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Huge Fat Girl Fights Two Biker Chicks

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Huge Fat Girl Fights Two Biker Chicks
« on: February 15, 2019, 08:19:06 AM »
You have to understand that biker chicks sometimes get sent back to collect money that they're short on or if someone steals it, which can happen when they get beat up. And this happens sometimes at high schools, where the girls deliberately sic the biggest, baddest and meanest girls in the school on them. The stupid thing is that the bikers -- many of whom are trying to get into a gang -- often send the skinniest biker chicks to do the job, when they could recruit some of the bad-ass mommas. Until things change, these women will continue to get their asses kicked. They just can't beat some girl two or three times their size, even when it's two or three against one.
      The fight I recall is one where a high school girl warned some gang member not to send these two bitches back to a school where they were short-changed. Not only did the women have a bounty on their asses, it's always worse the second time around. One girl I know once told me, "These high school girls don't fool around. If biker women sell drugs at their school, it's open season. I fear for some of them because these girls will hurt them. The fights are pretty bloody because the girls like to smash and humiliate these women. Girl gang members get points for bashing biker chicks. Someone's gonna get killed some day."
      The two women, who were both strippers, made their way to the back of the high school, where some girl name Gina met them. She then walked with the women through the woods down to the railroad tracks, where the transaction would take place.
      The problem was that fat 18 year-old Clara, the fattest -- and meanest -- girl in the school, had no intention of paying the biker chicks even one dime. At 6'3" and 435 pounds, Clara was a formidable adversary for anyone, let alone some women whose legs were smaller than her arms. She smiled and motioned the two skinny, tight-jeaned blondes (each of whom was about 28) over to the railroad tracks.
       She slowly pulled some money out of her shorts and acted as if she was going to pay the woman in the sleeveless shirt. Instead, she popped her in the mouth with a right haymaker that knocked her ass, then ripped her shirt off. "There you go, stripper bitch."
      With blood flowing down her chin, the blonde slowly got to her feet and staggered toward Clara.
      "I've come for the money, you fat high school bitch, and you're going to give it to me."
      "Oh, I'll give it to you cxnt," she shouted. She then smirked, cocked her fist and delivered a haymaker that knocked the blonde five feet back onto the railroad tracks. The woman just lay there unconscious, with her head canted on one of the rails. "I warned you to stay away from the high school, biker cxnt?" Clara turned and faced the other blonde, who wore jeans and black boots; she was now four feet away.
      "You want a piece of me, too, bitch? Because I'm giving away knuckle sandwiches here."
      The woman stared at her friend, who was bleeding from the nose and mouth. She knew she'd probably get hurt or even killed if she didn't come back with the money. She prompted turned and threw a side kick at Clara, striking her in the stomach with her boot. She was a black belt in karate and thought she could knock the fat girl out if she could wear her down. The only problem was that she was wearing high-heeled boots and had trouble maintaining her balance. She was also scared sh*tless of the girl and intimidated by her vast girth.
     Clara was stunned and even gasped, but the kick didn't budge her.  The biker chick kicked her again, and then spun around in an attempt to hit her in the head. But Clara, a seasoned athlete, quickly backed away and evaded the kick. And when the woman's foot came down, she charged her and punched her in the stomach.
      "Uhhhhhhhh!" the woman gasped, as she held her stomach, legs wobbling.  Clara popped her in the right tit, then lunged forward and hit her in the nose with the bottom of her fist. The biker chick’s nose exploded like a cherry, as blood spurted and flowed down both sides of her mouth and chin. Clara then shot her hand through the woman's legs, picked her up and slammed her on the ground as hard as she could. The woman landed spread-eagled and out like a light.
      In reality, Clara could've toyed with the women instead of putting them out in less than three minutes. Instead, she dragged the karate-kicking blonde over by her friend and called the cops from her cell phone. Her friend had also beaten two biker chicks who were laying at her feet unconcious.
      "Hi, I got some drug-selling sluts down by the railroad tracks who came to collect some cash. The bikers sent them over." I believe the women were arrested and a couple of them faced some time in the slammer -- once the prosecutor proved they had sold drugs to some high school kids in the past. Still, the biker women keep coming. "There will be blood," one girl heard Clara say. Clara then laughed and left the scene of the beating.

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