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The Amazon and the Valkyrie (IV-V)

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The Amazon and the Valkyrie (IV-V)
« on: January 28, 2021, 03:56:16 PM »

Walking behind her bitter enemy, Melike’s body was shaking. The raw emotion for the long-awaited confrontation, the hot anger that could barely be controlled, the painful frustration for the unfinished business—too many emotions to mix with a temperament as competitive and as hot as the Turk’s.

The amber eyes of the brunette beauty could not turn away from the other girl’s back. Trembling, they moved along Erika’s butt and thighs, eagerly searching for the marks she had left on her rival’s skin. Unfortunately for her, the chaotic lights of the nightclub didn’t allow her to admire her work, but at least she could be happy to watch Erika readjusting her short latex skirt with undeniable discomfort. I hope you’re as sore as I am, cxnt, she wished, feeling the sting of every wound the blonde had left on her body. Never in her life had she felt so violated as at that moment, knowing she was marked by her hated nemesis.

Instinctively, the two beauties reached a corner of the bar, where the lights seemed less bright, where no one was around. Surprisingly alone in the crowded nightclub, Erika and Melike sat down on adjoining stools. With a gesture, they caught the attention of a waiter.

“The strongest drink you’ve got,” Melike said.

“The same for me,” Erika added.

As the man walked away to prepare their drinks, the young women exchanged long glances of envy and hatred. Somehow, this intensified the pain of the irritating scratches on her lovely legs, so the two females crossed them before the other beauty to hide their combat wounds.

“I don’t know what kind of sick game you think you’re playing,” Erika hissed like a cobra about to attack. “But I assure you that if you keep pushing me…”

“What?” Melike interrupted with her own resentful hiss. “What are you gonna do if I…?

“You don’t want to know,” the Swede grunted.

Before the brunette could answer, the waiter arrived with the drinks. Melike gripped her glass hard but, feeling that if she continued to canalize her rage through the glass she would eventually break it, she relaxed her fingers. Then she took a long gulp.

“This is no longer a game, bitch,” Melike whispered as soon as the waiter moved away. “It’s a problem you won’t be able to handle…”

Now it was Erika who squeezed her glass, eager to throw its contents at her enemy. However, she controlled herself by taking a long gulp, the ardor of alcohol helping to harden her nerves.

“You’ll be the one who can’t handle it if you don’t keep your dirty nails away from my ass and my legs, whore,” she spat out.

Instinctively, the women looked down at the other long legs. From the feet in high heels to the thighs that the skirts could barely cover, their beautiful limbs glowed under a sweat that mixed the perspiration of both girls. The thighs still burned from the traded scratches, but they resisted caressing their wounds in front of the rival.

“What if I don’t keep my nails away from your cheap body?” the Turk asked, taking another drink and leaning slightly forward to stare at her nemesis’ face. Before her, Erika’s blue eyes flashed with danger.

“Well, you haughty brunette,” the blonde deliberately mumbled slowly after flooding her throat with alcohol again. “In that case, I cannot be responsible for what happens to you.”

Half smiles of arrogance shone on the ominous faces of the college girls. Then they looked down again, this time at the other dark skirts. Under the latex, between the thighs, something throbbed, something intense that both could feel in themselves, but also in the other woman. In the course of the brief but intense dance on the floor, both had discovered how athletic and firm the other body really was beneath the sensual female curves. The revelation had consolidated their physical and sexual rivalry, fortifying the mutual hatred with such intense envy that no one felt able to contain it any longer.

“Are you looking for a catfight?” they asked each other at the same time, again looking into each other’s eyes, giving free rein to their deepest desires. The fire that inflamed their crotches erupted because of the mutual question; the adversaries moved restlessly on the stools, sitting on a pair of panties that, wet with a layer of sweat and something else, began to bother them.

Getting carried away by their hatred, Erika and Melike dragged their stools forward, placing themselves within range of the other beauty. As if they were playing cat and mouse, both slowly brought their legs together, chasing each other, rubbing each other mockingly. The heated nightclub air became suffocating around the rivals as the coeds kept looking at each other intently.

“Answer me, cxnt,” Melike ordered.  In response, Erika moved her fingers along the bar like a threatening spider, until her red nails rested on the brunette’s hand. A second later, Melike felt the soft sting of the blonde’s claws on her skin.

“What do you think, you tramp?” Erika muttered, dragging her fingernails through the back of the other girl’s hand with deliberate calm.

With a gesture of contained hatred in her beautiful face, the Turk turned her hand, nailing her own painted nails into the palm of the hostile Swede.

“I think it’s about time to find out what kind of woman you really are, you blondie…” Melike’s whisper sounded hungry.

“I’m the kind of woman who can handle your pathetic body in any fucking situation, girl,” Erika replied with the same appetite.

The fingernails scratched each other, while the legs continued groping together. With the free hand, each girl took the glass to her mouth in search of liquid courage. At that point, their bodies seemed like living springs as there was nothing the women wanted more than to jump on the other female and resolve their bitter differences. However, they were aware that a public fight would be nothing more than a tremendous mistake: the other people would separate them before their problems were resolved and, worse still, the scandal could kick them out of Princeton.

When the waiter approached them again, both subtly pulled their nails away from each other and, finishing their drinks with one last sip, they ordered another one. Melike and Erika knew that that Friday night was a turning point in their toxic two-week relationship, and they wanted to make sure they had enough alcohol in their veins to be able to release their inner animals when they needed them most.

Then, the girls focused on the other cleavage: their wet, swollen breasts looked more impressive than ever. Erika didn’t need to look down to notice that her tits went up and down heavily on her torso, exhibiting an excited anxiety that she couldn’t hide. Luckily, her rival’s boobs were also enthusiastically shaken under her top, letting the blonde know that Melike felt as physically and mentally stimulated as she was. The days filled with hostility and verbal warfare had ended up creating a rivalry so deep, intense and incomparable that both beauties saw themselves as atomic bombs about to explode.

Immediately, the desire to engage body to body with the other beauty—in a fierce fight without rules or in any kind of confrontation that the adversary could think of—turned into a hot agony. The tension that the women felt in their crotches became intolerable and, unable to speak a word, they both drank desperately to try to extinguish the scorching, irregular gasps that their mouths exhaled. The opponents knew that the resolution couldn’t be delayed any longer, and their angry eyes locked each other in the umpteenth exchange of hatred and jealousy, of fire and poison.

“Just wait for me to catch you alone, you sow,” Melike grunted through painfully clenched teeth. “When I do, I’m gonna tear you apart.”

“If you and I were alone, with no one around, it would be me who would destroy you, whore.” The Swedish woman’s voice came accompanied by an angry hiss.

The brunette mumbled something unintelligible, something between an insult and a curse. A wave of absolute hatred ran through her body from top to bottom, encouraging her to do something crazy: she couldn’t start a fight in front of everyone, but spoiling the beautiful outfit of the woman she hated most in the world seemed like a tempting option. With a quick movement of her hand, the Turk threw what was left of her drink onto Erika’s top; the alcohol burst into the lycra, staining its whiteness before falling onto the latex skirt. Opening her mouth with a small, high-pitched scream of surprise, the blonde took just a couple of seconds to react; her fingers closed around her glass before, with a raging groan, the girl threw the liquor over Melike’s white top. The brunette exhaled her own stupefaction through a short howl, drips of alcohol smearing her top and skirt.

Just a heartbeat later, self-control broke out in pieces. The chains of logic had kept the young women tied to their seats, but now they were breaking under the impetus of hatred. Jumping off their stools, blonde and brunette raised their claws like lionesses about to devour a desired prey…

But, showing the worst possible timing, Emma and Maddy appeared on the scene in that precise and tense moment.

“Well, here you are,” Maddy said, visibly affected by the alcohol. Beside her, Emma smiled, so drunk she could barely speak. Momentarily paralyzed, Melike and Erika they looked at their friends, and then at the rest of the nightclub, afraid they’d been caught about to fight. Luckily, people kept dancing, chatting, drinking and flirting, and even the redheads didn’t seem to have noticed what it was about to happen. Fear and shame faded away, but the rage that had pushed them into the aborted physical clash kept throbbing in their bodies, right under their skin. The irresistible urge to sink her hands into Erika’s blonde mane was still beating in Melike and, from what she could see on the Swede’s angry face, she wasn’t the only one still wanting to do it.

So close, the brunette thought, moving her agitated fingers. I just have to take one step and…

She’s right there, the blonde mused, opening and closing her hands in a preview of her desires. One step, and she’ll be mine…

However, reason took back the girls’ reins, letting them know that it wasn’t the time, nor ever had been: a rivalry like the one that united the two beauties could only be resolved in private, because only then could their bodies compete to the ultimate consequences, without interruptions or distractions.

Once they knew that the other woman wasn’t going to give way to the resentment, both sat back down on the stools, swallowing saliva and poison at the same time. However, it was impossible for them to relax: their muscles had been called to war, and now they didn’t want to demobilize. The coeds’ arms and legs remained tense, stress exerting a powerful pressure on their swollen busts, on their increasingly wet crotches.

Cautiously and reluctantly, Erika and Melike ended up turning their eyes away from each other and trying to appear normal as they talked to their friends. The awkward conversation lasted for ten minutes, until the nightclub lights came on to let people know it was closing time.

“How about we end the night at my place?” Emma said, throwing a conspiratorial look at Maddy that neither Erika nor Melike could read.

“Good idea!” Maddy smiled, making it obvious they were up to something. Actually, both the blonde and the brunette felt tired after a long night full of competition…but it was that same competition that pushed them to accept the invitation of their friends.


When the girls went out, the night was already reaching its end. A slight clarity was beginning to appear in the west, waking the city…and revealing some of the after-hours club’s secrets…

“What happened to you?” Emma asked with a drunken giggle. Melike and Erika looked at their wet tops and skirts, forcing a gesture that wanted to play the situation down.

“A little accident,” they said in unison. The cloned response made them exchange a quick, hateful look.

“Well, maybe it won’t be the only accident we’ll see today,” Maddy whispered mysteriously, just before she and Emma burst out laughing. The rivals saw their redhead busty friends leave them behind, walking a few steps ahead of them, leaning on each other; from time to time, they looked back at them, above their shoulders, and smiled nervously.

“What the hell is wrong with them?” Melike muttered to herself. Beside her, Erika growled.

“The only thing that matters is what’s going to happen between you and me, bitch,” she whispered, with a malicious flash in her eyes. “And I can tell you know that it won’t be good for you or your body.”

“It’s your body the one that should worry you, slut,” the Turk replied with a hateful gesture. “If you know what’s good for you, you wouldn’t have looked for me on the dance floor.”

“You should follow your own advice.”

The beauties stiffened, their bodies again ready to jump against each other. Following their friends from a distance, they looked at each alley as an opportunity.

But then…what? the blonde thought. Our friends would look for us. And even if they didn’t find us, it’s already daylight. Anyone could see us.

Walking almost shoulder to shoulder with her, her Turkish foe was immersed in the same kind of thoughts. Soon the streets will be filled with people, Melike cursed. The night has been too short, shit!

And yet, the young women were still thinking about the fight they both longed for. Without disguise, they observed the other body, analyzing it from top to bottom as they had been doing since the first day they met. This time, however, they didn’t measure the rival curves, they didn’t measure the sensuality and attractiveness that the other woman exuded: each one evaluated the strength of the opponent’s body, comparing each other muscle to muscle.

How strong are you for real, Melike? the Swede ruminated.

Are you as tough as you think you are, Erika? the Turk thought.

They both noticed the thin but toned arms of the enemy, and wished to face each other in a test of strength. Further down, her legs showed their dangerousness with each step, tightening her powerful musculature in a warning that each woman took as a challenge. A burning frustration dominated the girls, knowing that they still couldn’t answer any of their questions. However, a single glance was enough for both of them to know that, no matter what the cost, they would end up in a struggle where their bodies would give everything they had in search of victory.

The city had already awakened when they arrived at Emma’s house, with the sound of traffic mixing with the murmur of the early risers’ conversations. Emma took the key out of her handbag and, with a naughty smile on her face, opened the door.

“Come in, my darlings.”

Maddy laughed out loud, wiggling her way into the house. Emma took the opportunity to slap her friend’s ass, and they both laughed again. Surprised by all that was happening, Melike and Erika followed the other girls, bumping hip to hip as they crossed the threshold of the entrance.

“Careful,” they whispered at once, looking at each other in defiance.

“Wow, wow! Catfight!” Maddy joked, making the two rivals blush.

“That’s sexy!” Emma closed the door, licking her lips. “In fact, that wasn’t the only sexy thing tonight…”

Then something unexpected happened: without warning, Emma leapt on Erika and, before the blonde could react, her friend’s mouth closed on hers. Erika opened her eyes, surprised by the passion of her kiss. A few steps away, Melike breathed a gasp, surprised at the unimaginable scene, but she never uttered a word, as Maddy sealed her lips with her own kiss. The two beauties couldn’t believe it, but the truth is that they were reaping what they had sown on the dance floor, when they had used their friends to annoy their rival, to brag about sensuality. Now, those body to body rubbings had their consequences: the lesbian side of Emma and Maddy had been awakened, and the girls wanted to go further. Their tongues penetrated the mouths of Erika and Melike, licking every nook and cranny between gasps of passion.

Swede and Turk’s bewilderment gradually broke down to make way for the competitive sexual tension that always floated around the enemies. Across the room, blonde and brunette looked at each other with hostility, daring each other without words to follow the path open before them, to brag about not being afraid of the unknown, to show off which of them was the hottest girl. Their hands fell on the asses of her unexpected lovers, and their tongues achieved the balance of the kiss; soon, Maddy and Emma were panting with pleasure, trembling under the carnal assault of their foreign friends.

And yet neither Melike nor Erika were focused on the women in their arms. With their eyes open, they watched the competitor giving pleasure, kissing and handling, seducing and conquering. The beauties contemplated, analyzed, compared, as their bodies began to burn, partly from the fiery kiss, partly from the dirty excitement of seeing the antagonist in action. They both had to admit that sometimes, during some sleepless nights, they had wondered if the other girl would be as good a lover as she seemed to believe with those femme fatale gazes she threw at the other students, with that ass wiggling around campus. Now, they could see the answer to just a few feet of them, and what they witnessed set off the alarms of their bodies, with jealousy flooding their hearts, their heads and their increasingly wet crotches.

Trying to beat the enemy in the unforeseen competition, the sexy women squeezed their friends’ butts tightly, pushing their pelvises forward, putting their right legs between the other legs so that Emma and Maddy could ride their thick, stimulating thighs. Emma moaned with pleasure under the kiss of the blonde, shaking against Erika’s smug body while Maddy gasped heavily into Melike’s mouth, overwhelmed by the hot friction of the Turk’s proud body.

The rivals’ eyes were still wide open as they rubbed their boobs against inferior tits, as they kissed second-rate lips, as they kneaded buttocks that were neither as firm nor as hot as the ones they had kneaded on the dance floor. With Maddy and Emma increasingly subdued to their feminine charms, the two beauties felt disappointed, as if somehow their friends weren’t worthy of enjoying their superior bodies, their demolishing kisses. Disdainful discharges exploded beneath the close-fitting outfits of the blonde and the brunette, tightening a more and more sweaty skin, while they instinctively looked for the only woman who matched them. Step by step, they went up to each other, pushing her friends back until Maddy’s and Emma’s backs touched. The four women formed a kind of sexual sandwich, with Erika and Melike cornering the other girls between their bodies. Now watching each other at point-blank range, both of them accentuated every movement of their lips and tongues in an exhibition that was intended to impress and intimidate the other college girl, but that only managed to accelerate their pounding heartbeats and accentuate the moisture that soaked their panties.

You think you’re fucking sexy, tramp? Melike asked mentally, knowing the answer.

I’m sure you think you’re hotter than me, hooker, Erika deduced with identical rage.

Just a few seconds later, getting carried away by jealousy, the alpha females ended up raising a hand to sink it into the long hair of the antagonist. A hard hair pull was answered by an equally hard hair pull, and the beauties found themselves at a crossroads again. They wanted to fight, right there and right now, regardless of the presence of their friends.

Even better, let there be witnesses to what I’m going to do to her body, the Turk cried, beating Maddy’s tongue with her own as she pulled Erika’s golden hair again. The Swede returned the pull, as eager to physically consummate her rivalry with the brunette as Melike herself.

If you want to fight in front of them, go ahead, the blonde challenged in her thought, raping Emma’s mouth with the passion that was born of hatred for her dark-haired nemesis.

A couple more hair tugs, and the girls felt ready to push their friends aside and finish what they had started on the dance floor. However, again at the worst possible moment, Maddy escaped Melike’s suffocating fleshy lips to push her away from Erika with the power of the promise of sex.

“Let’s go to Emma’s sister’s bedroom,” Maddy said in a voice broken by the excitement. “She’s out of town, so we can enjoy it as long as we want…”

On the other side, Emma also got rid of Erika’s powerful kiss. Almost out of breath, the young woman grabbed the blonde by the hand, starting to pull her into her own room.

“You’re coming with me, sweetheart,” Emma ordered to her friend, shivering with the sexual excitement of the moment. “It’s time to use my new mattress for the first time…”

Erika’s blue eyes crossed with Melike’s amber eyes at that decisive moment. Throughout the night, both coeds had ridden on the perverse pleasure that the undeniable and hostile sexual tension between them exuded, but it was now, in the surprising aftermath of an unpredictable night, that they had to decide whether to take the reins of the dangerous ride or whether, on the contrary, to back off at the last moment. The decision, however, was made immediately: as soon as they saw the kind of sparkle shining in the other gaze, both knew what they had to do.

“Come on, girl! It’s time to show these bitches how real women dance.” Erika imitated the words Melike had used hours earlier to challenge her, but she emphasized the last word so that the metaphor would not go unnoticed by the brunette.

“Sweetheart, we’re the ones who’ll show these bitches who the real dancing queens are.” The Turk also returned the message that the blonde had spit in the nightclub, closing the vicious circle.

For a few tense seconds, and despite the indomitable sexual hunger of their friends, Melike and Erika stood still, staring at each other. A very, very crazy idea crossed their minds: What if…? Their eyes drifted to the large sofa in the living room, to the carpet that covered the floor. What if…? But, in the end, none dared to suggest that the four of them fuck right there, next to each other. Neither the curiosity to see the naked body of the rival nor the competitive desire to show who was the best lover could overcome that last barrier.

With one last exchange of hateful looks, brunette and blonde turned their backs to each other, disappearing from the sight of their adversary, but not from their thoughts…


The sound of each thrust pierced Erika’s brain. The rhythmic, incessant pumping coming from the next room was a provocation, but also a bitter penance; every time she heard a burning feminine gasp or a high-pitched, pleasure-filled scream, the blonde was painfully aware of how hard Melike was fucking Maddy. Full of sweat, Erika rode Emma like a savage, rubbing her nakedness against an exhausted woman after several orgasms.

“Come on, we’re not done yet,” the Swede gasped, not knowing if she was speaking to her lover or the enemy on the other side of the wall. Underneath her body, Emma tried to keep up with her, in vain.

“I don’t know if I can fuck more, Erika…”

The blonde’s response was a passionate kiss, a kiss so hot and lustful that Emma’s body was once again filled with sexual energy. Hardened from top to bottom, the girls hugged each other; half a minute later, two naked figures were sweating, panting and pumping urgently on the abused mattress...


Almost out of breath, Maddy fell backwards on the bed. Her naked body trembled under the convulsions of orgasm that closed a long chain of powerful culminations. The woman bit her lower lip in ecstasy as Melike continued to move her hips above her, rubbing her sex against hers.

“Come on, there’s still a lot to do,” she snarled, hearing how, in the next bedroom, the flesh was bumping into the flesh. Emma’s groans and screams reached her ears, disturbing her, harassing her, filling her heart with resentment and competition.

Aware that stopping before her nemesis would be humiliating, the Turkish woman knew she had to revitalize her exhausted friend as soon as possible. With Erika’s inexhaustible pumping rumbling through the walls and invading her ears, Melike grabbed Maddy’s nipples, squeezing them in a perfect combination of pleasure and pain. Her lover groaned beneath her, shaking at first, to finally react to the stimulation and, raising her head, kissing the thick lips of the dark-haired beauty. On an increasingly battered bed, the two bodies wrapped around each other, sharing sweat, delirium and sex…


Every gasp, every grunt, every scream of Maddy’s that pierced the wall was like a whip against Erika’s bare light skin. Knowing that stopping now would be synonymous with defeat, the blonde gritted her teeth while maintaining her pumping rhythm. Underneath her, Emma was breathing heavily, at the limit of her strength, but Erika managed, for now, to keep her body alive: her tongue licked the sweat that covered her friend’s breasts, just before she gently nibbled on nipples that, under the blonde’s teeth, became hard again.

But Emma wasn’t the only one who was getting exhausted on the bed: the first cramps burst into Erika’s muscles, announcing a collapse that the beautiful girl hoped would delay as long as possible. Luckily, her whole body was vibrating with sexual electricity; without giving up a single orgasm, the female used the accumulated energy to accelerate her hips, pushing Emma against the noisy mattress and forcing a new climax on a lover overcome by the curves and passion of the blonde…


With an irritated groan, Melike cursed the collapse that was beginning to threaten her body as, on the other side of the wall, she heard Erika giving Emma the fuck of her life. Now sitting on top of Maddy, the sweat of her face and her bare tits fell on her weary friend, who whimpered with every movement of the brunette’s hips.

Knowing that releasing her first orgasm could send her far beyond what her will and physique could bear, Melike closed her eyes to concentrate on Maddy’s crotch, grinding against her pussy hair to pussy hair, Venus mound to Venus mound, labia to labia, just before she bent down to lick her friend’s neck. Maddy trembled, turning her face to meet the Turk’s tongue assaulting the inside of her mouth. With a long howl, the dominated female burst into another orgasm.

“Fuck,” Maddy murmured against Melike’s full lips, feeling the brunette’s fingers sink into her wet cxnt…


“My God…” Emma opened and closed her mouth like a fish out of water while her Swedish friend’s skillful fingers violated her hot but exhausted vagina without mercy. “Erika, I can’t take any more…”

“A little more…” the blonde gasped with her last strength “Just a little more…” In the next room, the sexual echoes had been reduced to a few tired groans and occasional screams, but they had not stopped. Melike kept fucking Maddy, and Erika knew she had to keep fucking Emma in order not to be overtaken by her bitter rival…


“Hold on one more minute…” Melike whispered, halfway between a plea and an order, as she kept jerking off the other girl with her fingers “Just one more minute…” Feeling each tremor, each palpitation in Maddy’s cxnt, the brunette sharpened her ear: she could still hear Emma’s gasping, even as the heated exhalations reached her eardrums with hardly any strength. Worse still, from time to time, Emma howled for pleasure, letting her know that Erika was still fucking her.

“Melike…I don’t think I can go on,” Maddy confessed.

“One more minute…” the Turkish beauty insisted, unable to accept that her Swedish enemy could overcome her in a contest like that…