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Tough Florida Local Girl Humiliates Biker Chick

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Tough Florida Local Girl Humiliates Biker Chick
« on: August 15, 2020, 06:59:27 AM »
 :P Biker chicks have always been known for their cocky ways and showmanship, letting everything loose during bike week. And they were more lascivious than ever this year in Daytona. It was "Show Your Tits" galore and nakedness everywhere -- at least what they could get away with. Daytona police have cracked down in recent years and won't hesitate to arrest anyone out of line. But that's only what the police know about. Sometimes it's the residents of Florida that get out of hand and fight back -- many of whom hate having the bikers show up. Collette Kruse and her family are one such group of folks.

Collette Kruse is an eighteen-year-old girl who happens to be the fattest girl at her high school. She's known for her violence and often picks fights with other girls. Collette has even put a few girls and women in the hospital in fights. That's why she's earned the reputation of "Bulldozer," which got her featured on a local juvenile court program in Florida a few years back. 

:'(  Anyway, Collette's parents placed a fence behind their house years ago to keep people from coming in their yard. The fence lies a few hundred feet back at the far edge of a ravine. Collette's parents have since told Collette to tell them if anyone trespasses back there. "I'll do more than that," she told a friend back in January. "I'll take matters into my own hands.

A couple months later, she had the opportunity. A semi-drunk biker chick had gotten separated from her crowd as she sought a place to piss. They were partying at a nearby park when this 31-year-old blonde slinked away, hopped over a fence and relieved herself in a thicket of trees of Collette's parents property. Collette was clearing some brush out nearby when she saw the woman cross the shallow part of the water, pull down her Levi's and take a piss.

Rather than tell her parents, Collette knew she had to act fast. Otherwise, the woman would get away.

"What the f*ck do you think you're doing?" shouted Collette, as the woman pulled up her tight jeans and zipped them. She was very pretty and wore a light jacket and biker gloves. And she couldn't have been anymore than five-four and 110 pounds. Collette was six-two and three hundred forty pounds.

"I was peeing," she said. "Sorry."
The woman started to walk away when Collette grabbed her arm.
"Hey, get your f*cking hands off me, you fat bitch!"
Collette could tell she was a little drunk; she released her grip on her coat. "You're trespassing."
"So the f*ck what. I'm leaving now."
"Not so fast," said Collette. "Nobody talks to me like that."
"I'll talk to you anyway I want to, you fat f*ck. "You're just some fat local school girl. Probably dumb as hell like most fat asses."
"Perhaps. But I'm also one who's gonna beat your ass."
"Yeah, right," said the woman. Collette grabbed her arm again. The woman jerked her arm loose, then hurled a punch at Collette. The fat girl block the weak blow and hit the blonde in the stomach so hard, it echoed.
"Uhhhhh!" cried the blonde, as she collapsed to her knees on some rocks near the water. "If I were you, I'd stay down and keep my mouth shut, biker cxnt. Otherwise, you're gonna get your face bashed it. The woman's throat churned and she looked frightened. But she still said,
"Suck my twat, you fat high school girl."
Collette gritted her teeth and grabbed the blonde by her hair. The woman screamed, just before a fist came out of nowhere and smashed her in the mouth.
The blonde was stunned.
"F*ck you, you fat bitch," she cried. She dabbed her bloody lips. "You can't do that to me."
"I'm doing it, ain't I. And you can't say I didn't warn you."
The woman tried to get up and run but a second punch struck her right eye. Collette then pounded her with heavy blows to the mouth and eyes. She finally lifted her immense leg and stomped down on the woman's shoulder. When the woman sank down onto the rocks, listless and limp, Collette smelled victory. She promptly jumped on top of the woman and started beating her some more.
Collette ended up beating the hapless biker chick to a bloody pulp and knocking her out. She then dragged her across the rocks, picked her up between her legs and tossed her over the five-foot fence behind her property.

Collette didn't tell her parents about the incident and often wonders what happened to the woman. No charges were ever filed. To this day, she continues to beat up classmates and rivals at other schools. But her favorite beating was the one she gave the biker chick after she pissed on her property.


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