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Nate, Come On Down!! (Pro Handicap Match)

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Nate, Come On Down!! (Pro Handicap Match)
« on: September 04, 2020, 10:54:54 PM »
(This story starts ten seconds after the end of Cousin Timothy vs His Grandmothers in a Handicap Professional Wrestling Match)

Waiting for me in the ring were Colleen and Hope. We’re all in college, Colleen in her last year, me in my second, and Hope in her first. Colleen’s extra two years made her something of a veteran among the cousins, while Hope was green as grass - this was only her third match, and she’d lost the first two pretty convincingly, even against other 18 year old rookies.

You could tell how experienced my opponents were, or lack thereof, just to look at them; besides Colleen’s quiet confidence and Hope’s nerves, my older cousin was in great shape, showing off her ripped arms and cut abs in a navy blue bikini top and thong bottom, while Hope was quite a bit heavier and softer looking, her form still padded with baby fat she was trying to cover up with a very conservative pink one-piece. Hope had a chubby, round face, her blonde hair in a long braid, while Colleen had a longer oval-shaped face, her brown hair in a big, high ponytail.

"Tough break, cuz," Colleen told me. "Well, I'd say we're going to go easy on you, but... uh, we're not."
"Thanks. You're all heart."
"Oh, come on." She slapped me playfully on the shoulder. "Big strong guy like you, you can take on two girls yourself, right?"
“Do I have any choice?”
“No,” she laughed. “Okay, Hope, you ready?”

“Let me at him,” Hope growled, smacking one fist into her palm. I bit down a laugh; she was about as intimidating as the family cat when she wanted to be let out on the porch. As I stripped down to my thong bottoms, I thought I had an idea of Colleen’s battle plan, guessing that she wanted Hope to take the lead against me and get some experience under her belt, while Colleen herself would hang back in the corner offering advice and get tagged in if Hope needed a break or got overwhelmed. I still wasn't happy about having to wrestle two cousins myself, but this seemed as fair a setup as there could be under the conditions; it sure beat both of them getting in the ring and jumping me.

I faced off with Hope as her partner left to stand on the ring apron in their corner. Hope was already sweating, her arms shaking with nervous energy as she offered me a test of strength. I accepted to see how she’d do; she had some muscle in her thick arms as she started pushing against me with a grunt. She was actually stronger than me, but her form wasn’t great; instead of pushing down to force me to my knees, she was working at an angle, and I let her just push me backwards.

“No, no!” Colleen yelled, seeing what was happening. “Get him down! Like I showed you!” It didn’t help; I was able to angle my body around to change which way Hope was pushing me, pressing back against her enough to make her keep working hard, and I let her start tiring herself out shoving me around the ring in a large, sloppy circle.

Whenever we came near her corner, my cousin would try to press me back into it so Colleen could grab me, but I made sure her effort just ended up pushing me sideways away from the danger zone. After a few minutes of this my opponent was getting gassed; ready to move on to the next phase of the match I surprised her with a kick to the gut, my foot sinking deep into her soft tummy.

Hope released my hands, stumbling backwards; for a second she teetered on her feet, then collapsed forward, just managing to put her hands out and end up on all fours. I came around to her front, cupping her face and tilting her head up so she was looking at me.

“Hey, feeling tired?” I asked. She just nodded, panting. “Gotta work on your conditioning. You know, people usually think it’s all strength, but if you don’t have endurance, you can find yourself in big trouble pretty fast.”

“Uh huh,” she gasped. I helped her up to her feet, but when she tried to take a step away from me I held on to her arm, using it to whip her into my corner (well, I say my corner; there was nobody there - Tim was still laying on the mats outside the ring. I guess I should say I whipped her into the corner across the ring from her own where my partner should have been but that doesn’t quite roll off the tongue). Hope had enough training to turn and take the impact on her back, but she still took it pretty hard, leaning back against the ropes with a tired moan as I came up on her. I punched her hard in the stomach, and she leaned forward protectively; before she could bend over and cover herself I braced my left arm on her collarbone, pushing her vertical so I could hit her again.

“Get out of there!” Colleen screamed uselessly as I lined up a third punch. “Don’t let him - no!” the brunette wailed as I hit Hope with another gutbuster. My opponent sagged, and I watched as she slowly slid down until she was sitting, her arms over the middle ropes, her chin resting on her chest. “Hey!” Colleen yelled. “Nate, come over here!” Curious, I left Hope sitting there and wandered over to her team’s corner to see what her partner wanted. Colleen looked relieved that I was there instead of destroying Hope with stomach kicks or something.

“Nate, hi. Can you bring her over here so I can tag-”
“Wait, wait, wait. Not only do you want me to let her tag in, you want me to drag her over here to do it?”
“Ummm…. Yes?”
“Why in the world would I do that?”
“Because you’re my favorite cousin?” she tried, batting her dark eyes at me. I just shook my head and turned around to go back to Hope, who was still helpless in the corner. “Okay, wait, wait,” Colleen grabbed my shoulder before I could leave. “Look, just give her a chance, okay?”

She yanked me a half step back into her corner, her hand drifting down my body towards my bottoms: “Come on, you’ll really want to get in the ring with me,” she purred. I stepped away before she could get her hands in my bottoms, ignoring her pouty sigh of disappointment. I went back to the corner, watching Hope for an ambush; she was still too wrecked to move, barely even able to look up at me as I stood over her.

“Up we go,” I pulled my opponent to her feet and whipped her hard into her corner. Now what I expected to happen was for Hope to smash into the ringpost hard enough to send Colleen flying off the ring apron, then I’d come up behind my blonde cousin and continue working her over as her partner lay moaning on the mats outside the ring.

Sure enough Hope slammed into the ringpost with tremendous force, hitting hard and then flopping backwards, but Colleen had seen her coming with plenty of time and sidestepped, then lay down on the apron, reaching under the ropes and slapping her cousin’s bare foot, which I guess counted as a tag as Colleen stood up and vaulted the top rope, coming in to face me. It seemed like she thought I’d done this on purpose as she gave me a small nod of respect before raising her hands and offering a test of strength.

There was no way I was going to go for this; at the best of times I knew she’d be able to overpower me, and although Hope hadn’t inflicted any damage on me, I’d used a fair bit of energy beating her up. Right now I was really missing having a partner to tag in so I could catch my breath. Seeing I wasn’t going for it, Colleen slowly lowered her hands with a smile.
“Okay, you’re not going for that? Are you sure you don’t want to see who’s stronger?”
“I already know you are,” I admitted.
“What was that?” She cupped her hand to her ear, imitating either Hulk Hogan or Grandma Edna from the previous match.

I grabbed her wrist, and as she squealed in surprise I whipped her into the ropes, waiting for her to bounce off so I could show off my dropkick. Unfortunately, she managed to stop herself, and although I think my dropkick was pretty sweet, it missed by a good ten feet, and I ended up laying on my back as Colleen tried not to laugh at me.

“Ohhhhh, Nate, I’m sorry,” she walked up to me. “I didn’t mean to ruin your spot. You want to try that again?”
“No,” I grumbled, getting up.
“Then maybe I’ll show you how it’s done!” my cousin yelled, grabbing me and whipping me into the ropes. On instinct I turned and bounced off, running at her as I saw her setting up for her own dropkick; there was no way I was going to stop and instead I ducked as low as I could, barely clearing her as she yelled in surprise. She landed on her back and sat up, just in time for me to bounce off the ropes again and finally get my dropkick, a seated variant.

The bottoms of my feet slammed into the back of my cousin’s head, and she was knocked forward, landing on her chest with a squawk. I dropped an elbow into her lower back, then sat on her butt and unhooked her bikini top. She recovered quicker than I anticipated, bucking me off and rolling over, one arm over her chest holding her top in place.

“Aww, Nate, you wanted to see them?” she purred as we both slowly stood up. “All you had to do was ask...” She dropped the top, and even knowing she was up to something I couldn’t help ogling her natural naked tits; I saw her moving, but was too slow to react in time as she came in and lifted me right off my feet, running a few steps holding me, then falling forward and slamming me on the mat, her body pressing against mine as she landed on me. She rolled off me, pulling me up to my feet, but before she could press her attack, her partner started barking at us from the corner.

“Hey! Colleen! Heeeeyyyyyy! Come tag me back in!”
Colleen half-turned to look at her, keeping enough of an eye on me to make sure I didn’t launch myself at her. We both looked Hope over; she still looked pretty gassed to me, panting and covered in sweat, her face flushed. I could see Colleen weighing the options; it looked like she was going to tell our cousin not yet, and I saw my chance.

“Colleen!” I stage whispered, waving her closer. “I’ve got an idea.” I motioned for her to get even closer and she took the bait, leaning in to hear what I was going to say. “Watch this.” I grabbed her and threw her into her corner; she yelled in angry surprise, but couldn't stop, smashing chest-first into the ringpost, bouncing off it and landing hard on her back. For a minute I was worried she’d bounced too far for her partner to reach, but Hope copied her cousin’s earlier move, getting down on her belly on the ring apron, reaching under the bottom rope and tagging out on Colleen’s leg.

Hope climbed into the ring and we faced off again. She made a badly telegraphed grab at my thong; I weaved back, away from her grasping hands, coming forward again with a hard kick to the belly, winding my opponent as she tried to stay standing, covering her tummy and moaning. I grabbed her shoulders, holding her still for my followup kneestrike, my kneecap smashing into her belly.

Hope fell down with a gasp, landing awkwardly on her chest, and I sat down on her butt, unzipping her one-piece. She crawled away from me before I could get it off, slowly getting to her feet; as we closed she reached behind her body, trying to re-zip her suit.

“You know, it’s considered kind of bush league to re-zip during the match,” I told her as I came in on her. “Plus, it leaves you defenseless with your hands back there.” She realized her mistake too late as I kicked out her right leg, arcing my foot around to hit the back of her knee; to her credit she managed to control her fall, dropping into a kneel instead of flopping on her back. This didn’t do her much good as I backed up and came forward with a punt, my foot snapping her head back as she went over backwards with a muffled scream.

I sat down on Hope’s hips, working the shoulder straps down on her suit; I had to pull her upper body off the mat to finish getting the material down around her stomach, freeing her fat tits. I resisted the urge to give them a few slaps, instead pinning her ankles under my legs, sliding down her body as much as I dared; if I went too far down I was worried she’d buck me off, but I also wanted to be able to get my mouth on her chest.

First I got her warmed up, teasing her big, rubbery nipples with my fingertips, my opponent moaning underneath me as I worked her tits. I rode out a few attempts to unseat me; she didn’t quite know how to get as much power as she could into her legs, which I was thankful for. After a while she seemed to accept she couldn’t buck me off and instead started trying to pull her hands free; I ignored this as best I could, stepping up my own attack as I started sucking on her boobs, running my tongue around her nipples, my hand playing with her other breast.

"God damn it!" Colleen screamed from her team's corner. "Don't let him do that! Come on, fight back!" When this didn't work, she switched to yelling at me: "Nate, let her up! She can't get out of that!"
"Why would I do that?” I leaned up to yell back. ”Is whoever she wrestles next going to let her up when she can't escape?" I smugly went back to teasing Hope’s now rock-hard nipples.

"Fuck," Colleen mumbled, which I took as an admission of agreement. Hope seemed to be in a daze; she’d stopped trying to free her hands, and I cautiously lifted my butt off her, ready to slam it back down if she tried to escape. She didn’t, and I shifted my weight a bit, getting my right leg between her thighs and pressing it against her pussy, wishing I’d managed to get her suit all the way off. I laid on top of her and pressed this attack for a little bit; by now Hope was moaning and panting under me, apparently unable to resist, and I decided to go for the finish.

But first I had to get her suit the rest of the way off, and this turned out to be more of a problem than I’d anticipated; I got off her, secured the best two-handed grip I could, and started shimmying the material down her body. She was sticky with sweat, and this took longer than I wanted, but I got there eventually, finally slipping her pink swimsuit off her legs.

Hope!!” Colleen shrieked loud enough to wake the dead. The blonde sat up with a startled gasp; I just stared at Colleen, unable to believe she could yell that loudly. “Fucking get up!” Colleen screamed. “Get him! Get UP!” I turned back to Hope, but it was too late; she was climbing to her feet, and I had to as well; Hope was clearly still pretty dazed, and I came at her quickly, hoping I could take her down to the mat and pick up right where I’d left off.

Instead I walked into a huge right hook, my cousin’s fist slamming into my jaw, and I found myself laying on the mat on my chest. I’d like to say I was more shocked than hurt, but that shot hurt pretty bad; I knew I had to get up before Hope got another move in. I started rolling over, but that was just in time to watch as she jumped and landed with her fat ass square on my stomach.

I felt like I had just been broken in half as Hope rolled me over, yanking off my thong and tossing it to her partner. I guess I’d angered her as she hefted me over her knee and started furiously spanking my bare ass, much to Colleen’s delight, the brunette laughing as I yelped with each hit.

I tried to wriggle off Hope’s leg, but she applied a strong hammerlock with her free hand, keeping me stuck there as she spanked me like a misbehaving child.
“Hey, Nate! I think she’s got you!” Colleen laughed.
“Shut up,” I yelled back before yelping as Hope gave me another hard spank. “I got her just where I want her - ow!”
“Hope, look! He’s got a boner!”

I hadn’t gotten hard from my cousin spanking me; it was still hard from working over her big tits. I guess at this point Hope felt she’d proved her point as her hand left off spanking me, dropping between my legs; I gasped as she grabbed my cock and started milking it quickly. At this point I think I caught a bit of a lucky break as her handjob was so coarse it turned me off a little bit; it sure didn’t feel lucky at the time as it felt like she was trying to rip my dick off at the end of every downstroke.

This did at least give me a little time to think; the plan I came up with was simple as I reached behind Hope’s outstretched right leg and started tickling the back of her knee. This worked as she dumped me off her, rolling backwards on the mat with a shriek of helpless laughter. I got to my feet as quickly as I could; my midsection had just about recovered from her banzai drop, but my ass and dick were pretty sore.  I had it in mind to stalk Hope and attack before she got up, but I was preempted by Colleen yelling  from her corner.

“Hope! Catch!” I looked over in disbelief to see her holding a bottle of baby oil. Now women using baby oil to enhance a handjob attack on a guy was so old it was basically a venerated tradition, but usually the women at least had some pretense of keeping it secret - stashing the oil in their corner, one woman coating the other’s hands when they made a tag, that kind of thing; just whipping the bottle out like this was a bit gauche. I was so annoyed I turned my back on Hope, stomping over to where Colleen stood on the ring apron.

“Seriously?! You guys already have a two-on-one on me, and you’re going to just blatantly cheat on top of that?”
“Uhhh…” Colleen looked down at the bottle in her hands like she was seeing it for the first time, then back up at me. “Yes?”
“Look,” I spread my hands in peace as I edged towards her. “She needs experience, right?”
“Yeah,” Colleen admitted, eyeing me suspiciously.
“Well, I’m going to last a lot longer without her using the baby oil.”
“Oh,” she mumbled. I kept edging closer as it looked like she was about to put the bottle down on the ring apron. “Oh, wait. Noooo you don’t! You almost had me, Nate! She needs to learn how to do it with the oil. Yup, that’s right!”

Well, talking hadn’t worked, so I lunged at her; I caught her by surprise, but she reacted quickly, and before I could knock her off the ring apron she chucked the bottle over my shoulder. Colleen took the hit better than I expected; she went backwards off the apron, but managed to land on her feet. I turned away from her as she clambered back up on the apron as it was time for me to face Hope, who had already squirted the oil on her hand, and was now wringing them together, spreading the glistening baby oil on her palms and fingers. God damn it.

“Come over here,” she ordered, wiggling her slick fingers at me. I came at her cautiously; if I could get her down and get the right position, I thought I could still finish her with a sexual attack, but now that she had the advantage of the oil, I’d probably be toast if she could get her hands around my cock. I’d have to find some way where I could get at her without her being able to use her hands, no easy task.

First I had to get to grips with her; I played hurt, letting her close in until she made to grab me, then darted forward past her hands, wrapping my arms around her thick midsection, picking her up off the mat and slamming her down on her back. I dropped an elbow into her tummy just to keep her down, then laid on top of her in a 69 position; I trapped her wrists against the mats under my knees, keeping her hands neutralized, and made sure to keep my hips high over her head. I leaned down between her legs and started eating her out; for a few seconds I was sure of victory, hearing Hope moan as I gave her wet pussy long licks.

Unfortunately, I’d somehow forgotten that my dick was hanging down right in front of Hope’s mouth (I can only blame this on fatigue from the match, I really don’t have any excuse), which I was rudely reminded of as Hope leaned up and took my tip between her lips. I froze as she started frantically sucking my cock, her mouth flying up and down my shaft. I thought of trying to finish her first by eating her out, but I realized this was a fight I couldn’t win; this seemed like another move she’d been practicing, and I was going to be shooting down her throat in no time at the pace she was going. I tried to get off her, but she reached up and held my hips in place; even worse she locked her legs around my head, and I was only able to flop over on my side, leaving us facing each other.

 “Yeah, that’s it!” Colleen egged on her partner. “He’s gonna cum any minute! Don’t stop!” She wasn’t wrong, unfortunately; I tried my last ace, reaching around Hope’s hips and pressing my finger against her asshole. I guess this was one move she hadn’t practiced, as she yelled in surprise, releasing both my cock and my head; I rolled away from her, getting up as quick as I could, Hope also shakily getting to her feet and facing off with me. “Tag!” Colleen yelled. “Tag me in!”

“What?” Hope half-turned away from me. “I got him right where I want him!”
“Don’t take a chance; you did great, let me finish him!”
“No!” Hope turned completely away from me to yell at our cousin; I couldn’t believe my luck as she made a classic rookie mistake. Colleen saw this too, yelling over her partner to turn around, but it was too late as I came up behind Hope, locking a sleeper on with my left arm, my right snaking between her legs. She yelped, trying to close her thighs, too late as I slipped one finger in and started pumping.

Just to be sure I pulled her down to the mat so I was sitting behind her; she tried to escape by elbowing me, but her body was so much wider than mine she couldn’t get in a good hit, and before she could try another escape I felt her give in to the pleasure, leaning back against me, her body going limp. I finished her with just one finger, keeping the sleeper loose, curling my finger against her G-spot as she bucked against me, her head lolling back on my left shoulder as she reached a screaming orgasm. I released her, getting to my feet, leaving Hope panting on her back; I barely had time to enjoy my victory as Colleen was climbing into the ring.

“What are you doing?” I yelled at my cousin.
“You finished her, now I’m the legal woman.”
“I haven’t even pinned her yet!”
“Oh, please,” Colleen came up to me. “We both know she’s not getting up from that. Now it’s you and me.”
“You don’t even want to help her up?” I was playing for time, trying to calm down; One good stroke from Colleen and I’d be going off in her hand, and from the glances she kept stealing at my cock she knew it too.

“No, she’s got a great view from here. Come on, let’s go!” With that she lunged low; I saw this coming just in time, managing to catch her, using her own momentum to lift her up, spin her around and bring her down to the mat on her back. Colleen was the only fighter left wearing anything, and I went for her bottoms, gripping the waistband and yanking them off in one smooth motion.

Snarling, Colleen got to her knees and launched herself at me; I just had time to get out of the way, throwing myself to the left and landing hard on my side as she barrelled past. I had to suppress a laugh as she ran past me, tripping over Hope with a scream and faceplanting gracelessly on the mat.

I got up and ran over to Colleen, nimbly hopping over Hope, who was just starting to stir; I dragged Colleen over to the ropes, laying her neck across the middle one, bracing my leg on her back and pushing down. Colleen gagged, frantically pawing at the ropes as I choked her; I had her good, grabbing the middle rope and pulling it up for good measure.

I was in a great position, but I kept looking over my shoulder; I could just imagine Hope recovering, getting up, grabbing me, and both of my cousins double-teaming me. My blonde cousin slowly rolled over and got up, and I breathed a sigh of relief as instead of coming to her partner’s aid she slowly went to her corner and got out on the ring apron. But I guess I’d let my concentration drift a little bit as Colleen managed to slip out from under my leg; I backed off and we squared off.

“Nice move, cuz,” she rubbed her neck, which had an angry red stripe from the rope. “Now come over here, I want to try that on you.”
“No thanks.” We circled, both on high alert for the other to make a move. With a start I realized that Colleen had maneuvered me so my back was to her corner; she smiled as she started pressing forward, trying to force me close enough to her partner to get grabbed. I tried to go around Colleen on her left side, but I was gassed from wrestling the whole match without a break, moving too slowly to dodge my opponent’s side kick, her foot slamming into my stomach.

I bent over and Colleen came around to my side, slapping a strong headlock on me. Before I could try to escape she dragged me back into her corner; my butt hit the middle turnbuckle and I knew I was in trouble as I felt Hope’s hands on my hips.

“Like we practiced!” Colleen called over her shoulder. I yelped into her side as one of Hope’s oil-slick fingers slid up my ass and she started stroking my prostate. I’m not sure who she’d been practicing this on, but she drained the fight right out of me; it was all I could do to stand, even in Colleen’s headlock, my legs shaking as my cousin fingered my asshole. Her other hand came back around my body and she gave me a quick reach-around.
“Nate,” Hope told me in a husky stage whisper. “You fingered my ass and made me cum, now it’s my turn to do that to you.”
“No thanks,” I grunted, uselessly slapping Colleen’s side.
“You don’t have any choice! It’s over; your ass is mine!”
“Literally,” Colleen giggled. “Okay, make him cum!”

All I could do was hold on to Colleen’s arm and hips as Hope applied her combination oil check and reacharound handjob; the obvious escape was getting a hand into Colleen’s crotch, but although my brain issued the orders, my body failed to respond, rendered helpless by Hope’s humiliating handjob.

My cousin finished me off, neither her finger or hand slowing as I came, shooting my load straight down on the mat; I sank down to my knees, then flopped over on my chest, just managing not to land in the pool of spunk I’d left on the mat. I slowly rolled over to see my cousins celebrating with a hug. Finished with this, Colleen came over and planted one foot on my chest, flexing as she counted me out. I made to get up and head to the back, but she pressed her foot down, keeping me there.

“Oh, no, we’re not quite done with you yet. You know what’s coming next!”
“I wanna sit on his face!” Hope yelled.
“No, you lost. You’ll just have to watch me do it.”
“Fine,” Hope sulked. “But I get to play with him while you’re doing it.”
“Of course,” Colleen giggled. She squatted over me, facing my feet, parting her lower lips with her fingers while leering down at me. “Okay, you ready for this?” I nodded and she lowered herself slowly until my mouth was pressed against her wet pussy. “Ahhhhh,” she sighed happily. “Lean your head back as much as you can, okay?”

Colleen started rocking back and forth, actually giving me one of the gentler facesits I’ve taken; some women really grind, but Colleen took a higher seat than usual and seemed to get off on the sensation of my lower lip rubbing against her clit. I couldn’t see Hope, but I could feel her sitting or squatting between my legs. She grabbed my cock with her still oiled hands, slowly getting me hard again after my climax, using just the index, middle finger and thumb on her right hand on my shaft, running the soft, slick palm of her left hand over my crown. I reached full extension again as Colleen humped my face, and they started discussing me like I wasn’t right there.

“Look, he’s hard again!” Hope gloated, accidentally squeezing my cock so hard I moaned into our cousin’s pussy. “How should I finish him off?”
“Your hand?” Colleen suggested, then thought better of it. “No, you already did that.”
“I don’t want to suck it, either, it’s all oily,” Hope giggled, idly teasing my head with the tips of her fingers.
“Huhhh,” Colleen moaned. “Why don’t you practice your titfucking then?” She reached down and pinched my nipples. “But don’t cum until I do, okay, Nate?”

I tried to nod my head; I guess my cousin understood as she leaned back, reaching behind her to grab my hair, pulling my face deeper between her legs. I felt my dick going between Hope’s breasts; apparently this was another move she’d been practicing as my shaft was completely enveloped by soft, sweaty skin. Her boobs started moving up and down with wonderful soft pressure.

“Yeah, that’s good,” Colleen panted. “Try alternating your tits…” Our cousin took her advice, and I found myself bucking my hips up, trying to get more of the sensation.
“Look, he loves it!” Hope chirped.
“Great, yeah. That’s it…. Oooh, fuck. Ahhh, here it comes - ohhh, shit - shit! Fuck!” she wailed as she started cumming, her hips thrusting down into my face as she rode her climax. I held on as Colleen rode her peak, then slowly came down; the whole time Hope was still applying her incredible titfuck, and I didn’t know how much longer I could last myself. “Phew,” Colleen panted. “Oh, wow. Okay, go ahead and finish him off. I want to take a shower now.”

“Watch this,” Hope told our cousin. “He won’t last ten seconds!” Hope went into overdrive, and I think I did make it past ten seconds, barely; in any case it wasn’t long until I was spurting between her boobs, covering her cleavage in cum. Hope didn’t stop until my softening cock fell out from between her boobs, and only then did Colleen get off me.

“Hey, Nate,” she leaned down, studying my face. “You okay?”
“Yuh,” I agreed.
“We’re gonna have to carry him to the back,” Colleen turned to tell her partner. “We got him good, I don’t think he can even stand up.”
“I can do it,” I croaked. They both ignored me.
“I’ll get his arms, you get his legs?”
“I can carry him myself,” Hope proclaimed proudly.
“Yeah, you sure? Okay, go ahead,” Colleen smiled. I watched in amazement as Hope came over and lifted me off the mat, one oily hand under my head, her other arm under my knees. “Wow, good. Don’t drop him, all right?” She didn’t; I was carried like a baby into the back where I took a long, hot shower. That was the end of my night, and the last time I ever tried to tag with my cousin Tim.


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Your versatility as a writer shines through in this one, Ham ... well done!  8) ;)
Proudly butch and living as a 'man'. In this catfight fantasy there are no losers, and in the end all should be winners!