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Real BBW Fight

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Real BBW Fight
« on: November 20, 2008, 11:05:46 PM »
 Ran across this

I want to tell you about a match I saw recently that was an awesome experience for me. I met Dianne who goes by the nic BigBoobsdianne and had become good friends with her. She was going to have a match in St Louis, Missouri and had arranged for me to watch it live. The format was unique in that the first three falls would be a best 2 out of 3 rules wrestling match in swimsuits. the next best 2 out of 3 falls would be almost NHB and topless. The final fall if all tied would be the deciding one fall NHB match. The match was being held at a private home which had a 12 feet square wrestling ring in the basement. A small crowd of about 30 people were in attendance to watch this match. I am a huge fan of Dianne's and was there to cheer her on. When it came time for the match the lights were turned down and the lights over the ring were turned up. An announcer spoke up "Tonight we have a real treat in store as we have coming out first Bigboobsdianne at 5' 6" 165 pounds at 47 years old". Dianne enters wearing a white robe and barefoot as she climbs into the ring and waves as the cheers ring out. "Dianne joins us tonight measuring 42G-34-40" Some audible gasps were heard at that announcement and not one to miss the moment Dianne removed her robe revealing a white bikini that barely contained her magnificent assets. Her long braided hair was down to her waist as her dark complexion contrasted well with her choice of the white bikini. Standing in her corner she seemed ready for the match at hand. One again the announcer began "and her opponent and a formidable one at that LisaKC at 5'4" 215 pounds and 45 yrs old." LisaKC enters wearing a black robe amid some cheers as she climbs into the ring. "Lisa joins us tonight measuring 40D with the rest of her measurements undisclosed." Lisa removes her robe to show a black one piece suit a much more modest choice than Dianne who watches her larger opponent as Lisa tosses her robe out of the ring. Both women are called to center ring as the rules are read off for the first 2 out of 3 fall wrestling portion of the match.

No hitting, kicking, eye gouging, or choking. A fall is won by submission only. There will be a 5 minute rest period between falls and a 30 minute rest period before the next match set is begun. Both women nodded in agreement the rules as the audience lights were dimmed even more. Because of the small ring size the referee would be outside the ring and would call out any rule infractions. "Ready wrestle" echoed as the bell rang and the women began circling. Dianne not afraid of the larger women moved straight in and they locked up as they both tried to push the other around. It didn't take long for Lisa to use her weight and strength to back Dianne into the ropes. With Lisa bearing down on her Dianne's back was bent over the top rope as Lisa pulled her off and into a side headlock as she kept Dianne pushed back into the ropes. You could hear a moan from Dianne as Lisa worked the headlock she pulled Dianne off the ropes and into mid ring and with legs wide for balance she hip tossed Dianne to the mat hard and followed her down retaining the headlock as Dianne bounced off the mat with a moan. Lisa laying sideways to Dianne so she can increase the pressure as almost unbelievebaly Dianne reaches out and taps the mat signaling her submission. The shocked audience is silent as Lisa releases the headlock and gets to her feet as Dianne laid on the mat holding her neck. Lisa stepped back to her corner as the referee climbed into the ring and helped Dianne first to her feet and then to her corner all the time Dianne working her neck around trying to loosen it up. "Come on Dianne shake it off you can do it" somebody yelled out. Both women took some water as the rest period passed. Dianne said she was ready for the next fall as the time drew near. At the bell for the second fall both moved out of their corners slowly as they circled.
Dianne tried rushing at Lisa but met an immovable object as she was unable to back her up. They were locked up and at fist it seemed to be a standoff but Lisa slowly began backing Dianne to the corner. Dianne put her foot on the bottom rope to stop the movement but it only worked for a moment as Lisa backed her up and stood her up in the corner. Dianne was trying but she just couldn't compensate for Lisa's weight and strength no matter what she did. Lisa laid on Dianne as they arm battled for an upper hand. Lisa was finally able to shove Dianne's head back by putting her hand under her chin. This brought a loud moan from Dianne as her sore neck was once again in pain. She was trying to pull Lisa's hands from her chin as they struggled. Dianne legs trying to push up to relieve the pressure. Lisa grabbed Dianne's left arm and pulled it down in an arm bar bending the brunette over at the waist. She pulled her the mid ring and worked the arm-bar dropping Dianne to one knee as she grimaced. She kept twisting on her arm and Dianne dropped to both knees trying to think of some way to turn this around. The blond released Dianne's arm but then immediately switched to chin lock on Dianne from behind as she put her knees in her back and pulled back. If Dianne wasn't is so much pain it was very sexy seeing the big blond working her over with Dianne's bikini top straining to hold her in. This hold did it's work too as Dianne's arm flailed the air as she yelled out "No No more I give". Lisa let go and the crowd was totally silent as Dianne fell forward to the mat as the first two falls and the wrestling match went to Lisa in a one sided way. Lisa took little time in leaving for her thirty minute rest period as Dianne was helped to her feet and back to a room for her rest period.

I got up and mingled with the others and everyone was amazed at how one sided this match had been. Dianne accepted this knowing she was at a fifty pound disadvantage and that may well have been a mistake. Dianne was more of a brawler some said but many doubted it could overcome the hole Dianne was in.

After the rest period was over the first out was Lisa who was wearing a black singlet suspenders affair. The top was open and her chest with large pink areola and nipples was exposed as she climbed into the ring to a round of applause. Soon the cheers went up as Dianne made her way to the ring. If you have never seen this woman topless it is very hard to describe. She is of Italian descent and has that olive skin tone. Her brown areola and nipples are huge as her massive chest sways when she walks. Almost as sexy is her long braided hair with white ribbons spaced evenly. Dianne's choice for attire was to simply remove her top leaving her in a white thong that was truly sexy under the lights. She climbed into the ring and it was evident that this was a pro Dianne crowd from the cheers that greeted her..

Now the almost NHB part of the match would begin. This is where many believed Dianne will turn this around as Lisa had never been in a NHB match before and it was Dianne's specialty as we say. It was called almost NHB because the only two rules were no biting and no eye gouging to avoid permanent injury to the women.

Waiting for the bell I realized that had Lisa been facing anyone Else her chest would appear larger but facing "Bigboobs" she just well couldn't compare.

As the bell sounded both moved out of their corners and began circling. Dianne fist clenched and Lisa fingers open reflecting the styles each was used to. Dianne was first to open with a quick punch to Lisa's left boob smashing it into her ribs as she gasped and took a step back. "Ya Dianne work her over you can do it" as Dianne moved around the larger woman. Lisa turning keeping Dianne in sight as twice more the busty one struck Lisa's left boob with punches to the joy of the crowd. The big blond in frustration charged at Dianne crashing into her chest to chest and driving her back into the ropes that strained to keep them in the ring. Dianne punching at Lisa's ribs and boobs in the clench as Lisa worked her arms around Dianne and grabbing the top rope trapping Dianne there. Dianne working Lisa with punches as both tried kneeing their opponent but the attempts were blocked. Reaching up and grabbing Lisa's shoulder length blond hair and snapping her head to the side as she lifted her knee into Lisa's stomach as she doubled over. Still holding Lisa's hair as she was able to get off the ropes she forced the blond over at the waist. I well placed knee lift slammed into Lisa's forehead stunning her as the blow lifted her up before Dianne forced her back over at the waist. Lisa's D cups hung down freely as Dianne brought her knee up into the blonde's left breast smashing it as she gasped. "Dianne show her how to fight baby. Go ahead punish her. you know how" came from crowd. Dianne found new energy as she was in control for the first time as she pulled the big woman to center ring by the hair. Lisa struggling to free her hair left her chest wide open for a solid knee lift that crushed her left breast into her ribcage causing her to stagger as she cried out in pain. Dianne pulling Lisa's into a reverse headlock as she took her free hand and went to work on Lisa's left breast. She dug deep into the flesh as Lisa stomped and howled from the attack. Dianne takes great pleasure is dishing out pain and she was enjoying hearing Lisa's pain. Lisa trying to escape the boob attack dropped to her knees as she worked on Dianne's hand in her hair trying to free herself. Finally in desperation she rammed her head into Dianne's mid section and at the same time stood up. Dianne stopped her boob attack and grabbed Lisa's shoulders for balance but it was too late she was already airborne as Lisa's drove her off her feet and sent her flying where she landed stunned on her back her huge chest bouncing crazily. Lisa's left breast reddened by the attack was free as she rubbed it as she stood over a dazed Dianne on the mat. Dianne rolled over on all fours to get up but Lisa was waiting for that as she straddled Dianne's back and she pulled her braid up and placed her hands under Dianne's chin forcing her back in a modified camel clutch. Lisa sat down roughly on the brunette's back smashing her to the mat as Dianne tried vainly to pry her hands loose. How quickly this had turned around in Lisa's favor yet again as Dianne slapping the mat in pain her huge chest hanging down as she was pulled back straining her already sore neck. Lisa's wasting no time pulled back with all her might on Dianne's neck. " Come on and say it " Lisa yelled at Dianne as the chesty one's face was once again twisted in pain. "Come on COME ON SAY YOU GIVE" Dianne legs kicking wildly her face frozen in pain through clenched teeth muttered "No way" . Hearing that Lisa shifted her weight up more on Dianne's shoulders now smashing her chest down to the mat as even more pressure was put on her neck. "Okay have it your way "said Lisa and she leaned back pulling back harder. at first I thought Dianne would kick Lisa in the head with her feet but instead "Stop no more I give I give please" came from her lips. Lisa's held the hold and torture a few more seconds before roughly letting Dianne's head drop. Lisa stood up and did a double bicep pose over Dianne's prone body as a chorus of boos rang out mixed in with only a few cheers. Lisa went to her corner as Dianne got to her feet upset at losing that fall. She was one fall from losing the match and at one point thought she had that last fall won. She has to some how keep Lisa from working on her injured neck. After drinking some water Dianne still visibly upset proudly stood there thinking of a strategy to salvage this match. Everyone knew one slip and it was all over. Lisa meantime stayed loose and appeared eager to get this match going again. The rest period was over as both women awaited the bell in their corners. The audience yelled encouragement to Dianne as the bell rang for the next fall. Dianne once again fists ready moved slowly toward the blond. Lisa attempted to once again rush into the brunette but Dianne being faster stepped aside as her opponent found nothing but air. The big blond while a powerful woman did not move well and somehow Dianne had to take advantage of that. Once again stalking each other as they came together Dianne sent a punch that landed directly on Lisa's nose knocking her back as she covered her face. Dianne went after Lisa who had turned away and sent a flurry of punches to her chest and ribs. Covering up the blond backed to the ropes from the assault. Dianne not getting in close this time got behind Lisa and pulled her by her suspenders and pushed her face first over the ropes. She jumped up and slammed an elbow between Lisa's shoulder blades three times as each time the big woman shook from the blow. Not letting up Dianne grabbed the blonde hair and pushed her neck down on the top rope choking her. Gasping for air the big woman reached around but Dianne was out of reach as she released her hair and stepped back. Lisa laid on the ropes gagging and dazed as behind her Dianne sent a well placed foot between her legs as she cried out. Lisa dropped to her knees as Dianne seemed to admire her work for a moment before stomping the broad back of her opponent. Dianne's huge chest swung wildly as she kicked Lisa until she was down on the bottom rope face down arms dangling. Diane reached down and pulled Lisa off the ropes and dragging her by her left leg to center ring letting her leg fall as she laid there face down. Once again using the suspenders as she turned Lisa onto her back as Dianne stood and stomped Lisa's left breast several times. The blond was out of it and barely moving as Dianne hovering over her yelled "Okay now it is your turn. You had enough or you want me to stomp those little tits of yours flat?" Lisa hands up waving must of submitted although it was too loud to her. Dianne raised her hand in victory and returned to her corner. Lisa slowly made it back to her corner as she sat on a stool a towel wiping the sweat off her face. As the five minute rest period wound down Lisa was not on her feet and when the referee said something to her she shook her head no. The announcer in a couple of minutes said Lisa wasn't ready to go on and as such forfeited that fall and the second match. She did however want to move on the next match. Wow what a a turn around. Dianne who losing badly had tied the match up with basically one submission. She was grinning from ear to ear as she left the ring for the 30 minutes rest period. Lisa meanwhile slowly left the ring and went back for her badly needed rest period.

The rest period over Dianne appeared first and walked to the ring. She had on her white bikini bottoms as she stood smiling arms resting on the ropes. In a couple of minutes Lisa appeared in her black robe again and climbed into the ring opposite Dianne. As she removed her robe she was wearing black Speedos in lieu of her suspenders outfit from the previous match. I noticed her left breast was very red and she had marks on her back from Dianne's blows. She didn't seem to be in pain  as she watched Dianne while waiting for the bell.

A voice came over the speakers and stated that this was a one fall submission only match that was NHB. The match was over upon submission or if one woman was unable to continue and unable to submit for some reason. The bell sounded and yells came for the match to get going. I was very excited to see how this turned out. You have to say that Dianne held the advantage now but in a one fall match one mistake could be the deciding factor. Dianee was the more proven brawler from the way she finished off Lisa but the size mismatch could be the difference. Both women moved forward slowly towards each other. Lisa grabbing for Dianne's hair and Dianne ducking down and punching at Lisa. Diane struck a blow into Lisa's stomach just as Lisa grabbed a handful of hair was attempting to pull Dianne into a headlock. The blonde stopped for a moment as Dianne fired two more punches into the soft belly of Lisa. Still holding Dianne's hair Lisa staggered back to the ropes to catch her balance. Dianne moved up hammering Lisa's left breast as the blonde gasped and turned away to escape. Dianne went after her as Lisa went to the ring corner with her back to her opponent. Dianne grabbed Lisa's hair pushing her forward into the corner as she reached around and grabbed her left breast and crushed it in her hand. Lisa stomping her feet in pain and yelling as the crowd was going wild. Dianne worked her breast hold digging in while shoving Lisa over the top rope holding her there by the hair. Lisa wildly swinging her elbows at Dianne but connecting with nothing but air. Dianne working Lisa's left breast digging in deep as the big woman was now screaming in pain. The crowd clearly behind Dianne now as she did what she did best in a match dishing out pain almost smiling as she did so. Both women were shining with sweat. Dianne still holding Lisa by the hair and she released her tit hold and from behind drove a fist in between Lisa's legs causing her to moan out loud holding her womanhood. Dianne punched Lisa in the back a couple of times as Lisa legs started to bend went into the ropes chest first stunned. Dianne bent over behind her and was reaching around for that ragged and sore left tit again as all of a sudden Lisa threw an elbow catching Dianne on the side of the head. Dianne's knees buckled and she rolled over Lisa and landed on her butt leaning against the bottom rope. Lisa meanwhile slowly got to her feet and staggered back out of the corner in tears, sweating, and sporting a scratched and cherry red left tit that looked to be on fire. She walked around glad to be free as Dianne sat back on the ropes dazed. Lisa sweating heavily walked over to Dianne and sat on her legs grabbing Dianne by the hard and shoving her back over the rope arching her back as she grabbed the massive right breast and pulled the flesh." You tried to tear my tit off bitch let's see how you like it" and with that Lisa streched Dianne's tit to the limit while keeping her head shoved back over the rope. The busty ones legs were trying to get her free but Lisa's weight held them them down. The attack on Dianne 's chest seemed to awaken her as her arms started to move and at first she tried to remove Lisa's grip. Not getting anywhere Dianne reached for Lisa's hanging D cups and not just grabbing them but digging in underneath deep where it really hurts. The blonde threw her head back mouth open in pain but still maintained her grip.Both women were now working on their rivals chest trying to inflict the pain that would get the them the winning submission. Once again I was confident Dianne would come out on top as this was her type of fight now. Her awesome chest had been abused many times in a match mostly due to jealous opponets and although it had let her down before this time I hoped it wouldn't. Dianne's attack was more effective and Lisa's was soon trying to get away. She released both Dianne's hair and chest grabbing the rope and pulling herself free and through the ropes falling onto the floor outside the ring holding her chest in pain. Dianne rolling over to her knees went under the ropes and jumped onto Lisa grabbing her hair and driving her knees into her stomach. Dianne beat her head on the carpeted floor a few times as she straddled her stomach before releasing her hair and sitting up. Smiling now Dianne punched wildly with both hands at Lisa's now bruised left breast. Lisa desperatlely trying to cover up took some punches to the face as she tried driving her feet into the carpet to push away. at this point some people were standing and I couldn't see what actually happened as people were coming from around the ring to see the battle on the floor. No attempt was made to get the women broke up and back in the ring though. I couldn't see anything at this point as people were crowding in. Then I heard some cheering and someone yelled it was over Lisa had submitted. a lot of yelling was going on and I saw Dianne climb back into the ring raising her hand in victory. There she stood battered covered in sweat hair a mess but smiling. she had one this match and I found out later it was with a camel clutch as somehow Lisa was able to get turned over to her stomach but Dianne wrapped both hands under her chin and pulled the big woman back until she yelled out a submission. Damn I was pissed I missed it.


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Re: Real BBW Fight
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2008, 07:22:58 PM »
 ;D That was great story.
Love mature women (40+) in intense action, even matched, grudge between them. My pics tend to show what I like. No extreme violence, death or humiliation - that's just not me.