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The Confrontation By Jayne.

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The Confrontation By Jayne.
« on: April 14, 2024, 01:37:34 AM »
The Confrontation
By Jayne Ellis

A Female Wrestling Novelette
For Adults Only (c) 2015.

Sophie versus Danielle

When she entered the lane it began to rain lightly. The soft drizzle fell and she switched on the intermittent wipers. It was not a night to be out in, and it was getting late, but she had to see it through. There had been no other alternative. The logical conclusion would have been to walk away and ignore it all, to simply pre-condition her mind to accept that what was going on was all down to her own insecurity. That would have been the easy way out, the most reasonable way to deal with it. But she was too strong-willed and was not going to back down. Her rival had called her out, and now she was ready to do battle to save her marriage. There was nothing else to do but see this evening though, and then see what happened later. Win or lose.

The narrow lane bisected and split into another lane, and acting upon Danielle’s directions, she took a sharp right. Stay to your right, she had said, and then over the rise you’ll see my cottage. I will be waiting for you.

And no doubt she would, too! Mused Sophie as she drove up the slight incline.

And true to her word, there it was: Danielle’s home. It was an old 18th century cottage. Full of rural charm, it lay away from the lane. It was one of those half-lost places that you would have found difficult to locate. It was a place that was more designed for a modern day hermit, or people that needed a break from the towns or cities. And she could see why such an artist as Danielle had bought this property. It was peaceful and inspiring for bohemian crafts. It was also a great place for an assignation. But again, Sophie wasn’t certain about that. Well, not a 100%. But she was going to have it out with her rival like-it-or-not.

Sophie slowed and stopped her estate car, glancing irresolutely across at the muddy track that would take her towards the house. She felt nervous, uneasy. It was natural to feel that way. She hadn’t intended to go through with some challenge, and she felt a sense of pride that she had accepted. Now she was here and there was no going back.

She gritted her teeth and drove carefully through the rotting gateway. Her headlights heralded her arrival as she saw the curtains move, the beams bathing the small doorway as she approached. She parked the car and got out, pulling her tennis club holdall with her. She closed the door and locked her car, then heard the front door open. An attractive face peered through the gap, the astute eyes hovering above a distinct smile. This was her rival, she thought.

Danielle was an attractive middle-aged woman. She was two years older than Sophie and had raven black hair that was styled into a longish bob. Fringed and neatly trimmed, she swept back her hair over her ears. She stood wearing a short black robe. She was barefoot and Sophie knew that soon she would be indulging in something too fantastic to contemplate with Danielle. Not as if the likes of Richard would have approved – or would he? Men were such voyeurs when it came to erotic matters, and he would have probably liked to have seen two women rolling around in a sweaty tangle, fighting over him. But Sophie wouldn’t have allowed it. This was private, and between her and Danielle only!

“Hello, Sophie,” said Danielle with a slight smirk on her lips. “I knew you’d come. I sensed you were game for it.”

Sophie found it hard to dissimulate the turmoil that was shooting through her mind. She had never been good at hiding her feelings. And the stare she gave Danielle was not one of friendship. “I’m here and that’s all that needs to be said,” she said as Danielle smiled and gave her access.

Inside, the cottage was warm and cosy. A log fire roared and glowed at the far side of the room. It made a welcoming sight considering the lousy autumn night outside.

Danielle closed the door as Sophie walked into the living room. The atmosphere was tense and uncomfortable, but Danielle was trying to alleviate their joint ill-feeling.

“Would you like a drink?” asked Danielle amiably. “I’m sure it would be nice to keep it all as congenial as possible, even though the circumstances aren’t conducive to it.”

Sophie nodded and Danielle paced to the drinks cabinet on the far side of the room. Sophie placed her bag on the sofa, and then swept her long brown hair back. Her heart was racing, and she hoped that she wouldn’t betray her nerves. Danielle was calm and relaxed, and she was wondering how she could have been so at ease with this situation. Sophie had expected Danielle to be as equally perturbed as she was. But she saw no anxiety at all. In fact, Danielle was quite the opposite, and when she returned she smiled and handed Sophie a glass of whisky.

“Something to ease you before we start,” whispered Danielle as she passed the drink to her rival. Then she stood next to the warm fireplace, and smiled as Sophie drank.

Sophie could see that Danielle had made the essential preparations. A series of heavy faux-fur rugs had been placed on the floor. The antique furniture had been pushed back for safety and the area was roomy and spacious. Bathed in the warm fire-glow, the panelled walls gave refuge to a series of shadows that danced and flickered along the wood. It was a tasteful room, very nice but without any hint of pretension.

Danielle gazed into the fire as Sophie downed her drink. She coughed as it bit the back of her throat. It was another tell-tale sign that she was feeling uneasy. But Danielle turned and smiled understandingly. She knew how Sophie felt, and it had taken a courageous woman to be standing where she was. But the time to begin was close and Danielle finished her drink and put the empty glass on the table.

“Will you stop seeing my husband?” said Sophie directly. “I have come to settle this problem between us and I hope it can be solved.”

But Danielle simply said, “You know the terms of our challenge. If you win, then I will, and if not – well.....”

Sophie sighed inwardly. There was nothing left to say but to do battle with Danielle and end this issue once-and-for-all.

“Very well, let’s finish this,” said Sophie and unfastened her jacket.

Sophie began to strip out of her cloths and very soon, she stood unashamedly naked before her rival. Danielle watched with detached interest as Sophie slipped on a dark red thong and then stood topless and defiant before her. Adjusting the skimpy and sensual garment to one that felt comfortable, Sophie saw Danielle slip her satin robe away from her shoulders. Their eyes met, a certain intensity passing between them.

Danielle let the robe fall to the chair, and then stepped onto the rug, her dark blue thong as equally skimpy as Sophie’s. The material stretched as she moved gracefully towards the wrestling area. She was an attractive woman, and Sophie wasn’t surprised why Richard had been sniffing round her studio. But it still grated her, and she was intent on teaching this cow a lesson.

Sophie felt her mouth grow dry with anticipation. Her heart was pounding and Danielle went down onto her knees as if observing an esoteric ritual. She smiled and waited for Sophie to face her, hands on her toned hips. Sophie could see that Danielle was indeed very athletic, but then, so was she. And she knew that she had an even chance to best her rival in a wrestling match – and topless, too!

Danielle had pert breasts that were pointed and firm. Sophie’s orbs were more rounded: an adequate c-cup that looked good in an evening dress. Had an observer been present both women would have looked ideally matched, like opposite ends of a bookcase.

They were both tall, standing at 5’ 9” and both weighed in evenly at around 125ibs.

A moment passed as Sophie settled into her situation. She was not a wrestler and she wasn’t sure how much skill her opponent had. That was still a mystery, but one that would be revealed soon. But she had to learn to grapple, and if pain was to be her master, then she would learn fast. That much she was certain of.

The two topless women eyed each other, and then it was as if someone had signalled for them to start. They cautiously reached out towards the other. The grips were tentative, almost ineffectual at first, and then they began fighting. Using instinctive moves, Sophie bear-hugged Danielle and this was reciprocated. Fingers knotted behind backs as they began their struggle, allowing their bare breasts to jostle and jiggle and flatten as they contended. It was a mixture of pushes and squeezing, and Sophie let her jaw settle on Danielle’s shoulder blade. Danielle followed suit as they started to grunt and groan their efforts, trying to twist or topple the other. It was a clumsy flurry of unskilled movements but eventually, they keeled over onto their side and lay on the rug, still squeezing and hugging. Their bare legs hissed and rubbed against each other as they tried to contain the other’s limbs. But leg scissoring was hard. Using the balls of her feet, Danielle pushed down and rolled on top of Sophie, who now looked up in horror as her rival’s body rode over her.

Breaking holds, Sophie tried to push Danielle’s face away, clenching her teeth in effort. Her small hands cupped her opponent’s face and she pushed for all she was worth. Danielle groaned and tried to contain Sophie’s wrists, eventually wrenching them away and pinning her down against the soft rug. She grunted as she forced Sophie’s wrists against the rug.

Sophie groaned a noise of dismay, her tits bellowing against Danielle’s as they wrestled. But Danielle was spread out the full length of Sophie’s body, her legs spreading Sophie’s slowly apart. Groin against Groin, Danielle felt her mons pubis rub against Sophie’s as they contended. It felt sensual and good and their natural shunting evoked a virtual tribbing session. Sophie was thrusting her groin and hips against the other wrestler’s, but Danielle was firmly planted, and was enjoying controlling her opponent. This was what she had wanted to do, and that was to dominate Sophie, to grind her smug suburban body into the ground. And that had been her sole intention from the word go: to have fun and pleasure at Sophie’s expense.

Like lover’s locked in fluid coitus, Danielle was powering the match. Her tits rubbed and smothered Sophie’s and then she moved upwards, shifting position, and then teased her opponent by pushing her orbs into her face.

“You bloody cow,” came the muffled moan from beneath her breasts, but Danielle was having fun. She had never felt so good in a long time. And now she was wrestling a sexy woman in private and besting the hell out of her! Listening to Sophie’s aggrieved sounds empowered Danielle, and she punished her humiliation further by easing on more pressure.

Danielle’s generous arse pulsed and stiffened as she wrestled. Her butt was sensually bisected by the fine cords of her blue thong, and from the rear, she looked as if she was engaged in slow intercourse. Smiling, she rested her forehead against the rug, her tits and nipples still torturing Sophie.

Darkness and warm heat - that was all that Sophie saw and sensed. Supple orbs flattened against Sophie’s nose and cheeks. Danielle’s breasts were in her face and were being stabbed at her mercilessly. And it took quite some effort to push her way out towards the light so that she could breathe. Eventually, with a cry, she made it, and then looked up at the ceiling. She was back in the light and able to see. It was painted white and the fire glowed and danced across its length. Danielle was still gasping in their struggle, still holding her wrists flat. Sophie was being ground into the rug with Danielle on top. She looked to the right and saw Danielle’s figure cast shadows against the panelled walls. Like a lover, she saw the other wrestler’s arse pulsate. Grunts and moans punctuated the silence, the fire spitting on occasions as it consumed logs. It was not a good position to be in.

Danielle was groaning in her ear, and Sophie’s clit was starting to ride out the incipience of an orgasm. Sophie clenched her teeth in effort, still trying to force Danielle from her. A full body press was an hard hold to extricate herself from. It was also humiliating. But Danielle was too well planted and she was also using her upper weight to consummate the press further.

Sophie hit upon a plan to rock to the left and right. It was a long shot. In fact, it may not have been possible if Danielle’s legs were spread wide. But she sensed that her rival had closed her legs and was shunting her mound against hers to partially debase her. That was what Danielle was about – to win at all costs and sex-fight her into a weakened and beaten mess. But she felt Danielle’s bare feet close to her own and with a feral cry, made her move. It was all about knocking the other off-balance, and timing it right, she did it!

Over they went, rotating swiftly.

A groan of dismay escaped from Danielle’s lips as Sophie thrust her left hip upwards. Danielle’s lithe body was twisted away and then Sophie was off her back. Elation fired through her and she saw the fear in Danielle’s eyes as she powered her slowly over. It was a sudden change of fortune and Sophie was fighting back.

Danielle was horrified. She hadn’t expected such strength. And she watched as Sophie’s supple body come over hers. “What the hell!” Danielle moaned. “How can this be?” But it was no use. Sophie had reversed the situation to her advantage and was learning the art of wrestling fast.

Sophie sighed contentedly. Danielle’s breasts bellowed as Sophie brought her full body down on her opponent’s. Now it was her turn to put Danielle in an awkward position and experience the same feelings of defeat as she had. Now it was her turn to lie there in near helplessness. She stared down defiantly, and smiled a mirthless smile. “Now, how does it feel to be on the losing end?” hissed Sophie as she struggled with Danielle’s wrists, spreading her legs wide and Danielle’s with them. “I’m going to pull you apart.” Sophie’s thighs pulsed with strength, her toned muscles like solid rock. She was spreading Danielle apart, and drinking in the sight of Danielle’s anguished face.

Danielle felt her leg muscles fight their own duel against Sophie’s. It was painful and she felt she was being pulled in two like a wishbone. It was starting to get uncomfortable, and she tried to bridge upwards, but Sophie’s legs and feet were holding hers in place.

Danielle let out a low cry. This was impossible. Sophie was firmly rooted in place and her full weight was crushing her against the rug. She was finding it hard to breathe, and the fire was starting to make their bodies sweat. Danielle inhaled but it sounded laboured, and she was virtually sucking air. For ten minutes they had grappled like this. There had been no intricate or skilled moves, but simply sheer strength and simple holds. And now, she was being ground into a faux-fur rug and there didn’t seem any way of extricating herself from this.

Sophie saw the apprehension in Danielle’s eyes. Danielle knew she was losing. Sophie arched her body upwards, slightly, so that she could take in the beaten wrestler’s face. She felt momentarily perverse but she was now a wrestler, and in wrestling, this was fair competition. Sophie was amazed at how she had pulled this off. She had not wrestled before and was new to this. This was all a new learning curve to her, and a hard one at that, but she was enjoying it. Sophie Richardson – topless wrestler. She imagined a sordid-looking wrestling poster stuck to a wall with a photo of her and Danielle in wrestling poses: Sophie v Danielle – sexy woman’s match. And she tried to contain her laughter.

The thought sounded ludicrous but it still made her smile. But she swiftly brought her thoughts back to her match, and forced the topless woman harder against the rug. She gazed intently down at the struggling Danielle, who by now was starting to look frightened.

“Let me up, damn it!” cried Danielle desperately. “Let me up. I can’t breathe!”

Sophie thrust her breasts into Danielle’s face. “Would you have let me up?” She sneered.

A muffled cry and a rush of laboured breathing cut the room. Danielle was suffering, and out of the blue, Sophie felt a sense of womanly compassion. This was not wrestling but sadism, and she felt that she was moving away from what she always thought she was and that was civil. She was going too far, so she eased off.

Danielle coughed and spluttered and Sophie said sorry, and then casually released her opponent. Sweating slightly, Sophie got to her feet and allowed Danielle to get up. For a moment, Danielle lay on her back. Her tits glistened with sweat in the fire-glow, and she angled her body round so that she lay on her side. She looked sensual and beautiful, clad only in her blue thong. Pressure marks began to show on her body, but Sophie had them, too.

Danielle’s generous orbs hung down slightly as Sophie adjusted her red thong, then pushed her hair back. Proud of her performance, Sophie stood with her hands on her hips, waiting for Danielle.

“You really are something, aren’t you?” said Danielle as she looked up at her rival. “I never thought you were such a fighter.”

Sophie smiled smugly. “Hidden talents, I guess.”

Danielle smirked and got to her feet. “You’re not kidding there, that was well wrestled. You really had me there. I couldn’t move.”

Sophie was a little surprised. Was that comment meant as a note of respect? It was so unexpected that it took her aback. “Thanks,” she said, then waited for Danielle to direct the next move. Sophie wasn’t sure if that was the end of their match but she was sure that she had just taken a fall, or more accurately, a pin-fall as she’d heard it called. But she wasn’t sure. Instead, she stood there feeling awkward. She was virtually nude but for a piece of material across her privates to conserve her modesty, wrestling in private with a woman she hardly knew, and didn’t know what to do. It was as if Danielle had read her thoughts. She playfully wagged her finger, and smiled.

“I’ve not finished with you yet, Sophie,” said Danielle naughtily. “I deserve to pull back another fall.”

It was just as Sophie feared and it was only sheer stubbornness that kept her there. Any other spirited woman would have said, get lost, then got dressed and got the hell-out-of-there. That’s what another woman would have definitely done. But oh no, not Sophie Richardson. Not dogged Sophie the company solicitor. She would see it all through, and resolutely to the end. No matter what! That was what made Sophie such a driven success! Never give in was her doctrine.

She cursed herself for not leaving, and then waited for Danielle to announce the next round. This wrestling match could go on all night and she hoped that Danielle would see sense, but it appeared that Danielle was matching her own tenacity to the letter. It seemed that she wasn’t the only one that had a determined persona.

Danielle licked her lips and spread her arms and fingers. Sophie could see that she was inviting her to finger-lock with her and the amiable smile on Danielle’s face faded to one that was more serious. Sophie advanced and interlaced her fingers with Danielle’s, then settled into a test of strength. The wrestlers settled in the centre of the white, faux-fur rug, arms shuddering and straining. Sophie pushed forward and Danielle countered her, gasping her effort to bend Sophie’s wrists backwards. A sheen of sweat glistened on Sophie’s orbs, her nipples connecting with her beautiful opponent’s. Danielle let out a long groan that sounded like a mixture of pain and pleasure. Not even Sophie was sure, but the emotions that passed between them were almost electrifying.

“You really are strong, Sophie,” grunted Danielle through clenched teeth. “You’re amazingly strong.”

“You too,” said Sophie as she gasped and twisted position slightly, her muscled derriere juddering in effort. This was hard wrestling and no ground was being made. The sensual impasse lasted a further two minutes, with their tits rubbing and jostling together again. Their arms held at a quarter-to-three position. Sophie had never experienced such intimacy with another woman before. There was a certain tactile element to it all, a proximity that was permissible due to the combative aspects but under other circumstances, would have been considered lesbian.

Danielle tried to trip Sophie, but Sophie skilfully avoided the move, trying to attune herself to Danielle’s movements. Instead, twisting slightly and holding her ground, she tried to thrust her thigh round Danielle’s, but she couldn’t trip her. Groans morphed into grunting, and Sophie closed her eyes in extreme concentration, a patch of sweat causing her mascara to run. But as she opened her eyes, she saw that Danielle was suffering the same, her eyes growing smudged with the seconds.

Danielle felt Sophie’s wrists suddenly move backwards and seized upon this break-through. Sophie let out a soft cry as she sensed that she was losing ground, her body arching back slightly to compensate against the muscular pain that would soon hit. Over Danielle’s shoulder, Sophie saw their grappling shadows, arms like a slightly bent crucifix. The unwelcome sight reeked of her defeat. She was losing ground quickly, and with a shudder of limbs, Sophie began arch further backwards.

Sophie’s knees began to buckle and with a last groan of joy, Danielle forced Sophie’s arms round and up her back. Danielle’s weapon-like tits flattened against Sophie’s as she powered the other wrestler down towards the rug. Danielle almost howled her delight when she sensed she was back in the running, feeling like an amazon queen in the bargain. Fuelled by a mixture of both warrior spirit and innate sensuality, Danielle lay across Sophie’s beaten body. In a crude cross-press, Danielle held Sophie and scissored her right arm with her legs.

Locking her ankles in place, Danielle was determined to take this fall no matter what. And she saw Sophie’s lower body spring up. On the balls of her feet, Sophie formed a desperate bridge to try and ease her way out, but Danielle held her foe fast, and remained in place. Danielle marvelled at Sophie’s taut abs. Her sexy thong looked stretched and strained across her Venus mound and her thighs bulged with power. Sweat stung Danielle’s eyes, but it was no issue. Sophie was well and truly beaten and she soon begged to be released. It was like sweet music to Danielle’s ears. And her capitulation came loudly.

“Let me up!” came to word with a low grunt. “Enough.”

Danielle laughed and complied, then rolled casually away. She felt achy and sweaty and when Sophie sat up, she saw that her opponent was starting to glisten, too.

The room was warm and the fire cast a nice orange glow across the walls; and when Danielle stood up, her sexy shadow drifting along the wooden panelling, tracing her tits perfectly.

Danielle walked over to the window and peeped round the drawn curtains. The rain was coming down heavier now, and dashed across the glass. Danielle enjoyed the feel of the cold glass against her bare tits. She loved the coolness, and she felt it made a welcoming relief. Wrestling was hot and sweaty and the room was making them sweat even more. But she didn’t mind that as she wanted to fight Sophie. She wanted to contend with her and was glad that she had found a worthy opponent in her sexy rival. Sophie was turning out to be a natural wrestler, and was glad that her first grappling experience was going well. She turned round and smiled at Sophie, who was now on her knees, her breasts rising and falling in the fire light, her hair slightly tousled. Her midriff was flat and toned, and the sweat accentuated her muscular abs.

“It’s like a storm out there,” said Danielle as she threw a towel across to Sophie. “I’m glad I’m in here wrestling with you.”

“Same here,” concurred Sophie. “I’m really enjoying this wrestling lark. This is turning out to be quite a match.”

“Yeah, it’s fun,” said Danielle. “Not bad for our first experience.”

Sophie got up and went over to the window. Danielle was right; the rain was coming down in cold sheets and assailing the little cottage. She pressed her perspiring forehead against the glass, and enjoyed the chill of it, just as Danielle had done. It was pitch black outside and spooky. The trees creaked in the wind as the storm raged on.

Sophie smiled as she gazed out towards the darkness. Out there was a lush countryside and a village just two miles down the lane, and here she was wrestling a sweaty match with an attractive woman. It all seemed intensely strange as Sophie wondered what the villagers would have thought had they known what was going on in here right now. The perverse thought made her smile: cottage grappling for fun, how quaint.

Danielle by this time had padded barefoot into the kitchen and Sophie was towelling off the sweat from her breasts and body. Danielle appeared with a glass jug of pimms and lemonade. Sophie smiled faintly, and Danielle grinned back.

“Might as well make a little party of it, too,” she said jocularly. “It’s thirsty work.” She poured Sophie a glass. “Time for a break, I think.”

Danielle picked up her own towel and began to wipe the perspiration from her face and upper body. It was a hard match between them, and she had never sweated so much in her life.

Sophie sat down on the rug, close to the fire. Danielle joined her. The two wrestlers drank for a minute in silence, just gazing into the flames.

“I don’t really fancy your husband,” said Danielle carefully, trying to put Sophie at ease. “He’s really not my type and made the first advance. I didn’t know he was married when he came to my exhibition.”

“I thought you knew?” asked Sophie. “I thought you was aware?”

“No, and that’s why I was shocked and surprised when you turned up at my studio,” said Danielle. “I wouldn’t have bothered if I’d known.”

Sophie scowled and let her annoyance show. “He’s such a rat.”

There was conviction in Danielle’s confession, a certain sincerity that she hadn’t expected nor anticipated. And she didn’t doubt that Danielle was telling the truth, but it was the deceit of it all that annoyed Sophie. The lies and the excuses and the way her husband seemed to be growing more distant with the passing months. She had tailed him to Danielle’s studio in the town and had confronted her. The argument and the brawl that had ensued left them with no other option but to settle this in private. But Danielle’s plan had shocked her, and not wanting to be made to feel like a coward, had accepted Danielle’s challenge to wrestle. But topless? Where did that come from? And wearing just thongs? It was as if they had both settled on such attire more out of desire than logic. But in anger, both women would have agreed to anything. Even nude wrestling would have been the order of the day had they carried on with any deeper animosity.

But no, they had calmed down and had agreed to wrestle topless. Although how a winner would be determined was still unknown. That hadn’t been mentioned. In fact, just getting to grips with each other and working out their issues had been enough. And now they were here, and had done that. Now, with one fall each, they were enjoying a drink. They were relaxing and having a break from their intense match-up. But Sophie and Danielle were under no illusions that their wrestling match was now over. It wasn’t. Inside, they both wanted more; and they wanted to see who the better woman was, and when Danielle finished her drink, she rose and got ready for another fall.

Sophie got up from the fireplace and placed her glass down, then joined the other topless wrestler in readiness. She threw her towel on the sofa then grinned mischievously. Danielle nodded and together, they circled each other slowly, in a low crouch, their breasts wobbling as they feigned and bobbed.

Danielle looked hot and sexy in the glow of the fire, her eyes intent upon her equally attractive opponent. Sophie licked her lower lip in anticipation, waiting to strike, her concentration focused on grinding another sweaty submission from Danielle. For beginners, they hadn’t done too badly. They had been reliant on simple moves and holds, but what they lacked in grappling skill they made up in stamina. The two women circled cautiously, drawing closer, fingers splayed in readiness to grip.

It was Sophie who made the first move and she was glad she did. She leapt and snapped Danielle into a solid headlock and held the older woman firmly. Danielle felt her head being forced down towards Sophie’s shapely hip, and then felt the vice bite hard. Damn! She swore and gripped Sophie around the waist. She felt the palm of her hand brush Sophie’s bum, and sensed the solid muscle. She was certainly a powerful girl; that was for sure. And the sheer resilience of Sophie had surprised her. No matter how much she had thrown at Sophie, she came back for more. Danielle has fast becoming aware that this woman was going to be hard to beat. Sophie twisted and the pressure increased. Danielle groaned in agony, desperate to escape. But Sophie held her in a consummate headlock.

Sophie grunted in delight, holding the struggling Danielle in place. She smiled and caught her reflection in a large mirror and drank in the sight of herself wrestling. She stood erect, her jostling tits looking sexy in their struggle. She smiled and laughed, with Danielle squealing in the hold. She turned and rotated so that she got a view of Danielle’s near naked ass. It was full and round and had she a free hand to spare, would have slapped it for pleasure. But she needed two hands to contain Danielle. She was taking no chances. Not now and not ever.

Danielle cried out in pain. Sophie was stronger than she looked and the hold was biting down on her neck. She tried to feel her way around Sophie’s body, trying to locate a weak point but everything felt taut and firm. She could have been a stinker and cheated by gripping hold of Sophie’s thong and pulling the cords from where it vanished in Sophie’s ass. The pressure would have torn into Sophie’s privates, and that would have been painful if not excruciating. And as much as it sounded like sadistic fun, she didn’t want to fight like that. She wanted to wrestle Sophie fairly, woman-to-woman, and beat her without shame. She wanted to hear Sophie scream her submission, to submit. That was how she wanted to grapple. So she rode out the agony and tried to force Sophie’s fingers apart.

It took a few minutes and a lot of energy was spent to work on Sophie’s hands, and she did nearly break the hold. But Sophie sensed the end was close and tripped Danielle to the rug. The falling woman let out a cry of anguish, reaching out to protect herself as the ground came rapidly up.

Danielle dropped to her knees. Moving swiftly, Sophie joined her and twisted Danielle’s right arm up and worked on the hold. She had seen this move performed on Saturday afternoon wrestling, and wanted to try it out.

Danielle threw her head back and let out a wounded cry. “No – no!” Sophie knelt directly behind her and worked on the back-hammer. She didn’t know what she was doing but the pain that was escaping from Danielle’s mouth told her that she was doing something right. Working hard on the painful hold, Sophie was once again enjoying torturing Danielle. This is what she hadn’t initially expected, but the match had surprised her and it was like she had abilities she never knew she had. When she had arrived at the cottage, she had felt like the inexperienced underdog, and she was certain that the bohemian artist must have sensed the same, but she’d had a shock. Sophie was getting into wrestling and was determined to best her opponent again. Danielle by now was more than aware that she had a real fight on with Sophie, and the angst on her face told the story.

Danielle clenched her teeth as she rode the burning agony out. The pain felt like a wild and living thing, shooting up her bicep. And if Sophie turned it up a touch more, something was going to tear. In desperation, she reached her left hand round and cupped the back of Sophie’s skull. Then with a last ditch effort, threw her to the left and twisted, trying not to damage her arm further. Knocked off balance, Sophie let out a startled scream. She released the back-hammer so that she had two hands to break her fall. She fell forward, clumsily, like a child that had been tripped. She ended up prone, her face buried in the rug. And as she hit the ground hard she knew instinctively what was coming next. And she groaned when it happened.

“Now it’s my turn,” said Danielle vengefully, and brought her full-frontal body down on the back of Sophie’s. Sophie felt the arrogance of Danielle’s nipples stab into her. The weight of the other wrestler pushed her face forward, burying her nose into the thick material. Once again it was dark and she heard Danielle grunting to contain her. The heavy rug chafed her face. It felt uncomfortable and sore and terrible, and she tried to twist Danielle away.

Sophie mouthed a muffled expletive but Danielle laughed and arm-barred Sophie’s face, pulling her backwards while scissoring one of her legs. Suddenly, a pain rose in Sophie’s spine and the thunderbolt shock of her tortured lumber area was telling her to quit or suffer the terrible consequences. The spinal pain grew suddenly intense. Although not skilled wrestlers, Danielle certainly knew where to attack. And she’d chosen the worst area of her body to assault. Sophie was no grappling expert but she knew what hurt and this did.

“I give,” cried Sophie as the unbearable pain hit. “Give!”

Danielle released her beaten opponent and rolled away. She lay on her back, sensually supine, her tits jiggling as she laughed in relief. Sophie rolled onto her back and lay like Danielle, panting as she the pain faded and moved only when she felt sure there was no damage. Thankfully, there wasn’t. And Sophie slapped the rug in disgust at her submission. She thought she’d had Danielle but the older woman always came back for more. Danielle looked over at the clock and made a surprised sound. Time was getting on, and she looked down at her reclining rival and asked her if she still wanted to wrestle.

“Damn right I do,” said Sophie enthusiastically. “I’m not finished yet. Let’s take this to the limit.”

Danielle flopped back and looked over at the defiant Sophie. Sophie looked back and smiled to lighten the combative atmosphere a touch. She knew that Danielle wanted this as much as she did; and neither wanted to stop yet. Neither of them felt sated enough through near naked combat, and needed more. No matter how late it was getting. Sophie was adamant and resolute that she would grapple to near exhaustion before conceding to Danielle, and oddly enough, the other wrestler felt the same. It was as if they were both attuned to each other’s thoughts.

“You really are one hell of a woman, Sophie,” Danielle said as she angled herself up, her tits glistening again in the firelight. “This could go on until dawn, you know.”

“I don’t care,” said Sophie. “And if the fire dies we put on another log or two.”

“Richard doesn’t deserve you,” said Danielle with all sincerity. “You deserve so much better than him.”

Sophie nodded and felt a sense of friendship in the warm air. Danielle lay back, her black bob hairstyle slightly splayed out. Sophie smiled and pushed her hair away from her eyes. “And so do you, darling,” said Sophie as she settled onto her knees. “We both do.”

Sophie watched Danielle get to her knees. She looked a tad worn but was under no illusions that she still had a lot of fight left in her. But then, so did she.
Danielle felt an attraction towards Sophie. It felt as if there was something oddly intimate there. A sudden understanding overwhelmed her and she drew nearer. She was not inviting Sophie to engage yet in another fall, but wanted another form of intimacy. The sheer competition and animosity between them had now drifted into something different. It was exploring a new territory. They had both met to settle their hatred for the other through wrestling and now didn’t feel that they were wrestling for the love of a man. Instead, they were wrestling for pleasure, for their own fun. And Sophie knew exactly what Danielle was thinking, too.

In unison, they leant forward and kissed. Their lips met as if it was meant to happen and they kissed cautiously at first, then exploratory. Danielle’s probing tongue invaded Sophie’s mouth and was met with a mutual response. They embraced and French kissed; their hands and fingers exploring the other’s well-muscled bottom. Their breasts met lovingly this time, and not in a sweaty conflict. Danielle’s body, instead, felt warm and inviting and soft at the touch. And breaking away from the kiss, Danielle teased Sophie’s nipples with her skilful tongue.

Gently pushing Danielle’s head back, Sophie took Danielle’s lead and pleasured her nipples with her own tongue, enjoying the slightly salty taste of her sweat. Danielle moaned rapturously, and then smiled as Sophie returned to resume their French kiss. Danielle’s probing fingers slid down Sophie’s midriff and desired to explore what lay beyond the red thong briefs. An index finger sensed Sophie’s pubic hair, but Sophie halted further exploration.

“Not yet,” Sophie whispered softly. “We can do that later.”

They broke away, and Sophie gently eased Danielle down. This time, Sophie’s body was welcome to do what it wanted to do, and without resistance. She lay on top of Danielle, body-on-body, and drank in the sight of their conjoined forms. She lay between the older woman’s thighs and so wanted to grind her to a screaming orgasm but wanted to hold back. Instead, she teased Danielle’s nipples and then rolled away. It was evident that she didn’t want to expend her energy. And so she lay on the rug, on her back, waiting for the moment to take them to the next level.

Danielle was ready to wrestle again. She felt the need to grapple with Sophie and playfully gestured her new-found lover to join her in the centre of the rug. Sophie complied, needing little encouragement. She was ready to wrestle again, and with a low grunt, they sprang forward and their bodies slammed together with a dull thud.

For the next thirty minutes, they wrestled intently, both absorbed in their match. And that’s what they did. They wrestled with a renewed sense of purpose, and this time it was for their own fetishism and not Richard. No fall had been taken and the fire started to burn out. And by the time Sophie finally ground a sensual pin-fall out of Danielle, the fireplace was nothing but softly glowing embers.

Sweaty and near beaten, Danielle could see that they still had a match to fight. She rose from the rug a little unsteady, pushing her hair away from her eyes.

Sophie lay on her side, her body soaked in the moisture of her exertions, and she watched Danielle put a couple of logs on the fire. Danielle poked the fire until a flame started, and then glanced over at the clock. It was closing in on midnight and the rain had stopped outside. Time had drifted by and she spoke to her opponent-lover with some concern. “Richard will be wondering where you are, you know. You could give him a call. You can use my phone.”

But Sophie had forgotten about her disloyal husband. In fact, she didn’t care anymore. She was no longer interested in that love-cheat. And she slowly shook her head.

“Let him sod off,” said Sophie contemptuously. “I’m having my pleasure tonight and so are you.”

Danielle smiled thinly. She liked Sophie’s style, and grew to respect her both as a wrestler and a woman.

“Ready?” Danielle said as she settled down in front of the perspiring Sophie.

“As always,” came Sophie’s response and the women began wrestling again.

Over they rolled once more in a sweaty impasse of bodies and snaking legs. Both were locked in elongated struggles that gave neither a lead. Their aching limbs felt damp against the others and Sophie soon grappled the advantage out of Danielle by catching her in a full-nelson hold. On their knees still, Sophie controlled Danielle from behind. She enjoyed the sight of Danielle’s glistening tits in the firelight. Like polished orbs, they bellowed as Danielle, close to exhaustion, was fighting for breath. The sounds of their ragged breathing filled the room as gasps mingled with groans.

Panting her final efforts, Sophie felt that she was nearly spent herself, and the match now held little surprise or suspense anymore. It had now reached a sweaty deadlock where holds were difficult to maintain and all they could do was rely on sheer luck. They were still on their knees, with Sophie straining to maintain the nelson on Danielle. Danielle was arched slightly back, soft hisses escaping from her clenched teeth. But this was getting them nowhere. Sophie had to go for a pin-fall. It was the only way to secure another victory.

Sophie let out a cry and forced Danielle round and released the nelson hold, almost propelling her down flat against the rug. With a last smother move, Sophie took an equalising fall and howled her perspiring pleasure as Danielle called time on their fight. Sophie was so engrossed in lying flat-out on top of Danielle that she didn’t hear her opponent’s protestations. She was far too absorbed in besting Danielle and was lost in a mixture of emotions, fatigue and oily sweat. It was only when she looked down into Danielle’s tortured face that she realised that it was over.

“Enough!” Danielle cried, wiping the dampness from her face. “I cannot go on any longer.” And panting for breath, Sophie nodded. The wrestling had to end now and they silently agreed to finish and call it a draw. To have wrestled for so long and to have reached such a sweaty and exhausting climax was a testimony to their fitness. But enough had been enough, and they were both aware that their bodies would ache like hell tomorrow. But tomorrow was another day, and for now, it could wait.

Sophie eased herself away, her sweaty tits hanging down like an animals as she settled back onto all-fours. Her long hair was damp and lank with sweat, and Danielle was completely spent and near breathless. Her face looked fatigued and Sophie looked as equally worn out. It had been an epic bout of grappling and one which neither of them would ever forget.

Tonight, the two wrestlers had contended, loved, and had become close friends, too. And Sophie shook Danielle’s proffered hand. The two women flopped back against the rug and smiled amiably at the other, their bodies glistening in the dying glow of the fire.

And there it ended, at 12:30am in the morning, on a large faux-fur rug, with two totally exhausted women rising from their combative session and limping towards the shower, still with another battle yet to be fought, but one where they could settle the remainder of their match in bed.

The End