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Poll Rules Please read BEFORE posting polls

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Poll Rules Please read BEFORE posting polls
« on: December 10, 2016, 01:15:10 AM »
If a Poll falls foul of the rules, it will be deleted without warning.

#1 - When creating a poll, ensure you set a time limit (at least 1 full day) so members know how long a poll will run for.
#2 - Your poll should be in line with the general forum rules
#3 - Only ONE active poll per user. Lock or close your active poll BEFORE you create another
#4 - Also, please ensure any of your current polls are closed BEFORE you begin a thread on another
#5 - No BUMPING of polls
#6 - If you are linking to pictures in your poll, please ensure the links work. Invalid pic links (red x in the pic field) will lead to a poll being deleted
#7 - Polls must be run using the poll system on this site. Please do not link to off site polls
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