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Alycia Debnam Carey vs Ruby Rose

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Alycia Debnam Carey vs Ruby Rose
« on: January 16, 2023, 08:50:13 PM »

Story takes place in early 2019

The British Pit was closed but when your Ruby Rose options open, and Taylor Swift loved watching Ruby fight.  So, the invitation was out and Alycia Debnam Carey answered, she was flanked by Marie Avgeropolous who Ruby was not happy to see.

“This is for you to take my place in this group.” 

“I know and I told Marie”

“And I told her that I don’t like what you’re trying to pull here and it ends at me with me stopping you cold and proving you are no better than the rest of us.”

Ruby looked around and laughed “You think that scares me?  Hey everyone, do you think Marie scares me?”

Marie smiled “No but I should scare you and soon Ruby, I will scare you and scare them.”

Ruby’s demeanour changed and she made a step for Marie “Listen up, you might think this is something, but you don’t want a war with me.  You don’t want to make me your nemesis” Ruby then got hit with a kick and sent back and down.  Alycia and Marie did a high five

“This is about my Australian friend kicking your aussie ass.”  Marie said and sat down “Pray she wins because if you face me, it will make my ending your myth all the worst.”

Alycia went to stomp Ruby, but her foot was caught, and Ruby pushed up and threw Alycia down.  She got up “I’ll beat her and trust me Marie I’m not worried about you.”

“I can see you aren’t worried about me, but you should be.  I do love how you fear Nina though.”

Ruby turned “Fear who” Thud, Alycia landed a second kick to the stomach and then suplexed Ruby into the sand. 

Alycia floated over and hit some punches and looked at a smiling Marie avgeropolous.

That moment allowed Ruby to get her legs up and hook them under Alycia’s arms bring her down.  Ruby then back rolled and was up on her feet in the ready to fight stance “She’s in a kick boxing stance Alycia”

A side glare at Marie and then focused on Alycia who was up and ready to fight.  “Watch her leg kick.”

Ruby tried three jabs all were blocked then went for the leg kick and that got checked.  “Told you she was predictable.”  Marie’s voice was getting to Ruby who glanced over and was cracked in the jaw and put down again.

Ruby switched stances “Watch out for the knee.”  Marie shouted watching Ruby’s skin grow red as she was preparing for a straight knee to the stomach.  Ruby got hit with a left that Alycia threw from the hip.

Alycia was about to rush in on Ruby when Marie shouted “She is not ready for that yet.  She isn’t as hurt as you think.”

Ruby cursed and Alycia smiled “How about you let us fucking fight and you seat there and watch.”

“She’s about to get real assertive with a combination and also … fuck off Ruby”

Ruby who had an idea what she was going to do could now see that Alycia was prepared for this which irritated Ruby.  She was not predictable

“Finale.”  Marie shouted and Alycia hit a leg kick with her left foot then came with an uppercut straight style right that got Ruby in the lips

That put Ruby back then she fell to a knee and Alicia ran at her “No” Ruby wanted this immediately fell back with a bear hug was on her back for a moment when she slipped out and hit some knees to Alycia’s ribs

There was something vicious in Ruby Rose right now usually shed let the woman up but now she was hitting knee after knee and looked like a woman possessed.  Ruby got up and hit a soccer kick to Alycias face and that put Alycia on her back.  Ruby began to stomp the younger woman’s body and was about to mount her when she looked at Marie

“This who you trained to beat me so you would not have to get what’s coming for you.”  Three hard punches.  Left, right, Left then full mount

Ruby began raining down elbows and could hear shrieks and it wasn’t from Alycia.  Once the shriek happened Ruby hit one more and realized she did and the people shrieking were Taylors friends.  Ruby was about to hit another and got hit with a side kick to the ear from Marie Avgeropolous


“My getting in your pea brain is no reason to do to her what you do to the Crew at the CW and I will never allow you to do that.”

Ruby tried to get up “You had her  beat you went to far.”  Low blow kick from Marie who then backed up and did a seth rollins curb stomp into the sand.  Rubys face was in the sand and Marie held her foot on the back of the head rolled it back and forth “I’m not Nina.  You want your little face to faces.  You want to interrupt her fights.  Be passive aggressive I’ll be aggressive with you.  I want to prove you’re a fucking fraud and I want you off my network.  British Fight Pit reopens I do both.”

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