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Home Invasion Ch.1(interracial, mixed)

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Home Invasion Ch.1(interracial, mixed)
« on: March 25, 2022, 10:34:06 PM »
Home Invasion Ch 1: Conquering Codi
By Stone Kidman

It was eleven in the morning on a Monday and Codi Wallace was still in bed when she heard loud knocking on her front door. The busty black woman groaned and threw the sheets off; not bothering to grab a robe, she stomped down the stairs, her breasts jiggling underneath the plain white t-shirt she had slept in.

“I hear you, hold your horses,” she yelled towards the endless knocking at her door. Codi knew what day it was, she was another month behind on her rent. She lived in the small two story home with her daughter; times had been tough so she struggled to make ends meet and often was late on her bills.

Codi opened the door and saw a tall white guy in his twenties standing there with a cocky grin on his handsome face. At first, Codi was confused, until the young man introduced himself as Tom and told the black woman she was behind on her rent. Codi said she had already negotiated her rent with Mr. Strickland and started to close the door when Tom put his hand out to stop it.

"My father won't be handling collections anymore," Tom stated.

"Oh, so your daddy was that old wimpy white bastard whose face I sat on every month when he came to collect," Codi stated, replying with her own grin after Tom's faded.

Tom's grandfather owned most of the town, including a bunch of low income homes and apartment buildings. The collecting of rent was often handled by his children, but since his father had returned home empty handed three months in a row, Tom had to step up; lest his own family lose their cut of the income. Given the patriarch’s predilection for sexfighting, rent payments could often be disputed by the landlord and tenant engaging in erotic wrestling.

"Well you’re dealing with me now," Tom told the ebony milf. “So if you don’t have enough to cover the amount you owe, well we can handle it my way."

“And which way is that, white boy,” Codi asked, “with my black ass sitting on your face just like your daddy?” Tom informed her she could try but if she lost then she’d be paying the entire month with her body.

“So if you lose,” Tom said and leaned in to emphasize his words, “then that ass of yours belongs to me…for thirty days.” He eye humped Codi’s deliciously thick body, before he reminded the ebony milf she would be his on call fucktoy. “Morning, noon and night,” he grinned, “I may stay over to use you before I go to sleep then first thing in the morning.”

“That’s if you’re any better than that pussy of a daddy you got,” Codi smirked. “I made him my bitch, riding his ass with my strap on.” She paused to gaze at Tom’s athletic twenty four year old, six foot tall body, as he stood there in his blue and white striped polo and jeans. “I wonder if you’ll squeal like him too,” she matched Tom’s smug grin.

“Where you wanna do this, bitch,” Tom asked, his smile fading. Codi led him up to her bedroom, saying that’s where she cornholed his father so they might as well wrestle there. The young man walked through the messy living room and followed the black woman upstairs. His eyes were locked onto her round booty, clad only in red bikini style panties that rode up the crack of her ass.

“Hope you’re enjoyin’ the view,” Codi said, once they got to the top of the stairs, “you’ll get a close up after I jerk your little dick and ride that pretty face of yours until you’re picking my pubes out of your teeth for a week.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait to use those panties to floss after I break your coochie on my big white cock.” He paused to grab his package while Codi scoffed. “I take after my grandpa, honey, I’m packin’ more than my pathetic daddy could dream about.”

“Well I’m sure you get a lot of practice playin’ with your little wee wee in the bathroom while you been livin’ in your mama’s basement.” The pair walked down the short hall to Codi’s bedroom, she had clothes and under garments strewn about the floor. They began to undress, Tom pulled his polo off over his head, revealing his toned six pack before stepping out of his khakis pants. His attention was drawn to the black woman’s impressive 40DD rack after Codi whipped off her T-shirt, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Get a good look,” Codi said, after catching the white boy gawking at her chest, “because you’ll get a close up later when I’m smothering you with them, just like I did to your pansy ass daddy.” She was 5'06" and 147 pounds with a full round ass, shoulder length natural dark brown hair and a light coffee complexion.

They both crawled up to kneel on the bed, clad in only their underwear, to face each other. Codi grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together enticingly. “If you want, you can lay down right now and let me smother you,” she said in a husky voice.

“You know you want to worship your mistress's big titties like a good whipped white bitch.” Tom was drawn to her orbs like a moth to flame but the older black woman grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled Tom into a side headlock. He floundered for a bit as she smooshed his face against the side of her right breast.

“That’s right, white boy,” she grunted while grinding the headlock, “worship mama’s tits. After I smother you, I’ll sit my big black ass on your face and you can be my throne; just like how I dominated your faggot ass daddy.”

Codi’s comments woke Tom up from his lust induced stupor. He grabbed the back of the black woman’s panties and yanked them up hard. Codi grunted from the wedgie as she was pushed off balance. She had to let go of the headlock to brace herself or the milf would’ve fallen off the bed. Tom grabbed her left wrist and bent it behind Codi’s back in a hammerlock.

“What were you saying about dominating me, bitch,” Tom asked as he leaned against the back of Codi’s neck. He had gotten too close and although the black woman’s wrist was secure against her lower back, he hadn’t noticed how close his package was to her hand.

“Oh fuck!” Tom bellowed when Codi clamped her hand shut around his balls, sinking her nails in like an arcade claw game grabbing a prize. Tom swore loudly and bolted backwards, nearly flipping over the edge of the bed against the wall. Codi had lost her grip on the white boy’s nads but was able to take advantage. She slid over and threw a punch at Tom’s stomach; despite his chiseled abs, the blow hit him unexpectedly.

“Oomph,” Tom grunted and held the spot but Codi swatted away his hands only to shoot two more punches at his abdomen. The black milf then pushed the younger man back, after Tom tried to sit up, so he dangled over the edge of the bed while she wrapped her long legs around his midsection.

“Where’s that tough guy now, huh,” Codi asked as she squeezed her thighs around Tom’s stomach and ribs. He groaned audibly but despite dangling upside down, he tried to slip his hand between her legs to break the scissors. Codi instead reached her hand down Tom’s boxer briefs to grip his half erect cock. She stroked him as his groans soon turned to soft moans while her smooth hand beat his meat.

“What you gonna do now, white boy, I got you,” Codi cackled as she tugged Tom’s dick while continuing to crush his waist like an anaconda. “This is about as easy as beating your pussy whipped daddy,” the black woman laughed. She removed her hand to pull down the waistband of Tom’s briefs.

“Not a bad piece of meat,” she said, slapping his stiff cock back and forth. “Maybe after I make you my bitch I’ll let you fuck me…,” she paused to watch his organ twitch, “after I pound your ass with my strap on, just how your old man liked it.”

This was the last straw, Tom sat up and grabbed Codi’s stiff nipples; they were as thick as Hershey kisses on her palm sized areolas. “Aieee! You mother fucker,” the black woman squealed. She lost control of her scissors as the pair grabbed a handful of each other’s hair. Codi repaid the favor by twisting Tom’s nipple, which made him squeal like a girl. They rolled around on the unmade bed, tugging hair and blindly slapping each other about the head, until Codi ended up on top.

“That’s it for you now, white boy,” she grunted and used her grip on Tom’s scruffy hair to pull his face between her big black tits. “Not even you can get out of this, but I think you’ll probably enjoy it,” Codi said as she leaned forward to press her breast smother harder. She used two handfuls of Tom’s hair to hold his head in place while the milf buried his mouth and nose between her orbs.

“This’ll be the easiest rent I ever paid,” Codi laughed as she ground her chest back and forth. It appeared Tom was fading, his hands had been in her hair, trying to pull Codi off, but they fell down against her back. She had a shit eating grin on her face and was about to remark how Tom must come from a family of wimps, when Codi suddenly shrieked like she was on fire.

Tom had reached down and grabbed the waistband of her panties; he tugged them up with all his might, sawing them between Codi’s ass cheeks. She winced and tried to press her chest some more, hoping to finish Tom off, but one final sharp yank not only flung Codi forward but ripped the panties with a loud tearing sound.

The ebony milf was nearly sent over the edge of the bed, as Tom slid out from underneath while Codi tried to catch her balance on the edge of the mattress. Her feet flailed wildly in the air, which allowed Tom a chance to grab Codi’s left leg. He repaid the favor from earlier and shot a punch between the black woman’s thighs. Codi made a guttural groan and fell off the bed, onto the brown shag carpet.

“Time for the white man to take charge,” Tom stated proudly as he used his grip on Codi’s leg to maneuver her around so he could put her in a Boston crab.

“Ugh, let me go, you son of a bitch,” the older woman grunted. She had her double D’s squashed against the bedroom carpet. Codi squealed when Tom walked around the room, keeping the black milf trapped in the crab, while giving her bare breasts a nasty case of rug burn. She finally reached back and grabbed his ankle, while the younger man was doing another victory lap, tripping Tom to the floor.

“Time to put your ass to sleep,” Codi said after she got to her feet. Tom had let go of her legs to catch himself after being tripped. When the black woman got up, she stomped down on Tom’s stomach, knocking the wind out of him. Codi wanted to squash his useless testicles like grapes but thought it was better if she just finished him quickly.

“Better get used to this view,” Codi said as she dropped her ass down on Tom’s chest. She pinned his wrists to the carpet with her hands before the milf slid her crotch up to sit on his face. “Your daddy enjoyed being there every month, maybe you're just another pussy whipped white boy too,” the busty black woman said as she wiggled her snatch over Tom’s mouth and nose.

He had been winded from the stomp but was definitely stronger than his father as he bucked up twice, knocking Codi off balance. She had to catch herself and when the ebony milf let go of Tom’s hands, he reached up to crush her double D’s in his strong grip. Codi whined that if the white boy didn’t want to fight fair she didn’t have to either. Tom thrashed around as the black woman reached back to yank on his pubes when he suddenly shot his legs up to catch Codi under her armpits. She was pulled onto her back with her legs kicking wildly in the air. Tom grabbed her thighs, in an attempt to prevent an accidental foot to the face, but instead saw his chance to end the match.

“Ohhh,” the milf moaned as Tom dove between Codi’s legs. He already had her trimmed pussy grinding on his face moments ago, so he thought turnabout's fair play. She thrust her hips up while on the floor as he licked her clit.

“Oh fuck…,” Codi panted. Tom thought he had the fight won until the older woman snapped her thighs shut around his head. “Nice try, white boy,” Codi laughed as she rolled onto her side. “Thanks for the warm up, now you got me nice and wet to ride this fat dick you got."

Codi used one hand to pull Tom’s face against her snatch with a handful of hair while she reached over her hip to grab his stiff organ. The younger man froze as her hand slowly stroked his boner. He had his briefs pulled down earlier but kicked them off the rest of the way before he had flipped Codi onto her back.

“Shit…,” Tom gasped as he reflexively thrust his hips up to match Codi’s slow, deliberate strokes. She had his nose pressed against her slit as she straightened her legs out to squeeze the younger man. Tom appeared to be waning while he moaned against her crotch while the black woman had a big smile on her face.

“It’s all over, white boy,” Codi said as she stroked him slowly. She squeezed some precum out of the tip and used it like lubrication, each time it caused the young man to shudder and groan while she edged him. “Looks like another month of free rent,” Codi said when she felt Tom try to dig his fingers into the ebony milf’s ass, “and another pathetic white boy to smother.” She thought her opponent was trying to slide a finger inside her gash but could tell from the way his dick trembled that he was close to exploding.

“I knew you were just another pussy ass member of your faggot family,” she laughed. “Like father like son…maybe you‘ll enjoy taking it up the ass from my strap on like your da—,” Codi was suddenly cut off as Tom used two handfuls of her black booty to lift the older woman up. He used his leverage to pick the milf up off the floor, hopping to his feet after Codi let go of his dick to grab something in the bedroom to anchor herself.

Codi lost her grip on Tom’s hair as she found herself hanging upside down. The athletic young man still struggled as he blindly stumbled around her bedroom. She managed to grab onto the edge of the bed  with one hand but Tom ended up pulling Codi away at full strength. The momentum swung her around, as Tom lost his footing, so he inadvertently powerbombed the milf onto the floor.

“Stupid motherfucker,” Codi grimaced. She started to crawl across the carpet, after the duo had taken a few moments to catch their breath. Tom had also fallen against the edge of the bed and needed a minute to recover, from not only slamming his back against the frame but getting his bearings after being crushed in the black woman’s headscissors. In the process of watching his opponent crawl across the carpet, Tom noticed Codi had grabbed onto one of her large discarded bras that littered the floor.

“What the fuck do you think you’re do—,” the milf asked when she was suddenly pulled up. Tom had one hand in the older woman’s shoulder length hair and the other using the strap of the bra to ensnare Codi’s hand. She tried to wrench herself free, as she called the white boy a sucker punching honky, when Tom bent Codi over; using the bra strap to maneuver her arm. He hooked the other bra strap around the black woman’s ankle, using a handful of her hair to tug the milf off balance so her foot went through the loop.

“Got you right where I want you now, sweetcheeks,” Tom laughed as he stood up and slapped Codi on her ass. The ebony milf was bent over at the foot of the bed, her wrist shackled to her ankle as she struggled to free herself. Her pussy was unobstructed, and already wet from his earlier bit of rug munching, so he plunged his rock hard cock inside her.

Codi froze momentarily from the shock at having his fat dick stretching her snatch. She tried to resume struggling but he started fucking the mature black woman hard. Tom balanced the milf by grabbing two handfuls of her plump ass, while he held her legs apart with his feet to brace himself, as she staggered under his thrusts.

“Oh…you won’t get me that way, white boy,” she said, her voice wavering. Codi struggled to get her hand free but the strap kept twisting around the more she wrestled with it.

“It’s over bitch, admit it,” the cocky young man said as he hammered away. Codi felt Tom’s lance plunging deep inside when she finally shuddered as he brought her to orgasm. The milf seemed to collapse on top of the comforter but Tom wasn’t done. He shoved Codi face down on the bed after she finally became untangled once her body went limp.

“I’m gonna break your pussy, bitch,” he said and placed one foot up on the bed for better leverage. The black woman gripped the sheets and tried to throw her ass back, like when she had facesat him earlier. Tom gave her big butt some hard slaps, making the brown booty jiggle with every crack of his palm; each one caused Codi to moan lewdly.

“Admit defeat,” Tom panted as he pumped away at full speed. “Tell me who won…who’s in charge now?” The sound of their hips slapping together echoed in the bedroom as the milf tried to fight the oncoming surge until she shook so hard it looked like an epileptic seizure.

“Say it,” Tom barked and yanked Codi’s head up by her long hair. She gasped and panted so Tom pulled all the way out then proceeded to bury himself to the hilt as the black woman squealed out unintelligibly.

He released his handful of hair before the young man grabbed Codi’s arms and placed them behind her back, as if she were being handcuffed. “Fuck me…oh god, it’s so good,” she moaned, yet still refused to admit defeat, until he used the thumb of his left hand to tease her asshole.

“This can go the easy way or the hard way…,” sweat dripped off Tom’s face. Codi bit her lip but she knew the white boy would tear her ass up next.

“Okay, okay, you win” she said after Tom’s thrusts made her cum again. “I-I promise…you’re in charge.”

“Say it louder,” he grunted. His pace slowed but Codi still groaned with each thrust.

“I’m yours, all month…you have my word,” she panted. Tom made her swear and Codi said she’d obey him no matter what.

He told the ebony milf her first job was to finish him off with her mouth. He released her and the older woman awkwardly spun around before she dropped to her knees to take Tom’s tool between her lips. He bobbed her head up and down on his rod with a handful of Codi’s long hair, while she gagged on his length, before he told the naked black slut to swallow it all.

Codi milked out his load with her hand; when he was done, she licked up stray strands of semen before asking if the white boy was satisfied. Tom laughed and told her, “We have thirty more days, baby.” He then ordered Codi to use her funbags and mouth to get him hard again. Despite the brusk way he bossed her around, Codi was genuinely in awe of the thick ten inch tool. He sat down on the edge of the bed and sighed with content while he watched the black woman wrap the same breasts she had tried to smother him with around his fat dick.

“Mmm,” Codi moaned lewdly as she sucked on the puffy knob while the milf pumped her sweaty melons around his impressive rod.

“That’s good, baby,” his voice and demeanor changed back to the tone he had first used when Codi met him at the door. He slid back on the bed and told the older woman to ride him while he played with her tits. Tom had laid across Codi’s bed while she climbed on top. The ebony milf began to moan after she started bouncing on his cock.

“Where’d a white boy like you get a monster dong like this, since it sure as hell wasn’t from your daddy,” Codi asked. She had cum a few more times from bouncing on his thick sausage while Tom sucked on her stiff nipples.

“Must be from dear old Gramps,” he laughed. “He took control of this town with that sledgehammer between his legs…maybe one day I will too.” He smacked Codi on her ass after she slowed her rhythm due to having another orgasm. “For now, I own you and that’s a good start,” Tom grinned. He pinched her nipples and Codi squealed with pleasure before she began pistoning her hips up and down on his dick.

“Better conserve your energy, baby,” he grinned. Codi had collapsed on top of him after cumming so hard it left her whole body shuddering. “We’re gonna be at it all night,” Tom said with a big smile before he made Codi get on all fours so he could hit it from the back again.

[This is chapter one of a three part series I'm working on, if there's any interest I'll post the sequels here otherwise they'll be in my private group with all my other stories there to read for free; message me if you're interested in joining.]



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Re: Home Invasion Ch.1(interracial, mixed)
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2022, 11:09:49 PM »
Beautiful woman I want to see more of in sequels.


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Re: Home Invasion Ch.1(interracial, mixed)
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2022, 08:32:50 PM »
Great stuff!  I love it!


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Re: Home Invasion Ch.1(interracial, mixed)
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2022, 07:05:49 PM »
This was great ! An actual wrestling match with erotic. Not a Fight with violence. Keep it up. I like erotic wrestling but most stories end up on violent fighting.


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Re: Home Invasion Ch.1(interracial, mixed)
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2022, 04:38:14 PM »
Clap. Clap

Awesome match loved every moment
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages