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Cherry's Side Job: Niece Weekend

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Cherry's Side Job: Niece Weekend
« on: February 16, 2020, 07:04:53 PM »
Cherry's Side Job: Niece Weekend
By Stone Kidman

I noticed my niece Cherry wasn't home again for a few days but when I checked her website where she normally posts her matches it said she was owned for the weekend; upon further study I noticed there was a new video already uploaded. It looked like a tag match featuring Cherry and her cousin Ivy; both girls were blonde and fit though Cherry was quite a bit bustier than her 5'2" and 110 pound cousin with a 32B. It looked like they were wrestling Ivy’s parents; I knew them as Fred and Tina though I never met them because they were on my brother in law's side. Fred looked forty-ish, wrestling in blue speedos, with a hairy chest but looked like he hit the gym quite frequently; he was nearly bald with a beard so he appeared tough. Tina was in her late thirties, slender but looked like she might've done tae-bo or something because her arms and legs looked solid. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a short ponytail and looked like she weighed 133 pounds with a B cup also, wearing a matching blue one piece with black crisscross straps.

There was a second guy there, who looked like he might've been about nineteen with dark hair, wearing jean shorts with a wife beater tank top; presumably he was Ivy's stepbrother which might've been why there was so much tension between the mother and daughter. The two blondes wore wet look pink bikinis that resembled vinyl under the basement fluorescent lights; my niece looked extremely fuckable as her 38DDD's were nearly bursting out of the tiny top which looked like postage stamps over her enormous boobs when she stepped out to lock up with Fred.

The pair met in a collar and elbow hold, it was hot watching my niece's firm back and shoulder muscles flex as she tried to hold her own but ever so slowly was forced back against the ropes; that's when Tina left her corner to march down the apron and grab hold of Cherry's long blonde hair. Immediately my niece had her head pulled back over the top rope as she yelped in surprise while Tina ordered her husband to "Get the bitch!" He cocked back his fist and hammered several rights into Cherry's firm tummy as she grunted while tugging on Tina's ponytail before the brunette clawed my niece's eyes; making her screech before an uppercut to her heavy right tit knocked it out of the flimsy bikini top. I saw Cherry's eyes go wide in shock for a moment, though maybe to clear them after they were gouged by the older woman, before she stumbled forward and right into Fred's bare foot as he punted the blonde right out of the ring.

The couple descended upon her while Ivy was trying to yell support to her cousin; the duo stomped and kicked my niece about her belly and breasts, Fred ultimately pulling Cherry up in a full nelson so Tina could claw and twist my niece's big tits. Ivy finally left her corner and ran around the ring just as Fred picked Cherry up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry; Tina saw her stepdaughter approaching and charged across the concrete floor of their basement to clothesline the petite teen. She fell to the ground immobile as Tina told her husband "Take care of the slut, I got this bitch." Fred hefted my niece up above his head for a guerilla presse before dropping Cherry's stomach across his knee with a gut buster; the hairy dude held the blonde in place as he spanked her heart shaped ass while she made little squeals. Tina meanwhile had rolled her semiconscious stepdaughter into the ring under the bottom rope; Ivy was still in a daze when the brunette climbed up the ring steps to haul the teen up by her blonde hair. She whipped Ivy into the corner where she hit back-first, making the girl wince, but unable to prevent Tina from charging in with a body splash.

"How you like that you little runt," Tina growled as she pressed her chest into the petite girl's face, grabbing a handful of Ivy's hair to hold her in place as she slapped the teen a couple times before turning to hairmare her stepdaughter across the ring. I was torn between the action as the camera was positioned on a tripod and easily caught Fred on the floor, who had paddled Cherry's ass beet red eventually punishing her with a wedgie; making her bikini completely disappear between her cheeks. Cherry, who was held in place with a handful of hair too, squealed and begged him to stop; ever the jobber. He let go, giving her ass a couple more slaps, before Fred slid his hand between my niece's legs and appeared to be fingering her; presumably pulling aside the crotch of her bikini as I heard her whines turn to moans while he seemed to bring her to the verge of climax, her toned legs, shaking, before the hairy dude stopped and shoved the blonde off his knee.

When I looked back in the ring, Ivy was flying through the air from another hairmare as Tina mocked her. "Does it hurt your widdle body," she said in a baby voice as the brunette mocked the tears coming down the teen's face. The wicked stepmother whipped the blonde into the ropes, picking her up with what I thought was a bearhug before she dropped down; smashing the teen's crotch over her knee with an inverted atomic drop. "I hope your little twat hurts, that'll teach you to tease my son by flashing him while you sit on the couch you little hussy," Tina yelled down as Ivy was curled in a fetal position. Fred meanwhile had stripped Cherry of the rest of her dental floss bikini top and was having a great time as he was in what would've been a reverse facesit but was kneeling on my niece's arms, while he shot punches at her breasts and tummy; grabbing her bottoms to give her a front wedgie and pull her hips up so he could slam his fist above her pubic area. He then got up, apparently finding the position uncomfortable, and picked up Cherry in what looked like a backwards bearhug, but was actually having her face out so he could run her into the ring post from the floor. Instead of dropping her though he positioned my niece's breasts on either side of the black steel post so he could kick his barefoot out and flatten it against the metal pillar.

Cherry's squawks of pain were drowned out by Tina putting her stepdaughter in a boston crab just so she could apply a crotch claw, raking her nails over the teen's pussy through her tiny bikini; alternating with punches to the blonde's twat every now and then to break up the monotony. Ivy wailed and whenever she would try to protect her snatch, the brunette would crank back; bending the teen in half as she stupidly tried to crawl for the ropes.

"You want a rope break bitch, here I'll help you," the stepmother said as she dropped the teen's legs to drag Ivy by her hair so she could choke the blonde over the middle rope.

"Do you think this is a rope break, Jason?" Tina asked her biological son who sat watching from the steps with a big smile on his slightly bearded face. "Hey dear, let's prove what a dyke this little bitch is and make her kiss her slutty cousin," Tina suggest. Fred had moved to the otherside of the post to face Cherry; he had his foot up on the post for leverage as he had one of my niece's nipples in each hand, tugging on them while she gasped and mewled in contorted pleasure from the tit torture. The hairy dude reluctantly let go as Cherry slid down to rub her horny snatch, before she was dragged by her hair over to the other side of the ring. The camera was positioned behind Tina but I could see Fred twist my niece's arm behind her back as he made Cherry and Ivy kiss despite the teen being choked on the ropes.

"Show her how much of fuckin dyke you are, sweetie," Tina cackled as she had one hand in Ivy's blonde hair, mashing her face into Cherry's lips, while the brunette's left hand was beneath the teen; twisting her tiny tits. When she finally let go, Ivy fell to the mat coughing and gasping for air, while Fred gave my niece a belly punch followed by an inverted atomic drop. After handing Cherry off to his wife by her long blonde hair, dragging my twitching niece back into the ring--clearly she must've cum from the atomic drop--the brunette ran the blonde's face along the top rope; burning her eyes. When she dropped to the mat, Tina lifted Cherry up with a front wedgie before tying her up in the ropes. Fred had wrapped his daughter's loose bikini top around her throat and pulled her up off the mat by it; Ivy's feet dangled underneath her as she was strangled again, before the hairy dude scooped the teen up and body slammed her into the corner. It took me a minute to realize he was putting her in a tree of woe so the couple could work on my niece.

Cherry's tits took a real beating, as Tina seemed to claw and twist the orb, sinking her nails in as deep as she could, which would've caused my niece to scream had Fred not started using her for a heavy bag; burying his fists into her tummy until he knocked all the air out of her fit body. They literally boxed her boobs around for four minutes, twisting her nipples as far as humanly possible in between trying to uppercut Cherry's triple D's into her face. For a finale, they each grabbed one of my niece's legs, pulling them apart so she was doing the split while held up by the ropes, and took turns kicking Cherry in the cxnt until Fred's toe must’ve hit her clit. This caused her to orgasm so hard she fell loose, trembling onto the floor as they left her there; moaning in ecstasy.

When they turned to Ivy I feared they would do worse but seemed to take mercy as Tina pulled aside the teen's bikini bottom and slowly finger fucked the blonde while calling her names. "Tell me how you thought you had a chance against us you pathetic piece of shit," she said in a sing-songy voice while slowly pumping her first two digits in and out of the teen's snatch.

"Ahh...I'm sorry step mommy," Ivy whined as Fred knelt down to suck on his daughter's nipples. "I-I won't disobey you again," she paused to gasp loudly as Tina removed her fingers to gently rub the blonde's stiff clit which poked up like a little nub. "You promise to always listen to our orders," Tina asked, almost hesitantly, while Ivy was practically twitching while upside down; clearly on the verge.

"Oh yes please I'll do anything you say...," she paused, gasping loudly like she wanted to scream but couldn't.

"You can apologize to your father first, then you can say sorry to me and Jason," she paused, her fingernail circling the nub as Ivy's petite body shook like a leaf; at the precipice of pleasure. "If you do a good job I'll consider taking mercy on you, so you better show your daddy how much you love him."

"Open wide, pumpkin," Fred said, sliding his briefs down slightly past his hips while he lay on his side. Fred's body, and the angle of the camera, was blocking as I could only see the front of Ivy's torso but it was obvious what was going on from the lewd sucking noises coupled with her father's sighs of pleasure. He thrust himself forward a little but wasn't very aggressive as Tina watched; idly playing with the teen's pussy until the older guy grunted loudly. It was funny watching his ass spasm as he came in his daughter's mouth.

"Good girl," he sighed and I laughed because it was this very comforting fatherly kind of voice until Tina told him to take care of the other slut. What I didn't see, due to the positioning of everything, was that Jason was enjoying my niece's ass; he had Cherry bent over the steps and was pounding her from behind with her bikini bottoms stuffed in her mouth to gag her.

"Well since your stepbrother is otherwise occupied you can show me your newfound loyalty," Tina said, a little sass directed her son's way, as she pulled Ivy out of the corner by her hair, to prop the teen on her knees. I saw the blonde's eyes close before Tina pulled aside the crotch of her one piece and cock a leg up on the second rope to shove her hairy gash in her stepdaughter's face. She started to tentatively lick the older woman's bushy twat before Tina got impatient and grabbed a handful of Ivy's blonde hair to hold her head in place as she fucked the teen's face with her juicy cxnt. Ivy was trapped against the middle turnbuckle as she could only sustain the abuse but it looked like her tongue was moving judging by her jaw muscles moving; Jason sooned joined them in the ring, apparently having his fill of my niece as Fred took over, pounding Cherry's ass while she squealed louder.

"I'm ready for her apology now, ma," the twenty something dude said. His cock was hanging out of his jean shorts as he stuffed his skinny seven inch organ in Ivy's mouth after his mom stepped out of the way. Now I could hear my niece's screams as clearly Fred must've been better equipped than his stepson but it was hot knowing the teen was cleaning off Cherry's ass juices before the pair threw her to the mat.

"Don't move, this is how you obey us now; like the slut you are," Tina said, pointing a finger in Ivy's face as the teen lay flat on her back while the milf squatted down in a reverse facesit while Jason took a position between his stepsister's legs. It was hot watching the two of them use the blonde, playing with Ivy's tiny tits, as she clearly came twice from getting fucked by Jason; what I enjoyed most was the mother and son sharing an intimate kiss while they enjoyed the spoils of victory.

"How's that little slut's pussy feel, baby," Tina panted while she ground her gash on the blonde's mouth; completely obscuring Ivy's head under her thighs. "Not as good as yours mom, nobody rides me better than you," he chuckled and they kissed deeply while Jason pumped his stepsister hard through another orgasm as Cherry also squealed aloud as she came from the rough anal fucking.

There wasn't anymore on the video but it was good to know she was enjoying herself though I wondered what a match between this team would do against my ex and her son; I made a mental note to ask Cherry about when she gets back from being their sex slave for the weekend.

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