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The gathering - part 3, who came first?

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The gathering - part 3, who came first?
« on: April 28, 2023, 10:07:26 AM »
This is the final part of my story “The Gathering”. If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 ( and now would probably be a good time. Enjoy!

Ellen x

Sunday morning and I was up with the lark. Well, with our host at least. It was 6:30am, still dark and cold but the overnight frost and the lightening sky above the hills to the east bore the promise of another bright dry day as Sian and I set about doing the morning chores for her small collection of livestock.

I’d left Lynne sleeping. I’d already figured she wasn’t a morning girl. Terri appeared just as we were finishing, full of the joys of the day and ribbing me about stealing her job as we made our way back to the warmth of the kitchen. With the coffee brewing and the bread in the Aga pleasant smells began to fill the air and it wasn’t long before they attracted company in the form of Janet Somerville and Jill Montrose. The five of us sat around the kitchen table and chatted amiably.

Jan and Jill would be heading south with Paige and young Rose as soon as the video gear was packed away and, with Lynne and Nat also heading home, it looked like it would fall to Sian, Shannon, Terri and myself to pack the ring away, just as it had on my last two visits. I told Sian about my trip to Lesley’s a few months earlier and about her wonderful ‘instant’ ring but Sian was unimpressed. The battered old boxing ring she’d rescued from the gym where the NBFC had started over 30 years ago had huge sentimental value for her and she would never consider changing it.

Around 8:30 we were joined in the kitchen by a bleary-eyed Lynne and, shortly after that, by Paige and Rose. We chatted over breakfast about this and that. When we’d meet again. What the traffic would be like. Whether we were actually going to see Nat and Shannon at any point. All the usual girly gossip.

Breakfast over it was time for the southerners to start packing up. Leaving Rose with “gramma”, Paige and Jill headed for the barn to dismantle and pack the video equipment ready for the drive home. Paige had indicated a desire to get on the road sooner rather than later so that Rose could have her afternoon nap in the car.

Jan, Lynne, Sian and I remained in the kitchen, idly chatting and playing with Rose while we waited for our missing companions. It was another half an hour or so before Shannon and Nat eventually appeared, both bathed in that glow that often follows a night of extreme intimacy. For anyone present it was clear that the pair had formed a close and affectionate bond in the previous 24 hours – and it wasn’t just the fact that they were holding hands that gave it away.

They hurriedly helped themselves to food and joined in the general chatter but I sensed Shannon had something on her mind. And it wasn’t long before she came out with it.

“Mum?” Shannon began in that way that all children, irrespective of age, have when they’re about to ask for a favour. Sian raised a quizzical eyebrow as Shannon continued:

“Nat’s feeling a bit down after yesterday and I was wondering if we could get in the ring together and give her a little training after Paige and Jill have finished packing up?”

Sian looked at Nat: “Would you like that Nat?”

“Yes please.” Replied Nat meekly. It seemed that, in the presence of the matriarch, Shannon and Nat had regressed to submissive teenagers.

“Well, I think that depends on Lynne as she’s the one taking you home – have you asked her?”

Nat glanced across at Lynne who smiled and said, “That’s fine, I’m in no great hurry.”

“That’s settled then,” said Sian, “as soon as Jill and Paige are done we’ll get the pair of you in the ring and give young Nat a bit of coaching. Now get some breakfast inside you so that you don’t get indigestion when you’re fighting.”

Nat and Shannon nodded and Nat started helping herself to some fresh bread and marmalade as Shannon continued in her little girl voice:



“We thought it would be fun if you and Ellen joined us for a tag match.”

“What? You youngsters against us old ladies?!”

“No, silly, you and me against Nat and Ellen.”

Sian shot me a questioning glance. I nodded to indicate I was game.

“Okay, just don’t let your mother down like you did yesterday.”

“What! They knocked you out too you know.”

“Yes, but it was two against one. If you hadn’t let Janet here get you excited you would have been able to defend your old mum.”

Jan grinned and said: “Sorry Sian, I couldn’t resist – with either of you.”

Sian patted Jan’s knee and said: “I couldn’t resist you either – I never could.” Before leaning across and pecking her on the cheek.

Shannon continued: “Terri, would you be willing to referee?”

“By all means, shrimp,” Said Terri, using her favourite term of endearment for the girl she delivered into the world 32 winters ago, “but what about Lynne here? There will be six of us you know?”

She glanced meaningfully at Lynne who was immediately on her wavelength and replied: “Three blondes and three non-blondes.”

“The home team and the away team.” Said Terri, “Two babes, two MILFs and two grandmas.”

“Hey, less of the grandma, Terri Brooks,” Said Sian, “I’m not that much older than you.”

“Three against three,” Said Lynne, “Elimination tag!”

“Submit, cum or pass out and you’re out.” Said Terri – it was like she and Lynne were reading each other’s minds.

“Last woman standing wins!” They said together.

“Sounds great,” I said, “is everyone up for this?”

There were general nods and mumbles of agreement. Poor Jan looked disappointed: “That sounds like fun. I wish I could stay and watch but friends and family are relying on me to get them home.”

It was another hour before Jill and Paige reappeared and announced that they’d finished packing the car. After a quick cup of coffee Paige gathered up baby Rose and the four of them headed out to Jan’s BMW. It was 11:30am.

We waved our goodbyes to the car as it made its way down the farm track and, as soon as they were out of sight, we all walked over to the barn. The six of us quickly stripped off in the ante-room and made our way through to the main barn. Sian, Shannon and Terri made their way round to the red corner while Nat, Lynne and I climbed onto the ring apron in the blue corner.

“Okay ladies,” said Sian, “let’s do this. We’ll start with the youngest pair and tag our way round. Anyone who submits, passes out or cums is eliminated. No breaks. As soon as someone is eliminated the next fighter from that team comes in against the person who eliminated her. May the best woman win!”

With that Shannon and Nat climbed through the ropes. Sian simply said: “Ready girls?” and when they both nodded said: “Okay, fight!”

And that was it. The fight was on. First it was Nat against Shannon, then Nat tagged in Lynne, Shannon tagged in Terri, Lynne tagged in me and then I tagged in Nat again, but at the same moment, Terri tagged in Sian. Nat soon had Sian in trouble, but she managed to make the tag and it was back to Shannon versus Nat for a while before Nat once again tagged in Lynne. Once again, Lynne used to weight to her advantage, tackling Shannon to the mat and applying some vicious holds. It wasn’t long before Shannon was reaching for the tag to Terri again.

Terri entered the ring and quickly showed her superior fighting skills, teaching Lynne an object lesson in painful holds. Eventually, she trapped blonde MILF in reverse grapevine, much as I’d done in my first encounter with Lynne.  As Lynne struggled to break free, Terri snaked her right hand down the blonde’s body and slipped two fingers into Lynne’s pussy. A simple touch was all it took and Lynne cried out her orgasm, and became the first fighter eliminated.

I quickly slipped between the ropes as Terri disentangled herself from beneath the buxom blonde. As she got to her feet I grabbed Terri in a headlock and bulldogged her to the mat. Terri was dazed and I took full advantage, throwing her three or four times before clotheslining her off the ropes. It was just like old times.

After a few more power moves, I thought I had Terri where I wanted her moved into the kill. She was slumped through corner and I was confident that I could knock the dazed beauty out, but I misjudged her. She wasn’t as far out of it, as I thought. As I closed in, she delivered a solid kick between my legs and dropped me to my knees. A knee to my jaw put me on my back as Terri vaulted over me to make the tag with Sian. Momentarily dazed, I rolled over onto my front, pushed myself up to my hands and knees and found myself staring in the face of a woman I’d last faced in the ring, almost 33 years earlier.

Sian smiled at me and beckoned with both her hands as I came to my feet and we locked up in a trial of strength. Our bodies quickly coming together, our breasts and pussies rubbing against each other.

I barely recalled fighting Sian all those years ago but, as we grappled, the memories came flooding back. Sian was only my fourth opponent at CLAWS in my very first year. At that time, I was undefeated and fighting her for the title. But fighting Sian been different to the other opponents I’d fought in the months before.

Fighting with Sian was a much more sensual thing. Sian like to use her sex to arouse her opponents and that was exactly what she was trying to do to me now.  Well, two can play that game and I was determined it would be her, not me, who came first or tapped out. Slowly, I forced her to her knees and then slowly pushed her down onto her back, kneeling down and straddling her.

As I did so, my pussy just inches from her face. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what happened next. The Ulster woman raised her head and her tongue quickly found its way to my hotspot. It felt so good but I told myself to concentrate. I straightened up, moving my pussy out of range, reached back with my right hand, stuck my fingers firmly into her cxnt and began a vigorous massage.

It didn’t take too long before she started moaning and burst into explosive orgasm. Shannon’s response was instant. As I withdrew my hand from her mother’s pussy, she vaulted the ropes and leapt on me, dragging me off of Sian.

We grappled for a minute or so on the mat, rolling over and over, first one on top, and then the other, struggling for supremacy. But I was fading fast. Shannon was barely more than half my age, and a damn sight fitter than I was. I needed to make a tag if I was going to survive much longer. Breaking free from Shannon I rolled towards the blue corner, my hands outstretched for Nat to tap, but I never made it.

Shannon threw herself after me and wrapped her legs around my head. Suddenly I found myself in the same predicament I’d been in with Kathy the day before. Trapped in a punishing head scissors, my face inches from my opponent’s sweaty minge. But Shannon minge wasn’t just sweaty. She was excited. Love juices were trickling down her legs. I stuck my tongue out and I could taste some on her thighs. If only I could get my tongue to reach…

But no, she’d positioned herself too well. I knew that if I could get my tongue around her clit she would explode, just as her mother had, but I was probably half an inch too short. I struggled and pawed at her thighs but it was no good. I tried to swivel around and at that moment I felt her hand slide between my legs.

This wasn’t meant to be a sex fight. It was supposed to be wrestling training for Nat. But so far we had two fighters eliminated, both because of orgasms. I was damned if I was going to be the third but I knew there was no way out. So I just frantically tapped on Shannon thigh until she released the scissors and I could roll free to the ring apron where I stared up apologetically at Nat.

As Nat climbed back into the ring, Shannon got to her feet and the pair faced each other again. But Nat had learned a lot about a new friend in the past 24 hours. She knew that Shannon was highly sexed and it wouldn’t take too much to push her over the brink. As they came together and locked up Nat slipped her right hand between Shannon’s legs. The brunette squealed. Nat kissed her full on her mouth, her legs buckled and she began to sink towards a canvas. It was obvious to everyone that orgasm number three had just occurred.

Four down and one to go. Nat released Shannon, who dropped to her knees, and turned to face the red corner as Terri slipped between the ropes.

They squared off and locked up in a classic youth versus experience battle. The wiley old veteran against the strong determined newcomer. The struggle raged back and forth for several minutes with first one and then the other gaining the advantage but eventually it was youth that got the upper hand as Terri started to wilt under Nat’s repeated pussy mauls and nipple twists.

Breaking free of the younger woman, Terri scrambled to her feet and moved behind the blonde. As Nat stood up, Terri grabbed her from behind hoping to put her in a full nelson but, before she could lock it on, Nat reached back and, in an impressive display of strength, flipped the larger woman over her shoulder.

Terri hit hard and lay on her back for a moment with her legs apart. Nat moved around her and stomped on her pussy. Terri screamed and clutched herself before rolling over onto all fours. Nat was still behind her and punted her between the legs knock her face down on the mat.

Terri got slowly to her feet. Nat grabbed her from behind and ran her face first into the turnbuckles of a neutral corner before slamming her down on her back. Terri sat up looking very disoriented, rolled onto her knees and slowly got to her feet facing the younger blonde.

Lynne was shouting at Nat to: “Finish her off.”

Shannon was crying: “Way to go Nat, I knew you could do it!” 

Sian was shouting words of encouragement to the shellshocked Terri. I didn’t quite know how to react. My best friend was taking beating but at the hands of my protégé – I was rooting for both of them.

As Terri got to her feet Nat closed on the dazed brunette, stuck one hand into her thatch, wrapped the other around her neck, hoisted her in the air and slammed her back to the mat with a crash. Terri lay on her back groaning as the four of us outside the ring began chanting:


Terri rolled over and pushed herself up, looking rather non-plussed at the four of us outside the ring, as she got to her feet.

We stopped counting at eight but Nat wasn’t done with her yet. She moved swiftly to Terri’s side, grabbed her arm and whipped her into a neutral corner. Terri hit the turnbuckles and staggered forward. Nat grabbed her arm again and whipped her into the red corner.

Much to my astonishment it looked like Terri was close to defeat as she slumped in the corner, arms over the top ropes. Nat jumped up on the bottom rope, straddled the older woman and pushed her tits into Terri’s face. Terri’s right hand found its way into Nat’s snatch. Nat wrapped her hands around the back of Terri’s neck and fell backwards, monkey flipping the older woman across the ring. As she did, so Terri’s hand slipped out of her pussy the brunette’s fingers flicking her clit as they went. Both women hit the boards hard on their backs. Nat screamed out:

“Oh God! No! No! No! Yesssssssssssssss!”

As an orgasm coursed through her and she lay, spasming, on the mat. Terri rolled over and came to her knees, staring at us over the prone blonde, an anguished look on her face as she sobbed:

“I’ve just cum, and now I’m going to…”

And with that a stream of golden liquid poured out from between her legs as, once again, Terri pissed herself. Sian cried out: “Oh Terri, not again!”

“Sorry Sian,” Sobbed Terri, “Sorry.”

There wasn’t much more she could say. It was over but we had no idea who had won. Both women had climaxed but who had cum first? Once again Terri’s bladder had let her down and, once again, she was mortified as the pee trickled down her leg and onto the mat.

Nat rolled over, came to her knees and shuffled forward into the puddle of piss to embrace the older woman. The four of us outside the ring applauded wildly before climbing in and helping the two exhausted fighters to their feet.

“Wow, that was really something.” said Shannon, “I really didn’t expect that.”

“I don’t think any of us did,” said Lynne, “Well done Nat, well done Terri, well done everyone.”

For a few minutes six naked women stood in a puddle of piss in the middle of a boxing ring hugging each other like some sort of primal gathering. Eventually, Sian, ever practical, said:

“Well ladies, I don’t think we’ll ever know who came first so I suggest we call it a draw. That concludes this weekend’s fun and games. Shall we go and get showered and have a bite to eat before Nat and Lynne get on the road home?”

With that, we all reluctantly climbed out of the ring, grabbed our robes from the ante-room and made our way back to the farmhouse. As we entered the kitchen, I noticed the time on the clock. 12:30, we’d been in the barn a little over half an hour but it felt much longer.

We headed to our respective bedrooms but, as we walked up the stairs, Shannon grabbed hold of Nat‘s hand and directed her back to her own room:

“Use my shower, Nat. Leave Lynne and Ellen to use the one in their room.”

And we did, to good effect.  There, in the shower together, we briefly explored each other’s bodies again. Lynne was still high from her earlier orgasm, and it didn’t take long to bring her back to the boil. I was just desperate for release, having come so close with Shannon. As the hot water poured over us, we cuddled in the shower cubicle and came almost simultaneously, sinking to our knees in a passionate embrace.

I had no doubt similar scenes were being played out in both Sian’s room and Shannon’s room. It was a moment to savour, a moment to hold onto, a moment that you’d want to last forever. But it was just that – a moment. It wasn’t long before we were all out of the showers, dressed and back in the kitchen, where Sian insisted on serving everyone a light lunch. Soon after that we were bidding Lynne and Nat farewell as they got in the car and drove down the lane at the start of the long drive back home.

And then it was just the four of us. The family, for I genuinely thought of myself as part of this little group now. I loved them all dearly and I knew they loved me too.

The afternoon was spent packing the ring away and tidying the barn. Every time I did it, it seemed to get easier. But when I checked the time, I found we’d still taken us four hours. Perhaps it was just the company that made it seem light work.

Just as we finished, my phone pinged. It was a message from Lynne saying she’d just dropped Nat off. They’d made impressive time on the run home and I wondered for a moment whether Lynne’s other skills included being a racing driver.

Tidying up finished, Sian cooked us a wonderful supper. After supper we sat around in the snug for a while, digesting our food and simply basking in the glow of a memorable weekend. Around 9:30 in the evening Sian simply said: “Shall we?” and we all got up and made our way to her bedroom, undressed and settled into her huge four-poster bed for a bit of a family reunion.

What went on that night is between the four of us but we were all up with the lark the next day and were greeted by a beautiful crisp sunny November morning, just the day for me to lose my horsey virginity. We enjoyed another of Sian’s hearty breakfasts before climbing into Shannon’s old Land Rover and driving the short distance to the stables where she worked for her friend Sarah’s pony trekking business.

When we arrived at the stables I was very pleased to discover that it would be just the four of us on today’s trek. I didn’t mind embarrassing myself in front of my friends but I was a bit self-conscious abut doing so in front of people I didn’t know.

As it turned out I didn’t embarrass myself (well, not much) and I thoroughly enjoyed our journey along the lanes and tracks, taking in the spectacular views in the cool, bright November air. Shannon and Terri took plenty of pictures of my fat arse on the pony for Carrie’s benefit, although I did refuse Terri’s repeated entreaties for me to: “Drop your draws and moon for us.” – at least until I was off the horse. Then Sian, Terri and I all presented our rosy butt cheeks to the camera on my phone as Shannon captured the moment (and I sent to Carrie).

After three enjoyable hours in the Pennine countryside, it was back to the farm for lunch and then it was time to head home. As we went to leave, I took Sian aside to ask her a favour and make her a promise I was determined to keep come hell or highwater – because that’s what friends are for. Then it was hugs and kisses all round and, before I knew it, Terri and I were in her little Toyota making our way back through the Cheshire countryside to the motorway that would carry us home.

It was only an hour or so into the journey, as my elation began to ebb, that I began to fret about my fighting prowess again. Another weekend of fights and, in my eyes, another two defeats for Ellen Shaw. Had I lost it? Was I passed it? I confessed my concerns to Terri but she just laughed and said:

“Hark at you Ellen Shaw. Telling yourself you’re all washed up. I hope I’m as good as you in another five years. Yes, you lost to Kathy but so have a lot of people – even me, many years ago. As for your performance yesterday, what can I say? You didn’t cum and you didn’t piss yourself – I did both!”

After that I shut up, at least about myself, and talked enthusiastically about how Lynne had done, how Nat had been unlucky and about how impressed I’d been at Terri’s fight back against Angie.

For her part Terri promised to help me train for my fight with Lesley and asked me who else I had lined up to fight. I knew there were one or two women who were determined to have a final crack at me but I still hadn’t decided who I would take on other than the very last fight, the one on my sixtieth birthday, my final bucket list fight. She was desperate to know who I’d chosen to be that ‘final’ opponent but I still wasn’t ready to share that with anyone else – at least I knew it would happen, she had said yes.


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Re: The gathering - part 3, who came first?
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2023, 12:30:42 PM »
Did I read that right - Terry’s helping you train for a fight with Lesley?! Can it be true, we will see my gorgeous wife slipping through the ropes to face her arch nemesis, the Great Ellen Shaw one last time - I never thought I’d see the day. Lesley hasn’t mentioned the fight to me - have you agreed a format?
Looking forward to the fight so much.