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Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)

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Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« on: September 19, 2008, 10:30:14 PM »
Brunette Sarah, 21yrs old. 5'5ft and weighing 130pounds had decided to see how her old boyfriend had been. She had came up to his door and knocked on it, that was when she saw greeted by someone roughly the same weight and brunette hair but at a height of 5'1ft.

"Who are you?" Asked Sarah confused.

"I'm Bri, the resident's girlfriend." She said wondering why so strange. "Who are you."

"Sarah, the residents ex-girlfriend." Said Sarah highlighting.

There was a bit of tension and the conversation went on, neither liked each other for some reason and felt aggression towards one another. They both now felt some hatred and were now wanting it out in the opening.

"So seeing we've both been out with him want to see who he thinks is better?" Asked Sarah.

"Oh no, he's not home."

Thinking for a while, Sarah then challenged. "Well in that case want to go up to his room and have catfight?"

A bit suprised, Bri wanted to ask why but then resisted already imaging herself ripping Sarah apart. "Okay, but right now it's our room, seeing as he takes me in almost every night."

Going into the house the two girls walked up still having an uneasy conversation. They entered the room continuing and then stood on opposite ends of the bed.

"So how do you want to do this?" Offered Sarah.

 "Well I was thinking since I don't want my dresses ripped or my thong and bra torn off, I was thinking naked."

"Yeah I don't want to have to go outside with my clothes like that." Laughed Sarah.

It was really to see what goods they had, both simply stripped as though they were in a changing room and soon became stark naked. Observing one another, Bri had bigger tits and Sarah had tighter belly which highlight her pussy more than her bum. For a while they stood awkward now thinking a bit more of what they were doing, but was done was done.

"So want to do this on the bed." Showed Bri indicating to the bed.


They placed their knees on the bed and now sat opposite of one another. Soon as both girls had confirmed they wanted to do this soon as they agreed to do no punching, strangling or eye poking. The next was that they waited for whom to strike first.

Bri was regretting she just asked to keep her thong on instead, which left her open for Sarah to quickly press her hands against her shoulders and push her back, bending backwards, Bri tilted till she was hovering over her legs as she fought to stay up. Holding Sarah's wrists, Bri fought to keep herself up.

The fight was slow so far, they slowly struggled in place going nowhere, but when Bri was feeling pressured with Sarah hovering over her, she grabbed both of Sarah's breasts and pushed on them. A flare of jumping pain went through Sarah as she was pushed back with Bri's hands against her bouncy boobs and she went back, but before Sarah kept pushing, Bri slapped her hand across her face, disgusted how she touched and hurt them. Angered that she had been slapped, Sarah slapped back.

Both girls smacked each other across the face and as more were put into rage, Sarah grabbed Bri by the hair pulling her head back. She was expecting Bri to do the same, but she wanted to get back at her for touching her tits and grabbed her's digging in her sharp nails. There was a terrible shriek as they were clawed and Sarah grabbed Bri's wrist trying to pull them off.

Her hands were only on for a while, as she felt uncomfortable with her fingers deep into another woman's breasts. Wanting to get back for that, Sarah slapped her hand across Bri's breasts and knocked Bri sideways holding she balance with one arm. Seeing her almost down, Sarah pushed her hands against Bri's shoulders, but then Bri managed to grab her hair before she went down and in result brought Sarah down with her.

The two bodies came together unexpectantly, they were almost straight ontop and neither girls expected this to happen. The kicked and threshed as they panicked as they felt their smooth and silk skin against one another, even worst also their breasts together and their cxnts on each other's thighs almost together.

As Bri tried to push her off, Sarah almost thought she was attacking her, where she reacted leaning  up and pulling Bri back down by the hair. The two girls complained and moaned as their bodies were still together and the nipples tickled one another as Sarah's breast hung above Bri.

When Sarah tried to get up further, Bri managed to push Sarah off her and got onto her bum. As Sarah laid on the bed beside her she grabbed Bri by the hair. Thinking she was trying to pull her back down.

"No I ain't going back down with you." Screamed Bri.

Desperately trying to slap her, she accidentally slapped her hand flat against Sarah's pussy which both girls shrieked disgusted and Sarah sat up shocked. Realisng how their bodies sat to each other, Sarah wrapped her arm around Bri's head and Bri wrapped back, making both in a equal headlock.

"I'll teach you to be a lesbian!" Snarled Sarah

Use her other hand, Sarah pushed her hand between Bri's thighs and began tugging on her pussy which Sarah had managed to overcome touching. In pain from the sudden assault, Bri struggled to pull it off, but reluctantly given no choice, she grabbed back and the two girls now sat both next to each other in a headlock putting their fingers in each other's pussys.

Both girls could feel their fingers pull into each other, but were becoming more concerned now how it hurt then how it was grouse. Soon enough they hastily seperated in retreat sliding their bums across the bed.

They checked their pussys to make sure they were safe. As they got to opposite sides of the bed each other's legs were resting next to each other, but they were more concerned if their pussies were alright. The first to finish checking was Sarah who tucked back her knees back underneath her and then leaned forward, but she had used up to much time with her legs rubbing against Bri, to let her opponent to instead lift up her legs and catch Sarah's neck with.

In a sitting sisscors headlock, Sarah tried to pull the legs off her, but Bri had a tight hold on them. Feeling herself already weaken, Sarah began to struggle more but Bri only squeezed harder. Conserving strength Sarah allowed herself to fall to the bed with Bri still holding her, but on her side as well now.

Thinking she had her now, Bri stretched back to keep herself straight, but had barely noticed that Sarah had sneaked her legs up there. Before Bri could kept up, Sarah had closed down her leg around Bri's neck and used the other one. Now Bri was also in a headlock.

The two were equal now, but Bri had gotten ahead start. Thinking fast, Sarah had grabbed Bri by the pussy and clawed in. With her hold weakening now, Bri was uncomfortable now with the feeling of nails on her cxnt again. Unable to grab Sarah's which was flat against her back, she pulled one arm back to grab her by the bum and squeezed on it.

They kept trying to ignore each others sisscorholds and grabs, Sarah had suddenly dug her thumb deep and Bri was startled with jump and leg go and so did Sarah now knowing she was able to get free now.

Getting onto their knees and were now staring viciously with their claws ready as they approached at one another.

"I am getting sick and tired of you and your body getting all over mind!" Hissed Bri.

"I am getting sick and tired of your body and your lesbian self all over me!" Replied Sarah.

Grabbing each other's tits they clawed each other viciously, Sarah was holding Bri's up as though to rip them off, while Bri was trying to twist them as though to cork them off. Of course that was only the beginning, they swap ways of tearing each other's breasts, jiggling their claws into them, yanking them and alsorts of things.

But as it became to sore for either to stand, Bri had slapped Sarah across the face, still holding onto one breast. Reacting Sarah slapped back and released the other hand to slap across Bri's breasts banging them together. Releasing Sarah breast, she was about to slap back, but Sarah had predicted it and grabbed the other wrist before she could, but Bri had still managed to slap her breast with the other one, annoyed Sarah grabbed that wrist quickly.

Now Sarah had both wrists and Bri had tried to get them back when she had started squeezing them. As she squirmed to get free, Bri had pushed herself against Sarah's body now letting their sore tits rub against each other.

"Get your unsexy body off me, lesbian!" Squeeled Sarah.

"Not until you let go of my wrists!" Shouted Bri.

Continuing to push her body against Sarah, she slowly forced Sarah to the bed. Thinking she would follow her Sarah slumped onto the bed still restrain Bri's rests to rest a bit even if Bri laid over her. However now that she laid flat against the bed, Bri climbed over and when Sarah had realised she had left herself open, she tried pull Bri's wrists down, but her opponent already managed to hover her pussy over her.

"Seeing as you think I'm such a lesbian, might as well force you to taste my pussy you utter lesbian!" Snapped Bri.

Sitting herself on top of her face, Bri now rested herself as Sarah was trapped between her tighs. It wasn't as Sarah had dreamt would ever happen to her she could feel the pussy come down on her face and felt both thighs clamp onto her head. It was sweat, hot and smelly with all this flesh around her that it was unbearable.

Out from under Bri, Sarah's hands grabbed whatever it could, it tried squeezing her legs and waist or attempting to push her off, but Bri was pretty well on her. That was until Sarah had found her still sore breast and squeezed on it.

Jumping off her with a shriek, Bri check her breast to see there was no more claw marks. Getting up Sarah coughed and tried to recover herself, after being trapped like that. Finish her check up though, Bri grabbed Sarah by the hair and dragged Sarah's head helpless.

"So want to taste my breasts instead!"

Thrust Sarah's face into her chest, Bri now had her head between her breasts. Grabbing her by the shoulder she tried to push her back, but Sarah was too much weak, haven't recovered much strength, instead she grabbed both of Bri's large breasts, but Bri had prepared herself and gritted her teeth as she accepted the pain.

As Sarah was becoming weakened even more, Bri had now let go of her her which now left Sarah coughing and puffing for air. "I hated those breasts and pussy of yours!" Gasped Sarah difiantly. However Bri was now moving up to her and putting her hands around Sarah.

"So you think your bodies better than my then, well let's have them compete!"

Next, Bri had now crushed Sarah against her, Sarah moaned as Bri grinded them both together with breast to breast and pussy to pussy. Both breast still felt sore have demolishing each other's earlier, but Bri was the one crushing them together as Sarah tried to get free as she couldn't win like this.

More and more their bodies tighter together as Bri wanted it to end this way, Sarah was dangling as she had almost no strength left.

"Now say I'm not a lesbian and I won't be doing no more." Whispered Bri.

Spitting in her face, Sarah showed more defiance, but that only made Bri crushing them tighter together letting all her muscles pumped up as Bri went all out now. Sarah crackled in pain now knowing the true meaning of it.

"Okay-okay you're not a lesbian." Moaned Sarah now crying.

Battered and in tears now, Bri let go of Sarah letting her collapse onto bed. Dragging her off though and onto the bed, Bri continued on carrying Sarah until they were at the front door and threw her out along with her clothes leaving Sarah barely able to move outside, forced to put her clothes on before anyone could see her.

Pleased with her victory, Bri had returned upstairs naked and waited for her boyfriend to get home and not only tell him all about it, but celebrate it as well.


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Re: Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2008, 10:18:50 PM »
great job......there's something about seeing the smaller lady's hot......keep up the good work


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Re: Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2008, 09:18:10 PM »
hey catfight obssesed, any updates on my story?



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Re: Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2008, 09:41:41 AM »
Great story, I love ur catfights there's all I want to see  ;)


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Re: Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2008, 05:30:11 PM »
Great story, Catfight Obsessed. Thanks a lot - you're one of the talented writers that I saw at this board who knows that the details play a very important role in the catfight stories.
This very story will be one of my favorite from now on. Keep writing, we all appreciate your work!
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Re: Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« Reply #5 on: September 30, 2008, 06:41:18 PM »
Thanks, I'm very grateful for all your comments and critizm (Although I don't think there has been that much yet). I'll have to return the favour at some point. Anyways I'm going to have to write a lot mores anyways, the one-on-one rounds in my little catfight tornament is about to begin and you are all hoped to vote and welcomed to give out suggestions or ideas for my next stories I'll be writing for them

I'm also in the middle of another story, but it's attached to a memory stick which is being bored. Quite a problem since it's a special request story for a close enough, good friend of mine.


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Re: Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« Reply #6 on: September 08, 2011, 08:05:32 AM »
I liked it very much although it was weird that they only knew each other for a matter of mins before they were fighting , but who cares about how long , when they had a Catfight , look forward to the next one  :)
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Re: Something about each other they don't like (Catfight story)
« Reply #7 on: September 08, 2011, 02:59:22 PM »
Wicked hot story.