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Crays Hill - History and Her Story

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Crays Hill - History and Her Story
« on: April 15, 2010, 01:10:09 AM »
The woman sat on my bed gently brushing her hair.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I said.  I really need to work on my manners.  I mean, I even liked this woman.

“Come here” she said.  I was powerless to resist.  This was the woman who I'd seen beat the shit out of my mum, and yet for some reason I really wanted to fuck her.

She took off her top.  Her tits were covered in bruises and scratch marks.  “Kiss them better” she said.  I did as I was told.  I can be obedient if the right person's giving the orders.

She gasped slightly at my touch.  Her tits must have been really sore.  I kissed them for ages.  I had so many questions going through my head but didn't know how to ask.  In the end my usual bluntness won through.

“So my step-mum gave you these bruises?  You were in a fight with her?”


“Did you win?”

“Does it matter to you if I won?”

“Yes!  She's a fucking bitch. I hope you kicked the shit out of her.”

“Oh, I see.  Well...I did win.  But I can't say I really kicked the shit out of her.  It was ... a brutal fight.” 

“Was it a closer fight than between you and mum.  Is she a better fighter than my mum?”

“Well..yes.  In fact, that's the reason I'm here.  To warn your mum.”

“Warn her? About what?”

“Not to fight your step-mum again.”

“Again? What?!” the thought of my mum and step-mum in a fight thrilled me as much as it horrified me.  If my mum won that fight it'd be great, but if she lost it it would be the most painful and humiliating thing that could happen to her.

“Your dad and my man were talking about it.”

“Your man?” I said

“Yeah, you know, Roger. The one who was here when...”

“Yeah I know who he is.  Just didn't realise he was 'your man'.” I sulked.

“Well, your dad heard about me fighting your mum and rang up Roger saying that if he wanted to see me in a proper fight he should put me up against his new bird.  Your dad told him about the time your step-mum beat up your mum, so Roger agreed to bring me back down.”

So the rumours were true.  My mum had been in a fight with my step-mum and lost.  I couldn't think of anything worse than losing a fight with your love rival.  No wonder she's got such low self-esteem.

“Tell me about their fight.” I said

“I can't...”

“Fucking tell me!” I shouted grabbing her shoulders.

“I don't know any of the details,” she said, “you'll just have to ask your dad.  Or you mum.”

“Fat fucking chance,” I said and kissed her.  She broke off.

“Roger got really turned on by the idea of them two in a fight.  He's going to offer your mum big money.   You should tell her not to take it.”

“Maybe she can beat her this time.”

“I doubt it.  The fight with your step-mum was one of the most vicious I've ever had.  We both did some serious damage to each other.”

“I can tell,” I said looking at her tits.

“You haven't seen the half of it,” she said, lying back on the bed, hitching up her skirt and hooking her thumbs around the elastic of her knickers.  “If I show it to you, do you promise to kiss it better?”

My mouth was so dry I could barely mumble a 'yes'.

She stripped off her panties and spread her legs.  I looked at the pussy of this woman I really wanted to fuck.  There were scratches and marks all over her inner thighs, across her pussy.  I put my head between her legs to get a better look.  There marks inside her pussy.  I kissed it better.

The door to the van swung open with a bang.  My mum stormed in. 

“What the fuck is going on?” she yelled, “what the fuck is that bitch doing here?”

I barely had time to get out from between the woman's legs before my mum pounced on her.  The woman shoved my mum off and managed to get to her feet before my mum was on her again.  They held each other at arms length and hauled each other around the van.  The woman's tits were flying free and I was mesmerised by them wobbling around.

I just sat there for a moment.  It was almost as if I wanted to watch them fight again.  But I caught myself, and got between them and broke them up.  I shoved the woman out the door and threw her top after her.

“Fuck you then! I only came to help!” screamed the woman as she walked off.

“Fuck off!  Stay the fuck away from my son!” yelled my mum after her. “If I ever catch you in here again I'll fucking kill you!”

She slammed the door shut.  She turned to me, raging, and slapped me hard on the face.  It really fucking stung.

“How could you?” she fumed.

“She just started stripping off.  I'm a horny adolescent, what was I supposed to do?” I said. That earned me another slap.  We stood for a few minutes not saying anything.

“If I ever catch her in here again I'll fucking kill her!” she said, starting to cry and stormed off out of the van.

I went over to my bed and picked up the knickers the woman had left behind.  I looked at the blood on the gusset, imagining what had happened during the fight, and started to masturbate.