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Sister’s showdown part 3 : the thrill of victory and the agony… By the Masked Wr

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The crowd cheers as the two women stands in their respective corner of the ring, in that suburban gym, transformed into an arena for the circumstances. Sitting in the sixty or so people audience is Kris who is anxious to see what he has been thinking about for months : a catfight, in the ring, between his mother and his aunt.

The Masked Writer’s voice rolls like thunder as he presents the two fighters.

“In the corner at my right. At 58 years old, with a height of 5 feet and 2 inches, weighing 140 lbs and wearing a 32B, Marie !” Kris’ brunette mother waves timidly at the cheering crowd.

“Her opponent and her sister, in the corner at my left, at 53 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches tall, wighing 125 pounds and wearing a 32C : Anne!” The crowd also cheers as the grey-haired woman raises her arms.

At that moment, a buxom woman in her thirties, with short auburn hair, climbs in the ring, wearing a striped T-shirt and shorts, flaunting a curvy but firm silhouette. The Masked Writer goes on.

This is a 30 minutes time limit match with multiple falls. The winner will be the woman who has won the most falls at the end of the 30 minutes. After each fall will be a pause of 1 minute after which the fight will resume”
Then he points at the curvy woman standing in a neutral corner, her arms crossed on her ample chest.

“The referee will be my usual partner, Ginny!”

The mostly male audience applauds, obviously familiar with the strong-looking girl.

As the Masked Writer leaves the ring, the referee waves at Marie and Anne, ordering them to the center of the ring.
When they are at a 3 feet distance, she starts reminding them the rules. Kris sits close enough to hear her talking, even though he already knows them because they were specified in the contract previously signed by the two women.

-“O.K. So here are the rules : No biting, no scratching, if one of you touches the ropes, you stop the fight and restart in the middle of the ring, you stop the fight whenever I say so. First one who gives up has lost, First one who falls out of the ring has lost, first one who is K.O. for the count of ten has lost, first one who is pinned for the count of 3 has lost. Understood ?”

Both women nod while looking at each other. Both are pale with fear.

-“Go back to your corners and get ready !”

Both fighters walk back to their corners and, after a brief hesitation, disrobe. Both their faces become red while the crowd cheers and whistle.

Then they face each other.

Marie is wearing black undies, Anne is wearing red ones. Both their bras are very low cut and their panties are actually thongs.

Anne certainly has the better body for that kind of attire, as she has a flat stomach and her 32C are quite firm, while her older sister’s 32B looks more saggy, even as the bras sustains them and she has a round, rather soft-looking, belly. Anne’s butts also looks a lot firmer compared to Marie’s giggling ones.
Both women look uneasy and scared as 60-more men are staring at their almost nude bodies. Neither of them is used to that kind of attention. Marie instinctively crosses her arms on her breast. Anne puts her fist on her hips, trying to take a defiant pose.

While staff members take their robes away, the bell rings.

For a second, the sound of the bell seems to paralyze both women. Kris can see their faces become even paler, as if they just realizes this is for real. Himself has also been startled by the bell and, for a moment, fears that this is all a dream, or a mistake and his mother and aunt are going to run away crying and there is going to be no fight.

Ginny gives the signal to both fighters to come in the middle of the ring but, at first, they stay immobile like statues, just staring at each other. The crowd begins to boo.

Finally, Anne takes a first step towards the center of the ring. Then Marie does too.

They meet each other almost exactly in the middle. They stand face to face, their breast almost touching each other’s. Looking each other in the eye.
Then Anne talks. Kris can’t hear but she was looking down at Marie’s breast, so he guesses it was some bitchy comment on his mother’s small flabby tits.
It is probably so, as he can judge from his mother reaction. She puts her hands on Anne’s shoulder and brutally pushes her away. Taken by surprise, Anne makes a few steps backward. She dashes at Marie and pushes her back. Marie doesn’t move fast enough to keep her balance and falls on her backside. The crowd laughs as she pulls herself back up, her face red with rage and humiliation.
As soon as she is back on her feet, she slaps Anne in the face, erasing the mocking grin she had. The slap is not very strong and only makes Anne’s cheeks become red.
Then Anne slaps Marie.
Marie sends her right arm backward, taking momentum to slap her sister back but, as an untrained and inexperienced fighter, she literally telegraphs her blow in advance and Anne grabs her forearm, blocking it. Marie tries to free herself by using her other hand. She grabs Anne’s right wrist and the fight turns into a test of strength, each woman trying to overpower the other.
It lasts for a few seconds, both women standing like some sort of a sculpture. You can’t say that their muscles bulge, even though they certainly are, because neither sister is the least muscular.

But Anne, being taller, has more leverage and, being 5 year younger than her sister, one can suspect that the 15 pounds difference between them means 15 pounds of fat less for Anne. She is gaining the upper hand. She pushes back Marie’s arm almost behind her back. The older woman tries to push on Anne’s chest with her shoulder but her arms are holding her back. Her face is distorted by the effort. Then she begins to back off, being pushed back.
Then Marie tries to trip her sister by slipping her right leg behind Anne’s. But the older sister his already a bit off balance and the trick turns against her : she falls on her butt. She tries to stop her fall and gives up Anne’s right
wrist. On the other hand, Anne still holds Marie’s right arm.
Before Marie can get up, Anne steps forward and sit on the side of her chest, slamming her on the canvas.
Everybody in the audience can hear the “Ooof!” as the air is expelled from Marie’s lungs.

When Marie realizes that Anne is straddling her, she tries to crawl out of that position but she only succeeds in twisting herself so as to lie on her stomach, with her sister sitting on her back, holding her right arm. What happens next is a forgone conclusion : she twists Marie’s arm behind her back, in a clumsy, but efficient enough, chickenwing.

Marie screams in pain, hits the mat with her left fist, swears, her eyes full of tears as her feet aimlessly kick the air.
Anne, in a dominant position, firmly sitting on her sister’s lower back, twists even harder.

“I quit !” Marie finally shrieks.

Without losing a second, the ref grabs Anne’s arm and forces her to let go. She then waves at the man responsible for the bell. The bell rings and Ginny raises Anne’s arm while Marie is twisted in pain on the mat, massaging her arm.

The Masked Writer’s voice is then heard.

“The winner of the first fall, after 3 minutes : Anne !”

The crowd cheers as the man goes on : “Both fighters will now go back to their respective corner for a one minute rest !”

Music plays while Anne stands in her corner, waving at the crowd, obviously very happy. She take a scornful look at her sister who sludge in her own corner and sit on the seat that a staff member bring into the ring, still rubbing her aching shoulder and arm. Kris can see tears rolling on her mother’s face. She looks at her sister on the other side of the ring, with an expression mixing anger, humiliation and hatred.

She wants revenge.

As the seconds pass Kris can see that his aunt is getting used to the crowd who cheers her. She waves at people and parade her bikini-clad body along the cables while his mother is sitting and taking her breath, obviously still suffering from that armlock.

Then the bell rings

To be continued.