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Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga

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Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga
« on: September 12, 2020, 09:06:50 PM »
I thought my girlfriend was joking. „A belly punching fight? Really? Are you sure?“
She lifted her shirt and showed me her trained abs. „Yes Tim, I am sure about this.“

She hit the gym now for about two years, since she was 17. Her physique had changed quite a bit since then. She turned from a little overweight to a fit tanned babe. But most imprortant for me had been, that she did not lose her nice chest.

She was soaked in sweat after running some miles, clad only in a tiny shorts and grey tank top. She pressed her 34D boobs into my chest and kissed me passionately, as I grabbed her trained little ass and lifted her.
As she was slinging her legs around my hips, grinding her crotch against my bulging pants, I forgot about the news quite soon.

Milly was such a cutie! My cutie! We had been together for 5 years now, and were still in love.
After a round of serious fucking and showering we met in the kitchen.
„How the fuck did you get this idea? You never fought before. Is it from the gym?“

She nodded, telling me that some of her girlfriends were chatting about who could take more punches to the belly and suddenly Caroline came up with a true story about a secret fighting cirlce.
„She said that there would be a lingerie shop in a bad part of the town, where secret fitting room fights are taking place.“

Later, after the others were gone, she asked her about it and if she had some more information. They met in a diner and my girlfriend confessed, that she had been hooked and was even aroused.
„Tim there is nothing dangerous about it. Just a bit of competition. You can even watch.“

This calmed me down a bit. The last I wanted was to have my girlfriend seriously hurt.

The next day arrived and she prepared for the fight. She put on the tiniest pair of Daisy Dukes she could find, with a grey tank top that she could easily lift to expose her belly.

An our later our car bent into that small road and stopped in front of the shop. “Hillaries Lingerie”.
We kissed and went into the shop. Some women were looking for underwear or lingerie and nobody took care about us. In front of one of the fitting rooms were two large comfortable chairs, seperated by a small table.
While I took a seat, Milly went into that tiny space, barely 4 feet wide, with a small wooden stool in one of the corners. The cabin was made of wood with a heavy leather curtain to make it possible to change of course. My heart was racing and sweat appeared on my forehead. It was hot in here.
I nervously watched my phone. 1 p.m. Sharp.

I didn`t notice a older guy had taken the armchair next to me and flinched as he started to talk:
“Your girlfriend is in there?”
I nodded.
“My wife will be here in some moments. Just needs to change.”

The guy was about 50 years old and heavily tattooed. I gulped as suddenly the curtain from the next cabin opened and a fit mature lady strutted out. Her fists were taped, wearing only a white thong and sports bra. She was about 5”9, maybe end 40 but still trained. She seemed to be at least 30 pounds heavier than Milly. Her engorged nipples of her B-Cups were tenting the fabric of her bra.
And she had a damn fine ass for that age. She was nt as defined as Milly, but her arms had quite some biceps and her belly was sculpted.

“Helga will take her apart.”
My girlfriends`s eyes opened in shock and the curtain had been opened. She stood there, frozen.
I noticed the busty saleswomen lock the door for the lunch break, joining us.

“O wow! That will be a massacre!” She simply continued, chewing her gum and was ready to enjoy the show together with us.

Ever thought you were dreaming and need to wake up? This is how I felt. The whole thing was so ridiculously strange.

Milly and Helga stood nose to nose in the tiny room, balling their fists. Their barely clad tits were touching.
The saleswomen chirped in a very sexy voice:
“Girls please respect the rules! Whoever is down has ten seconds to get up. For the first five minutes only your fists are allowed. Whoever leaves the cabin first, has lost.”

Both turned their heads towards us, as if waiting for enrouragement.

Milly was only 5”6 and had to look up to meet her opponent`s eyes.
Helga had a cold smile on her face. “Do you know how many fitness babes I already destroyed here fake tit bitch?”
I answered: “They are natural.” But instantly blushed and felt like a fool.

Milly looked tough, her chiseled abs looked more defined than Helga`s.
But damn! That mature woman was impressive. I was sure Milly`s heart was racing since she danced from one foot to the other nervously.

SMATTTTT! Helga`s fist impacted in her belly button. Milly only stumbled one inch back, staying completely silent. The blow was answered in the same way: Her biceps bulged and another SMATTTT followed when Milly rammed her right into her belly button.

There was complete silence in the shop. My cock was twitching, but I tried not to let anybody know.
The two traded blows into their belly buttons for two minutes now. The sound of knuckles on abs filled the small cabin, and a few times the fighter`s backs hit the wooden walls when one of the punches had been very strong. As if on silent agreement the fighters only landed one single blow, waiting for the return punch.

Suddenly Milly took charge by landing a hard left-right-left combo below the navel, causing Helga to wince and groan. The first sound that escaped her throat for minutes. It felt like a small victory already, and Milly smiled.
But that was too early since Helga was furious  and rammed her right above my girlfriends navel, catching her unprepared. “AHHHHHH!” She had trouble to stay straight, bending slightly.
She hurried to counter, her sexy arms tightening, muscles bulging, just before two swingers caught the sides of Helga`s thick and strong belly.

Helga did not even wince this time, but countered with a devastating series of rights and lefts above the navel. SMATTTTT.....SMATTTTTT.....SMATTTT....SMATTTTT

Air escaped Milly`s lungs and she clearly bent around the invading taped fists. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....AHHHHHHHHH.....OOHHHHHH.....UUUUHHHHHHH!”
Her belly reddened fast now and her sexy young body started to sweat profusely. I noticed Helga`s husband facing the same issue like me: He had a big boner in his pants and didn`t know what to do.

However, Milly was badly winded and her abs seemed to give in. She tried to counter, bringing in a very low right uppercut that brushed Helga`s pubic mound.
“GOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSH!” She bend over, holding the area just above her kitty.

“Hey barbie! Last warning! Punch me low again and.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
Milly did not wait for an answer, but uppercutted her solar plexus hard, now vivibly sinking in and causing Helga to spit out saliva while the air had been hammered out of her lungs. She bent over, groaned, and their tits mashed together since the space was not enough in that small fitting cabin.

Milly pushed her back until Helga`s back impacted in the wall. “THUDDDDD!”
“Five minutes!” The saleswoman yelled. Milly wasted no time ramming her right knee into Helga`s belly button. That muscular right leg shot upwards, glistening with sweat and penetrating her abs deeply.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Helga collapsed to her knees and I smiled. The Amazon was down for the first time. Milly took her top of, with her braless D-Cups bouncing free.

“Fucking Christ! Those tits!” Helga`s hubby was impressed, moving nervously in his chair.
“You are lucky boy to such a beautiful girlfriend!”

Helga got rapidly back to her feet and snarled: “You cheap cxnt! Flaunting your tits!”
She angrily slapped one of them, causing the titty meat to bounce on her chest like a rubber ball.
Milly`s tits were perfect: Firm and shapely with just the right size. Definitely more than a handful.

Milly clutched her tit in surprise, not ready for Helga`s next blow to her belly. She folded over her fist, was rammed into the wall, just before three devastating knees impacted.

the force of the blows lifted her whole sexy body! “Jesus!”, was all I could say.

Milly, sinking down to her knees, tried to get air into her lungs. Her face was wrecked with pain and I noticed the worry in her face. The first attempt to get back to her feet failed and she barely hit the ten seconds.
Helga grabbed her throat nce she was back to her feet, and SLAMMED her back first into the wall. Her naked glistening tits shaking sexily, as Helga started to work over her midsection. THUDDDD....THUDDDDD....THUDDDD....

Each blow was followed my my girlfriend`s sexy moans and I noticed also the busty shop owner was getting aroused. She pinched her nipples through the top while the other hand was between her legs.
Milly took that kind of beating for a full minute and for sure every inch of her chiseled abs took several blows.
But suddenly something set in: A kind of last attempt to turn the match. Helga was somehow uncarefull: She groaned and stumbled back as Milly suddenly lifted her right knee into her belly. Two more shots got her throat free, giving her a few moments to recover.
She coughed and held onto a peg, sucking in air while holding her reddened and swollen belly. He eyes were searching for mine and I sat there hoping she might turn the match.

But my fingers were grinding into the rest of the armchair when I saw what was coming next:
A crual war of leg and knee kicks followed. The two warriors started lifting their knees into each other`s trained and sculpted belly, slamming against the wooden walls, grunting. They were gripping each other´s hair for leverage and get their opponent into a good position to receive the next blow.
The groans were very loud now and could maybe be heard on the street. But the sign at the entrance door showed “closed” and not many knew what was going on here.

The two tigresses hammered their midsections with blows, each of them so brutal, to floor me withing seconds. Helga received three very low blows, causing her to fly out of the cabin and onto the floor in front of us. The half naked women lay there for a few seconds holding her bruised belly.

Hillary shouted: “That does count as a knock down! She is not out!” Helga tried to crawl back into the small cabin, was lifted at the hair by my wife in order to receive more blows.

“I will destroy your fat old belly!” Milly was not herself. I had never seen her that competetive before. She was a true warrior. But Helga pumped her fists into my girlfriends belly. The sunk in deep, non on the girls seemed any longer to be able to tense them up.

Helga slammed her back first into the mirror at the top end of the tiny cabin.
Once more she started pumping her knee into my girlfriend, knocking all air out of her. Her sexy sweaty thong ass was pointing to us and her thick strong body was hiding Milly completely. So we were not able to tell if some low blows mixed into the belly attacks.

Milly was about to sink to her knees with glassy eyes, but I doubted she would be able to get up again. Her sweat soaked upper body glistened in the lights as she was suddenly held up by her opponent.

“Damn! that`s not fair! Let her down!” I looked over at Hillary, but that black bitch had one hand in her shorts.
“No...ahhhh....rules about that!”

Also Helga`s husband put one hand on my shoulder: “Boy that`s legal. As soon as her body doesn`t touch the floor....”

“AHHHHHHH! AAHHHHHHH!” Milly screamed as Helga`s right fist continued to work her ovaries and organs over, sinking in very very deep. Helga flexed her right biceps for us, before she continued to work her over.

Milly was only dead weight, not able to stand on her own. Helga positioned that small stool in the midle of the cabin and draped my girlfriend on top of it. Her sexy but bruised belly was showing to the ceiling while her spine was bend in a really unhealthy angle.

She groaned weakly.....ahhhhhhhh......her glistening big tits rising and falling with her breath.
Hillary was moaning with lust and now also Helga`s husband couldn`t hld back anymore and pulled out his cock next to me.

Helga was pulling down Milla`s Daisy Dukes after opening the button, freeing almst her pubis mound from any fabric. The top portion of her trimmed pubes was already visible.
Helga flexed her arm before THUDDDDDDD....AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH her elbow smashed into Milly`s belly cruelly.

Her whole body jack-knifed upwards, natural tits shaking sexily, but she was held in place. Helga repeated this move, moving from the solar plexus, over her sexy navel all the way down to her pussy. Each of the five elbow smashes caused my sexy Milly to scream, her body responding to the brutal blows by jerking upwards.

I bite my lip when I noticed that I had just cum in my pants. I closed my eyes, just listening to those sexy sounds when wet skin and muscle was hit and destroyed piece by piece.

Helga had a satisfied grin on her face but was not completely finished: My girlfriend`s tits were annoying her the most. Those beautiful rubbery D-Cups were pointing at her without almost any sag.
She lifted her strong right arm again, flexed it and SMASHED full force into her right tit.


Milly slid off the stool and collapsed on the floor. Helga stood up, planted one foot on her heaving destroyed belly while Hillary counted to ten.

“That`s it! She said. The winner iiiiissssss: HELGA!”

Her husband stood up and hugged her, his big cock still out. The kissed deeply and
Both disappeared in the cabin next to us and closed the curtain.

Hillary seemed to be a bit disappointed that the fight ended suddenly without her being able to cum.
She sighed and went to the front door to unlock it.

Milly was down on the cabin floor, almost naked. Next us we could hear Helga fucking and maybe riding her horny husband. It felt all so strange!

Milly was barely able to move, clurching her rapidly swelling breast and her belly. Her sexy body was coated in sweat but I admired that she did not cry or sob.
It seemed she really had her midsection destroyed because I was barely able to get her up. I put her skimpy tank top back to cover her boobs and lifted her onto my arms.
I had to carry her back to our car, since she was not in a conditin to walk properly.

“Are you ok love?”
She nodded weakly, her face a grimace of pain.

When we reached ur home I gently put her onto our big bed. She hadn`t spoken much on the way, but now suddenly asked me:

“Did you like it?”

“How could I like when my girlfriend is being destroyed?” That was a lie. And she knew it.
She said calmly: “Fuck me Tim. Fuck my brains out!”

It was another of those strange moments but I basically jumped onto her, ripped her tank top into pieces to reveal her battered upper body. She was still glistening with sweat. I pulled her skimpy pants down t reveal her tight littly pussy.

My cock was hard within seconds and this time I rammed it into her without any warning.
I worried the wild fuck might hurt her but couldn`t believe when she moaned:

“Punch me!” AAAAAAAAAAAAH......”PUNCH ME!” Milly added with more determination.
Her legs were wide spread and I hammered into her cxnt, when I suddenly balled my fist and rammed it into her lower belly.....

“GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Her tight little cxnt spasmed and working my big cock in a wrenching orgasm.....



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Re: Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2020, 10:36:51 PM »
super cool story !!!


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Re: Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga
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great story!!


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Re: Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga
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Great story!  Any more battles for your beauty?


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Re: Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga
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Mmm, ferociously furious ... and hot!  ;D :D
Proudly butch and living as a 'man'. In this catfight fantasy there are no losers, and in the end all should be winners!


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Re: Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga
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Thanks a lot. Some day there will be a new part...for sure. Maybe in January....there is also a second part of her
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Re: Busted! (bellypunching fetish) Milly vs Helga
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    I enjoyed this story. What a bellypunching match!