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Arrogant actrice turned into joke

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Arrogant actrice turned into joke
« on: July 19, 2015, 05:40:07 PM »
For this story we go back to 1978. This story is about a young actress Pamela Lewis. Pamela was a 28 year old blonde beauty who wanted to be an actress. In 1976 she did some auditions for several rolls at tv series that were broadcasted by the MGM network. Altough she was not a supertalented actress (she never did an education for it) she paid attention with her beautifull appearance. She was big (6 feet 1) and had a beautifull body. She had a very volluptueus body. Firm legs and a proud pert big ass and beautifull DD silky peal tits. In the 70’s thin/scinny was fashionable thats why it take a vew months for she got the first job. Pamela was already noticed by several producers and film/tv makers not only of her impressive body but she had also a beautifull face with pearly white teeth and long blonde golden thick locks.

In januari 1977 MGM top man Bill Wide invited her at his office. He was looking for the lead in a new MGM television show called “Powerwoman”. It was about a new superheroine. Powerwoman was left behind as a foundling when she was a baby. She is raised in a orphanage with mostly Japanese children. Thats why she became an expert in Karate. When she was 4 years a chemical factory nearby the Orphanage exploded. A lot of people and children were already evacuated but one girl was forgotten. The chemical gas of the factory gave the girl superpowers. And thats how Power Women exists. Because the orphanage was blackmailed by the maffia in San Francisco she desided to use her powers for the good. She disabled all the maffia scum in a fight and helped the police to bring the whole gang to gail.

Bill Wide thought Pamela Lewis was the right woman for the job. She was beautifull and she looked incredebly strong because she was big and voluptuous. Pamela Lewis was contracted for the job. Pamela saw the job as a start to fame. In March 1977 the cast and crew started shooting. Pamela Lewis pulled on the costume of Powerwoman. The costume was awesome. Pamela wore a tight red spandex trousers. Her firm thighs and calves were clearly visible in it. Also Pamela Lewis butt looked amazing in the red spandex. The spandex pants accentuate her beautiful full buttocks. Above the trouser she wore a thight red spandex sweater. The big beautifull full DD bosom were clearly visible. The outfit was so thight that Pamela’s nipples were visible underneath the spandex. On the waisband of her pants there was a yellow line that looked like she wore a belt and it gave the red outfit an interruption. On the chest of the sweater there was a logo of a big P, that ofcourse stands for Powerwoman. The 2 things that complete the outfit was a short yellow cape that ended halfway Powerwomans back and on her feet she wore short red lacquer boots with low heels. In one word: Powerwoman looked fantastic and incredebly hot.

When the cast and crew started shooting they learned to know the new star Pamela Lewis. Pamela Lewis
turned out to be a terrible arrogant woman. She was spoiled and acted like she was the biggest star in Hollywood. The rest of the crew and actors got along very well and the shooting of the serie went on schedule. But Pamela Lewis the main character of the show was a real pain in the ass. She was snobish to her collegues and the only persons that got her interests were the director and MGM top man Bill Wide. When Bill entered the set during shooting Pamela changed from a arrogant devil in a sweet girl.

Despite her rotten character the men in the crew and at the MGM studios all fell in love with the blonde sex bomb. If Pamela had a wish for something to eat all the men run the fastest to help her and get her attention. Everybody was obsessed about the beauty. The way she parade in her superheroine outfit. Her delicious body that wiggles when she walkes. For the men it was to much.

When the show was recorded Pamela got into a relationship with Bill Wide. Pamela new that he could bring her to the top of the movie business in a short time. She did not always wanted to play in this silly serie for children.

In August 1977 the show started to broadcast and in just a few weeks it became a big hit. For the girls it was great to see that the hero was a woman instead of a man. For the boys and daddy’s it was fun to watch because the beautifull Pamela Lewis was sensational as Powerwoman. In the show Powerwoman was a superheroine with several powers. She could see as sharp as a panther, she could hear as good as a dog and she could jump 10 mtrs high. And of course she was extraordinary strong. Power woman could turn over cars and was a expert in karate.

The grand final of every episode was that Power woman got into a big fight. The fight was with a couple of criminals or with a machine or hughes animal. Then you herd the sound of Mike Oldfields “Tubular Bells” and in slowmotion the viewers saw a spectacular fight. Powerwoman was giving spectacular karata kicks and punches and she moved gracieus on the music. Pamela Lewis specially took lessons from a choreographer how she must kick and how karate moves have to be done. Although a choreographer is not a karateexpert Pamela thought that she became a fighting expert.

Pamela Lewis lay in the bed of MGM top man Bill Wide in the spring of 1978. Oh Pamela I love you so much. Come here you sex beast. HAHAHA oh Bill that was good wasn’t it? Yes Pam, that was the best sex I ever had. Oh Bill I want you to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to become a star. You had it in you darling. You are a natural Bill responded. Pamela and Bill started to date in the summer of 77. And they became a couple. Bill was still married to his wife Louise but he showed her the door when Pamela Lewis became his new lover and obsession. Now they lay in his bed after they had hot sex again. Pamela was lying in his arms and they were talking about the succes of their hit serie Powerwoman. Pam I have a surprise. Oh yes, you know I love surprises. But before I tell you that you have to do the famous Power woman action moves for me. HAHAHA ok honey I’do that. And Pamela got out of there bed and was standing naked in the bedroom. Ok honey here I go. And to Bill’s pleasure Pam started to do some karate moves in slowmotion. She gave a perfect round house kick. Bill saw this magnificant body of this sex bomb. Her DD breasts, her calves and big thighs. Oh and that big solid ass of hers. It was an honor to see Powerwoman do her moves in the nude. Hihihi am I doing it right baby? Oh Pam your so hot. And Pamela ended her private show by giving Bill the blowjob of his life.

Now love, what is the surprise? Oh Pam, you know next month 22 television directors from all over the world come to our studio. And you know why? Because they all have interrest in the show. They want to buy it! That means your gonna be a world star! HIIIEEEHAAAA HWOOO!!! Bill I love you! Pamela was in a state of euphoria. You know Pam. Pamela Lewis will be famous all over the world. And this is how we gonna make sure they will buy the show. Oh tell me, tell me, tell me Bill. I will give the managers a tour to our studio’s and finish the tour in the royal hall where we have a Powerwoman fans day. You in your costume of Powerwoman and all the other actors will be present. We invite the 100 biggest fans who can come with there parents to the studio where the cast and crew can give there autographs to the fans. We also let the kids play special Powerwoman games and we celebrate them with ice and cake. This fan day will convince the foreign TV directors to buy the show. Oh Bill thats great and will there be press hi hi? asked Pamela. Oh honey of course I will invite the press. But only one photagrapher. Why is that Bill? Well honey I do that so when the parents want to have pictures of the fans day they have to buy them from us. Hahaha you are so smart Bill. Come here and let me give you a big kiss.

June 1978. The big day has arrived. The first fans day of Powerwoman. At the MGM studios a big hall was prepared to invate hundred fans with there parents and brothers and sisters to meet the cast and crew of Powerwoman. The hall was decorated with big flags and carton blowups of the main characters of the serie. There were also stands where the fans could buy Powerwoman merchendise and in the centre of the hall there was a large pink cake with whipped cream and it was 1 mtrs high.The intention was to give all fans a piece of this particular Powerwoman cake at the end of the event. In the hall there were also covered tables for the gasts from Bill Wide. He gave them a tour to the studios in trying to sell the serie to other countrees. The tour would end at the hall were there was the fans day of the TV show.

When the fans day opent it was a big event. The kids had a great time and of course the centre of the spectacle was Pamela Lewis alias Powerwoman. She paraded with her sexy red outfit paying a lot of attention also from all the dads that came to the event. Pamela hated the kids but for one day she tried to be nice. Oh hello honey what is your name? Oh thats nice here you have my autograph. At several stands it was busy but at the stand where Pamela was giving autographs it was a mad house. Please Powerwoman can you write this or that. Pamela was really getting tired of it. After one hour she decided it was time for a break. Sorry people Powerwoman also needs a break sometimes. She stood up and outstretched her body. Than a men came to her. It was journalist Tim Leeds. Tim was the only journalist who was invited on the event also as the photographer Pete Murray.

Oh hi Tim how are you? Pamela moved closer to the yournalist. Pamela liked the young journalist and she knew that he could help her to get good publicity. The blonde was getting excited and wiggled her body towards him and was rubbing her thighs agains his. Eh oh eh well Pamela is it trew that you are an expert in karate? Yes Tim, I am an expert. And she wispers in his ear. I have the black belt in karate. You can put that in your article. At that moment a small Japanese girl asked Pamela for an autograph. Get lost you irritating kid! Pamela yelled. So Tim where were we. The kid ran to her mom in tears.

Pamela was having a good conversation with the journalist for promoting her carreer as a couple of minutes later a small Japanese woman tapped her on the sholder. Yea what? Eh miss you were not so nice to my child. Why? She just wants your autograph the women says. Pamela was now getting mad. Miss your daughter is an irritating child that is annoying. Now get lost!

The small Japenese women tapped the blonde again on the sholder. Now what is it? I told you to buzz off. You need a lesson the women responded. Uh oh what lesson? The blonde replied. A lesson in good manners. I would like to give you one lesson the small women said. Hahahaha you hear that Tim, she wants to give me a lesson. And what do you have in mind you small women? I challence you for a fight the mother said. Hahahaha don’t let me laugh hahaha Pamela was laughing loud.

People, people may I have your attention please! Pamela got the attention of everybody at the hall. This tiny women is challence me to fight her. HAHAHAHA everybody started to laugh and tought that it was all part of the show at this event. And Tim shall I accept her invitation? Tim looked at Pamela. He got excited about seeing Powerwoman in live action. I think it is good for you Pam. You will have some extra excersize. Ok ok and people what do you think? Shall I fight this tiny person? Yea fight her, fight her!

Pamela Lewis got horny of all this attention. And the tought to give all these people a show in karate made her so excited. She wiggled her ass and gave a winkl towards Tim. Ok you ugly Japanese lets fight! The small Japanese woman and Pamela walked to the centre of the hall. Olivia Thomas a co-star of the serie was trying to prevent the fight. Please Pamela do not fight her. You will hurt the women and she could end up in a hospital if she fights you. Don’t worry Olivia. I know what I am doing. I am a karate expert and I can control myself. I wont hurt her that much.

And then the fight started. The small Japanese woman stand still and Pamela was taking the initiative. The big blonde started to wiggle her ass. She was moving in slowmotion like she did in the TV show. She made karate moves with her arms and she walked towards her opponent with bended knees. The blonde gave a roundhouse kick for the show but not yet to her opponent and was making Bruce Lee noices. After 30 seconds of showmoving finally Pamela attacked in real.

She wanted to hit her opponent with a karata punch with her right hand. The small Japanese woman blocked the punch with her left arm. The blondes bottom of her hand hit the bony arm of the mother. AAAIII, AAAII, OOHHH AAHHH! is what came out of Pamela’s mouth. She grabbed her painfull right hand with her left and pressed her legs together and was moving up and down while she tried to bit the pain in her hand.

Finally the pain went away. Pamela tried to forget this incident. The small Japanese still stood in the middle of the hall and was waiting for the blondes next move. Pamela was doing axact the same. She wiggled her body did some fake moves and did some yells like HOO, HAA and finally she attacked again. The big blonde was trying a spectacular kick. But the small women grabbed Pamela’s feet. She pulls the blonde towards her so Pamela felt to the ground. Now the blonde lay flat on the floor on her breast and the small women took the blondes leg in a painfull leg lock. OOHHH AHHH PLEASE STOP AHHH! Pamela was having a lot of pain. She lay on the floor with flailing arms and legs and on her face she had an expression of shock and pain. Her eyes and mouth were wide open.

Finally the mother let Pamela’s leg go. Ohh aahhh while she was grunting the blonde stood up. How was this possible she tought??? I am a karate expert? Now I am done with you she yelled in rage! Her face was getting red of anger. The big blonde was attacking again. Well attacking? She did her stupid show again. Wiggling her big ass in the tight spandex. Doing some sexy moves and giving the onlookers a show of fighting moves in slowmotion.

But now Pamela was sure she would hit the small women. She moved towards her apponent, then she moved away from the small women. Then she gave a roundhouse kick. But HUH??? where are you is what Pamela said. Her fighting dance had made her loose her opponent out of sight. Where was the shit mother? The big blonde turned around and thats when the Japanese women gave her a hard and precise kick fully in her croutch. UUNGGHH!!! is what Pamela said while she grabbed her painfull crotch with both hands. She had pulled her legs tight together and while she had her hands on her crotch her mouth was oppened.

Raahhaa! now I am done with you she yelled again. Pamela tried to gave the women a punch. But again the small woman blocked it and hit the blonde full on her face with the palm of her right hand. Pamela head snapped backwards. Then the Japanese woman hit her in the soft belly. WHOOFFFHH! Than she followed her attack with a hard punch in the blondes side. AAHII, IEHH, OHHH, AAARHH, WHEA that were the sounds that came out of the blondes mouth while the small woman was beating her up.

The mother ended this by giving “Powerwoman” a kick on the chest. The blonde sexbomb was wailing with her arms while she feld backwards. Pamela landed with her big round ass on the counter of a stand with Powerwoman merchendise. The weight of Pamela’s big body made the wooden shelve break so the blonde ended her yourney with sacking trew the wooden counter and lay sprawled between dolls and other Powerwomen stuff.

The heavy blonde tried to stand up. It took her trouble to stand up. UNGH UNGH Finally she stood. Than she herd the laugther in the hall. Pamela was blushing and her face became red. Oh eh people this is al part of the show she said. Now I am gonne kick her ass.

And she attacked the small mother again. She run towards her and gave a right punch. But the punch was blocked. So she tried a left punch. But again this blow was blocked. And in answer to her efforts the Japanese women placed her knee in the crotch of “Powerwoman”. WHOOOOPPPPPHHHHH!!! is what the blonde said and again she was grabbing her painfull pussy. Than the small women gave the arrogant blonde a right direct. The curvy sexbomb fell backwards with wailing arms and landed on her plump butt. Now the Japanese mother grabbed the tight sweater of Pamela and pulled it off her body. WHOOO what are you doing?! yelled Pamela in panick. She was lying on the floor and her Power women shirt had been removed!

Where is this P standing for the mother said. Poop!!! No it stands for Power is what Pamela said. HahahahHAHA all the people laught. And the blonde had an stupid expression on her face. She realized now how stuped her answer was.

Then to her horror the now smiling Japanese women grabbed the waistband of her pants! While the small woman started pulling at the waistband of Pamela’s pants she pulled her knees up and held her legs tightly together. Pamela also had her waistband now firmly in her hands. She lay on her back while the small woman was smiling and was tugging at her trousers.

Pamela was really panicking now. She felt how her spandex slowly got pulled down. The blonde lay on her back with her legs pulled up. The sweat broke her out. And her cheeks began to blush. And she began to chug of panic. The Japanese mother was tugging and tugging at her spandex! The pants slipped down over her curvy butt cheeks. Lower and lower. Please not my pants, not my pants, not my pants she was begging to keep her spandex on. But the mother was just smiling and was tugging her spandex lower over the blondes curvy thighs. PUFFH, PUFFH please not my pants, please no. Despite her curled up legs and her begging for mersy the blonde was losing her trousers.

The shame of getting stripped of her pants in public gave pressure on her bladder. PUFF, PUFF, PUFF swet was dripping of her curvy body while the spandex was slipping trew her pulled up legs. Then with a final hard tug the pants was ripped off over her lacquer boots. Powerwoman was laying in her underwear. Luckily for her she still wore her red bra and red thong.

The onlookers were cheering now. Oh oh the blonde stood up and saw all those peopele laughing at her. RAHAHAH she was in rage again and run towards her enemy. WHOOOOHO she was trown over the sholder of the small woman and now her white big buttocks splashed on the ground. UNGHHE! RAHGH I will kick your ass screamed Pamela while she clumsely stood up again and attacked. She gave a hard dropkick. But the small Japanese women ducked away so the curvy blonde kicked through a plaster wall. To her horror her right leg was stucked in the plaster wall!

Pamela Lewis stood with her raised right leg stuck in the wall. She grabbed her right leg in panic to get her leg out of it. The Japanes woman saw her chance. She unhooked the blonde bimbo’s bra and grabbed her left arm. Then the mother pulled Pamela out the wall and swung her trew the hall. Pamela Lewis was trown trew the place and the blonde was rotating with swishing arms. Finally she felt backwards and she ended up between some chairs.

OHOH Ungh, Ungh The peal blonde stood up and when she stood she herd the people chearing. Look at her delicious tits! HUGH my tits? And she looked down and saw to her horror that she had lost her bra! The only clothing that remained was her little red thong! She had to get out of here before she would be totally naked. Pamela decided to take a run.

But when she had took a view steps she had to take a halt because the Japanese mother had grabbed the back of her thong! The thong was outstretched in de back. The small women had the material of her briefs tight in her hands and was tugging at it. NO NO Let go! please let go! was what Pamela was pleading. Let go of my thong! Nohono, With both hands she hold her thong in the front. But she felt how the material was stretched out from behind and slowly the front was slipping trew her legs. She pressed her legs together to avoid that it was ripped of.

WHoehoe take a look at that big solid ass a father was yelling. The blondes ass was full in sight now that her thong was stretched out at the back while the Japanese mother was tugging it towards her. Poor Pamela stood with her legs thight together and her butt pushed back while her hands were around this tiny little clothing peace that to her horror was getting more and more pulled back trew her legs. Oh no, oh no PUFFH, PUFFH she pleaded but despite her efforts of trying to keep her panties on the thong finally snapped!!!
The sexy blonde felt in panick that the thing slide back trew her legs and the last thing she felt was how it disappeared from her body by slipping trew her ass crack from behind.

WHHOO WIEHOO!!! Powerwoman is naked the crowd yelled. Than the small women tripped Pamela so she fell to the ground. While she lay on the ground the women took a seat on Pamela´s back and was starting to spank the blonde! WHOONO PLEASE NO! It was a comical sight to see the totally naked women floundering on the ground with her arms and legs while this small Japanese woman was spanking her ass. PAP, PAP, PAP was the sound when the hands of the women slapped on the white jelly buttcheeks of the blonde.

The white flesh of her butt was shaking with every blow. Now Powerbimbo you have a bit of a blubber butt said the small woman. And indeed. Now when her spandex was gone her butt was a bit less tight and more a little mushy. The young fans in the public could´t believe there eyes. Their idol had been beat up, ass kicked, stripped naked by a small woman?! And they all saw that there hero was crying like a little baby.

Finally when the spanking stopped the woman got of her back. OH Oh ahah Pamela was sobbing, UNGH ungh she stood up slowly and felt a lot of pain. Finally when she managed to stand up she took a look around. All  this people were pointing and laughing at her. She held her left arm in front of breasts and her right hand in front of her pussy. Her legs were pressed together and she bended a bit so her ass was pushed back. Her face was red as a tomato from the shame. Tears swell up in her eyes. Sweat dripped over her body. Her hair was a mess. She chunged PUFH PUFH she was so terrible humiliated. To her horror she felt that all the shame gave pressure on her bladder again. NO, no she felt how she pissed a little in her handpalme!

Than The Japanese women gave her a roundhouse kick. The blonde was kicked knock out. Her body propellord backwards and with a splash she feld with her face and tits in the big pink tart in the centre of the hall. HAHAHAHA look at that! Pamela was laying in a humiliating pose. Her face and upper body lay in the cake. Her ass was fully in sight because she lay on the table with her legs dangling down. The only thing that remaind of her Powerwoman outfit were her red lacquer boots. Than the Japanese woman grabbed a marker from a stand. Walked towards the down and out blonde lying on the table with her face and tits in the pink cake. On the left ass cheef of Pamela she wrote: ass kicked. And on the right ass cheek: by and signed with the autograph of the Japanese woman.

10 minutes later Bill Wide and his foreign guests were infront of the door that lead to the hall where the big Powerwoman event was held. Bill already heard the song Tubular bells from Mike Oldfield playing. They had deside that at the time he would enter the hall with his guests the song would be playing that was always used in Powerwoman when she had an action scene. Well gentlemen, take a good look what an incredeble hit the show is in our country. And Bill opened the door. He did not look in the hall but he was looking at the expression on the faces of his geasts. He already heard they all were enthousiast about the TV hit but this spectacle would certainly deside them all to buy his show.

But he saw that all the men had an surprised look on there faces. And they all kept silent. When Bill turned his face he saw in the centre of the hall a for him formiliar white butt. He saw his fiance lying in a tart on the table that was in the middle of the hall. All the people? where had they gone? The only person in the hall was his fiance who was totally naked?!

He walked towards Pamela and on her ass he saw that a text was calked. Ass kicked by??? What the fuck Pam! What is this?! was he shouting to the blonde. Uehhhrgh, Uehe Pamela came a bit to her senses and noticed her boyfriend Bill. Oh, eh Bill Oh, eh she tried to stand up. Oh, ahh The blonde stand up but was standing very unsteady on her legs. She turned around. But oh she was so dizzy and Pamela had to sit down. With her big solid ass she sat back on the table. Placing her butt on the tart. PLUFFFF was the sound of the cake that rised up in her ass crack. But the weight of the blonde was for the table to much after the first blow the big blonde made on it. The table collapsed and Pamela’s back flew back while her legs were spread wide and in the air while the table cracked. CRACK!!!

After the table had collapsed Pamela lay down and out again. This time she lay on her back with her legs spread wide so al the foreign guests had an unexpected few on Powerwomans privates. All these men started to laugh. It was the first time in his life that Bill didn’t know what to say or how to handle. The guests turned around and left. Bill hurried to go after them to convince them to buy his TV show.

But of course the TV show Powerwoman was not sold to any foreign country. The show ended that day. Bill Wide broke his relationship with Pamela Lewis after she got her ass kicked and turned into a joke by a mother. Pamela Lewis left MGM with the blush of shame. Fortunately in 1978 there were no mobile phones and no internet. So when the show stopped everybody in the country wondered why? There were some rumours about that actrice Pamela Lewis was beaten up by a small woman. Of course nobody believed that. That day journalist Tim Leeds and photographer Pete Murray became millionar. Tim got a lot of money from MGM to write no article about it and Pete sold the pictures that he made of the Fans day. He made photo’s of the beating the big blonde actrice have had.

Pamela Lewis married a rich man and still became happy. But when someone recognized her and ask if she was the famous Powerwoman she always blushed red and denied. Now in 2015 Pamela had a problem. Bill Wide had past away and all his possesions were auctioned. There is also photo material that is never seen of the only fans day of Powerwoman held in 1978 that people can buy. Pamela Lewis ordered her husband that to every price must buy the photo’s.

Hopefully for Pamela her husband will be able to buy theme. Even the tought of the photo’s being published makes her face blushing red.




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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2015, 07:28:46 AM »
Good.  Enjoy seeing that spoiled actress get hers by a smaller Japanese woman.  Would've been better if you had the Japanese woman speaking 'bad english' at her.


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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
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Wow! My kind of story, has it all


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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2015, 04:45:27 PM »
wonderful story. loved it how she gets humilated


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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
« Reply #4 on: January 09, 2016, 02:31:08 PM »
Wow. Nice detailed story. The blond looks like me. Giggles :)
Nice long build up and than she turns out to be nothing but an bluffing amazone.

I like your stories Ray. ;)

And to my surprise this story got such little feedback???

Really was laughing about this one. And i felt her humiliation. That was really exiting.

You deserve more feedback Ray.

Kisses from Am


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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
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Mmmmm loved seeing the big arrogant blonde destroyed.



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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
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Great story, I love when a cocky bitch has her attitude adjusted.



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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
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This is awesome xx


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Re: Arrogant actrice turned into joke
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Great story Ray!