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Busted 2.0 (bodypunching fetish) Milly vs Renee

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Busted 2.0 (bodypunching fetish) Milly vs Renee
« on: September 18, 2020, 05:39:06 PM »
My girlfriend needed days to recover. As the next morning arrived and she tried to stand up, her belly was still swollen and covered in black and blue bruises. She could not stand straight and called her company, asking for confirmation that she could work from home for some days.
I went to work and did not worry too much. What I didn't know was that Milly used her time at home not only to work, but also to chat with future opponents. That secret league had a ranking list and since Milly had only one fight so far, which she lost, she was at the bottom end.
She was a competitive girl and could not stand that situation. After day five she was almost ok and hit the gym again, hard, trying to get her perfectly chiseled abs into even a better condition.
Every time we had sex, she asked me also to punch her belly, leading to a massive orgasm on her side. We watched some fetish videos about belly punching together. Damn she was turned on. And what should I say: me too!
The next day I found some clips on dealing with breast and cxntbusting. I did not want her to find out, but when I returned from a late shift, she was in bed already, watching my download while fingering her wet twat. As she noticed that I was coming she charged at me, pinned me to the wall and got my cock free within seconds.
She whispered into my ear: “You horny bastard! You like titty and pussy punching! Want me to try that too?”
I moaned out loud, lifting her and slamming her back first onto the bed. “Yes Milly. You are pure perfection. You could do that. I want you to try that!”
I rammed my big cock into her, imagining her in that small cabin once again against a beautiful opponent….

Some days later, Hillarie’s Lingerie Shop was already closed. It was 10 p.m. as we knocked, Hillary opened us clad only in lingerie. Her big boobs jiggled in a red lace body with a garter belt attached. This time she hugged us, remembering the last hot fight of Milly very well. I pretty much enjoyed the feeling of her big tits against my chest.
“You know where to go to. Just get yourself ready. Renee will be here in some minutes.”
I took a cold beer and sat down in the big armchair in front of the wooden cabin, as Hillary sat down on the arm rest. She put my hand on her beautiful curvy behind and I started to feel her up.
Meanwhile Milly was getting ready. She lubed her nearly naked body up a bit, clad only in a crotchless thong. The thin long pussy lips were clearly hanging out and I was hard as I watched that fit muscular body of hers glistening in the lights.
“You have a damn nice babe!” Hillary brushed her big tits against my face as she felt the bulge in my pants. She was a perfect black MILF: End 30s, at least DDDs with a curvy behind and a warm smile.
She moaned as she noticed how big I was down there. “I was so surprised when I heard about the match-up. I had no idea Milly was ready for that.”
I looked at her quite puzzled, when suddenly the curtain opened and out came Renee.
“Ehm…Milly?” I didn`t know what to say, just pointed at HIM.
Milly stuck her head out of the tiny fitting room where the fight would take place, opened her mouth in shock and nearly got a heart attack.
“You said you will fight a girl named Renee.”
Milly could not answer. In front of her stood an older hairy guy, about 6 feet tall, with a big beer belly and hairy chest. Normally this is a point where you could erupt in laughter, but it was too damn serious. HE was wearing a wrestler mask and looked quite intimidating.
I stood up and took Milly in my arms: “Fuck you said something about a no limits body punching match including boobs and pussy. I assumed your opponent would be a woman!”
Hillary started to laugh like being silly….
“Hi. I am Renee. Nice to meet you.” The big guy smiled like a Honigkuchenpferd as he noticed how beautiful Milly was. He opened his gown and they obviously agreed on an open crotched thong, only that Milly expected him to be a woman. Instead his big cock was hanging out together with a set of lemon sized balls.
Hillary said: “If you back down now it will count as a loss.”
“No way I will quit this!” Milly sounded like an angry stubborn child that was caught doing something wrong. In front of her Renee got hard.
“Quit? Why? We agreed on these special rules.” Renee said calmly. “Did you think I am a woman? I never pretended to be.”
Milly thought again and I literally to her brain rattling when she went through the old chats.
“However big guy! I`ll break ya!” Milly bashed her fists together.
Hillary guided them both in the locker while handing them fingerless gloves, going through the rules again.
“Punches count from neck downwards. No holds barred. If a fighter is down, he has twenty seconds to get up again.”
Both nodded and I was still somehow frozen. Both were so close to each other: His big belly nearly touched her tits while they stood face to face, his cock nearly brushing her thighs. He was not as big as me, but still about 8 inch.
He had one nipple pierced, and tried to focus. “Milly you are the most beautiful ….. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” Milly had sunk her right into his belly already.
She started to hammer her gloves into his big beer belly, causing him to grunt and slam back first into the wall. SMATTTTT….SMATTTTT….SMATTTTT…..he seemed to have some muscle underneath and I was surprised it did not shake like pudding and was somehow firm.
She pumped her fists into him for a full minute, without any counter from him. Her super sexy shiny body, including tits and ass, jiggled with each punch. My hope was that he is just a horny guy, who likes to receive a beating. But they were destroyed only seconds later when his right pumped into her belly, sinking in deeply since Milly was in attack mode and did not tense her abs.
His power lifted her to her tiptoes, slamming back first into the wooden wall. She bent over, holding her belly when he simply grabbed her ponytail and hammered his right knee into her left tit. Her delicious 34D cup was pancaked horribly, and she sank to her knees screaming out.
Renee did not hide his arousal, making sure his cock “accidently” brushed her lips.
Milly was furious, suddenly slamming an uppercut into his balls, a second following directly slamming his big cock upwards against his belly.
“Fowl!” Hillary screamed.  “Milly was still down! One penalty low blow!”
Renee was down on his knees now as well holding his manhood, but soon getting back to his feet, Milly in front of him. She had to spread her legs, her vulva vulnerably open, her sweet little pussy lips hanging out.
SMATTTTTTT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! She screamed as his glove hammered her clit, sinking to her knees again.
She did not care, answering with another uppercut into his big balls, earning another penalty blow.
Renee`s face was a mask of pain with the second low blow delivered within just one minute. He went to his knees again and it seemed that Hillarie`s instructions were not followed. A war emerged between the two fighters. Kneeing in front of each other they provided chops and breast punches, taking turns in bashing the opponent`s chest.
Milly groaned as her tits were pounded by the big guy, flattening them either on her chest or driving them across. But she punched his man boobs as well, hurting his pierced nipple and it seemed it was a war of wills. She wanted to prove that she was not a weak fitness Barbie. Instead she kind of wanted to prove her tits can take it!
My cock jumped and Hillary freed it from its confines. “My gosh!” She nearly blushed as she saw how big it was. Although my girlfriend took a beating I was rock hard.
Renee suddenly grabbed both of her sweaty tits to lift her back to her feet. He noticed that maybe she could not be broken by boob punches, so he switched to her belly now.
WHAM! I could hear her teeth rattle as his right was buried into her navel. Still standing, she countered. Her strong biceps flexed, and she pounded him back, but the thick belly somehow absorbed the blow. He widened his arms, offering free strikes to his gut.
WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Milly pounded him with all she had, with lefts and rights that would have floored me easily. But all Renee needed was one counter punch, driving all air out of her lungs.
“OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!” He did not allow her to collapse, holding her upright by her throat, driving his right fist into her tensed belly with dull THUDDs.
She groaned and grabbed his wrist, digging in her claws and twisting it horribly to get free. She had the strength to get free, but was weakened after five hard shots into her belly. However, Renee had to let go but wrenched his arm free, turning the situation to his favor. Milly`s arm was twisted to her back when Renee pushed her tits first into the wall. Her beautiful firm D cups mashed against the rough surface, grinding her nipple painfully back into the breast meat.
Hillary was fingering herself when I screamed: “Fowl! Fight along the rules or this is over!”
“Ok then! I stick to the rules!” So he turned her around and whilst she was cradling her boobs, his right fist slammed into her pussy, crushing her labia between knuckles and pubic bone.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My girlfriend sank to her knees, mouth open in shock and Renee smiled at me. “What? I`ll beat the shit out of her!”
Milly had trouble to get back to her feet in time. This was a war she could not win.
Moaning she somehow made it back to her feet, drenched in sweat, one hand holding onto the wall. Her tits, although it was hard to tell due to her sexy deep tan, were red by now.
The big hairy guy started to punch her abs again, inch for inch he worked her strong sixpack. SMATTTT….SMATTTTTT…..SMATTTTTTT…..SMATTTTTT….
Unfortunately Milly collapsed to the stool, holding her hurt and swelling belly. Renee straightened her up, just enough to deliver a horrible sounding breast punch. Her tit deformed from the blow, buried under his big fist. It did not count as a knock down since she was not on the floor.
She was sitting on the stool, cradling her tit and belly, nearly unable to breathe. His cock was brushing her lips again as if to force her into a blow job. But what he did not take into account was that his lemon sized balls were really close to her.
I balled my fists whispering to myself that she should punch them, and somehow my thoughts were transmitted to her. Out of nowhere her right arm flexed and pounded both his balls full force.
“GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” He screamed out in pain and before he went down, Milly slammed a second blow at the same target. No air was left in his lungs for him to scream. He sank to his knees, mouth open, before collapsing with his big body out of the tiny fight space.
Hillary counted, a bit too slow for me, but as she reached 15 Renee was still struggling to get to his feet. He barely hit the count, stepped back into the cabin. I am sure behind his mask his face was red with pain and anger. Milly wanted to end this, but he blocked her punches to his groin with his leg, answering with an elbow smash into her belly, bending her over.
Milly responded with belly blows on her own, but like before, Renee’s beer belly seemed to be unhurt. Suddenly both his fists slammed into her tits simultaneously, pancaking the sweaty tit meat, slamming her back first into the wall. Her tits were pulverized and she could not scream, the burning pain radiating through her chest. I imagined his blows being so strong, that they could crack ribs.
Big black bruises were forming now on her tits, her eyes pleading him to stop brutalizing her beautiful assets. He simply took her wrists and positioned her outstretched arms over her head.
“You can either be my toy or I will pound your pussy raw bitch!” The mean bear licked across her whole tit slowly, starting to run his tongue from the bottom over her nipple to the top.
I was disgusted by him, his erect cock brushing her labia and nearly entering her. She was helpless, trapped at the wall. But she was a fighter! She shook her head.
“No Milly give up!” I shouted. Also Hillary was tensed up to the breaking point.
She looked at me in fear, but also resilience. 
WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! An onslaught of punches were breaking though her tight abs, invading her inner organs and ovaries, taking all air from her lungs. I feared his fist might invade my girlfriend so deep that it reached her spine.
She was broken and down, sinking to the floor. Unfortunately Renee did not have enough. As the twenty seconds were over, he simply took the stool and wanted to place it on her belly and tits. Two legs on her 34D bust, two on her belly.
I wanted to stop him, but he simply fell me like a tree with one massive punch to my gut. I fell on to my ass when he dropped his 350lbs on top of the stool.
“GGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Milly was screaming out as the legs of the stool penetrated her glands and abs, causing her legs to slam the floor in pain.
I feared her tits might simply pop under the weight. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” But Hillary had already gone and returned with a weapon in her hand.
“Get the fuck off her!”
Renee hurried to rise, raising his arms as if nothing had happened. “Ok ok! Nothing happened!”
Hillary screamed: “You will be banned from the league! Get your ass out of here!”
She was furious while I helped Milly up. She was in no condition to stand, and since her breasts showed really some abnormal swelling, I hurried to get her some clothes and bring her to hospital.
But she shook her head and refused. “Simply put me on that old sofa please.” She winced as Hillary and I moved her. The naked goddess was drenched in sweat from head to toe.
What followed next was simply hard to understand for me. She spread her legs, offering her dripping wet cxnt to us.
“You can have me if you want”, was all she cooed into my ear.
Hillary returned with some ice packs for her tits, and already found my huge cock entering her tight pussy…..


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Re: Busted 2.0 (bodypunching fetish) Milly vs Renee
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2021, 01:38:38 AM »
Great story!  What a wicked match!  She is tough and sexy, well described action!  Anxious to read more sometime!