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Interview with a Sexfighter

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Interview with a Sexfighter
« on: May 19, 2022, 07:47:33 PM »
First many many thanks and kisses to Competetive LISA and for the great interview!  :-* :-* :-*

Her profile:;u=50798

Dear readers, today I will witness my first ever sexfight and I am excited as hell.
When I entered the room it was already smelling like sex. There is a small platform about 3 feet high, covered in red rubber. I hear moaning, panting and screams from the ladies.
Spotlights are pointing towards the fighting area making it even hotter to fight there, whilst the rest of the club is covered in darkness and about one dozen men is watching while having their drinks on tables around the “ring”. The darkness is giving them a kind of intimacy, making it possible to jerk off and enjoy the show.
Two beautiful women are brawling on the small platform, nude, covered in sweat and sexual fluids. The slim brunette Lisa is pinned down while the blonde busty bombshell is forcing her currently to eat her out. She is sitting on her chest, flattening her tits, pulling her hair harshly pressing her face between her juicy cxnt lips.
Lisa is the one I will soon have an interview with. I hope she will be in a state to give me some answers…
Stay tuned for more!
30 minutes later in the locker room:
The brunette Lisa is sitting in an open Kimono, sipping on a glass of champagne. Her hair is sweaty and she is still panting from exhaustion after her fight.

1.     Hello Lisa. Nice to meet you and thanks you for the interview. How are you?
Ohhh hi there, thanks so much for interviewing me. It’s such a pleasure to share such information about my contests. How am I? ... now that’s a good question ... In general I’m fine and I’m glad that I ended up on the winning side, but I suffered today, I suffered a lot. Had some difficult moments, she knew what she was doing. 
2.       The fight today was amazing and although I came a bit late I still witnessed the last 20 minutes of it. How long did it take in total?
It took an hour and 32 minutes in total today, which actually isn’t my longest fight I ever had. One has to be ready mentally for these kind of long contests and obviously the stamina and the will to win are very very important. One has to expect that it’s quite impossible to control the whole fight so one must be able to take the punishments her opponent has to offer.
3.       Amazing! Are those fights always so long? I guess you have to be pretty fit to compete like this?
I’ve been in a nearly 4 hour fight in my career ... and I’ve also been in a 32 minute fight. It does depend on how quickly you find that perfect spot! In the 4 hour fight we just didn’t want to submit even though both of us were exhausted. You have to believe that your opponent is in more trouble than you are sometimes! Fitness is crucial yes and it’s also important how you pace the fight. You don’t want to use all your energy at the start because that’s going to be a big disadvantage! 
4.       How do you feel about today’s fight?
As I was telling you hun, today’s fight was surely one of the most difficult I had. I don’t think I got her as horny as I wanted with my first tactics. Had to switch my techniques a few times. Every girl has her own weaknesses and one has to explore them all. But as you might have noticed a little thing might be enough to get you a good advantage. She had no reply when I managed to attack her from behind while she was flat on her belly. I have a feeling that bitchy blonde loves it doggy. That moan of hers was fucken music to my ears and I knew that it was now or never! If I counted well I think she had 4 big orgasms before she submitted!
5.       What about the physical injuries? I have seen you performing catfight-like moves on the small platform to dominate your opponent.
As you can see my hair is a total mess right now and it’s going to hurt even more tomorrow for sure! It’s been yanked on a lot and it’s expected in these kind of contests. My right boob also feels like she needs some attention later on. She got a very good hold on it at some point and she just didn’t want to let go. I’m surely going to be remembering this contest for a few days. It’s normal and I do know that I have left some souvenirs on her that she will remember my by. Other than the physical injuries, it’s the mental damage that is more effective sometimes. She surely needs to wash her blonde hair a few more times that me after wiping my pussy with it a few times! 
6.       When did you start to fight like this?
This is now my 4th year ... In August 2018 I was invited by a friend to watch a catfight / sexfight and I’m so so glad that I accepted that invitation. I recall after the fight I have seen being challenged from a girl and I accepted immediately! From that day on, I never looked back and I have met some amazing opponents. 
7. From the opening of your gown I can see quite some nasty claw marks. May I have a look?

Yes you may have a look hun. As I told you at some point in the contest she managed to grab my right boob and she just didn't want to let go! I do think I had a finger in her pussy at that moment but she was squeezing it very well sending waves of pain and pleasure around my body! I'll be remembering her for sure ... I'm lucky I was allowed to attack back when she was attacking my boob!

8. If you had told me that these fights can last hours I wouldn`t believe it. Can you tell the readers a little about your stats? You have an amazing body by the way....

The reporter is brushing with her fingers over your reddened boob...over the areola...the nipple...very gently...

"Thanks so much for that hun" ... I bite my lip gently as I feel your fingers exploring ... "That feels nice sweetie. I'm 5' 7" ... around 54 kgs , 34 DD , 30 , 28 ... I ... hmmm ... do my best to stay in perfect shape because it helps my stamina a lot in these matches!"

The reporter is moaning and feeling her own nipples stiffen. After watching the match for such a long time her panties are soaked.

9. What was the worst loss you suffered from? What was the biggest triumph?

„My worst loss was against a girl called Sabrina ... It was my second match and after I won my first match I think I took her a bit lightly! She took control after like 10 - 15 minutes in the game and it was difficult to get back in the game! She made me orgasm 9 times during that match and then she made me eat her while she was sitting on her girlfriend's lap!“

The reporter moans when she hears about 9 climaxes.....

She shudders...and continues to listen.

„My biggest win I would say was that game I mentioned before. I managed to make my opponent submit in 32 minutes. I put her head between my legs and grabbed her in a good scissors instantly ... I was mixing some pain and pleasure at the same time and made her squirt twice before she submitted! I made sure that her boob had a few marks before I let her go! It was hot and I was also told that she took her time to recover from the loss I gave her!“

10. Are your rather big boobs a gift or rather bad for fighting? What do you think?

As they always say hun, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. My big boobs have suffered in fights and they were also targets during fights! Recalling a moment when I was in control of a fight once and my opponent managed to find my boob and she managed to get out of the situation I got her in. On the other hand, it's so hot to have a girl's face deep in there. I love feeling them struggle and trying to get out because of the lack of air they have in there!

The reporter grabs now both breasts...running her fingers over the sweats slick orbs...

11. Do you also compete in other styles of fighting?

"Fuck, that feels so nice Katharina hun! I've also been in hair pulling contests and 69 contests. I'm a very competitive girl and I am open for new ideas always. I always try my best to win but it's not always possible of course!"

The voice of the reporter changes to husky:

„Maybe we can shower together love after the last question...“

12. How do you feel during stage matches? I mean when you know men and women are watching and pleasuring themselves to you?

„To be honest I prefer to fight in front of an audience rather than in private. The comments, the moans, the hints from the audience members all add to the match and make it more spicy! I don't really much care about what they are doing, I'm more focusing on what I am doing to my opponent. Some comments I sometimes hear during the matches can be effective on the players I think though!“

I grab your tits harder pulling you closer and planting a wet kiss on your mouth, still tasting your opponents scent...

Her profile:;u=50798