drags Yumi into the center, lets her leg drop so she is spread eagled on her back, then strikes her victory pose.



Inside the cage boos and hisses.  Outside the cage wild cheers and chants of her name.  The cage is opened for me and I go in to kiss the winner of the fight.

This excites the crowd even more and before I know it Danielle has pulled me to the floor right next to Yumi’s sprawled out form and I do her right there to the delight of the spectators.

When we are finished Danielle collects her 500 credits and we go out to see more of the city.