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This cocktail party had only Rita and Suzanne in attendance, although Jane was nearby - just in case the blonde's drugged drinks didn't affect the blonde's fighting ability as planned by the devious Rita. Suzanne's tanned hymen was stretched out on a board with the pen handy for signing - a contract for a feature film alongside - both ready for a signature by the smiling  little blonde, according to how this second catfight would end!

Rita explained the setup to her 'victim' who by now would have CATFOUGHT ANYBODY to get a contract. She saw the splayed-out hymen and looked at Rita who smiled back and remarked that Suzanne wa to sign it and if she refused, "ANOTHER DIRTY CATFIGHT WITH ME, YOU LITTLE BITCH!' and when you scream for mercy, you'll only get it after you sign - and if I scream for mercy WE BOTH sign your MOVIE contract for a year!

"Well, you redhaired cxnt, I'm not signing my own hymen for you!" the last two words mixing with a scream as Rita's two fingers drove up into Suzanne's pussy and the catfight was on. Coupled with the pussy attack, Rita bent down to get her teeth into Suzanne's left breast and get this over with in a hurry.

"Fucking whore!" Suzanne screamed her fingers buried in the mass of redhair to get the teeth out of her beautiful breast, and another scream as Rita drove the rest of her 'cxnt-hand' further up into Suzanne's vagina and now the blonde was in trouble and about to shriek for mercy ! And she did, even though the excision of her hymen some days ago had completely healed, Rita's scrambling fingers deep up inside her belly was driving the blonde crazy out of her mind!!

And along with that, Rita's teeth clamping her breast with the possibility of a mastectomy looming nearby, Suzanne was near her defeat to the determined redheaded bitch, Rita !  "OH GAWD, YOU DIRTY WHORE, STOP IT WITH MY cxnt!  AND PLEASE DON'T BITE OFF MY TIT, OH PLEASE, PLEASE !!"  Suzanne desperate from Rita's very violent attacks to her several precious assets !  Then when Rita scrambled over her squirming body and got her other hand clamped onto Suzanne's other "un-masticated" breast, the blonde capitulated and screamed her agreement to sign the tanned wad of tisuue that had been her 'virginity-badge',
but was now in Rita's possession as proof that the fiesty little blonde with the two sexy ponytails behind her pretty face now would be another 'colt' in Rita's stable of sex-slaves even as she was the primary actress in this NEW, FANTASTIC DRAMA = starring .......etc,

All this confusion in Suzanne's wildy whirling mind was picked up by the experienced Rita who had heard it before from the other younger would-be actresses she mauled to submissions! Suzanne's shrieks of agreement to sign her detached hymen for the redhead's collection had registeres on Rita's mind and she thought, "This little blonde cookie has some pair of tits, but now maybe I'll take it easy on the one in my mouth !" her attack now switching to hard sucking as Suzanne noticed the difference - especially when her other breast began to palpitate from Rita's nipple twiddling. The dirty little blonde thought, "This bitchy redhead wants to
fuck me!",  her squirming pelvis shifting action to get closer to Rita's thrusting crotch and stimulate both of their already swollen clits!

And Rita's mind was also shifting from war-to-peace as she felt Suzanne's hot jism coating the hand she had pushed up into her pussy. "Maybe I won't hurt her!" the redhead thought as Suzanne retaliated with one knee into Rita's crotch that was retaliated with Rita's knee up into Suzanne's crotch - neither knee doing no damage except to increase their both excitement over this form of stimulation to their expanding clits and the nerves in their crotch areas! Both catfighters accepted these stimulations as expressions of wild desire for orgasm and they both reacted the same way, Rita thinking, "This little blonde twat with those sexy pony-tails wants
to have me fuck her!" And to add to the fun and confusion, Suzanne's reaction was nearly identical to Rita's - "I want to fuck this woman until we both are screaming with sex and she'll give me a good movie contract for how hard I made her cum!!"

Rita felt Suzanne's new responses to her thrusting pussy squirming and realized that she had won her 'hymen-signing' catfight, but was so caught up in the sex-fighting that her face drove up to the gasping Suzanne's reddened countenance and pressed in for a tongue-wrestling kissing session, a sexual encounter Suzanne reponded to with her very long tongue driving almost into the astonished and wildy pleased Rita's throat - "This dirty little blonde fucker is trying to rape my throat!" Rita's wildy oversexed mind told her !

"You dirty little blonde fucker, you really enjoy raping me and let's see how you like having my clitoris driving into that tight little pussy!"  Jane, kneeling nearby, screamed with excitement, "That's it Rita, drive it all the way up and through her cervix and make it bleed !!" the big brunette already having experienced Rita's abnormally large clitoris being jammed high up into her spasming cxnt during long, exhausting catfight-fuckings with the wild-eyed redhead!

This went on for nearly an hour, both over-sexed women's clits  swelling out and wide to drive into the hairless crotches and the other clit's base inside the slimy, opposing cxnt!  Both girls were fucking each other, but their excited clits were still fighting, driving hard into the gaping groins and trying to find that eager gaping vaginal opening and plug it up like a  male cock that each clitoris was now duplicating !

"You dirty redheaded bitch,  your stinking clit is stabbing into my pussy?  Are you trying to fuck meout of my mind with it, you whore?"  Suzanne a mass of questions on realizing what was smashing into her belly and groin when Rita drove at her crotch with her own crotch and it's extended female weapon !

"Oh gawd, you lovely little blonde cxnt !" Rita gasped, now all ready  squirming down Suzanne's thighs to get her fully extended clitoris buried deep into Suzanne's eager vagina.  Rita had felt Suzanne's clit, now out nearly as far as her own and she wanted to fuck the blonde into oblivion before her own pussy was INVADED by the blonde's swollen clitoris!

 Suzanne was nearly out of her mind about all this and when her TURN-ON-TOP came, she glanced over at the wild-eyed brunette, Jane Russell, laying on her side with one hand vigorously massaging her own extended clit for its third orgasm over watching the other two squirming their clits into each others' pussies, Suzanne gasped at the panting Rita, "LET'S PUSH OUR CLITS INTO THAT BRUNETTE BITCH'S cxnt AT THE SAME TIME AND GET OFF AT HER SCREAMS!!" and within a few minutes Jane's pussy was being impaled by two long, rock-hard, female clits for a fucking that she'd never experienced - both clits each swollen in
both dimensioms, far larger than most ordinary male pricks and ALL AT ONE FUCKING !!

For those unable to imagine two huge, 'auxiliary female sex organs' being driven into ONE vagina, - be advised that -
Suzanne was face-up, under the prone brunette Jane, the blonde's clit bent upwards and already 'resident' in Jane's excited vagina. Rita kneeling into the 'top missionary position' found no problem in sliding her slippery 'monster' into Jane's already-stuffed pussy to join her blonde, fellow-rapist enjoying  Jane Russell's shrieks of wild pleasure as all three women orgasmed several times  in unison !! Aside from Rita's new acquisition, the nearly-three-digit orgasms in this one session, really did for all three women, and female-rape redefined !