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Blue and Pink bikini sisters battle for your attention. Chapter 2,3

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Chapter 2:
You admire the sight of these two young healthy sisters, both pressing their soft but fit bodies together.
You admire their combined forms pressed together and you can’t decide who’s bottom looks better as they tighten leg muscles making their booties really seam firm.
They jiggle just a bit as they each press together.
The sight of their bare feet stomping as each pushes the other in this match.
Long flowing hair whips around as they struggle body to body.
They stumble and end up tumbling on the deck.
Danni laughs as her sisters top comes undone. “ Ha, you lose.”
Amber looks pissed and as they roll around on the floor she cheats and takes Danni’s top off.
“If I go topless, so do you.”
Both sisters are now up on their feet.
Danni looks at you as they circle and smiles while Amber sneaks a peak at you but quickly gets a solid wake up call a her sister wildly swings and hits her with a closed fist in the side of the head.
Danni has her hands up and Amber quickly recovers.
They circle, now not worrying about being topless as they exchange jabs.
You can tell they have spared before as each knows the others moves.
Soon Amber shows her advanced skills and rushes her sister who excepts her and they both go down exchanging blows.
Side by side they start kicking and punching.
Neither is smiling now. You are invisible to them as they are in full battle lust.
Danni ends up throwing one of her shapely legs over and partially mounts her sister.
Amber tries to escape and does but loses her bikini bottom as she scampers out of her sisters reach.
“ you give that back!” She bellows.
Danni, holding it like a trophy says “ come and take it.”
Amber rushes at her and again they go down in a tangle of legs and arms.
The anger and passion of these two young women astounds you. Each rolling and screaming as words turn into guttural growls and snarls.
Danni ends up backing away and this time, her sister catches her just before she can get out of arms way and rips her younger sisters bottom off.
Now, it’s Danni’s turn to be upset. “ You tore it!”
Amber smiles and says “ I guess only one of us can get redressed, after this is over. Serves you right for exposing us to him.  I’m going to make you walk home naked.”
Danni speaks as they are still on knees and just before clashing together says “ I don’t think he is minding this at all.”
Both naked sisters catball with lightly trimmed bushes exposed.
Hands raking backs and knees aiming to hurt they each try and kick and knee the other.
First they kick at the others legs but soon the knee strikes are aimed higher.
“you really want to go there little girl? You know I hate that!” Amber warns.
“I think I can take it better than you, besides your  only 3 years older than me.”  Danni challenges.
“really, you want to knee me in my c*nt?! You know I hate that shit. ” Amber growls.
Danni smiles an evil smile “ whatever it takes. I’m tired of you not treating me like a women.”
Amber smiles back her own evil smile “fine. You want to be treated like a women, I will treat you like a women.”
They exchange blows, each being blocked by the others legs.
Each begans to grunt with each strike as they are putting all their force behind each.
“You want to fight to hurt? Let’s go b*tch.” Amber hisses.
Danni hisses back “ bring it, I’m more women that you ever where.”
“Danni, your still learning what a real women can do, let me show you.”
Each sqeeling with each hit received.
They are fighting to hurt now. Not just dominate, but hurt.
Knee hits knee several times.
Danni, now in a rage, grabs her sisters breast and starts to scream just as loud as Amber does from having her breast savaged.
Amber grabs back in rage and both sisters lay side by side squeezing one another’s breasts.
Each writher in pain refusing to let go.
Danni reaches down with her free hand and Amber catches it screaming “ No, No, No!” just before her sister reaches her crotch and they fight with bare hand to hand digging nails into each other.
Baring teeth they both are growling.
They lock eyes for a moment admitting that their level of aggression has advanced beyond what they ever did when they were younger.
Danni tries to reach her sisters crotch but Amber throws her leg over her sister and mounts her losing her breast hold.
Amber squeezes her sisters breast hard.
Danni lets out a full howling scream. A combination of pain and frustration.
In a wild panic Danni slams her head into her sisters.
You hear the ‘thud’.
Both must have seen stars as you see them immediately go quit and  break apart falling to your deck on their backs.
Both girls are sprawled on your deck breathing hard. Sweat coating their equally impressive bodies.
Nail makes visible on one of the breast on both of these young women.
Soft breasts heaving with every breath.
You really had hoped for both of them to come with you, but you realize your boat couldn’t take that.

Chapter 3:
They both begin to recover and after a quick look for where they are and seeing you they spot each other and their pained confused looks turn to anger.
Both naked sisters crawl to each other.
Amber makes it to her knees just as Danni reaches her and they quickly lock fingers together pressing palms.
They press so hard their knees get burned on the deck as they push each other back.
Toned ass cheeks tense as toes try and dig in for traction to the wooden deck floor.
They let go of hands and get each other in a mutual head lock each trying to pull the other down.
They both end up on the floor Amber wrapping her legs around her sisters middle.
Danni tries to fight out of it, but in a moment realizes her mistake and presses herself into her sister forcing her sisters legs wide.
She forces her body to face her sister and fights her sisters hands as she presses her hips into her sisters.
If they were not fighting they would be f*cking, right now you notice.
From your view you see their crotches only a few inches apart.
Amber must have felt her sisters hands move as she yelled “ no, no, no!” 
You see and hear Danni smile as Amber begins to try and get out from  under her sister.
You hear Danni laugh as Amber begins to howl.
You see, as you move, Danni’s hand is now reaching Ambers spread legs and has found her sisters p*ssy.
Amber is trying to release her hand but soon gives up and flips her sister off of her.
Side by side they attack and you see both go in, hands at their hips, attempting to violate the other.
“Fine, let’s do this.” Amber grunts.
Fingers stab deep into each other.
“The deeper you go the Deeper I go.”  Amber growls.
Each begins to scream and buck in pain.
Each raking the others womenhood.  One hand in their opponents crotch and the other trying to fight the hand in theirs.
“I’m going to make it to painful for you to f*ck him!” Amber yells.
“That means you know I’m going to win, big sister!” Danni yells back.
Shallow short breaths as each lay side by side.
Amber begins to cry and eventually pulls her hand out of her sister and with both hands forces her sisters hand out of her crotch.
Danni struggles and goes to her knees laying Amber on her back, she is now on the defence.
They battle for hand control until Danni flips a leg over her sister.
She spreads her legs wide to keep her sister from throwing her off.
Amber manages to pin her sisters hands above her head, using her weight as leverage.
She presses her body into her sister pressing her chest to her sisters.
Amber kicks but Danni’s hips are at her sisters level and Danni lays her hips on top of her sisters.
From your view their bushes are rubbing together.
“Give, big sister”. Danni breathlessly speaks.
Amber lets out another round of energy almost bucking her sister off as she puts her foot soles on the deck and raises Danni up a foot.
She only holds it for a few seconds till they both go crashing to the deck.
They stare at each other as Danni’s matted hair frames her face getting into her sisters eyes.
Danni’s breasts dominate her sisters as they lay chest to chest, belly to belly and hips on hips.
Danni is in the frog position with her legs spread wide.
Amber lets out another attack and again raises her sister up a good foot until she loses her strength.
This time as she falls down her sister slams her one leg between her sisters.
Amber tries to scramble out, but her sister locks her legs around her sisters.
Danni raises herself up “ you better give.”
Amber looks defiantly at her sister.
“Last warning.” Danni says.
Amber is about to say something when you notice Danni take a knee and ram it into her sisters crotch.
Amber opens her mouth having lost her breath.
Danni stays there waiting patiently for her sister to register her c*nt having just been kneed.
“I know I just hit your bush. How do you like that? Do you rember doing that to my a few years ago?” Danni smiles. 
 “Do you give? Or are you women enough to take another?”
Amber looks away, still defiant.
Danni waits and finally looks up at you smiling “ Hi, hope you liked this. I don’t think my sister will be able to join us on this cruise.”
Danni looks down at her sister “ Right?”
Amber still looking away Danni raises her pretty thigh and just presses it into her sisters crotch.”
“Right?!” Danni hisses.
Amber quickly nods her head, still looking away.
Danni removes her thigh from her sisters crotch bring her leg back over sits on her sisters stomach.
She moves up and pins her hands under her knees.
Amber lays there as her sister is now sitting on her breasts.
 Danni gets a truly evil look on her face from a still defiant older sister.
She looks at you and winks. “you really liked that, didn’t you?”
You nod and she thinks for a moment “ So  did I. I have an idea.”
She jumps off her sister and helps her sit up right.
She gets behind her defenseless sister and wraps her legs around her waist.
I saw this on T.V. but never got to try it.
She wraps her arms around her sisters neck and applies a hold. Soon Amber passes out.
“Rear naked choke hold. How cool, I think it worked.” Danni smiles as she lets her sisters unconscious body slump to the deck. “ Can we take her on this cruise? I’d like to try another round with her. I know I can win. “
You ask “ are you sure?”
She looks at you and says “ I know how much you liked this. Unless you have someone else for me to ‘play’ with.”
You chuckle and say “ sure. We sail in a minute.”

To be continued?


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Re: Blue and Pink bikini sisters battle for your attention. Chapter 2,3
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