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My wife saga - Chapter 4 & Chararacters Set 2

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My wife saga - Chapter 4 & Chararacters Set 2
« on: May 13, 2011, 11:18:49 PM »
My wife turned her face from Joanna to Carla and then to Sharon and gain to Joanna and finally said: ‘Ok.. Fine.. I got the point gentle ladies, then I will give you the opportunity to hear how scream and bed a cow ready to be butchered’.
She turned herself and stepped to the defeated rival enjoying to see the limp body and the lighted off face.
In a moment she sat on the Julie’s belly and viciously dug her nails in the tits flesh starting to twist and pull on them badly hissing: ‘Com on.. whore.. wake up, our nice neighbours want to hear how a piece of garbage like you is able to beg to be treated like a filthy slut’.
My wife had just finished to say that when I saw on her face an expression of surprise and immediately after I understood the reason of that and I also opened wide my mouth and eyes in surprise: Julie had suddenly  opened her eyes and an evil grin was on her face.
Immediately after and incredibly fast she had risen  her spread eagled and limp arms slamming her opened hands with all her strength right in Pat’s head sides and ears.
‘AGHHHHHHHH.. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH’ wildly screamed my wife in terrible pain  putting her hands on the painful ears before to get off from Julie to stand and stagger away.
All the attendees, excepting Mary, that until now except the excitement had been in total silence exploded screaming and cheering at Julie and applauding’ Well done.. Julieee.. well done.. get her now.. get her’.
Still in total surprise I was not yet fully realizing what was happening and grabbing the chair arms I shouted at my wife: ’Come on .. baby.. come on’.
Julie slowly stood up shaking her head side to side to fully recover herself and badly looking at my wife still sore and trying to recover herself too hissed out: 'Damned little slut you will pay for what you did me before.
Fortunately my wife was recovered now, but she had now lost all her advantage and carefully looking at Julie she begun to go around the rival.
Again she suddenly rushed to Julie like she had done at the beginning of the fight and rose her right leg aiming at the side of the rival, but this time Julie was ready and easily avoided the hit and was her turn to charge Pat.
With my wife still out of balance and off guard after her kick attempt , Julie was quickly stpped to my wife and slammed a terrific fist right in the flabby belly of my wife.
'OUFFFFFF' the air rushed out from my wife, she doubled over and staggered back with both arms on her hit tummy while Juile was smirking satisfied fully recovered from the previous beating.
 Some panic and fear was now on Pat's face while she was still massaging her sore belly, the mouth opened trying to get back her cut breath and started to sep back in circle trying to stay away from julie who hissed, enjoying her good moment: 'Come on little skank, where do you think to go now.. ahh.. ahhhhh'.
Those words revived the pride of my wife that suddenly rushed to the rival shouting 'Fucking whoreeee.. I hate you so much' and saying that she sunk her nails in the small tits of Julie pulling and twisting them side to side.
'aghhhhhhh' Julie screamed stepping back and grabbing the wrist of my wife to free her chest 'let go.. slut.. let gooo'.
'ouhhhhhhh'  screamed my wife for the pain staggering a little back, but still trying to maintain the grip on the tits.
'Come on Julie, come on.... kill the skank kill her' the other women shouted while the two screaming rivals where going in circle still in the reciprocal grip, kicking each other on the legs and shaking the heads to resist pain on the chest and the wrists.
'Go... honey .. go.. you can still get her.. gooo' I replied to encourage my wife.
At that point the small tits of Julie were red and blue and started to bleed, I was really thinking that my wife was having reason of the head to head fight when suddenly Julie released the grip on the wrists and sunk her fingers in the hair of my wife pulling her head toward by them.
Then in a moment she head butted my wife right in the middle of the forehead, ‘AGHHHHHHHHHH’ the scream of my wife was terrible and she released the Julie’s tits while her eyes were going watered.

Covering the hit face with both her hands she staggered back badly stunned barely able to stay on her legs, ‘yesss.. yesss.. yesss’ hissed Julie and, following the staggering on my wife, she grabbed again her hair and pulled on them forcing Pat to double over while she was shaking at the same time my wife head side to side to more daze her.
Still screaming for the pain and the fire on her head with some locks of the french braid already undone and covering the face, my wife flied up her arms trying to reach the arm grabbing her head.
 In that moment Julie pushed the gripped head more down and, with all the power of her bigger muscles,  she hammered the back head of my wife with her closed fist.
I saw the already dazed eyes of my wife rolling up while she was collapsing without a scream on her knee before to fall face down in the grass fully limp.
On my site I was completely terrified spasmodically digging my nails in the chair arms almost paralyzed by the sudden shock only able to yell: ’Pat.. my God.. get up.. get uppppp.. My God’, but my wife could not  hear my screaming
At that point a triumphant Julie was wildly kicking my limp wife in the ribs, one, two, three times and more and more, at each kick only a feeble groan was exiting from Pat while her moveless body  was rolling in the grass followed by the raged rival that at each kick was shouting to her: ’Fucking.. little.. slut….you.. are .. going.. to pay.. so bad.. for what… you did.. to me before’.
The attendees were going more and more crazy for the enthusiasm and cheering at our enemy looking what was happening and when, after another kick, my wife rolled close to the Carla’s feet, she, with an extremely satisfied and evil smile, coldly hissed: ‘Take this damned snobbish skank’ and then wildly kicked my poor wife right in the head.
On my site I was completely terrified spasmodically digging my nails in the chair arms almost paralyzed by the sudden shock only able to yell: ’Pat.. my God.. get up.. get uppppp.. My God’.
My wife was laying limp in the grass on her back feebly breathing the mouth opened, the eyes full of tears and half closed, the face lighted off and half covered by the undone hair locks, the make-up in a mess.
All her body, and mainly the sides and the torso, was badly bruised and purple, Julie was standing on her admiring her job and laughing put her foot deep in the opened mouth of my wife playing with it: ‘You are so mine now.. fucking Princess’.
When merciless she  bent down to rip off the thin bra of my wife, exposing her beautiful tits and arching the limp body, and hissed out: ‘We will arrange also these ugly tits.. right my friends?’ and at those words there was a new explosion of applauses and cheers for her from the attendees.
At that moment everything was clear to me: everyone here was agree about what was happening, the deal between that witch and my wife were only a pretext and now it was also clear the reason of that discussion between my wife and those witches: only to give Julie the right time to recover herself, I and my wife had been real idiot not understanding in which trap we were fallen.
Now it was too late to regret that, but I started to think what I could do waiting the right moment to try to save ourselves.
While I was thinking this Julie had grabbed the ankles of my wife to parade the out cold rival to the attendees: I felt the tears in my eyes when I saw my totally limp wife dragged around like a spoiled prey  on the grass with her arms sliding limp over her head and the hair fully undone and messed.
When the witch was in front of me, still holding up the ankles, she  almost spitted out at me: ‘Look your filthy wife, man. I have still to begun to ruin her and her life’.

 ‘Stop this.. my God.. stop this.. you are killing her.. stop this.. my God.. you won.. you won;; let her go now’ I screamed and cried out unable to see more of the destruction of my wife: if before I was talking of a massacre regards what my wife was doing to Julie at the beginning of the fight (Chapter 3), I really did not have any definition for what was happening now to my poor wife.
‘Shut up fucking man.. shut up.. the best has still to come. You and your fucking wife will never forget this day’.

That was really too much and finally I did my move: I jumped up from the chair ready to rush to that whore to save and bring away my wife.

(to be continued…. What does will happen now? I need help, if you are interested in the story, put your suggestions)


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Re: My wife saga - Chapter 4 & Chararacters Set 2
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2011, 03:55:55 PM »
 I had a feeln that the girls had her in conversation on purpose while Julie was playin possum. I think your wife will begging Julie shortly & will be the collared doggie herself.
Gotta love a humiliating end 2 a catfight. ;)