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Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi

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Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi
« on: December 04, 2020, 07:58:46 PM »
I sneaked around the corner of the house to get a better view to the garden. Only a minute ago I got dumped by a truck. I had to hitchhike to get to my aunt’s house, after a big argument I had with my divorced mom. I am Collin, 18 years old from Toronto, and my mom went nuts about the fact that I wanted to join the army.
After days of discussions and shouting I had enough. I decided to pay a visit to my aunt who was living at the other side of the city and get some space between mom and me until things would ease up.
The lights were on but nobody answered, so I decided to come in from the backside. Even before I saw anything, I heard sexy moans and slapping sounds. “AAAAAAAAH….UUHHHHH.”
My head peaked around the corner to find Polly in her Jacuzzi - bubbles causing her big naked boobs to jiggle when she was leaning forward watching a film on her MacBook.
Her big naked bum broke the surface of the water and I got instantly hard. I hadn`t seen her for three years now and she had gained at least 20 pounds. For sure in all the right places. She got divorced last year as well, when she found out her husband cheated on her with my mom and vice versa.
I never understood the point how my dad could cheat on mom with her at the same time. The result? Big drama! Two divorces and two sisters that did not speak to each other anymore.
Couldn`t they just have a foursome? Having fun without destroying two families?

I decided to enter the scene when Polly shrieked out loud when she noticed me. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Collin!”
Her cheeks blushed when I caught her naked and even had a look on her computer. She hadn`t been fast enough to hide it from me so I noticed it was a video that was shot some years ago where she was wrestling her husband. She was leaning in a corner of a ring when he was about to belly punch her.
“Hey auntie! What`s goin on?”
She had always been on the cool side and leaned over the edge of the whirlpool, big naked tits positioned on the edge and bulging to the side. “Give me welcome kiss Collin! What are you doing here?”
I leaned down and wanted to kiss her cheeks when she suddenly kissed my lips. I was shocked and did nothing to stop her. Her wet lips where glued to mine for seconds and there was suddenly thousands of volts between us. As we parted we said nothing. We just smiled at each other.
“You know mom and me … we had a big argument. Wanted to ask ya if I can stay for a night or two?”
“Sure love! Wanna join the Jacuzzi?” I felt my boner growing and was too embarrassed to say yes, but Polly swam over to her MacBook and stopped the video without closing it. Fully on purpose, she had left the pause screen for me to see.
Her husband’s fist had disappeared in her tummy and she was partly folded forward from the force of the blow, her face having an awkward expression.
When she turned back to me she had a big grin on her face watching my massive cock tenting my shorts. It was a warm night, and I was sure the family drama would get worse, but I simply could not resist.
I dumped my rucksack and slowly pulled of my shirt, revealing my trained upper body. Polly was licking her lips absent minded. Then I was about to drop my short. “Turn around please!”
She laughed and turned while I got naked and slowly entered the warm bubbly water. I seated myself on the opposite side of her and couldn`t take my eyes of her sexy mature body. Her big boobs, crowned my huge light brown areolae, were floating on the water and jiggling seductively.
“Auntie what is that video about?” She blushed again and took my right foot, placed it in the valley between her tits and pushed them together with her upper arms.
“Oh that’s a silly old video Dave and me were shooting 8 years ago. You must know he was a big fan of boxing, wrestling and all sorts of catfighting. So from time to time we boxed and even hired and ring sometimes.”
My mouth fell open and my big cock was fully erect under water when she revealed those information to me as if it was no big deal. But it was!
“So you fought naked?”
“Nah! We started clothed….” She took my big toe in her mouth and started sucking, my foot still engulfed by her big naturals. She was crazy….and she was gorgeous! A moan escaped my lips since I could not hold back my arousal. “Polly….no…please…..”
“Sorry boy.” She dropped my leg and smiled at me, slipping a bit deeper into the water hiding her chest. She blushed and her eyes showed guilt. There was minute of silence….
But her foot accidently brushed my hard pipe under water and she run it along. “Damn that`s huge Collin!” We eyes were open in surprise.
“10 inches.” Damn! Did I just say that to my aunt? But she was cool, cradling her big tits for me and stood up. Her only reply was: “36DDD.” We both started laughing when she turned and sat down on my side. Her warm body leaned close to me and her arm hugged my strong shoulders. “Damn Collin you are a handsome guy. Do you have a girlfriend?”
“No auntie. I haven`t. I am more into…..”
“Mature women?” Her eyes met mine and I could not resist to kiss her. I fully understood why dad could not keep his hands off her and now it was me caught in her spider web.
When we separated we both knew that this was as wrong as it could be. But Polly pressed the play button on her computer and the fight went on. “It always led to incredible sex. We did not hurt each other too much. Just enough to have fun and make it look real.”
I nodded as I watched aunt Polly receiving quite hard belly shots by my uncles closed fists, followed my hard knee shots that penetrated her soft belly and made her bend forward. Loud moans could be heard from the speakers and I knew Polly had her hands on her pussy under water. So I did not hold back to jerk my cock slowly. Only seconds later I could feel her strong grip around my veiny penis.
“Fucking hell Collin! I am impressed!” She grinned at me and while she worked my manhood I reached around her shoulder and massaged her big right breast softly. Her nipple hardened and she moaned under my touch. I did not have many chances to fondle women`s breasts yet and the only time had been two years ago with a former girlfriend with small B-Cups.
It felt so soft and firm at the same time. I felt the weight and my fingers explored her bumpy areola, by pressing a bit harder I could feel her glands. She smirked at me, turning slightly to give me better access. “Are you a tit-man? I bet you are!” I moaned barely able to not fire my load already with this goddess in my arms. In the video Polly was still bent over and my uncle smashed his right knee into her dangling orbs.
“Damn auntie that was a hard one! How could you take it this hard in the boob department?”
She laughed and cooed: “Maybe I like it a little bit rough there….”
“Doesn`t it hurt like hell?”
She stood up and sat down on my lap, grinding her big ass against my hard fuck pole. She took my hand and placed them on her DDDs while I reached around her. My grip got stronger and crushed her breast tissue until she moaned out loudly. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM YYYEEEEEESSSSSS!”
The tit meat oozed between my fingers and I pulled her nipples a bit.
“Yes it hurts babe but I can take it. Those battles toughened me up over the years and took longer and longer.”
I felt incredibly aroused by her words and kept on asking: “Do you miss them? I mean since the divorce….”
I feared I might have created a moment of insecurity since she might have not been over him, but she answered straight away: “Oh Collin I miss it so much. I am 40 years now and in my prime sexuality. I tried once to find an opponent on the internet but it never worked. I haven`t had sex for two years now. Only that stupid dildo….”
“We can change that….” The words came out of my mouth and I bite my lip instantly regretting them. But Polly simply took my cock underwater, spread her legs and let me enter her wet sex. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH YYYYYYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!” She started to gyrate her hips and my 10 inch tool filled her up completely. While auntie and uncle battled each other in the ring and were throwing themselves into the ropes, returned and got sent down by clotheslines, Polly was fucking me like she was starving.
The water splashed and her humping was slowed down a bit, but she still felt incredible. Her big tits were bouncing and slapping against her chest with wet sounds. I took hold of her soft wide hips, her big slightly cellulite ass cheeks smashing my lap. I peeked over her shoulder to the computer showing my uncle squashed under her naked ass, suffering in a perfect Camel Clutch.
“Ahhhh….ahhhh…..fuck…..Polly you also handled him pretty well. Was there a winner in those matches?”
Suddenly I felt her pussy tighten and her body tensed up. She screamed out a mighty orgasm. I pumped my seed deep into her cxnt at the same time and joined her moans. “HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRRR YEEEEEESSSSSSS………….”
She was breathless, left my lap and turned around to kiss me lovingly. “Collin promise you will never tell your mom. I don`t want her to find out ever.”
“I promise.” I must have smiled like an idiot, filled by endorphins and speechless about aunties beauty and let’s call it “activities” with my uncle. She brushed my nipples and kissed my ears whispering: “Collin this won`t be the only time we will do this. I want you! I want you like I never wanted anybody else….” I took her tits in my hands and pushed them together answering that I was in love with her.
Maybe it was just silly talk from an oversexed teenager, but her eyes watered and we kissed endlessly and hugged each other. Her big DDDs smashed against my chest and oozed to the sides. I felt her thick nipples and moaned.
I had missed some minutes of the video and was surprised when screams could be heard. I switched my attention back to the MacBook showing that aunt Polly was draped over my uncle’s strong shoulders in a backbreaker. His muscles bulged and he was fully hard while he bent his sexy wife to the breaking point. Her breasts were significantly smaller when the video was shot and she might have been 40 pounds lighter, but she had always been a stunner.
“He put me in so many backbreakers over the years. It was one of his favorite moves. He often fingered my pussy in this hold.” Polly offered me a drink and we continued to watch the remaining minutes of the fight.
WHAM! My uncle had dropped her hard to the ground and every sexy curve of her body was shaking. She was clearly hurt when he grabbed her legs, spread them and rammed his hard cock into her cleanly shaven pussy.
He fucked her like crazy, her tits rocked on her chest and then he filled her up, coming in a massive climax. Polly suddenly got her legs free and scissored his neck, pulling him to the ground. The fight hard turned once more and the two of them were sweaty and their skin was glistening in the lights.
My uncle’s fist smashed the canvas in frustration and he tried to spread her legs open. But he failed and the next fall was hers. It took some minutes but he finally tapped out. Polly got up and flexed for them camera before the video stopped.
“How sexy was that please! You are the most beautiful women on earth auntie.” “Oh cutie! Thanks!” She straddled my lap again and pulled my head between her big wet tits. “Suck them!” I loved her commanding voice and was more than pleased to obey.
“Interested in a little fight?”
Maybe I did not hear correctly due to the fact that my whole head and ears were engulfed by her big tits. She stood up, took my hand and we left the whirlpool. Meanwhile I was so hard again, you could use my boner as a hook for a towel.
Naked and wet as she was she entered the house gesturing me to follow. We walked towards the bathroom hand in hand, grabbing a few towels to get dry.
“Where did you box uncle Sam?” She toweled off, sunken in memories, finally turning to me and smiling. “We used to box everywhere in the house or garden. But for the ring matches Sam asked a friend who owns a gym.” Once we were down she grabbed my hand again and I watched he jiggling ass is awe, heading towards the bedroom.
It was very spacious, surrounded by wardrobes that were so big, that a bunch of people could enter and hide. First Aunt Polly opened one of them, digged a bit deeper and pulled out two pairs of boxing gloves. “Here! They should fit!” She threw over a black pair, keeping the white ones for herself. She walked over to the next one, stopping next to me running her fingertip along the full length of my half erect cock. “Let`s see if we have anything to highlight our assets a bit….” She was biting her lip seductively, looking for something special.
Moments later she handed me a wrestling suit from Uncle Sam. It was made of an elastic material, with a zip in the crotch area. It put the sexy white thing on. The fabric felt cool and stretched around my muscular frame. My cock was causing a massive bulge in the front, clearly showing my balls and 10 inches of erect manhood.
Polly grabbed a super sexy two-piece outfit consisting of a light blue thong and a lycra harness top framing her big natural DDDs like if they needed to be highlighted like targets.
“Can you help me with that?” She turned around so I could get the clasp closed, arranging each of the strings carefully. “Oh Collin, I have waited so long for this.” Her eyes were on fire. I could the lust burning in them.
“Auntie I think I need some kind of instruction first. Ehm…I am not sure if I am familiar with this kind of….”
“Sexy Boxing?” She interrupted me, offering her help to put on my gloves. They were surprisingly heavy and I bashed them together. Her hand caressed my bulging muscles. She checked out the firmness of my biceps, they brushed over my chest making my nipples hard and causing me to moan. “You are so sexy Collin….” Her hands travelled further south over my abs and over the bulge that threatened to rip the fabric into pieces.
We hugged and she kissed me, her tits mashing against my nearly naked chest. My leather gloves grabbed her big ass cheeks and jiggled them. She laughed…… “I can`t wait till you get your hands on me Collin. Or should I say gloves?” Before she put on her own set she opened the zip of my suit and my member bounced free, smacking against her chest like being spring loaded. SMATTTT…..”Oh my gosh…..” She got down to her knees and started one of the sloppiest blow-jobs I had ever received. Her head bobbed up and down on my shaft giving me uncountable amounts of pleasure.
She worked me glans sucking like a hover, then getting more sensual and driving me crazy when her tongue caressed the whole length: Starting from the balls, running the full 10 inches and ending at my whole that was already glistening with pre cum. I shivering and got goose bumps but she stopped and smirked at me. “You have to earn you next orgasm!”
She put on her gloves and bashed them together making her chest wobble. “Following rules: Strikes are allowed from head to toe. Every part of our bodies is a legal target. We shouldn’t hurt each other too much, but I like the feeling of being in a real fight if you know what I mean. I want to feel some pain Collin.”
I nodded in awe for this goddess. We started circling in front of her big bed….



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Re: Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2020, 01:38:16 AM »
Wow very hot can't wait to see what happens next
Looking to talk an find like minded friends and possibly have some good cybermatchs and im also fine with roleplay matchs


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Re: Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2020, 03:13:08 AM »
Ok can't wait for round one


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Re: Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2020, 09:37:36 PM »
Looking foreword to the inevitable Mom vs. Aunt competition.


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Re: Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi
« Reply #4 on: December 07, 2020, 01:28:36 AM »
oh my... I WANT Colin...

lovely writing...
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages


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Re: Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi
« Reply #5 on: December 07, 2020, 11:21:31 PM »
I WANT Polly AND Colin


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Re: Auntie is best part 1 - The Jacuzzi
« Reply #6 on: December 14, 2020, 09:24:04 PM »
What a lovely build up!
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