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Gianna versus Brandi- Breast battle story

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Gianna versus Brandi- Breast battle story
« on: September 10, 2008, 01:53:30 AM »
OOC: Sorry but after I saw those two sexy girls that Mighty_Mike81 showed I knew they need two have a catfight, but knowing they might ever do it, I decided might as well write an extreme breast battle instead. (Man those two girls turned me on)

Finishing the set, the filming crew packed up after another job well done. Blonde, sexy and brown-eyed Brandi, fixed her hair after showing off her breasts, next to Gianna. She was about to leave but then the black haired, equally sexy and green-eyed Gianna, grabbed her shoulders and said.

"Don't mind staying behind?" She asked nicely.

Not sure weither to agree, especially with her breasts getting cold, however Brandi was curious what Gianna might be wanting.

"Sure, I'll stay behind."

Standing facing her, they both were silent, there was somekind of tension. Brandi could feel her breast's nipples were like eyes leering at Gianna's own, with hers do the same, she became not so hot about this. When the crew left without question, the two big-breasted girls were alone. They both were only wearing black mini-skirts, with a red panty underneath Brandi and a blue underneath Gianna.

"What is it that you want to talk about."

Stepping up to her, so that the points of Brandi's nipples touched Gianna's, she finally said. "Some guys are been going about your breasts are the hottest, with mine's behind and I simply don't think that's true."

Now knowing what was going on, Brandi now wondered where Gianna was going with this, Stepping forward herself, Gianna was maybe taller, but it allowed pointy nipples stab underneath Gianna's. "So what exactly am I meant to do about it?"

Irriatated that Brandi was itimidated by her size and use it against her, she made another step so that their breasts inflated against one another, but her boobs filled over Gianna. "It's choice on what you want to do about, you can tell on the next porn video that my breasts are better then yours or I'll demolish them here and now to prove, even to you that mines is better and I'll brag to everyone about it?"

Not backing down another step was attempting, but the two breasts were as pressed as the could get. "How about I demolish yours and brag to everyone how more better than they are then yours?"

"So you want to make fight about this, then I'm game?"

At first both girls weren't sure how to start this, they moved back a bit so that their breasts were not inflated anymore but still touching one another. After a second of considering how they wanted to do this, Gianna was first to take intiative swung a tits against Brandi's, she flenched when Gianna slapped them returning them back, facing straight again.

"Oh so think your tits can actually fight mine?"

Brandi did the same, slapping them out and back in. Gianna repeated again, just so as Brandi had her go.

"I think they're more than just a match."

A couple of times the stroke and slapped against one anothers, back and forth in calm rythmn, but changed though when the both pulled back at the same time and slapped together into a tight bang that made both of them flinch.

Only considering the fact it did more damaged to them then to herself, the pulled back their chest and waited until the other did so and slapped both breasts against each other. They did it another three times, but when Gianna was fed up of throwing breasts around, she instead pushed herself against against Brandi, smooshing her breasts against hers.

Caught off guard Brandi was staggered back by their bouncy breasts colliding embarrasingly. Add humiliation Gianna laughed, but enraged, Brandi charged back and this time Gianna staggered back and fell bottom onto the ground where Brandi just moved her hips and smiled.

Furious, Gianna slapped the floor and stood up to remind of her height, but Brandi did not care. Beaming into each other's eyes, Gianna punched both breasts against Brandi, not harmed by the simple move because it was only an invitation, Brandi jabbed with both breasts underneath Gianna's flopping breasts in the air. Cowed by that, Gianna pushed breasts hard against Brandi's, but she held her position tightly.

Pushing back, the girls struggled to not give ground to one another, letting their breasts fight and crush each other. The two were like to flesh blobs absorbing one another with their nipples inside spearing into each other's flesh. Both girls were overwhelmed by the two breasts battling, not satisfied though, Brandi wrapped her arms around Gianna and she wrapped her arms back so that they became coiled in a tight bearhug were they heaved to force their breasts to fight even harder.

"Give up?" Suggested Gianna.

Shaking her head furiously. "No!"

They groaned and tighten, they danced a little with their feet going about the floor. It was five minutes into the fight and they were sweating over each other, their chests were aching as the clamped their arms around each other and the breasts were in pain.

Trying to get the edge, Gianna suddenly dragged Brandi across the floor, the move was sudden and Brandi almost fell if it wasn't for them holding each other and perhaps the sweat sticking each other. Returning that, Brandi tried to drag Gianna across, soon the kept do it to each other. Eventually though as they were getting tired, they threw each other in opposite directions and fell out of each other's arms and onto the floor.

Both girls were not that tired and were relunctant to get their clamy bodies away from each other and got up onto two feet. Breathing slightly heavily they came up to another, ready to go, Brandi lifted chest to get going again, fed up though of her breast touching hers, Gianna instead shot out both hands grabbing Brandi's big breasts, struggling to free them.

"Hey we weren't do this!"

"Who said, there's no rules!"

Unable to get her breasts free with out Gianna's claws ripping the, she grabbed back instead. "Fine, have it your way, but I'm not the one here to tits."

"Then why are you now?"

Both girls squirmed and showed prune faces as their most valuable things were under each other's hands. They squeezed tightly as they grabbed the thick flesh bags, or tugged them to pull them off, their was even a point where Gianna twisted Brandi's nipple showing the disadvantages of how big they were, while her's were two flat.

Needing to sit down, Brandi slowly got to her knees and Brandi followed her. They sat on their feet as they continued to use hands to tug on each other's breasts, making fusses and praying their breasts were alright.

Unable to stand it, Brandi needed to bite something and leaned over, it left Gianna confused but suddenly felt a sharp pain as Brandi bit into her breasts. Not letting go of her breasts for one minute she tightened as she resisted Brandi biting her that she allowed tears to stroll down her face.

For a while Brandi kept biting, but needing to cry out own breast that let go to argh in pain, able to return the damage Gianna leaned down to bite Brandi's breasts. She now had to withstand the same amount of pain, but was already strolling in tears as they had been tearing at each other's breasts at what felt like forever. Not able to keep biting as for long, Gianna staighted back up and they still held each other's breasts.

Attempting submit or atleast dominate each other, they pulled each other's breasts to the floor that soon they went to their sides lying on the floor. Fighting not to let anymore tears then the other's out, they sniffled and moaned as the pain was becoming to much. It was atleast another five minutes until they were in more agony.

"Why don't we just go back to letting our breasts do the fighting." Offered Brandi

"Yeah sure." Agreed Gianna.

Slipping go of each other's breasts, Gianna was about to get back up, but Brandi held her by the shoulders to stop her and so Gianna rest back down and they wriggled up instead and wrapped arms around each other. When the welcomed breasts, the two bitter-battled jugs greeted with the pain they had taking.

After a couple of snivels the girls tightened on floor with chests against one another. The two pairs of breasts burnt hot against each other as they were forced together with hot searing sweat and tears that had strollen down the body. Quckly pushing against Gianna, Brandi swiftly turned them both over and became ontop, but she was switched with Gianna ontop. They now rolled across the floor trying to gain the upperhand.

The girls gritted teeth as they hated each moment the pain flared through them when the other pushed the weight on her breasts on top of hers. Tears and sweat were spread across the floor as the battle raged all over. As time passed the girls were being pushed to their limit.

"Forget this I can't do this anymore!" Snapped Gianna. "If you can't admit my breasts are better, than I'm just walking off!

"Neither can I seeing as you can't give in either!"

Agreeing with each other in a strange away, they let go of one another and went onto their feet to walk out the door sobbing quietly, seperate ways, trying not to get anyone else's attention of what happened back in the set.

(I was going with the poll but since it was equal and I want to write this now, I just left it at that, who knows when the poll finishes I'll probably write a rematch with the real result or someone else could)


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Re: Gianna versus Brandi- Breast battle story
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2008, 03:59:08 AM »
good job catfight obsessed, it was a great titfight, can't wait for a rematch, because there has to be a winner


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Re: Gianna versus Brandi- Breast battle story
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2008, 04:05:36 AM »
I'm with the poll, Gianna wins, but I think the next time they fight, it should be an all out catfight....and Gianna should tear those tits apart