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Natalie's Diary

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Natalie's Diary
« on: January 13, 2010, 10:55:41 AM »
Hey what's up. You know i've been a returning member on this site for awhile now, not really an active member but a member none the less lol. Anyways, I love a lot of the stories here some more then others but they all of a certain level of quality. I'm especially a fan of npom's stories..always have been even sense the old board which quite a few had been lost unfortunately and always will be. Gotta love that Nina haha. Shout out to npom  8) but in all the years i've been visiting this board i've come to the realization that my contribution to this board is to say the least lacking. Now I'm no writer by any means but i feel obligated to the years of coming to this board to at least offer a story to the avid readers of this wonderful place, a place that brings us just a little closer to our fantasy. Now without further ado my story to you fine people. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you.


Natalie walked into the waiting room the familiar room & dim lighting that reminded her of her last time here. She noticed walking in there was a young black lady sitting off in the corner reading a magazine; she only glanced at her for a second and quickly walked to the front desk. As she approached the desk the secretary recognized her from a couple previous visits at the office.

“Hello Ms. Johnson, here for your 3:30 appointment with Mrs. Sanchez?"

Natalie nodded.

“Please sign in & have a seat, she will be with you shortly ma’am”

Natalie signed her name in and walked over to the seat that was farthest from the black woman. See Natalie was a non confrontational twenty nine year old woman who never looked for trouble and always tried to avoid it, but she wasn’t always that way.

As Natalie sat down she picked up a nearby magazine on the glass table and began to flip through the pages yet she couldn’t help but look over at the young black lady who looked to be focused on her own reading material. She looked to be in her early twenties and had a very exotic look to her with full pouty lips which she licked from time to time as she flipped through the pages.

Natalie’s eye’s began to wonder lower when her jaw dropped slightly as they became fixated on the young ladies breasts, they where huge Natalie thought yet looked very firm, her cleavage was made very obvious in her white button up blouse with the three upper buttons undone.

Natalie was always self-conscious about her own bust size, too call them small would be an under-statement. She would often stuff her own bra to compensate her short comings.

Natalie glanced back up at the woman who was now staring directly at her giving Natalie a dirty look of disgust. Natalie instantly went flush and dropped her head back down at her magazine. She could tell the black woman was still eyeing her as Natalie acted like she didn’t notice.

Just then the door opened, “Mrs. Keisha Fox, Mr. Kohl will see you now.”

With a sigh of relief Natalie glanced back up at the black woman walking pass her and getting a plain view of her curvaceous bottom as it swayed back & fourth, even fixated on it until the door closed shut. Natalie couldn’t help but think how that lady reminded her of a girl that had ruined her life, the thought of that day made Natalie shudder, Replaying that moment in her head.

Just then she snapped back into reality as she was being called to the back.

“Sorry for your wait Ms. Johnson. This way please.”

This was the third session for Natalie; she had just started these therapy sessions in an attempt to regain what she had lost which included both her pride & dignity as a woman. Natalie walked into the office where Mrs. Sánchez was seated at her desk reviewing her previous notes with Natalie’s last session.

“Hello Natalie, good to see you again. Please, have a seat.”

Natalie gradually made her way over to the familiar brown couch & sat down on the cold leather. Mrs. Sánchez proceeded with her usual question.

“How have things been sense our last meeting Natalie?”

Natalie replied “They’ve been okay a few bad dreams but nothing too severe.”

“Bad dreams?” Mrs. Sánchez curiously asked.

Natalie replied “Yes, about that girl I mentioned.”

“Oh yes the one you got into a fight with. Our last session was leading up to what exactly happened that day. If you’re ready I would like to know more of what unfolded.” Mrs. Sánchez asked, as she scooted closer to her desk.

Natalie replied in a soft gentle voice. “I don’t know if I’m ready yet, it’s a very embarrassing story that brings back painful memories.

“Listen Natalie” Mrs. Sánchez replied in a stern yet understanding voice.

 “Where never going to be able to work on these problems that are bothering you and bring some type of peace of mind to your life if you keep avoiding the true cause of your pain, do you understand Natalie?"

She continued.

“I know you’ve had a bad relationship with your sister that you haven’t went into great detail about & that your fear of black woman has a great deal to do with your anxiety but your only giving me a few puzzle pieces to work with here to really help you unlock the problem.”

Natalie suddenly broke into tears, grabbing a couple nearby Kleenexes to wipe her eyes with.

“I’m sorry Natalie, if you’re not ready to talk about it just yet…she was interrupted by Natalie’s upset voice

“No, No… Your right, I think I should tell you the story” as she wiped the remaining mascara that had run down from her face.

Mrs. Sánchez nodded as she pushed play on her tape recorder, "when ever you’re ready Natalie."

------ Continued~



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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2010, 10:57:32 AM »
Well it started about five years ago…. I was about twenty four years old and was back living home with my parents due to financial issues. I was also back with my sister who had just turned eighteen. Her name is Mia and was a senior in High school. She always looked up to me and would come to me with all her problems which I gladly listened to. I really relished in the fact that she admired me so much.

The only thing I couldn’t stand was how quickly she had developed. I suppose it was perfectly natural to be jealous that my little sister had bigger breasts then me so I just shrugged it off and made fun of the fact.

We had this pool in the back yard that we would take advantage of any chance we got in our bikinis. I would occasionally sneak up behind Mia & grab her boobs, giving them a shake then give her a hard time about it like saying something like

“Damn sis, those things going to be down at your waste before long!”

Deep down I think it was my own insecurities that fueled these actions. One time I switched it up, the next time I snuck up behind her and instead of grabbing her breasts and giving them a rough shake I decided to grab her top and rip it off. When I did she quickly turned around to face me, my head dropped along with my jaw a little as I became speechless, I started fixating on her breasts, they were so full and perky for their size and her nipples… needless to say they dwarfed mine.

At this point my sister had this look of curiosity across her face as to why I was staring so hard at her exposed breasts. I snapped out of it and blurted out the first thing that I could think of that would flip the script to the surprised look on my face.

“Damn bitch, cover those things up before you knock someone out with em!”

She just laughed and put her top back on and went about her business. See my little sister would do anything for me. If I asked her to get me a glass of water, she’d do it. If I wanted to borrow some of her clothes I took without asking and she never said anything about it.

I was perceived as a bad girl because of my crazy life style, I would go out clubbing every other night. Getting drunk and wild bringing boys home and fucking them senseless only to diss them when I had my fun.

Thoe I had never actually been in a fight I have had heated altercations with girls at the club that always ended with someone breaking them up. I’d just tell my friends & sister that I whooped some bitches ass at the club which probably gave them the idea I was a hard ass and someone not to fuck with, which was fine by me because I’m sure if it really came down to it I could back that up.

It wasn’t till one day that I was at home sitting on the couch doing my nails that my sister came home upset & disgruntled about a girl at school giving her a hard time. She continued by telling me that it was this black chick named Connie who was supposedly ticked off at her cause she had suspicions that my sister was flirting with her boyfriend which didn’t seem to be the case from what I gathered from Mia. Seemed like some catty girl that just had it out for my sister.

I told Mia that if it continued I would surely put that black bitch in her place and to tell her I said that. I felt pretty proud of myself because the look on my sister’s face was that of admiration for her big sis and made me feel good.

Well it just so happened it had continued and my sister was quick to tell this Connie girl exactly what I had said. When Mia got home from school she told me about the ordeal and as it just so happened she even told me that she confidently told this Connie chick exactly where we lived and that she didn’t take what I said too lightly. My stomach dropped, like I said I’ve never actually been in a fight and it seemed like this girl was serious from what I gathered off of Mia. But I played it tough and acted like it didn’t faze me and told Mia

“If this bitch shows up I’ll have her wishing she never fucked with ya!”

My stomach was in knots at this point and I was really hoping this Connie girl was bluffing. As a couple hours had passed it seemed as if she was, until I was rudely awakened by a knock at the door.


At that very moment it had seemed time had come to a crashing stop as butterflies started cramping my stomach. Mia scurried over to the door & looked out the peep hole. In my head I was praying it wasn’t her…Please let it be someone else, UPS, Fed Ex, Fuck even that annoying kid down the street who had a crush on me would work!  But luck would have it that wasn’t the case.

“Hey Natalie! It’s Her! It’s Her! She showed up after all!”

Ugh why is she so excited, I’m the one that has to deal with this bitch…I thought to myself.

Mia unlocked the door and opened it as Connie stood there eye balling her

“So, where is this bitch of a sister of yours?!”

Mia quickly snapped back. “Don’t call her a bitch, she’s gonna fuck you up!”

Damnit I thought, why does she gotta keep provoking it! Not yet seeing this girl as Connie shot back

“Well tell her ass to meet me outside then so we can handle this.”

Mia shot right back “OKAY I WILL!” as she hollered my name.

As I got up off the couch I knew there was no turning back now, my rep was on the line and I had to do something. Maybe if I can intimidate her she will just leave anyhow, pondering that idea as I made my way to the front door.

As I approached the door Mia screamed outside to Connie “Here she comes bitch, I hope you’re ready for your beat down cause I know I am!”

Damn does she ever stop? As I nudged Mia to the side & proceeded out to the front yard where Connie was waiting…

I was wearing some short daisy dukes with a stripped tube top and I had pulled my hair back into a pony-tail just thought I’d throw that in there as Mrs. Sanchez nodded.

Anyways… I got my first look at this girl who was tormenting my little sister. She was nothing like I imagined. I thought she was gonna be this gargantuan ugly bully with a couple missing teeth and even maybe a shaved head with tattoo’s, but no, this girl was about my size maybe a little taller at 5’2 the only difference aside from her being black was she was very curvaceous compared to my skinny frame.

Looking back at my sister I couldn’t figure out who at 5’6 was being bullied by this bitch? I even went as far as to analyzing the clothes she was wearing which was this white cotton like spandex pants which her black skin pressed firmly against, along with a plain tight yellow shirt with a matching thin white hooded over-coat. I also couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t wearing a bra neither and that tight yellow shirt only complimented her plump breasts not to mention her nipples where standing out so profusely. To call her anything less than gorgeous would be a huge understatement.

As I approached her closer I knew she was far from impressed with me as well. I’m sure she expected something totally different from all the hype my sister gave her about me. Just then she blurted out

“So you’re gonna put my black ass in its place huh? Bitch I like to see you try, especially from some little white bitch with a silver spoon up her ass!”

It was then that we were practically face to face & before I could do or say anything she grabbed me by my pony-tail and started dragging me out to the street. I was kicking and screaming trying to break free as I griped her hand to reduce some of the pressure off my throbbing scalp. Before I knew what was happening I felt my legs and torso start to go air borne, she was swinging me in circles out in the street by my hair...this girl was a hell of a lot stronger then she looked and I couldn’t do anything about it. In a sudden flash I was being flung a couple of feet onto the hard cement scraping my elbow along the way from the rough landing. Trying to come back to my senses I glanced up at her and noticed her standing there with a chunk of my blonde hair in her hand and a devilish grin on her face.

“Loose something bitch?”

Oh how I wanted to slap that grin off her face and that’s exactly what I sought out to do!

I quickly jumped up onto my feet and rushed her like a raging bull. She just stood there with that same grin on her face and as I closed the distance between me and her she suddenly clenched her fist and in a flash she punched me dead square in the stomach. All the wind got clean knocked out of me as I dropped to my knees and hunched over.

The pain was nothing I ever experienced before and something I wasn't looking forward to again. But before I could even catch my breath she grabbed me by my frizzed pony-tail and yanked my head up so I was looking directly at her as she moved in closer and whispered

“Typical white bitch, now it’s time to show what happens to the white bitch who thought she was superior”

Then she forcefully planted her lips directly onto mine and kissed me her lips making a smacking noise as she pulled away.

As soon as she pulled away she back handed me across the face. I started crying and pleading with her...

”Please, Just leave me alone! I’m so sorry.”

She slapped me again and replied “Oh shut up, you know your sister made you out to be a lot tougher then you really are in fact I expected more outta you then this pathetic performance.”

Oh No, I had totally forgotten about my sister who was witnessing this whole ordeal first hand. Glancing over at her standing on the porch the only expression on her face was a blank one.

Just then I felt something tugging on my shorts and before I knew it Connie had peeled my shorts right off and was swinging them in the air.

“I think I’ll just keep these as a trophy bitch after I’m done with yah you won’t be needing them anyways!”

I didn’t know what she meant by that but I surely was gonna find out whether I wanted to or not. It was just then that I realized I was in nothing but my Hello Kitty cotton panties & tube top! I continued to plead

“Please just let me go, I promise I’ll never say anything about you again!”

I couldn’t believe I was begging this girl who was just a child.

Connie replied by “Oh you got that right you little white bitch, and I’ll make sure of that!”

Just then she grabbed me by the ear as I obediently followed sobbing and continuing to plead along the way as she dragged me to a nearby bench. Standing in front of her sniffling and breathing hard as she sat down on the bench and waiting a couple minutes I couldn’t help but ask

“Wha-what are you going to do to me?” Connie aggressively responded “Drop your fucken panties!”

I cried even harder “NO way would I do that!?” No I thought, especially not in front of my little sister who was watching only meters away.

Just then she grabbed the waist band of my underwear and with one quick motion yanking them down across my ankles.

“I told you to drop your fucken panties slut!”

I was stunned and mortified to be standing there bare ass in the wide open in front of this eighteen year old chick who looked to spank me. At this point the only thing I could think of doing was to protest and protest I tried

“Listen Connie, Why I’m a grown woman. I refuse to be spanked by…”

My pleas where quickly cut short by her grabbing and forcefully laying me across her lap. I struggled to break loose but she just used her right leg and placed it over the back of my thighs to secure me.

“You can refuse all you like hunny but you gonna be spanked regardless if you like it or not!”

I was just a helpless little girl about to be spanked by a child herself and worse was it was gonna happen right in front of my sister, who, looked at me at one time as her hero. But all that ended the second the first slap connected with my soft innocent tushy. I let out a howl of pain as she began slapping my bottom continuously and with such force onto my ass. It stung so badly and I didn’t think I could take it much longer. But that choice wasn’t my own, that was totally up to Connie who was unrelenting.


My face was pouring tears and all I could do was apologize time and time again

“please! Aw! I, OW! Please…I’m so sorry!”

But she just ignored me as she continued smacking my bottom. I couldn’t help but look over to my sister who was now covering her mouth snickering as she witnessed me receiving a spanking by the girl I sought out to beat up to begin with. My heart sank at the glance of my sister realizing how much of a wimp I really was. I was quickly brought back to reality by the sounds of her hand connecting with my ass.


Oh god, my tushy felt like it was on fire, would she ever let up I thought to myself. Just then my wish had been granted as the slaps had stopped.

“So little Mz. white bitch or I should say little Mz. Red Tushy!” as she rubbed my now sore bottom.

“If I ever catch you running your mouth about me again I’ll be back & next time I’ll hang your little tiny ass up by your underwear for all to see, do I make myself clear bitch?!”

I didn’t hesitate in the least by agreeing with her if it would just get me out of this, I knew she meant business.

“Yes, YES! Whatever you say Connie! I’ll do anything just let me go!”

Connie responded “Whateva I say huh, what a wonderful philosophy. Oh yea one otha thing!”

She proceeded to reach in her pocket and pull out a black permanent marker. She flipped the cap off and began to write something on my ass. I felt the motion of the marker ink glide across my bottom, I didn’t know what she was writing and at this point I really didn’t care as long as she wasn’t spanking me.

“All right then, it looks like my work here is done!” 

Connie gave me one final slap on my ass for good measure before shoving me off her lap.

“Now get the fuck out of here bitch!”

I quickly jumped up stumbling a couple times along the way as I booked it for the front door. I couldn’t even look at my sister all I could hear was the sound of her laughter I knew she was looking at my naked reddened bottom as I ran pass and into the house.

I ran up stairs hysterical jumping right into my bed making sure to position myself onto my side so that my tushy wasn’t in contact with the mattress or sheets for that matter, I didn’t even bother putting any underwear on as I knew the material would only aggravate my swollen bottom. The cool breeze of the house was somewhat soothing as I lay there in shock, sobbing lightly as I tried to get my thoughts together.

So much was running through my mind at this point that it was almost too much for me to comprehend I heard the door squeak open and didn’t even bother to look over to see who it was.

“Connie’s little Bitch huh?” I heard Mia Say.

A confused look crossed my face as I said in a girlish weak voice

“Ex-Excuse me?” 

Mia replied in an upbeat tone. “That’s what your ass says!”

My god I thought, would this humiliation ever end!

“I think it fits you very nicely, she really clobbered your ass in more ways than one!” Laughing as I knew she was staring directly at my now tagged butt.

Mia, I snapped “Can you just leave me alone?”

Mia snapped back “Don’t get mad at me just cause you got your ass handed to you!” giggling as she walked out closing the door behind her.

I couldn’t believe how my little sister just spoke to me; I had never heard her use that tone with me before. I was so angry but at the same time too weak & exhausted to do anything about it at that time. I just laid there in the dead silence of the room as I cried myself to sleep.



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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2010, 10:58:17 AM »
I woke up about six hours later; I was both dazed and confused about what had happened earlier as I rolled over onto my back I was quickly reminded by the sharp pain of my tushy about what had transpired earlier that day. My thoughts were still running wild but I figured a comforting shower would ease my issues just a little bit.

I rolled out of bed and walked into the nearby bathroom where for the first time I turned around and took a glance at my bottom.

My god, it was swollen beyond belief! I noticed the words on my butt as I propped myself up onto my tippy toes to get a better look.

My sister was right…It did say –Connie’s little Bitch” smack dab on my left butt cheek.

Was it true I thought? Was I really this girl's little bitch at this point? No! It couldn’t be true, could it?

I was angry and upset yet a part of me was a little turned on about it. What was this feeling I was experiencing? Why was I getting wet at the thought of this superior black girl owning my ass and doing with it as she pleased? I must admit it was a bit over-whelming for me to understand but the next thing I knew I was completely naked and back in my bedroom lying on my bed fingering myself like a horny little slut. I couldn’t get the image of this this goddess of girl off my mind and the only way to do it I thought was to relieve this sensation I was having.

I found myself moaning her name as I slid my fingers in & out of my throbbing pussy. It felt so good and before long my sheets where soaking wet from my pussy juices. I started moaning louder & louder as I started to reach a climax. I was breathing uncontrollably as I exploded in a massive orgasm that left my whole body shaking. Cum was dripping down my now satisfied pussy.

My god I thought…That was exhilarating!

It wasn’t but a couple minutes later that I started to feel ashamed of myself. To think this girl the same girl who not even a day ago had me draped across her lap spanking me like some adolescent little girl had this type of control over me and didn’t even know it.

I rolled out of bed my legs still trembling from the orgasm I had experienced just moments ago. Boy I thought now that hot shower really sounded good right now. I walked back into the bathroom, pulling the shower curtain off to the side and turning the hot water on and balancing it off with a little cold water so it was just right for my liking. I flipped the lever as the shower head exploded with water.

I pulled back and took my tangled hair out of its pony tail, the steam from the water was a warm welcoming to the shower I so desperately awaited.

Stepping into the tub the water poured all over my aching body when all of a sudden a familiar pain shocked my entire body, the scolding hot water only added insult to my sore tushy, oh..Even a simple hot shower was outta the question. I had no choice but to turn the cold water completely on...not exactly soothing to say the least as my whole body stiffened and shivered as the cold water hit my nude body.

I quickly rinsed off and jumped out to dry off. I applied my dove lotion all over my body and began to brush out the tangles in my hair. I reached for a band and tied my damp hair back into a pony tail. I returned back to my room, dropping the towel at my feet I walked over to my drawer and grabbed a thong instead of my usual panties. Just so happened it wasn’t my thong it happened to be my sisters that I had borrowed one time and didn’t bother to return. I then reached for a pair of loose sweat pants which also happened to be my sisters and proceeded to put those on then grabbing a training bra –which was obviously mine- and placed that on.

Feeling a lot more refreshed I decided to go downstairs and grab a little snack seeing as I hadn’t ate sense the incident. I made my way down the stairs and noticed my sister was on the couch watching television. I really didn’t want to talk to her cause I knew she would only bring up what had happened earlier that day and I really wasn’t in the mood to talk about it, if ever. So I tried not to acknowledge her as I made my way to the kitchen. I noticed she was looking behind her over the couch directly at me and I couldn’t help but speak up she was still my little sister, so I asked.

“What’s your problem?” She threw me totally off with her response.

“Why the fuck you wearing my sweats Natalie?”

“Excuse me?!” I snapped back.

“I didn’t stutter I want you to take them right off and give them to me right now!”

I was dumbfounded at this point, how dare she speak to me like that!

“Who do you think you’re talking to like that Mia?!”

Mia proceeded to get off the couch and make her way towards me to the kitchen, she threw me totally off guard as she was now standing directly in front of me with her breasts arched out and me looking directly eye level with em. She poked me a few time in my chest

“I don’t see anyone else in this room except you wuss, now take my fucken sweats off, or do I need to take them off for you!?”

I felt frozen in my tracks, I still couldn’t believe she was stepping up to me; my biggest fear was that she could very well put me in my place. I know I lost the intimidation factor after what she had witnessed earlier but I was still her older sister and refused to have her have that type of dominance over me, but was it really my choice at this point I thought? I knew I had to try.

“Listen Mia I don’t know who you think you are but I certainly don’t appreciate that tone, I think you’re forgetting I’m your older sister and that….”

I was cut short by a stinging slap across the face. The slap was so hard it almost made me lose my balance. I couldn’t believe it! My younger sister the same one that used to look up to me just slapped me across the face! Ironically I was the one who was indeed looking up to her…literally.

I just snapped at that point as I tried reaching up to grab a handful of her hair only for her to grab both my hands and secure them. She started playing with my arms like they were made of jelly. I still couldn’t believe it, not only by what she was doing but how much stronger my little sister was then me and I had to admit I was actually scared at this point and I think my sister knew that which really brought an un-easy feeling in my stomach.

“You really are a weak little bitch aren’t you Natalie.”

I tried to figure a way out of this, maybe if I can diffuse this situation I might be able to walk away from this with what dignity I had left.

“Look Mia, I think you proved your point. I don’t mind giving you back your sweats; in fact I’ll go upstairs right now and take them off.”

Mia just started giggling “No, I’m having way too much fun now! in fact I think we should go finish this in your room so I can also take a look at what else you’ve taken from me!"

My heart sank, what exactly did she have planned for me? At that point she gripped my arms and started dragging me on my back upstairs, I was kicking and screaming like a wild banshee trying to break free but she had a solid grip and escape was futile. Once we got into my room she flung me onto my bed.

“So Natalie…”

she proclaimed as she started squeezing her tits together.

“I know you’ve always been jealous of my boobs and why shouldn’t you be? You’re always trying to fill them up every chance you get and that look you had at the pool as your eyes where glued to my tits was priceless. You loved them didn’t you? Of course you did. You only wish you had tits like these!” as she continued to squeeze them together.

Laying there on my back staring at Mia with just a guilty look on my face I really didn’t have anything to say.

Mia continued

“But sense you’ve seen mine I think it’s only fair that I get to see your pathetic little titties!”

I was mortified at her previous comment; she didn’t surly mean what she just said did she?

She started making her way towards me with a determined look on her face.

“But first, let’s get you outta those sweat pants you stole from me bitch!”

My own little sister sought out to strip me completely naked! I knew I didn’t stand a chance against her physically but I had to at least try to reason with her and maybe get out of this humiliating predicament.

“Mia please, can’t we just talk this over like mature adults? There must be something I can do to fix this situation.” I proclaimed.

“Talking time is over!” she spat off.

“And there will be plenty of things YOU WILL be doing for me in the near future!”

Just then she leaped onto the bed and grabbed the ends of the sweat pants and began yanking on them, holding onto the waistband of the sweats I flipped over onto my stomach and tried to crawl away in a panic. But she just gave one forceful tug as my grip faded and the sweats came sliding off

It was then that I felt a slap on my swollen ass as I shouted out loud.

“You silly little bitch, your even wearing my thong! That does it! I’ll be taking these back too!”

She then grabbed the thong by the thin material in between my crotch and yanked them down off my legs tossing them off to the side. It was then that she suddenly leaped on top of my trembling body positioning herself so she was facing my ass lowering her own ass on the small of my back to keep me pinned down.

“I think somebody needs to be taught a lesson about taking what doesn’t belong to them!” as she began to pat my swollen tushy.

I broke out into tears, I knew exactly what she intended to do, it was déjà view all over again but instead of being spanked by a total stranger I was going to receive it from my vengeful little sister who seemed to be enjoying every minute dominating me.

I knew reasoning with her was out of the question so all I could do was kick, cry, and scream like a little girl…regrettably something I’ve seem to be good at lately. She just held her ground and with a swift motion started banging my ass with the palm of her hands like a bongo drum. One after another she used her hand to punish my bad tushy. She really was unforgiving with her slaps and the onslaught continued for what felt like eternity and echoed threw out the room.

I found myself looking at myself in the headboard mirror, my face was all puffy and tears where streaming down my face, and over my shoulder all I could see was my little sister’s hands simultaneously rising and falling onto my backside, I dropped my head face first onto the pillow and sobbed.

It was moments later that the stinging slaps had stopped for the time being as silence filled the room. Curiously I raised my head and looked into the mirror to see what was going. I seen my sister leaning over, her face inches away from my ass then a sudden laughter escaped her lips.

“Oh my god, ha-ha, your ass still says –Connie’s Little Bitch- It’s faded but still visibly there! You should really get this tattooed right here but instead put Mia’s Little Bitch, don’t you think?!”

I didn’t say anything, I knew saying or doing anything would only fuel her and maybe if I stayed silent it might end this a lot faster…. I was surely mistaken as I felt yet another hard slap and yelped in pain as she turned over and flipped me onto my back while pinning my arms down staring directly at me.

“Answer me when I speak to you bitch, I said don’t you think you should get a tattoo saying Mia’s Little Bitch?!” I didn’t hesitate this time I quickly responded.

“Yes! Yes I should Mia!”

“That’s better, now then I think you’ve learned your lesson about taking things that don’t belong to you, isn't that right Natalie?”

She was talking to me with such a motherly tone that I didn’t even realize that my tone was that of a little girl

“yes ma’am, I was a bad little girl and learned my lesson, I’ll never take what doesn’t belong to me I promise!”

“Your right about that, and I see your starting to learn your place now”

I figured by continuing this role that it would finally end this torture

“Oh yes, yes I have Mia!”

but how wrong I was, it seemed me being wrong was something else I was becoming quite good at as well unfortunately.

“Now that we have that cleared up, how about we take a look at those little bitty titties of yours, Hm?”

God, I had really hoped she had forgotten about that but as usual I was wrong…

”But didn’t I already receive my punishment already?” I wept.

“Oh you have, but this is for my own fun pleasure now, but I suppose to only make it fair I’ll remove my top so you can once again take a look at what a real pair of tits look like, and I know deep down your just dying to see them again”

She then lifted her long night shirt off leaving her in nothing but her black see threw panties along with her black laced bra which only covered a portion of her breasts, her cleavage was almost exploding from its prison. I couldn’t help but be fixated on her body, it surely was a sight to see and I really anticipated her next move, my mouth started to water at the thought of it.

A slight grin came across Mia’s face as she reached behind her to un-clasp her bra.

“And now, for the grand finale!”

I watched as her bra fell onto my stomach and her tits came springing free. A slight gasp exited my mouth that I couldn’t help as I viewed her magnificent globes that hovered above me in all there naked glory.

To their size & firmness all the way down to her puffy pink nipples that stood out like torpedoes. How I knew I couldn’t compete with that.

“I can tell by the familiar look on your face that you’re once again impressed by my bad girls” Mia teased.

Oh how I was... and to think that my boobs where gonna be exposed next to hers only made me shudder at the thought.

“But now, let’s get down to business!” As she reached down for my top

I tried to cover them with my arms but she easily pushed them aside as she slid my top right off. The open air quickly breezed across my chest as my small nipples started to stiffen lightly. I was now completely exposed with my sister sitting on top of my naked body. I knew covering up was useless so I just laid there obediently as my sister viewed my chest and soon started to criticize them,

“Well their nothing special to say the least, I can see why you’re so jealous of mine”  She flicked my left nipple and giggled.

“But at least they match your ass, both being almost nonexistent” As she wiggled her shapely soft bottom on my stomach

She looked back at me as she sarcastically commented. “You really didn’t think those weak ass tits could compare with my yummy boobies did ya?”

“No…” I whispered lightly.

Mia continued, “I bet you fantasize about my rack huh? I bet you started getting wet the first time I unleashed them!?”

She proceeded to take her hand & slide it down to my pussy to feel for herself. She busted into laughter

“I can’t believe it I was right! You’re soaking fucking wet! You’re a nasty little bitch aren’t you? Why I bet if I were to lower my chest onto your face you would start sucking on them like a little baby wouldn’t ya bitch?”

My face went blush as I broke into tears again. Here I was getting turned on to my sisters body and she knew it…I didn’t know what to do, I was completely exposed to her in every shape and form and all I could do was lay beneath her helplessly sobbing.

“Oh shut up, just cause I said you wanted to suck my tits like a baby doesn’t mean you gotta cry like one…But you know, I do have an idea!”

Oh god I thought to myself… What was she planning now?!

She quickly jumped off me and ran to the nearby drawer, reaching down to open one of the compartments her ass waving back & fourth as she fidgeted threw all the junk in the drawer. I just laid there motionless wondering what exactly she was up to She then excitingly shouted out

“I found it!”

showing me in plain view what exactly she had retrieved which happened to be my camera.

“What are you gonna do with that?” I wept

“Oh you’ll see!”

As she pranced over to the desk and propped the camera so it was directed at the bed, then setting a timer and running back over to the bed and jumping back on top of me in the same previous humiliating position as before.

“You know sis, I’ve always wanted to smother a bitch with these tits and you know what? I think tonight is the night I get my wish and guess what you’ll get to be my lucky contestant!”

I knew my fate was sealed the moment she decided it, was useless to even fight it at this point in the game.

“Bu-But what’s the camera for?” I curiously asked

“Oh that? That’s just for proof!” 

“Proof of what?” I wondered…

“Proof if you ever slip up, I’ll fucken show this picture to everyone at my school and all your friends, get it? Got it? Good!”

And before I could even say anything she grabbed my head and planted it in between her massive bosom, locking her arms around my head and arching her ass in the air while I muffled words of pleas while my feet kicked furiously.

“What’s that sis, I can’t really hear you with your face trapped in my boobies” she giggled.

Just then she turned and smiled into the camera.

“Say cheese sis!”


Just then she released me from her death grip as I gasped for air. She quickly jumped off me and ran ova to the camera to view her masterpiece.

“This turned out perfect! I look sexy as hell while you...well you just look like a comical boob!  Get it!? Boob!” she continued to laugh at her own joke which I didn’t find the least bit amusing probably because I was the center of the joke.

It was then that there was a knock at the door. It was really not something I wanted to hear in my current predicament I was in, but I wondered who it could be at 2am in the morning.

“Oh this is perfect, Natalie go answer the door!” she demanded.

It looked like Mia was already exercising her new found authority… I quickly jumped off the bed and tried to grab for my robe hanging off the door when Mia chirped out.

“No, No, No! I want you to answer it just the way you are!”

I was in shock; she couldn’t surely mean I answer the door with nothing on!

“But Mia, I can’t! No, not like this!”

Mia’s expression instantly changed to a hostile one.

“Excuse me bitch? When I tell you to do something you do it! Or have you already forgotten whose running shit around here? Do you need me to paddle that ass again as a reminder?”

I knew arguing with her further would only result in me wishing I didn’t so I crept out the door and made my way down stairs to the front door, as I looked out the peep hole to see who it was a feeling of sickness over came me. Oh no... I thought to myself it was my boyfriend Scott that I had invited over here a few days ago due to my parents being out of town! Oh how I wished I didn’t invite him over now. Then all of a sudden I heard Mia’s voice from atop the stairs as I noticed she had put her night shirt back on but leaving the bra off

“You just gonna stand there with your thumb up you boney little ass or are you gonna answer the fucken door?!"

I knew there was no turning back now but maybe I could convince him to leave with a white lie of sorts, as I cracked open the door and peaked my head out I looked at Scott who was looking sexy as usual.

“Hey baby, am I right on time?” He softly said.

God he looked so dreamy, why did this have to happen tonight I was really looking forward to fucking the mess out of him!

“Oh Scott hunny, tonight’s not really a good night, I had a really rough day and am really exhausted and tired. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

Scott replied in a disappointing tone “Oh yea? You look like a mess right now babe, you sure everything’s alright? I’m sure if you let me I could make you feel a whole lot better.”

Why!? I thought why couldn’t this had been two nights ago…

”Babe you’re so sweet, but I really am sorry…I” Just then Mia peeped up.

“Who is it Natalie?”

I really wished she didn’t say anything I was only seconds away from escape.

“It’s just Scott Mia; I was just sending him on his way.”

“Why would you do something like that sis? Go ahead and let him in, he is your boyfriend right, you don’t have anything to hide now do you?” Mia giggled

“NO” I said “I was just telling him now wasn’t really a good time for company.” As I looked at Mia with a desperate look on my face.

“That’s ridiculous, let him in!”

She barged passed me and flung the door open as I kept myself hidden behind it. “Hey Scott, sorry my sisters being such a bitch, come on in.”

Scott made his way into the house as I continued to try to hide behind the door. Scott then replied

“That’s alright Mia, You don’t gotta apologize on her behalf”

Mia Just smiled at Scott and then turned to me who was scared outta my complete mind.

“Natalie, that’s no way to treat our guest, especially when that guest is your boyfriend!”

Mia then grabbed my arm and yanked me so I was standing directly in front of Scott. My face turned a deep red as I covered my private parts modestly. Scott’s eyes went big with a bewildered look on his face.

“What’s going on here?” Mia was quick to answer for me

“Oh Natalie’s just being punished, she was a very bad girl today and I had to teach her a lesson.”

Looking at Mia I whispered “Please...Don’t…”

Mia then grabbed me and forcefully turned me around so Scott could get a plain view of her handy work. Scott began to snicker as he stared at my redden tushy

“A bad girl huh Mia?”

Just then Mia moved in closer to Scott, pushing me off to the side she seductively said

“A VERY bad girl” as she began to rub on Scotts cock.

“Well she must have had it coming if it was coming from you” he smiled softly at Mia who was now un-zipping his pants reaching in and getting a hold of his now aroused dick.

"oh you know it, she tried to get tough with me so i had to spank that little ass of hers until she learned her lesson."

The humiliation was unbearable. My little sister had just stolen my man from right in front of me. As I stood there butt naked like some kind of third wheel, I broke into tears running up-stairs and into my bed room slamming the door behind me. Mia and Scott just started laughing together.

“Hmm, let’s not let her spoil our fun?

Scott responded in a pleasing tone “Well I think I got the better sister now anyways don’t ya think?”

Mia winked at Scott ;) “You have no idea stud, let’s take this party up to my room shall we?”

Scott replied eagerly “I thought you’d never ask baby!”

As I laid in my room I was having a hard time making sense of all of what had happened just now. The events that had transpired today not only over whelming but a life changing experience to say the least, my little sister was now in complete control of me and my future around her seemed like a grim one. How did I ever get myself into this situation, did I really bring this all upon myself? It seemed that all in one day I lost any and all control. My thoughts where quickly cut short by the sounds of moans and bed squeaking threw the walls which happened to be my sister’s room. There my sister was fucking my boyfriend which should have been me! I was so angry but curiosity got the best of me as I held my ear against the wall to listen, I could hear both my sister and Scott fucking like crazy, the sounds even started to turn me on which I was ashamed to admit. I began to pleasure myself to the noises. I heard Mia say

“Mmm Scott, Doesn’t this feel better than your bitch girlfriend Natalie?”

Scott replied in a satisfying tone “Oh god yes Mia! It feels SO good! Don’t stop baby!”

At this point I was in a whole different zone, my legs where spread completely out. I was moaning almost as loud as my sister at this point, I was rubbing my moist pussy so rapidly. Before long I cummed once again and laid there trembling from the electrifying orgasm. I had noticed the sounds from the other room seize and as exhausted as I was I decided that now was a good time to call it a night. I grabbed a nearby pillow and placed it in between my thighs as I laid on my side drifting off to sleep. The only thing on my mind was the following days around my sister and how tormenting they would be.

I woke up that afternoon in a kind of daze, rolling out of bed I threw on my robe and made my way out to the hallway. It just so happened my sister was exciting her room at the same time I was, she walked out in only her thong as I stood frozen in front of her as she walked by with a grin on her face and strutting her stuff all the way to the bathroom.

It just so happened my parents was due back in a couple hours which were a sigh of relief.

I went downstairs to the kitchen for a yogurt, Mia was making her way down shortly after and looked around the house then at me.

“This place is a mess, clean it up before mom and dad get home.”

I guess that was that. It looked like my life as I knew it was over. I just nodded and after finishing my yogurt I started straightening the house as my sister laid around watching Television and barking a couple orders along the way. I didn’t even say so much as boo around her. I just did as she said and went to my room until my parents had arrived.

Once my parents got home things lightened up a bit. Mia was still demanding but it wasn’t so bad.

Couple of weeks later I convinced my grandparents to let me stay with them for while back east. I was relieved to get out and no longer deal with the constant orders of my sister. When I arrived to my grandparents I was shown to my new room where I started to unpack. As I opened my suit case a picture lay face down on the top of my luggage. It had some writing on it. It said:

“Any time you need a warm place to come home too, you’ll always have one here!”

I flipped over the picture to a familiar shocking photo of my sister smothering me with her breasts.

Ironically I never tore the photo up for personal reasons I don’t care to go into but I’m sure you can only speculate. That was the last time I seen or spoke to my sister or been back home. As far as my life has been sense then….

Well I think you get the general idea, nothing more than a submissive scared girl seeking professional help….So can you help me? My therapist Mrs. Sanchez just stared at me with a look of shock and dismay.

“Well Natalie, that certainly was a lot of information not to mention very insightful of the problems you experienced that have led you to me. But to be honest, I’m going need some time to review these notes and sense your time is nearly up I think it’s best if we continue this next week.

Natalie was really hoping for some words of wisdom or comfort but she just nodded and proceeded out the door.

Will Natalie get the help she’s looking for or is her life as a submissive little bitch sealed for her? Stay tuned for more from the Natalie Diary’s! Or hell I’ll just let you guys be the judge. :P


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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #3 on: January 17, 2010, 11:37:49 AM »
Nicely written story, but am hoping that Natalie pulls herself together some time (& maybe gets some revenge too? Wink!) LOL!  ;) :D

Naughty - but oh, so NICE! :-)


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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #4 on: January 18, 2010, 02:27:48 AM »
Thank You Kayla, You know what they say...Revenge can be a sweet sweet thing! Or it can destroy a person completely if consumed. In Natalie's state of mind at the moment it's gonna take something dramatic to get her psyche under control. I suppose Mrs. Sanchez will play a huge role in that & hopefully after knowing her complete story will take a special interest in helping her back on her feet or perhaps Mrs. Sanchez has her own plans? We'll just have to wait & see somewhere down the road what will happen. 8)

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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #5 on: January 25, 2010, 06:03:28 AM »
Excellent story.  One sided fights/matches are always the best. Thanks for the compliment on the Nina stories.  Maybe we can have Mia bounce Nina around a little.  Anyway, I have a new Nina story in the works.  Should be up in a few days. This time a woman older than her gives her a beating.


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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2010, 10:31:15 AM »
Great story! I hope you post more.


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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2010, 08:14:38 PM »
Excellent story.  One sided fights/matches are always the best.

Thank you for enjoying my story, always nice to receive a compliment from a writer such as yourself. And You got that right brotha about the total domination of another woman with little or no resistance is a huge turn-on especially when it's at the hands of a younger female which your idea with Nina & Mia only fuels my ambitions to create a story involving such, with your permission to use Nina of course. Even If time to do so isn't exactly on my side at the moment I would still love to work on it and eventually post it on this board. I'm sure the fans would approve. Would be an honer to create and something i wouldn't want to rush until I deemed it worthy of a caliber of great excitement between the two big breasted babez lol

Me? Im dishonest, & a dishonest man u can always trust 2 b dishonest. Honestly. Its the honest 1's u want to watch out 4, becuz u can never predict when their going 2 do something incredibly.. stupid.


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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #8 on: February 06, 2010, 08:18:17 PM »
Great story! I hope you post more.

Thank you Valerian for your reply & I'm thrilled you enjoyed my story almost as much as i enjoyed your picture there ;)

Me? Im dishonest, & a dishonest man u can always trust 2 b dishonest. Honestly. Its the honest 1's u want to watch out 4, becuz u can never predict when their going 2 do something incredibly.. stupid.


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Re: Natalie's Diary
« Reply #9 on: August 01, 2012, 03:39:47 AM »
Bump for the newcomers. Enjoy  ;)
Me? Im dishonest, & a dishonest man u can always trust 2 b dishonest. Honestly. Its the honest 1's u want to watch out 4, becuz u can never predict when their going 2 do something incredibly.. stupid.