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My Drunken Mother

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My Drunken Mother
« on: May 26, 2019, 02:27:08 PM »
Dad threw mum out some while ago because she was a violent drunk.  Growing up, I'd have to watch dad getting beaten up, often quite badly, or sometimes endure it myself.  Dad never fought back because he'd never hit a woman, whatever the provocation.

When she was not shouting drunk she'd often be passed out in the sofa clutching a bottle of something, and a lot of the time parts of her would be exposed that a son should never see.  That in itself had its effect on me, growing up.

The evidence was clear enough that dad got custody of me, not that mum would take that lying down, and eventually her efforts to get me into her domain were the subject if a restraining order.

Dad was a talented guy and did well for himself once out of the clutches of mum.  He moved house and married again.  His new wife was a good looking Australian girl named Kerry.  Kerry brought her daughter Julia to the family, who was about the same age as me.  Being in our mid to late teens, Julia and I spent a bit of time sizing each other up before we decided we got on well.  Perhaps too well for Kerry, who came into her bedroom once unexpectedly to ask for her washing, while I was sitting with her on the bed.  She stopped mid sentence looking from one to the other.

“Break her heart or get her pregnant and I'll cut off your balls with a rusty knife!” she said before leaving us alone, me with my mouth hanging open, Julia silent for a few moments before she started giggling.

Despite the threat, I liked Kerry's Australian directness.  Until then I hadn't thought about breaking Julia's heart or making her pregnant.  We were just friends, but it was Kerry who put the idea of sex with my step-sister into my head.  There it stayed and it wouldn't quite go away.

Both Kerry and her daughter Julia shared dirty-blonde hair and with their Aussie outdoorsy attitude kept themselves reasonably fit.  Dad clearly liked forceful women, which was why he'd married mum in the first place, I guess, but there the similarity between mum and step-mum ended.

One evening Julia and I were in her room chatting, when the doorbell rang.  I heard Kerry go to answer it and both Julia and I got up to see who it was.

“I've come for my son.”

My heart sank as I heard my mother's voice, slurring drunk as usual.

Kerry just laughed.   “Well the law says you can't have him!”

“We'll see about that!”

From the top of the stairs I saw her for the first time in ages as pushed past Kerry into the main living room as if she owned the place.  I suppose at some point during the evening she might have looked good.  She was wearing a black low cut evening dress that showed off her large raddled cleavage and lots of spangly jewellery.   She was shorter than Kerry and her tits and hips gave her the impression of being heavier, which she probably was because of the drink.

“Mum!” I said, coming down the stairs.  “There's nothing I want from you. Just go. We don't want any trouble.”  I knew how confrontations like this could go; Kerry didn't.

“Sweetie!” she said, spreading her arms and coming towards me as Julia followed me.  “Come to mummy.”  She wrapped her arms around me and treated me to an alcohol soaked kiss.

I turned my head and pushed her away.  “He belongs with us now!” said Julia, coming beside me.

Stepping back, mum looked at her sourly.  “Who is this mouthy little slut?”

Kerry grabbed her shoulder and spun her around.  “Don't talk about my daughter like that or you and I are going to fall out big time!”

“We've already fallen out!” growled mum.  Then she swung a fist at Kerry's head.

Kerry caught her wrist easily, and the other one too as mum swung that.  “Easy now!” she said as she danced to avoid mum's stamping foot.  Meanwhile Julia slipped behind her to restrain her in a full nelson.

“Two on one, is it?” growled mum as she struggled, and in fairness drunk or not she was giving Julia a hard time.

“Happy to go one on one with you for him if that's what you want,” said Kerry calmly, “but that looks like an expensive dress and win or lose, it will get spoiled.  You want that?”

Mum subsided a little, the memory of the price she'd paid for the dress pushing through her alcohol haze.  She glanced at me, and I immediately read her sick mind.  “You're not fighting naked!” I said in a strangled voice.

Kerry laughed.  “I've got some old cozzies you can try if you're serious,” she said.

“Too right, I'm serious!” yelled mum, still struggling.  “I'm going to clean out this shit hole and take my boy!  And neither you nor your bitch daughter are going to be in any fit state to stop me!”

“Fine.  I'll see what I've got.  Julia, you go and set up the gym.  We're not going to fight in here.”

For a few moments I was left alone with mum.  “Please just go.  Don't be stupid, mum!” I begged.

“You coming?” she said.


“I got news for you son.  It's what they agreed!  I win, which I will, you come. Weren't you listening?”  She gave me a twisted smile.

I had to admit that there was a kind of logic there, and apparently my wishes counted for nothing.

Kerry returned with a cardboard box, which she handed to mum.  “Downstairs toilet is over there,” she said.  She herself had changed into a red lifeguard style swimsuit, and in the context of where we were, she looked shockingly sexy.

Mum took the box, and scowled as she gave Kerry the once over, and adjourned to the smallest room.

“Wow mum, looking good!” said Julia, echoing my thoughts as she returned from the gym.  “Ready to hand that old bitch's arse to her on a plate?”

She didn't even look at me, reinforcing the feeling that whatever the outcome, I was merely a pawn.

Mum came out wearing one of those stretchy outfits that female water-polo players wear with a high top and a zip down the back.  It was  lemon yellow and was clearly too tight for her, but I figured that since Kerry was slimmer, it probably fitted better than any of her other outfits.  I was a little alarmed to see that the light coloured material was stretched almost to transparency showing the discolouration of her nipples on her confined boobs, and the darkness of her bush.  I also noticed with a slightly sick feeling, a black V at the bottom of the suit, reminding me that mum never bothered keeping herself trimmed.  I did feel a little sorry for her, since it seemed that Kerry had already humiliated her before the match had started.

Kerry gave her an appraising half-smile, before leading the way to the gym room.  The floor was completely matted and Julia had pushed the rowing machine and weights to the side of the room, placing a couple of chairs in front for us to sit on and for safety, leaving the rest of the room clear.

“You ready, sweetie?” said Kerry, moving out to the centre of the room, and adopting a wrestler's stance. The red swimsuit showed well toned thighs, with a little hint of cellulite that all women seemed to be unable to shed.

“This is gonna be fun!” said Julia beside me, gripping my arm.

Kerry was fitter, lighter and she looked as if she knew what she was doing.  It should have been a done deal, but she hadn't reckoned with mum's anger.  With a yell mum charged into Kerry like a train, driving her shoulder into her ribcage and swinging her fists at her side and back.

Kerry's eyes bulged, her mouth open as mum drove her back into the wall.  Before Kerry could do much more than gasp, mum had taken a step back, grabbed her hair and pulled her head down to drive a cruel knee at her face, which she was just able to block.

I remembered the relentlessness of mum's viciousness from when she was with dad, as Kerry went down, arching her back slightly and rubbing her kidney as she grimaced in pain.

“Oh my God, mum are you okay?” Julia cried in alarm.

Kerry waved a dismissive arm as she rolled to her hands and knees, but mum drove a vicious kick into her side, swinging her arms for impetus, and sending her onto her back again against the wall, where she was trapped.

I saw the fear flash across Kerry's face as mum lifted her foot once more to drive it hard into Kerry's belly.

A wave of terror took me as I realised there was now a real possibility that I would have to go home with mum after all.

“Jesus!” whispered Julia.

Agony twisted Kerry's face as mum thrust her foot into her guts with all her weight, but she gripped mum's ankle and twisted hard.

Mum yelped, hopping as she tried to jerk her foot out of Kerry's grip, but Kerry held on fast and pushed the foot upwards, forcing mum to hop, pin-wheeling her arms for balance, her boobs bouncing.

Slowly Kerry pushed to her feet breathless, sweat sheening her face and matting her hair, still holding mum's foot.  Mum had to go down, slamming her arms on the mat as she crashed onto her back, glaring up at Kerry.

“Yess! Go mum!” yelled Julia.  “Fuck the old bitch up good!”

I glanced at her, shocked at her language, but she didn't catch my eye, staring excitedly at the action.

Kerry planted one foot on mum's ankle and lifted the other foot as high as she could.

Mum yelled and screamed, twisting and bucking to get free, unaware that the gusset of her suit was stretched to throw the contours of her pussy into far more relief than I was comfortable with, and that the curls of her untended bush were sprouting either side of it.

“Now there's a sight for sore eyes!” murmured Julia, letting go of my arm and slipping her arm around my waist.  At any other time, I liked her direct humour, but I didn';t think it was appropriate now.

“UUURGHH!”  Kerry had dropped down, between mums leg driving her knee into her belly with her full weight. 

Now mum's expression changed. The aggression left her as she struggled to swallow down the bile, and she started gagging and retching.  She pushed desperately at Kerry's leg, and I thought she was going to be sick.  I string of drool dribbled down her cheek, and to my horror I saw her crotch darken.

Kerry relented, lifting her knee and letting go of her leg to kneel beside her.  “You okay, honey?” she said.  “Maybe I went a little hard.... ARRGHH!”

Mum had swung her arms up to grip both of Kerry's breasts in a vice like claw.

“Fucking bitch!” murmured Julia, taking her arm from around my waist as if I was somehow responsible.  If there was one thing I knew about mum it was that she didn't give up easily.

Kerry twisted left and right, pulling at mums wrist to try and prize her loose, her boobs distorted under her suit, the nipples showing through it and pointing at crazy angles.  She leaned away from mum, but mum followed her and then bore down on her forcing her to her back, legs bent under her.

But as mum moved forward to mount her she brought her knee up, planting it in mum's now sensitive belly.

Mum grunted, her arse thrust into the air for a few moments, her suit pulling obscenely between her flexing cheeks, before finally rolling off her and letting go of her boobs.

Kerry wasn't done yet, and as mum rolled away, she slid her arm round mum's body to pull her back. “Come back here!” she growled.

She then hauled mum back on top of her, holding her in a complicated backbreaker which had her left hand pulling down on her right shoulder,  her right knee in the small of mum's back, and her left leg over her left leg to hold her in place.

Mums left boob was crushed under Kerry's arm, and I noticed that her nipple was hard.  I wondered for the first time if mum had got some kind of sexual pleasure from beating dad up and shied away from the thought.

I felt Julia's hand on my thigh now.  “That's it mum, hurt her!”

“Aargggghh!” mum was screaming now, twisting as Kerry's knee ground into her spine.  She kicked her free right leg wildly, the flesh of her thigh quivering uselessly. What was worse, with her suit now bunched I could see far more of where I'd come from to be comfortable.

“Enjoying this?” chuckled Julia, moving her hand to the bulge in my pants.

I removed it quickly, and scowled at her.  I was hating every moment, but my cock apparently had other ideas.

Mum's twisting body jerked suddenly as Kerry used her free hand to pinch that swelling left nipple.  Kerry was looking directly at me – or more precisely at my crotch – and grinning.  I crossed my legs.

Eventually mum managed to get away, rolling off Kerry's knee and massaging her back as she lay panting, propped up on one elbow.

Kerry got to her feet, hauling mum up by her hair, then slipping her right arm round her throat.  Mum flailed, clawing at the arm, and swinging her elbows back into Kerry's ribs, but she was weakening now.

I caught her eye as she glared murderous defiance, but I couldn't help looking at her stretched body, the suit made even more transparent by her sweat.  At the same time Julia gently uncrossed my legs and placed her hand deliberately on my cock.  This time I didn't resist, and mum's expression became even more defiant as she saw it all.

“Get your hands off him you little slut...” she croaked.

Julia giggled knowing that she was in no position to do anything about it, and I simply didn't care any more.

Suddenly I noticed something moving under mum's suit.  Kerry had slipped her free hand through the armhole and her fingers were mauling mums breast like little worms under her suit.  Mum stiffened, then let out a stifled groan, before apparently recovering herself and redoubling her efforts to escape.

Her strength was pretty much gone though, and Kerry held her easily, working her boob relentlessly.  I couldn't help myself and under Julia's ministrations my cock was as hard as iron.

“Come on, sweetie, show your son what a loser you are.  He needs to see that,” Kerry murmured.

Mum's legs began to quiver and Kerry began to force her to her knees.  Mum's jaw hung open now, her eyelids fluttering, lacking the strength or maybe even the will to resist.

Bringing her down to a sitting position, Kerry now manoeuvred her legs to catch mums in a grapevine and spread her wide, all the while working that breast.

“Come on,” said Julia, letting go of my cock and pulling me to my feet.  I let her lead me on leaden feet to stand between mum's spread legs.  Then she got behind me, putting one arm round my body, and expertly unzipping my fly with the other.

Mum stared dully at my exposed cock, and I saw her swallow.

It didn't take long.  The sight of my mum spread out like that before me, covered in her own sweat, her bush glistening exposed by the string her gusset had become, filled me with an usntoppable twisted lust.

“No, don't.” I muttered hoarsely.  “Stop...”

But it was to late.  My balls pulsed and a rope of jizz arced through the air to spatter on my mothers face and hair.  She blinked and looked down in horror as the second rope lanced across her breast and belly.

I expected horrified outrage, but instead something seemed to snap in my mother.  She threw her head back and let out a low guttural moan.  Then her hips flexed and she squirted, just as my third rope splashed onto her belly and started dripping towards her bush.  She did it again with a strained sigh, and then a third time before subsiding.

“Yess, oh yess!” muttered Julia in a shaky voice.  I became aware of her body trembling behind mine, then noticed Kerry's reddened face and glazed expression.  She hadn't escaped unscathed and a drop of my jizz glistened on her cheek, another on her knee, but I realised that both mother and daughter were thoroughly aroused by what had just happened.

Mum relaxed, and after a few moments Kerry let her go.  She was gently snoring and I realised that the drink had finally bested her.

“Let's leave her to it,” whispered Kerry.  “Julia get her clothes. She can sleep it off 'til morning.”

And so we left her.  Kerry locked the gym door in case she awoke in the middle of the night and did something unfortunate.

Kerry disappeared into her bedroom to clean up, and Julia led me to the main bathroom, running the shower and openly stripping off in front of me.  I gazed at her contrasting her firm body with my mothers, but I've just shot three loads and was still coming to terms with what had happened.  Julia misread my interest and began stripping me, her fingers seeking out my still sticky cock. After the way she and her mother had ganged up on mum I was not really in the mood.  I pulled back.

“Let's do this some other time.”

Her smile faded.  “I see.”

“I just need to...”

“Go to her then!  I don't care!”  With that she slipped into the shower and shut the door firmly.

I found it hard to sleep and in the middle of the night I went downstairs and unlocked the door to the gym.  The place stank of stale wine, sweat and my drying jizz.

“Mum, mum!” I said, shaking her awake.

She groaned, eventually coming round.  “Wha... what happened,” she said rubbing her eyes which were still slimy with my jizz.

“Best not talk about it, but we need to get you out of here,” I said.

I helped her to her feet, and she started to peel off the sticky suit as if I wasn't there.

“Mum!” I said, horrified and turning away.

“What?” she said, picking up her bra and clipping it on.  “It's not as if there's anything left to the imagination now, is there?”

I sighed and she pulled on her panties and gathered up her clothes, before walking out of the gym.

As I followed her she turned and wrapped her arms around me, giving my a sweaty kiss.

“Come back with me, son,” she said.  “You can fuck me any time you like!”

I manhandled her to the front door and shoved her outside, throwing the rest of her clothes after her.


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2019, 01:39:11 AM »
Fantastic story with one of my favorite storylines, mom against step-mom.  Thanks for posting.


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2019, 10:50:46 AM »
Brilliant story Carl. That son really enjoyed the sight of his mom fighting for him , then losing!

mom vs Julia next, or maybe julia and kerry both go after him and have to settle it  it in that gym room.


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2019, 03:21:24 AM »
This story needs a sequel!


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2019, 11:50:25 PM »
Very Nice Story ;)
Agreed!  Would love to see another chapter


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #5 on: September 22, 2019, 12:47:55 AM »
Actually been thinking about a sequel. Thanks for the encouragement!


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #6 on: September 22, 2019, 11:27:39 PM »


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2019, 03:06:34 AM »
Do you think he went to fuck he's mother?
A route couple Like ( Bony and Clyde ) we have fought in bars and clubs. Fist fighting and in NHB, we have fought other couples. We loved that. We only lost a couple of times. We were in jail and Hospedles A few times.


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #8 on: November 22, 2019, 01:49:14 PM »
Did you want to see that?


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #9 on: December 01, 2019, 11:09:24 PM »
I'd like to see that!!!


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Re: My Drunken Mother
« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2019, 05:05:07 AM »
Most assuredly that’s what he was going to do!