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step sister II

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step sister II
« on: March 16, 2009, 01:55:19 AM »
step-sister-in-law II

Posted by ooreach on 7/15/2006, 10:47 am

" And with that Steph said to her stepsister. "Heather your coming home NOW!" and proceeded to take Heather's arm and try to drag her up. Heather resisted and pulled her arm back. Steph was getting really pissed now and said that she had better get up right now "OR ELSE!". Heather looked up at her and said "or else what. Ya gonna kick my ass?" Steph said "your getting into that house right now. Don't think that because your 1 week away from being 18 that your an adult, little girl." Heather stood up and looked her stepsister in the face and said "I'm sick of your treating me like a kid.
Your not my mother, your not even my sister." They began to scream at each other for what seamed like a minute. Slowly getting closer until stephs chest was touching Heather's. Heather reached out and pushed Stephanie in the chest yelling "get those fake things away from me!" Stephanie yelled "enough talk" and reached for Heather's arm to drag her and Heather pushed Stephanie away again. Stephanie reached up and slapped Heather on the cheek and Heather slapped her back. Then it was quiet. We all where watching at this point. Both were breathing hard. Standing within arms reach of each other. It was pretty dark but we could see Heather's back pretty well in the bonfire light and could make out Stephs outline as well. Heather started to turn around to come back to us when Steph reached out to take a grab at Heather again and Heather turned around and full out punched Steph in the arm. Steph swung back but missed and Heather lunged at Steph with both hands in her hair and started pulling. Steph screamed and put her hands in Heather's hair and they began pulling each others hair. Lots of swearing going on at this time. They pulled each others hair till they were both parallel to the ground. Staggering and screaming. Some of the women at the bonfire wanted to stop this but the men reminded them that this was family business. My wife was worried about the kids being frightened but they were watching this like an episode of WWF wrestling. Honestly it was quite entertaining to all. As they began to pull each other round the yard squealing and pulling hair my little girl even yelled " get her Heather" and then they started to try and trip each other. Bare feet and legs wrapped around each other. Heather leg go of her sisters hair and wrapped her arms around Steph and intertwined her leg around her sisters and in the tradition I had seen her use on her rivals before she clung to her step sister until they both tumbled to the ground with a thud. Steph let out an "ooph" as she received most of her sisters 130 pounds on her. Heather wasted no time in straddling her sister sitting on her hips and grabbing her sisters wrists Steph recovered enough that she struggled to free her wrists from her sister. She got her left hand free and started to reach for Heather's face. Heather blocked her and Steph grabbed for Heather's hand and dug her nails into her wrist. Heather stubbled to get her hand free and Steph pulled her sister-in-laws arm close enough and bit her arm. Heather yelled out and the pain and pulled away letting go of her sisters other hand and Steph bucked her off. Heather rolled away and got up and Steph scurried to get up, too. "You b###h, you bite me! First you pull hair and then you bite?" Steph yelled " street rules, baby. Do what ever it takes. This isn't high school anymore. If you want to be treated like a women you'll have to get my me, little b###h." Still both very out of breath they stared at each other for a half minute. Steph moving towards Heather and Heather moving to stay out of reach. My wife piped up to me "looks like Heather has never been in a real fight before." I hated to admit it but it looked like my wife was right. Heather had plenty of play wrestling experience but had never had been in a real fight she had talked about, and she would have talked about it and this wasn't just a regular fight, it was a fight between sisters and from how Stephanie had been so far, it looked to be more of a catfight then anything else.