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Linda vs. Jennifer Part 2

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Linda vs. Jennifer Part 2
« on: October 01, 2011, 11:33:50 PM »
     The next day Jennifer dropped by to visit Linda.

     “Are you here to kiss and make up?”, Linda asked sarcastically.

     “No, I came to find out something if you were lying last night.”

    “When you said you weren’t afraid of me.”
    “I’m not.”

    “Then why did you back out of fighting me?”

    “I didn’t ‘back out’. I just didn’t want to ruin the party.”

    “As if any party were ever ruined by two hot girls catfighting.”

    “You think I’m hot?”, Linda asked, more than a little embarrassed at how her sister’s

remark pleased her.

    “Geez, talk about insecure. I’d like to think I had something to do with that.”

    “It’s not funny.”

    “Yes it is. You should see the look on your face when you get really mad at me and know
you can’t do anything about it.”

     “We’re not kids any more. I’m not as helpless as you think I am.”

    “Prove it.” Jennifer took a folded piece of paper from her pocket and tossed it at Linda.

    “What’s this?”

    “That’s the address of a vacant apartment a friend of mine said we can borrow anytime.

So, are you in.”

    “I’m in.”

    “Good. Is this Saturday good for you?”

    “Fine. Now, what do we wear?”

    “I’ll leave that up to you.”

    Linda thought for a moment. “Do you still have that black and yellow bikini?”

    “The one you and your boyfriend both wanted to rip off me?” Linda nodded, although

he had not actually been her “boyfriend”; he was a boy that insecure adolescent Linda

had had a crush on, and had had finally worked up the nerve to invite over. Everything

had been going smoothly until Jennifer came home and decided she just had to model

her new swimsuit for her sister. “I’m pretty sure I have it somewhere. I would never get

rid of anything that pissed you off that much. And you can wear that black string bikini

that you think makes your butt look so cute.” Linda tried not to show it, but she knew that

Jennifer knew her dig had gotten to her.

     “I don’t care what she says. This does make my butt look good,” Linda said, as she

stood in front of the mirror in her black string bikini. She heard a car horn. Looking out the

window she saw her sister getting out of her car. “What’s she doing here?”, she thought,

rushing to pull her clothes on over her bikini. As usual Jennifer barged in without knocking.

     “I thought we were meeting at the apartment,” Linda said.

     “Change of plans. I thought we could go out for some pre-catfight drinks first.”

     "Trying to get me drunk before we start, huh?”

     “I figured I have to do something before you come to your senses and back out.” They

drove to a neighborhood bar about a block from the apartment where they were having their

fight. It was early so they easily found a table where they could talk in private.

     “Did you get any sleep at all last night?” Jennifer asked.

     “Not much,” Linda admitted. “How about you.”
     “You know me. I could never sleep the night before Christmas. By the way, we haven’t

discussed anything about  rules yet.”

     “What did you have in mind?”

     “You tell me. Is there anything you want to avoid during the fight?”
     Linda thought for a minute. “No choking. And I don’t want to get punched in the stomach.

 How about you? Is there anything you don’t want me to do?”

     “How dumb do you think I am?” Jennifer laughed.

     “Damn it! I don’t believe I fell for that!”, Linda yelled, smacking herself in the forehead

with the palm of her hand.

     “Careful, sister dear. Please don’t beat yourself up before I have a chance to.”

     They finished their drinks and walked to the apartment building. The apartment they were

heading to was on the third floor. While they waited for the elevator Jennifer said, “Your

boyfriend must already be up there waiting for us.”

     “Oh didn’t I tell you? I invited your boyfriend to watch.” The elevator doors opened. They

stepped inside.

     “Do you have anything else to tell me before we go up?”

     “Yes. You left your bikini in the car.” Linda groaned and stepped out of the elevator. She

had taken about five steps toward the front door before she remembered she was wearing her

bikini under her clothes. She spun around just in time to see Jennifer smile and wave at her as

the elevator doors closed.

     Linda decided to take the stairs rather than wait for the elevator to return. As she climbed

she began to have serious second thoughts about the fight. If Jennifer could get her that flustered

just walking together what would happen to her when the fighting started?

     Linda hesitated a moment before the apartment door. She took a deep breath and walked in.

Jennifer had already disrobed. Linda immediately realized she had made the right choice for her

sister’s attire. The mere sight of Jennifer stretching in her yellow and black bikini,  pretending to

be completely oblivious to the effect she was having on Linda’s boyfriend, caused Linda to forget

all her second thoughts. Suddenly it was all she could do to hold back from attacking her sister long

enough to strip down to her own bikini.


     Linda and Jennifer were ready to start. Jennifer turned to Linda’s boyfriend and said, “Time me.

I’ll bet you that watch you’re wearing I’ll have her crying in ten minutes.”

     “Your sister gave me this watch,” he replied.

     “I know. That’s why I want it.”

     “What do I get if you lose the bet?”
     “Oh, I think I could come up with something you’ld want.”

     “You’re on. Now go.”

     Linda made the first move, grabbing Jennifer’s hair. “Cheater,” Jennifer protested. Linda apologized

and let go of her sister’s hair. Jennifer grabbed Linda’s hair and yanked her head back. Linda stomped

her foot in frustration at her own gullibility.  “There you go again,” Jennifer laughed. “I told you not to

beat yourself up. I’m more than happy to do it for you.”

     Jennifer got behind Linda and applied a choke hold. “Thanks for the pointers,” she said. Linda tried

unsuccessfully to break the hold. She began to panic. In desperation, without really knowing what she

was doing, she flipped Jennifer over. “Good move,” Jennifer muttered. Linda was pleased by the

compliment. She was even more pleased when she moved toward Jennifer and Jennifer instinctively

scooted back.  It was not much, but it was one of the very few times her sister had really backed down

from her, and it was enough to encourage her to go on the offensive.

     Linda dived headlong onto her sister. The carpet was not really padded enough to absorb such impact,

so her landing hurt but she did not care. The look of pain and fear on her sister’s face more than made

her own pain worthwhile.

     The sisters were more alike than either wanted to admit. They settled into a rhythm, trading moves

punch for punch, slap for slap, kick for kick, and even scratch for scratch. Periodically one would let out

a loud moan, followed by a chuckle or a taunting remark from her sister.

     As the fight continued Linda realized to her surprise and delight that her sister was doing most of the

moaning, and she was doing most of the laughing. “I’m having fun now,” she said.”

Jennifer braced her right arm on Linda’s left shoulder and kneed her in the stomach. Linda fell. “We should

hang out like this more often,” Jennifer said, kicking Linda while she was down.

     Linda got back up and went at Jennifer again. She reached out to grab Jennifer's shoulder in order to

return Jennifer's move, but Jennifer sidestepped. Linda stumbled. Jennifer laughed, as did Linda. “What

are you laughing about?”, Jennifer asked.

     “After all these years you’re the one running from me.”

     “Running from you?” Jennifer faced Linda, one arm at her side and the other hand on her hip. “I’ll tell

you what. I’ve let you have your fun. Let’s just finish this right now.”

     Linda stood right in front of her sister, mirroring her pose. "You've got it."


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Re: Linda vs. Jennifer Part 2
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 06:51:46 PM »
     Physically the sisters were quite simillar.  Linda was 22 years old and 5’4” tall. Her sister was 24 and 5’5”. Both

were 34B-23-33 and 120 pounds, with long blonde hair. The only real advantage Jennifer had was their history, which

had conditioned both of them to expect Jennifer to dominate.
      Linda wanted to strike her sister, but she could not. There had always been a certain look that Jennifer would give

Linda, which would stop Linda in her tracks. Jennifer  was giving her that look now. Linda stood helpless as if she were


     The spell was broken when Jennifer slapped Linda. She immediately struck back. Both women grabbed each

others’ bodies. They knew they would soon land on the floor; each wanted to make sure her sister was the one on the

bottom when it happened.

     Jennifer landed on top. Whatever advantage this gave her was short-lived, however, as Linda quickly managed to

push her older sister away. Within seconds the sisters were on their knees, hands around each others’ throats. Soon

Linda began to panic. Jennifer did not.

     Linda released her grip on Jennifer’s throat. Jennifer, still holding onto Linda’s throat, pushed her down onto her

back. When Jennifer did let go Linda did not even try to move away, even as Jennifer spread Linda’s hair on the floor

behind her head. Standing on her sister’s hair she leaned down and grasped Linda’s wrists. She stood upright, pulling

Linda up by the wrists. Linda was obviously in pain but remained silent. Jennifer let go. “Hmm. You’re tougher than I

give you credit for. I’ll have to try something else.”

     Jennifer straddled Linda’s body. She touched her sister’s face with her fingers. “She always hated this,” Jennifer

said to Linda’s boyfriend. As Jennifer’s fingers got closer to Linda’s eyes Linda got more and more nervous.

     “I hate you,” Linda said.

     “That really hurts my feelings,” Jennifer replied, in a mock hurt tone of voice. “Say you’re sorry.”


     Jennifer placed her thumbnails in the inner corners of Linda’s eyes. “Say it,” she demanded, pressing down slightly.

     “I’m sorry.”

     “Now say, ‘I love my beautiful sister.”

     “I love my beautiful sister.”

     “‘And I give up because Jennifer is better than me.’”

     “And I give up because Jennifer is better than me.”

     Jennifer stood up. “Congratulations, but that was a lot more than ten minutes,” Linda’s boyfriend said.
     “Would you care to go double or nothing that I can make her cry in less than thirty seconds.”

     “You’re on.”

     Jennifer nudged Linda up to a sitting position. She placed her sister’s head gently on her own shoulder and began

to stroke her back soothingly. Soon Linda was sobbing. Jennifer let Linda drop to the floor. Smiling, she said, “I love

doing that.”

     Linda lay face down, crying. Her boyfriend and her sister were talking. She tried to ignore what they were saying

at first, but then her boyfriend uttered one word she could not ignore: “Humiliate”.

     “I think she’s been humiliated enough,” she hear Jennifer reply, “but if you insist why don’t you whisper in my ear

exactly what you want me to do to her.” He did so. When he finished Jennifer smiled and said, “Interesting, but I have

an even better idea.”Jennifer drove her knee up and forward. Linda’s boyfriend fell to his knees, clutching his balls.

Jennifer grabbed him by the hair. “Now apologize to my sister.” He refused.

     “No?”, Jennifer asked. “You saw what we did to each other, and we love each other. Can you imagine what the two

of us could do to you?”

     He apologized. “Now, was that so hard?” Jennifer asked. “Don’t even bother getting up. Just crawl out of here

before I help Linda do everything to you that you wanted to do to her.”

     “Thank you,” Linda said, once they were alone.

     “No problem,” Jennifer replied, kneeling on the floor next to her sister. “We shouldn’t be fighting over a guy like

that. Guys should be fighting over us.”

     Linda started to get up. “Not so fast,” Jennifer said, pushing Linda back down on her back. “He’s a jerk, but he did

have one good idea.” Standing, Jennifer placed her foot on Linda’s throat and pressed down just hard enough to make

Linda nervous.

     Jennifer put one hand on her hip and brushed her hair back with the other hand. “Do I look as good as I think I do

right now?”, she asked her sister.

    “Yes,” Linda reluctantly replied.

    “You’re not just saying that because I can cut off your air supply, are you?”


    “That’s sweet of you to say,” Jennifer said, sitting down next to her sister again.

    “I meant it. You really looked hot standing there.”

     “For what it’s worth you look pretty cute lying there on your back.”

     “Thanks a lot.”

     “Cheer up. Next time you might be the one looking down on me.”

     “Next time? I thought you said we shouldn’t fight anymore.”

     “I said we shouldn’t fight over a guy. I can’t wait to fight you again and I’m sure once you’ve had a chance to

recover you’ll be just as  anxious to fight me. Now  let’s shower and get dressed, then I’ll let you take me to lunch.

     After lunch the sisters decided to do a little shopping.  Jennifer tried on a pair of  designer stiletto-heeled

shoes. “Lie down on the floor,” she told Linda. “I want to see how these look stepping on your back.”

     “If you’re not careful, sister dear,” Linda replied, “it might be my stiletto in your back.”