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Rivals Finally Settle the Score

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Rivals Finally Settle the Score
« on: August 16, 2020, 09:13:35 AM »
Their husbands belong to the same social club, they run in the same circles and they’ve always been competitive with each other over popularity.

Alissa, tan, blonde, 43 years old 5’8 tall, 140 lbs.
Betty, tan, blonde, 45 years old , 5’5 tall 135 lbs.

Alissa and Betty both have a competitive streak and a desire for attention and to be seen as the popular one leading to a bit of tension lying just below the surface of their friendship. The competition bubbled over one night when they were watching the latest UFC PPV at the social club. As the female fight started they both cheered on a different fighter. As the fight progressed and they rooted for their favorite, they began trash talking each other - almost unconsciously. Their husbands took notice along with others at the party and began egging them on. Suddenly someone yelled out “who do you think would win a fight between Betty and Alissa?”  Almost immediately sides were taken, shouts for both came from the party. Alissa seemed to take offense, turning to the crowd “Come on, I’m bigger and stronger than her”. Betty shot back “Don’t be so sure, size isn’t everything”. Alissa laughed, “Yeah, right. That’s funny let’s come back to reality now Betty! I would crush you”. The party let out a collective “WHOA! You take take that, Betty?” It was like a bunch of high school kids. Betty walked directly up to Alissa and said “Try me!”  Their husbands made sure they remained separated as the confrontation heated up. “Alright, lets go!! Right here right now, Betty!!!”  “Fuck you Alissa!!” The husbands had a better idea   Another member of the club has a friend who runs a local wrestling school. He has access to his ring. “Let’s let them settle this.” “Ok, hold on not here. How about we set up a fight in a ring in two months?” “We’ll set some rules and I’ll have my friend give each of you some training”. Both girls agreed. Alissa said “I’m going to crush you, bitch!” Betty shot back “I’ve been looking for a reason to kick your ass for a while!!”

The rules were worked out - both girls will wear bikinis and be barefoot. The fight will be a “belly punch wrestling match”. No strikes to the face, no strikes to the crotch - winner by 3 count pin, knock out or submission. Winner gets to humiliate the loser.

Each girl received a few hours of training as well as a training regime to follow in the lead up to fight night. Both girls trained religiously they each had something to prove.

Finally the night had arrived - FIGHT NIGHT.  The people at the party met at the wrestling school with nervous excitement. The crowd seemed evenly split between fans of Betty and Alissa. Alissa made her way to the ring first. Her hair was in a tight ponytail and she wore a blue bikini. Betty was next entering the ring with her hair in a ponytail wearing a red bikini. It was evident that both girls had been training. The energy was electric. The rules were explained to the crowd and the girls retreated to their corners.

The bell rang, the girls met in the center of the ring and circled a few times. Each looking for their opportunity. Betty raised her hands for a test of strength. Alissa raised hers and they locked hands. Both girls arms flexing as they tried to gain the advantage. Alissa, who is a few inches taller with thicker hips and legs began to gain the advantage. Just as Betty’s knees began to buckle, she kicked Alissa hard in the belly causing her to grunt and double over. Alissa was caught off guard. Betty keeps control of Alissa’s hands and delivers a hard knee lift to her belly winding her. Alissa grunts again and her knees begin to buckle, Betty keeps the momentum pushing Alissa hard into the corner, draping Alissa’s arms over the top rope and delivers a hard jab to her belly button. Alissa grunts, Betty grabs the middle rope with both hands, steps back and uses the ropes to help drive a shoulder block deep into Alissas belly. Alissa slouches into the corner, Betty steps back and delivers another, then another using her legs and pulling on the middle rope to drive each shoulder deeper into Alissas belly. Betty can feel Alissas body being crushed between her shoulder and the turn buckle. Winded, feeling the effects of Bettys  belly attacks Alissa can only grunt as she takes each shoulder. She can feel Bettys shoulder as it crushes her into the turnbuckle driving the breath from her body. Betty delivers a hard right to Alissas  belly followed quickly by a left. Alissa is grunting, coughing, she can’t catch her breath and Betty knows it. Betty turns her attention to Alissas ribs and kidney. Betty wants to HURT  her. Make her pay for all the times she’s disrespected and slighted her. Betty channels all that rage into a spot on Alissas kidney. This one is going to hurt. With Alissa still draped in the corner trying to breath, POW with all her might she hits Alissa with a hard right directly into the soft flesh above her kidney. THUD the sound of Bettys  fist thudding into Alissas  side seemed to echo through the crowd. Alissas eyes widen, her mouth opens wide as she grunts loudly, her side shuttering from the power of the punch. The force of the blow surprised and hurt Alissa. Betty is now determined to damage Alissas  body - she knows if Alissa can’t breath she can’t fight plus if she can hurt her in front of her own friends she’d shut her mouth once and for all. She finally has the bigger girl right where she wants her. Bettty again channels her rage and hits Alissa with a hard right to the kidney followed by a quick left to the belly THUD THUD. She delivers four more combinations THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD echoes through the crowd. Alissa can only absorb each blow, grunting, coughing and twisting her body on each impact as the air she desperately tries to breath in is continually pounded from her body.  She begins to slump deeper in the corner. Betty grabs Alissa by the hair forcing her to look her in the eye. Betty sees the pain and panic in her face, she smiles at her and says “What’s the matter? Can’t you breathe?” Betty then delivers a hard brutal knee to her kidney SMACK. Alissa lets out a sickening “Ooouuuuuffffff” her body shutters and she falls to the mat sitting in the corner. Alissas is in trouble and the crowd knows it. She sits on the mat, her body  drenched in sweat, her belly heaving trying to catch her breath, on fire with pain from the damage Betty has inflicted. She tries to catch her breath she knows she can’t take much more of this.

Betty looks down at Alissa trying to recover, holding her belly and ribs trying desperately to breath. Betty leans down face to face with her and laughs “See bitch, Size isn’t everything!!” She stands and presses her foot in Alissas face “Get used to this, I’ll have you begging me to stop as you kiss my feet!” Betty then brushes Alissas arms away from her stomach and delivers a hard stomp to her belly before walking across the ring raising her arms flexing and playing to the crowd. Alissa, desperately trying to draw in a breath falls to her side covering her belly and ribs. Betty looking into the crowd points to her “She’s bigger and stronger huh? Doesn’t look so strong now does she?”  Alissa knows she must get out of the corner so she pulls herself to her hands and knees and begins to crawl trying to get as far away from the corner as possible. She’s hurt and she knows it, it’s all she can do to get a few feet towards the center of the ring. Betty, still working the crowd walks over grabs Alissa by the ponytail pushing her head towards her foot “Now, kiss my feet!” Alissa resists and breathlessly responds “Fuck ..... you ..... Betty”.  She presses her head harder closer to her foot “I told you I would make you beg me to stop while kissing my feet. Now let’s get to it!”  Alissa shoots back “Go fuck yourself!”  Betty is pissed she pulls her to her knees by her ponytail and looks her in the eye. Alissa senses the opportunity places her left hand in Bettys hip and just as Betty says “Listen, Bitch!! Your gonna be—- Ooouuuuuffffff” Alissa connects with a stiff right to Bettys belly button. Betty doubles over and releases Alissas ponytail but Alissa pushes on delivering another stiff punch to her belly then grabbing Bettys ankle trips her to the mat. She continues to press her advantage as she maneuvers Betty into a seated body scissors. Alissa knows she’s hurt but if she can use her strong thighs to wear Betty down she may have a chance. Alissa squeezes with all her strength and Betty moans in pain. Alissa can feel Betty’s body constricting from the pressure. Betty now is struggling to breath, her breath being squeezed from her body slowly. Betty feels Alissas legs loosen for a moment and she tries to get a breath but just then Alissa slams her thick legs together tighter, harder than before. “Uuuuuggggghhhhhhhh you bitch!”  Betty can feel Alissas thigh muscles flex causing her thick legs to crush Bettys body cutting into her sides like steel cables. Betty can’t breath, Alissas legs are slowly crushing her. Alissa is pouring on the pressure and still trying to recover from the beating she endured but she can feel Betty struggling to breath so she squeezes even tighter. Betty attacks Alissas ankles trying to pry them apart but she has them locked together too tight. Alissa squeezes even harder and Betty moans in agony, she can’t breath and is beginning to get desperate. She turns her attention to Alissas thighs trying to force them apart trying to get enough room to take a breath but Alissa squeezes even harder.Betty grunts and moans in pain, Alissa can feel her fading. She can feel her wearing down. Betty now is covered in sweat as she endures Alissas bone crushing body scissors. Alissa slams her legs even harder forcing more breath from Bettys  body. Betty is desperate she throws an elbow back and connects with Alissas ribs. She throws another that connects with Alissas side - the point of Bettys elbow hitting her in the exact same spot over her kidney. Alissa grunts as pain shoots through her body. She releases the body scissors and rolls to her side. Betty inhaled deeply trying to catch her breath. She slowly makes it to her feet and walks over to Alissa still laying on her side holding her ribs. Betty soccer kicks her in the belly, Alissa grunts as her body shutters from the solid kick. Betty, pissed off about the scissors yells “You stupid fuck, your going to pay for that!!” Betty delivers another hard solid kick to her belly and again channels all her anger and rage lifts her foot and drives a nasty heel stomp as hard as she could into Alissas kidney. Betty then drops to her knees and delivers a double axe handle to Alissas ribs her body shudders from the impact. Alissa is hurt and winded again. Betty pushes forward holding Alissa on her side and while kneeling in front of her delivers two hard knees to Alissas belly. Alissa grunts as her body folds around Bettys knee. Betty then rolls Alissa onto her belly and drops her knee in the small of her back. Betty stands up and again turns to the crowd “Bigger and stronger look at her now!” Alissa is weak and winded she lays there face down struggling to breath and muster any strength, her body on fire from the beating Betty has inflicted on her. Betty walks over and begins stomping her heel to the back of Alissas thighs several times before dropping her knee into the back of Alissas right leg, grabbing her ankle, bending her leg. Betty grabs Alissas  foot wrenching it in a tight ankle lock. Allisa yells out in pain as Betty wrenches her ankle as hard as she can, twisting her Alissas ankle so hard it looks like she’s trying to break her foot off her leg. “How’s your legs now?”  Betty finally release the hold only to stomp Alissa  in the small of her back causing her to grunt and arch her back. Betty grabs her by the ponytail and pulls her up belly down onto her knee delivering a few hard punches to the small of her back before grabbing Alissas  bikini bottoms giving her a massive wedgie. “You know what happens to bad girls, right?” Alissa’s thick ass now exposed to the crowd, Betty slaps her ass with all her might. “They get a spanking” Betty delivers several hard spanks that echo through the crowd while Alissa thick ass checks juggle from each impact until a red hand print is visible. Betty pushes Alissa off her knee and she crashes to the mat in a heap. Betty grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her hands and knees. “You’re such a loser, it’s time to kiss” Alissa refuses. Betty holds her by the ponytail and kicks her in the ribs - THUD as the top of her foot slams into Alissas side. Alissa twists and grunts. “Lets go, beg me to stop and kiss my feet” Alissa just kneels on her hands and knees. Betty kicks her in the ribs even harder - THUD, again Alissa grunts and twists coughing “Ok, stop! Stop!”  “That doesn’t sound like begging to me” another kick, this time to Alissas  kidney - THUD she grunts and twists “Uuugggghhhhhh Ok cough Ok please stop. You win I am begging you!” Betty says “good girl. Now kiss my feet” Alissa cries “Please don’t make me I am humiliated enough” THUD another kick to Alissas  kidney this time she rolls on to her back coughing. “If you won’t kiss then you can lick” Betty stomps Alissa in the belly. Alissa  can no longer resist, she’s just about out of it and Betty foot sinks deep into her belly. Betty presses her foot into Alissas face “Lick” Alissa turns her head and Betty unloads stomp after brutal stomp into her belly THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD Alissa can’t defend herself, her abs have been pounded to mush. She feels Bettys foot penetrate deep into her gut crushing her stomach. It feels like Betty’s foot is stomping through to her spine. THUD THUD THUD THUD Betty can feel her foot mash into Alissas belly. She can feel her abs squish under her foot with every stomp. Alissa grunts after each stomp, it’s all she can do. Finally it’s all Alissa can do “cough cough Ok, Ok grunt cough cough I can’t take anymore. You’re the better woman. I’ll kiss your feet” She’s been beaten down by the smaller girl, Allissa knows she’s at Bettys mercy. Betty laughs “See? I told you” she delivers another hard kick to her kidney rolling her on to her belly. “Say you submit” Betty kicks Alissa hard in the ribs. “Uuuggghhhhhh” grunts Alissa. “I want you to say it” another kick. “I want the crowd to hear you say I SUBMIT” another kick followed by a solid stomp. It feels like Betty’s foot is stomping completely through Alissas body crushing her gut to the floor. Alissa is helpless “Ok Ok I submit I submit” Betty smiles and delivers one last hard brutal kick to her ribs. Betty sticks her feet under Alissas face and makes her kiss, lick and smell each foot. Betty raises her arms flexing in victory while Alissa worships her feet.

Just when Alissa thought the nightmare was over, Betty pulls her up to her hands and knees again and begins to make her crawl around the ring on all fours. The crowd is cheering and Alissa is hurt and moving slow due to the beating she received. Betty gets her near the edge of the ring and kicks her again in the kidney forcing her to roll onto her back. Betty utilizes the top rope to balance herself as she stomps then stands on her belly. Alissa grabs Bettys calfs in a desperate attempt to relieve some of the weight as Betty begins bouncing up and down trampling her belly with all her weight “Oooaaaaffff uuuuggggghhhh ughhhhhhhh” Betty is bouncing so hard she swears her feet are hitting the mat. Alissas arms slowly drop to her sides. She’s finally out Betty dished out more than Alissas body could endure. She laid there KOd covered in sweat. The crowd was in disbelief Betty destroyed Alissa taking the bigger girl apart. There’s no doubt who the popular one will be now. Will Alissa ever be able to show her face again at the club.

Please provide feedback. What did you like, what didn’t you like, what should I add?
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Re: Rivals Finally Settle the Score
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Great one sided fight and humiliation the loser had to suffer.  Excellent description and creativity. Thanks for posting.  Maybe a private rematch when Alissa recovers. ;)
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Re: Rivals Finally Settle the Score
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Great story! Perhaps a private fight in future, with more interaction with the husbands? Thanks for sharing.


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Re: Rivals Finally Settle the Score
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Great story love the belly beating