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Fantasies do not always come out as you expected
« on: January 08, 2017, 05:56:57 PM »

Samantha Sanders was a 30 year old blonde cop who worked at the New York Police Department. She was a cop for about 8 years now and beiing a cop made Sam very proud. She loved the status she had as a cop. Samantha was born to be a cop. She wanted to help people and she hated the scumbag that terrorises this beautifull city and being part of a police corps that tries to stop these criminals made her proud.

Samantha was also a very popular cop at the police corps. All the men and women knew the beautifull blonde. And yes Sam was beautifull. Her body was impressive. Sam was 6 feet high and was a solidly build woman. She had long legs with firm calves and very firm thighs. Wide hips, a big solid and very curvy butt and two solft and dellicious double DD breasts. And Sam had a beautifull face with a sexy smile. Her long blonde hair she wore on juty in a ponytail.

All the men at the police corps adored her. When the blonde walked by the cops followed her with lustfull eyes. And there was a lot to see. Sam was a very vain woman. She enjoyed being the sexy police woman. She wore her blue police trousers in a size to small. These pants hugged her calves, thighs and off course that big, curvy ass of hers. When Samantha walked you could she her buttocks moving slowly up and down in these pants that were so unbelieveble tight.

And the blonde wore her light blue blouse in a size to small too. The upper buttons of her blouse she could not button them because of her impressive bossom that pushes the fabric open. So everybody had a good view at the two solt and milky tits of the blonde because her blouse was open almost halfway. Out on the streets the blonde wore mostly her sunglasses too. The big, curvy blonde was the sexbomb of the corps and on the streets people knew her too.

The last couple of weeks Samantha and her partner Frank had a girl named Ginny in there team. Ginny was still at the police academy but had to learn the work in the field so she was teamed with Sam and her mate.
Ginny was from day one impressed by Samantha. Ginny who was a small young brunette girl (5 feet 6). And to work with this big and selfconfident woman was something impressive for this 22 year old girl.

Samantha was very kind for Ginny and she wanted to educate her well so Ginny could be a good cop in the furture. “Gin, you know what is very important when you are a cop? That is you attitude. Show people you don’t have fear and you give them the idea you are capeble in doing your job. When you enter a scene head up and show these people that you are in charge”.

Ginny was impressed of how her blonde “teacher” was handling things. One day they went to a car accident and one guy who’s car was hit by someone elses was so mad that he wanted to kill the other guy. When they arrived at the scene Sam and Frank rushed to the row and the blonde stepped between the two allmost fighting guys. She stood there with her full length and shoved the agressive man backwards and had one hand on her nightstick. “Mister calm down or i have to use this. And you don’t want that” she spoke while she made clear she would use the nightstick on him if he did not calm down.

The guy did calm down and the whole row that was allmost turning into a wild fight was stopped by this big and selfconfident woman. Ginny knew one thing. She wanted to be as good as Samantha was. This blonde was her idol and she admired her so much. Working with her was great and very funny too. Ginny loved to hear all the stories Samantha told her of what she had expierenced the last 8 years.

“Sam, did you ever fought irl when your were on duty?” “You mean as in a fistfight? Well you know Ginny. A good cop does not have to fight. My attitude and my self confidence impress people. So they allways back off when i come in.”

“Hahaha well Gin, Frank her other collegue said. I would love to see Sam in a fistfight. I think that would be a very spectacular sight. Look at her. This woman is all power. I would feel very sorry for the person she would turn into several pieces if she would lay a hand on him or hers.”

“Oh Frank come on you make me blush” the blonde responded. And Ginny looked at her blonde teacher and  really would love to see her fistfight some one. Ginny was so much smaller than the blonde that she doubted if she would ever be a good cop. She have had judo training and all other kind of fighting courses. But she knew she did not have the strength Samantha had. And that was one of the many reasons why she adored Samantha.

The chat about her fighting another man of woman in a fistfight started to arouse Samantha. When she lay in bed she was masturbating herself when she had toughts of how she would kick another womans ass. Using her fists and her firm legs she would beat the shit out of a criminal woman. This toughts arouses Samantha so much that she had an explosive orgazm every night before she went to sleep.

Today the blonde, Frank and there apprentice Ginny had a call that there was some trouble in a local café. The café was a few blocks away from the police department and Samantha knew the owner of it. The owner of  the café was miss Henderson. Sam hated this black hared 42 year old witch. She met her a couple of times the last few years and miss Henderson (Claire was her first name) allways made remarks about the blonde.

One time when Sam arrested a drunk guy in her café Claire yelled at her that she was a baby face with a fat ass. It was insulting a police officer and Sam could have arrest her for that but the drunk man was her priotity. And this things with miss Henderson contineud the last couple of years. Claire made fun of the blonde cop when she got the chance. And she really love to do it in her own café when there was a big crowd.

Thats why Samantha hated this evil woman. Everybody at the police department knew that Claire run a café and did some illigal stuff. There were rumours about the liquor she got from her suppliers. The rumour was that is was stolen liquor. And there was reason to believe she was dealing in drugs.

Today Frank and Sam were ordered to go to the café because they were unloading a big truck and the whole traffic was jammed by this. When they arrive at the scene a lot of cars were jammed and the whole street was one big chaos. The deal with the city New York was that she could load or unload a truck in this street before 08:00 am or after 18:00 pm. Now it was 13:00 pm and she was breaking the law.

Finally Samantha could satisfy herself by giving Claire a ticket. The big, curvy blonde walked slowly towards Claire who stood by the truck that was getting unload. The sexy blonde placed her fists on her hips. “So what is it  what we are doing here Claire?”

“Come on you stupid police. I got a business to run. To run my store properly i need these goods. Within 5 minutes we are done.” “No, no you wont get away with this that easy. You order this man to move his truck now immediately. And when it is moved you come with us to the office.”

“What the fuck you stupid fat, blonde whore i will...” and at that moment Frank grabbed Claire by her arm and put handcuffs on. “Miss Henderson you are under arrest” And with that Claire was led to the police car.

When the car drove off to go to the police office, Claire who was in the back sitting next to youngh Ginny still insulting Samantha who sat next to Frank in the frontseat of the policecar. “You fucking, blonde whore. I hate you so much. I really would like to kick you out of this town myself.”

When they arrive at the back entrance of the office Frank parked the car on this sandy ground behind the buro. Most cops parked there car in the front of the office but Frank liked the more quiet back entrance. Frank let Claire out of the car and when he wanted to walk her to the office backdoor Samantha stopped Frank. Ginny saw her blonde idol wispering in Franks ear.

“Frank had an expression on his face of confusion and he stumpled by saying, “But, but Sam that is something you cannot do but, but...” Sam confinsed her collegua and at that point Frank ordered to Ginny that she had to come with him inside the building. Ginny was confused too but it seemed that Samantha wanted to have a word with miss Henderson in private.

When her collegues went into the building Samantha stood in front of miss Henderson. “So you stupid and ugly criminal. Now you and i are all alone hihi. You know Claire i really would like to teach you a lesson you will never forget. Proudly the big sexy blonde stood infront of the smaller, slimmer and less attractive woman.

Claire still wore her handcuffs. She looked at them. “I think you want to kick my ass. But i am cuffed? That wont be a very fair fight is it? Are you afraid of me?” “Hahaha don’t make me laugh you ugly criminal. I can and i will whipe your ass. It is something i want to do for a long time.”

Samantha walked slowly toward the smaller woman. Her impressive, sexy behing hugging her trousers when she walked. Infront of Claire she stood. The smaller woman could hear the blonde breathing heavier. She got the idea that this irritating cop was getting aroused by the idea that she would kick her ass.

“MMMM Ok slut i take the handcufs off and than you and i fight it out” Samantha feld how her cxntlips were swollen and she felt her nipples errect. Her fantasy of kicking a criminal with her bare hands will come out soon. “Oh eh miss cop. What will you do with your gun and that knightstick?”

“Oh don’t worry you ugly old brat. I take them of” Slowly Samantha removed her gun and knightstick. Than she uncuffed Claire and put her gun, stick and cuffs in the car. Now the 6 feet high blonde stood infront of Claire. The 5 feet 3 black hared 42 year old criminal. The blonde had her fists balded on her hips. Even Claire had to admit that she looked impressive and very strong.

“So you want to fight me bare hands?” Claire asked who could still not believe what was happening? “Yes you bitch i have this desire to kick your ass. And when i am done with you i drag you inside where i put you in jail for a couple of days. hahaha”

“Ok lets fight than Claire said” The older woman held her fists like a boxer infront of her. “I guess you take the first shot she said.” mmmmm Sam was horny. Finally her dream would come out. Kicking a criminals ass. Sam was standing like a boxer too. Her legs slightly bended. Her big butt pushing backwards in that so tight pants. SWOOSSSH Sam wanted to give Claire a punch with her right but the smaller woman ducked the  punch so Sam missed.

The blonde cop followed this attack with a left punch but again she failed to hit her opponent. Then Claire ducked another punch of Sam and reacted by giving the big blonde a powerfull blow fully in the soft stomach of the blonde cop. UUMMMPPPHHHHHH!!! the air was pushed out Sam’s lungs and she bended so her big butt was pushing backwards.

Oh that hurts was what Sam was thinking. She took a view steps back and stood back in her boxing stand. Claire thought, “wow the first shot was mine. She is a tough match but maybe i am the faster fighter?” The two woman circled each other. The blonde cop in het tight outfit showing her impressive big and curvy body. Claire noticed it too. “I must be carefull. Look at that firm thighs and those hips and ass. I must be aware for it that if it comes to wrestling i will be not lying beneeth her.”

With her legs bended her butt pushing backwards and her arms with balded fists infront of her Sam was thinking of an attack again. SWOOOOSSSH with her left arm she wanted to hit Claire. But the smaller woman took one step back so her rival missed. The blonde, sexy cop followed her left swing with a right and a left. But all her efforts missed because the smaller woman avoided the blows by stepping back each time.

With Sam swinging again a right blow for the fourth time Claire changed her tactic and stepped in. And while she took a step towards Sam she blocked the cops swing with her left arm and punched the blonde with her right fist fully on the face.

“AAARRRRRHHHHHH” screamed Samantha. Her head snapped back and her police cap flew of her head. Sam’s body was outstretched backwards when she covered her painfull face with both hands. This gave Claire the opportunity to kick the sexy, big cop fully in her crotch. The kick was hard and precize and the point of her shoe was planted deeply in the blondes crotch.

“OOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEFFFFFFFF!!!” came out of Sam’s mouth while her eyes and mouth were fully open of the attack of the smaller and slimmer dark haired women. Both her hands that were first on her face quickly changed position and now her hands were grabbing her painfull crotch while she was bending forwards her big ass pushing back.

Claire knew now that she had to take advantage of this situation and swang her right arm so her fists connect with the blondes face. PAATTSSSSSS the blow was hard and the blonde cop was sended backwards and landed with her big ass hard on the sandy floor of the parking lot.

“UNNGGHHH” the air was hit out of her lungs while she landed on her ass. Sam turned around to stand up. She was on her hands and knees and her with red sand covered behind was turned upwards. Claire kicked the blonde cop againg between her legs from behind. And then jumped on the cops back and took Sam’s head in a headlock.

“OOOOHHHH MMMMM, MMMMMPPH” Sam was making all these noises while she was taken in this headlock by her rival. She lay on her stummick and her opponent had her in this painfull lock. Sam’s big behind was turned upwards while she tried to get on her knees to trow Claire of her.

“This is not as you had in mind is it you slow cow?” Claire wishpered in the blondes ears. “Seems like you not that tough at all is it?” Sam was mumbling and breathing heavier while she was getting choked by the grip of her irritating rival who was making fun of her now too. The blonde was getting more and more angry and with a loud scream she used all her power to trow Claire of her. This helped. This rage of power made Claire losen her grip and she was trown of Sam’s back.

“UGGH, UGGHH, UGGH” Samantha was on her hands and knees and was trying to get her breath back so she could continue the fight. Sweat was dripping from her face and she felt hot like she was in a sauna. It was a hot summersday and the sun was shining brigthly on the parking lot. And being in a headlock was making it all very hot.

Finally the blonde cop was on her feet again. She faced her enemy who also got up. But what a contrast this was. Claire was still in the exact shape as she started the fight. Claire wore an old jeans and red blouse with short sleeves. There was a bit of red sand on her jeans but that was it. On the other hand the blonde cop looked like she had fought for half an hour with a bull.

Sam’s uniform was covered all over with the red sand of the parking lot. The sand was spread over the butt cheeks of her tight pants. And the front of het pants and blouse were full of this red sand too. Also Sam was sweating. Her face and neck were glinstering of the sweat that came out of her pores. Her long blonde hair was in a ponytail so this was luckely not that messy.

The blonde cop was breathing loud and seemed a bit confused of what was happening. She thought it would be a very easy fight but to her shame she had to admit to herself that she did nothing in this fight untill now that harmed her rival. This thought made her sick so in a fury of blinde rage Sam attacked.

“RHAAAHHHA” she yelled while she run towards Claire. The smaller woman reacted by grabbing both of Sam’s arms and she fell backwards while planting her right shoe in the cops stummick while she flipped the blonde over. “HUH???, HAAAARAAHHAAA” Sam flying over Claire who flipped her upside down. A couple of metress the big blonde flew trew the air and landed with her big behind on the sandy floor. “UNNGGGHH!”

Sam was shocked but still in rage and determent to kill her opponent. She stood up as fast she could and rushed towards Claire. The cop was making a wild attack again. But because Sam was in such rage her efforts were dumb and very easy for Claire who had some fights in the past to answer. Again Claire kicked the bigger woman between her legs and when the blonde cop was standing with her hands on her crotch, ass upwards,
Claire grabbed the waistband of the blondes tight pants and lifted it up.

“WHOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!” Sam screamed while her tight pants was wedged up in her ass crack. And the pants was lifted up in her crotch too. The fabric of the pants dissapeared deeply in her ass crack and in front a cameltoo was clearly fisible. Now Claire placed her right foot between Sam’s ass cheeks and shoved the big blonde forwards.

The cop landed on her hands ans knees. Breathing loud and swetting heavy the cop was trying to get her breath back. “You know blondie, you look tough but now iam fighting you it comes out your a big laugh hahaha. Iam going to humiliate you so much”. And with that said the smaller woman grabbed the blouse of the blonde in the back and yanked the blouse off over the blondes head.

“What, what are you doing?” Sam spit out while to her horror she was sitting on the parking lot without her blouse! Sam was able to get back on her feet and faced her rival. Her face was red of anger and she spit out “iam going to fucking kill you!” And the sexy blonde was kicking her right leg high in the air to gave Claire a hard kick. SWOOOSS it missed. But the blonde continued by a left kick and a right again.

It was a sexy sight to see the long firm legs in the tight pants. The pants had rised up by the wedgie Claire gave her. Now her two buttocks were completely seperated in the pants because the fabric was deeply risen up in her ass crack. In front a cameltoo was shown because of the risen up pants.

The fourth effort to kick her rival was blocked by Claire. The smaller woman simply grabbed the big blondes leg and it made Sam looking ridiculous. She stood on her left leg while Claire held her other leg up. A foolish look Sam had on her face and she just look so stupid.

Claire kicked the blondes left feet so the blonde fell on her big ass. “UNNNGGGGH!” The cop lay on her back and was for a moment totally disorientated. That gave her rival the opportunity to unfasten her belt and open the zipper of her pants.

“OHOHOH what are you doing, no leave that!” Sam knew what Claire was planning to do. She was trying to strip of her pants! She was trying to strip her butt naked! This was such a horrible thought to the blonde cop that she really started to panick now. Sam lay on her back with her legs curled up. She had a firm grip on the waistband of her pants. But Claire was on top of her pulling on the waistband trying to lower it.

“NO, NO PLEASE NO” tears swole up in her eyes and she was begging Claire to stop stripping off her pants. “Hahaha no, no you silly cow. One thing is for sure. This pants will come off hahahaha!” Claire pulled at the tight and with sand covered pants of her rival. Sam feld to her horror that the fabric of the pants was gliding down over her hips and her ass.

The smaller woman also had the waistband of her thong in her grib so while she was pulling her pants down her thong came along with her pants too! The pants was gliding slowly down over the wide hips of the blonde. More and more you could see the pale flesh of the blondes hips and buttocks. Sam lay on her back trying desperately to avoid her pants of being stripped off. But the smaller woman seemed to have just more strength than she had!

The pants sacked lower and lower over the blondes asscheeks and now the blonde feld her whole butt was out of her pants. She felt how her thong was losing contact with her cxnt while it was stripped off. It was a struggle for about tree minutes but thats when Sam just broke and had to give up. SWOOOSSSH the pants were stripped off and lowered over her ass, tighs and knees. The pants was now on Sam’s ancles and the blonde just lay there on her back in her birthday suite!!!

Samantha Sanders the tough looking cop was crying like a baby now. She lay naked on the parking lot. She had her ass kicked by a much smaller and older woman. Claire grabbed her by her hair and yanked her on her knees. Now Claire tore off Sam’s bra and the big, soft and milky tits were dangling down.

The blonde sat on her hands and knees. Totally naked her big tits exposed, her big ass exposed. And her bald cxnt for all to see. What a humiliation! “AAAHHAHHAHAHA” PATS, PATS, PATS. Sam screamed while Claire was hitting her big, soft ass with her own knight stick.

“HAHAHA love to kick the shit out of your fat behind you stupid, blonde whore!” Claire was slamming the big knight stick hard on the pale and curvy, fat ass of the blonde. The big butt of Sam was shivering and shaking with each blow she got. Deep red marks were left behind on the sexy butt of the blonde who sat on her hands and knees on the parking lot taking this punishment. Her trousers were on her ancles.

Claire had in mind one final humiliation. She saw that arrogant ass of the blonde she was punishing so hard. But she tought. “mmm lets take a looke at her tiny anus” Claire spread open Sam’s buttocks and with no hesitation she pushed the end of the knight stick in the blondes tiny anus.

“WWWWHHHHOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOEEEEEEEE!!!” the blonde cop screamed while her own knight stick was pushed into her tiny butt hole. The stick was pushed into her anus for about 7 inches.

The blonde was screaming like she never screamed before. She feld like her ass was split in two seperated halves. She sat on her hands and knees. Totally naked. A knightstick was pushed into her tiny anus. And her tits and ass were jiggling. Samantha could just not believe what had happen to her the past 10 minutes.

She had her ass totally whipped. She was stripped naked and now this. She was crying loudly. Not only of the pain she was in but also of this total humiliation she had to take.

Inside the police office her collegues Frank and Ginny were wondering when Sam was coming in. And just at that moment they herd this terrible scream of a woman. Frank said. “Oh my god Sam is killing that woman!”

And with that saying Frank and Ginny and some other cops who herd this terrible scream of a woman in need ran towards the backdoor.

Ginny openened the back door. And what she saw at that moment she will never forget. Her idol. The woman she admired. The beautifull and convident woman she wanted to be was sitting totally naked on her hands and knees. And what the fuck was sticking out of her naked ass??? It seemed that Claire had beat the shit out of Samantha and stripped of her uniform that was spread all over the place.

Sam who was in terrible pain saw to her horror that her collegues came out of the back door. She felt sick of the humiliation. She was in a degrading position and her collegues knew now that she was beaten up and looked like a joke by the hands of Claire.

Ginny ran up towards Claire. Sam watched the scene and wanted to alarm Ginny. This youngh girl would not stand a chance the blonde realized. Claire faced Ginny and wanted to give her a punch.

But the small, young cop grabbed her arm, twisted the arm behind her back and trow Claire on the floor. Than she handcuffed the criminal. Just in 5 seconds Ginny handled with this situation.

Sam who sat on her knees, full of sand and sweat and her knightstick stuck in her ass watched what happened. Her eyes and mouth fell wide open. “HUUUUHHHH???”

The fact that young Ginny handled her rival that had kicked her ass made her face blush in shame. This seeing happening while she was ass whipped by the same woman it all was to much for Sam. She cried and was sobbing and she pissed herself there on that parking lot. She realized now she was a big joke.

Samantha Sanders learned one thing that terrible afternoon.

Fantasies do not always come out as you expected.


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Fantasies do not always come out as you expected
« on: January 08, 2017, 05:56:57 PM »

Offline Amanda44

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Re: Fantasies do not always come out as you expected
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 08:22:14 PM »
Hi Ray,

You know i love your stories. Mmmm so said for Samantha she got her ass kicked so badly. I noticed that for the first time your leading lady is not an arrogant, mean lady.

She just does not know her own power. Or should i say the lack of it. Hahaha

Allways very fun to read. Keep up the good work.


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Re: Fantasies do not always come out as you expected
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2017, 01:09:07 PM »
Hi, Raycat, congratulations.
I love your stories with a main fantasy which is also mine : a big wide hipped and curvy woman (usually a blonde) displays her fat ass in such a proud and arrogant manner that she makes jealous a slender rival (usually a brunette) who gives her finally the beating of her life. I prefer when they fight for a man but here cop against evil woman is also a very good story. I especially liked your description of Samantha’s buttocks moving in her tight pants, being wedged up and having her pants stripped off and lowered. And the must of course is when you detail the ass hitting and the assfucking with her own knightstick! The more trashtalk, description and punishment about the loser’s fat wide ass and the more I like!
Keep up please the good work

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Re: Fantasies do not always come out as you expected
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2017, 03:02:16 AM »
Raycat, that is an awesome story. I loved every word of it. Your description of the big, perfect, blonde cop was right on, and the lead up to the fight was almost as good as the fighting action. The spanking and humiliation of the perfect cop was exactly what I like, but my favorite thing was that the admiring, almost worshiping, smaller cop got to she her goddess humiliated. I loved it.

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Re: Fantasies do not always come out as you expected
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2017, 02:31:22 AM »
Great story. I loved the build up to the fight. Great contrast in opponents.

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Re: Fantasies do not always come out as you expected
« Reply #5 on: July 01, 2017, 11:48:51 AM »
One of the best Stories of all time.
thx for this detailed fight. i love the thought of sam is kicking wildly with her legs when the smaller is on top oif her. how her pants leave her ass and vagina. the humilation of the big strong policeofficer.
so humilating